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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Reptile

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    Copyright 2003 Michael Tyler
    Created by: Reptile 
    E-mail: reptile654@bitwiser.com
    Created on: 7/4/02
    Version: 3.41
      |--- TABLE OF CONTENTS ---                                        |
      I..................................................The Story So Far
      II.........................................Introduction to the Game
      III....................................................The Pick-ups
      IV.....................................................The Controls
      V........................................................Enemy List
      VI..................................................The Walkthrough
      VII...................................................Password List
      VIII.................................................Special Thanks
      IX.......................................................In Closing
      X.......................................................FAQ History
      XI............................................Copyright Information
    |-I.---------------------- THE STORY SO FAR --------------------------|
    The city of Gotham prepares for the holiday season, as they always 
    have, with the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  The newly declared 
    "ice princess" prepares to flip the switch just as soon as the mayor 
    finishes his speech.  The mayor hopes this event will uplift the 
    spirits of Gotham City, which has been plagued with recent inner city 
    crime.  This year, the mayor has invited Max Shreck, a prominent 
    businessman, to say a few quick words.  Just as he prepares to speak, a 
    commotion erupts behind the crowd.  A huge gift-box mysteriously rolls 
    into the plaza.  It sits quietly for just a second, then, an explosion 
    of masked people erupts from the box.  It is the Red Triangle Circus 
    Gang, terrorizing the citizens with machine guns, explosives, flame 
    throwers, and all-out-madness.  The police know of only one man that 
    can help them... BATMAN.
    |-II.------------------ INTRODUCTION TO THE GAME ---------------------|
    You play this side-scroller as Batman, the hero of Gotham City.  You 
    run through, and over, Gotham City trying to reach Catwoman and the 
    Penguin.  On your way, many different very, very angry circus 
    performers will try to stand in your way.  
    The game consists of 6 stages.  Each stage is split into two or three 
    areas. The last area of each stage is where you must fight a mini-boss 
    to move on to the next stage.
    You have a health meter at the bottom of the screen (the one marked HP) 
    that tells you how much health Batman has left.  It holds 32 bars.  
    Each time you get hurt, you will lose some of those bars.  When those 
    are gone, you are dead.  You can pick up extra-life boxes throughout 
    the game.  Those boxes hold an extra 32 bars of life for you.
    Underneath your life bar is the life bar of your enemy.  Hitting or 
    kicking them will take their bars of life away.  Once all of their bars 
    are gone the enemy is defeated.
    Some mini-boss's life meters will have yellow bars and not lose any 
    bars when they are hit.  If you hit them enough, the meter will change 
    to green bars and you will be able to see the damage you are 
    Throughout the game, you will receive points for inflicting damage on 
    enemies and collecting power-ups.  For every 10,000 points you earn, 
    your life bar will be completely restored
    Every time you run out of life, you will go to a screen that shows you 
    your password and gives you the option to continue.  You have an 
    unlimited amount of continues, but each time you choose to continue 
    they clear away the points you have earned so far.  When you first turn 
    the game on, you are asked to "start" or "password". If you go into 
    "password" you can use passwords you have earned earlier to start where 
    you left off last.  You cannot return straight to a boss.  The game 
    will start you in the area directly before the boss.
    |-III.----------------------- THE PICK-UPS ---------------------------|
    =-Small Heart-= 
    Gives you 8 life bars when you pick it up.
    =-Large Heart-=
    Gives you 16 life bars when you pick it up.
    =-Life box-=
    Gives you an extra life, is used automatically when your
    life bars are all gone
    Gives you 4 batarangs.  You can hold a maximum of nine.
    =-Test tube-=
    It will take half of Catwoman's life away. It is used 
    automatically when you reach her.
    Gives you 3 discs. (In Batmobile area only)
    Gives you bonus points. (In Batskiboat area only)
    |-IV.------------------------ THE CONTROLS ---------------------------|
    Here are the basic controls for the game.
    "A" button makes Batman jump.  Also makes Batmobile fire discs.  
    "B" button punches. Also makes Batmobile fire machine guns.
    Down + "A" button does a sliding kick
    Down + "B" button does a guard.
    "A" + "B" button does a cape slash
    Pressing "B" while in mid-jump will do a flying kick.
    The most useful of Batman's moves is probably his flying kick.  It 
    keeps you moving, so you are less likely to be attacked.  The guard 
    move is very useless.  It only blocks attacks from the direction you 
    are blocking.  Even when you do block, you will still take damage, just 
    not as much.  When fighting the most difficult enemies, the cape slash 
    is the most powerful weapon Batman has. But, he will lose one life bar 
    each time he cape slashes.
    |-V.----------------------- THE ENEMY LIST ---------------------------|
    Almost every enemy comes in two varieties, red\orange and green\blue.  
    The green\blue version of each enemy is always stronger, faster, and 
    more aggressive. 
    Just the basic foot solider, he is the weakest of enemies. About 7 
    punches will take him out. These guys usually appear three on a screen 
    at once, so they can corner you and attack at once.  The green variety 
    can do flying kicks, while the red ones can only walk up to you and 
    =-Clown Gunmen-= 
    Just like the normal clowns, except these clowns have weak pistols.  
    They don't appear in the game much.  They only fire after running to 
    one side of the screen.  So you should try to kill them before they get 
    there.  The maximum number that can be on screen at once is two.  They 
    do not come in a green\blue variety.
    These guys also only come in a red version.  They are just really tall 
    clowns, with only average strength.  They can charge at you 
    unexpectedly, and their kicks are sometimes difficult to avoid.  Flying 
    or sliding kicks are you best weapon.  You can do some damage
    with your grappling hook too, but you have to be right under them hit
    him.  So you risk getting hurt.
    =-Chubby and Tubby-=
    Two big fat clowns that always appear together.  They are one of the 
    most difficult enemies to beat.  You can't hurt them when they are 
    rolling at you, and they will try and keep you between them. As usual 
    flying kicks are your best attack here.
    Just another variation on the basic clown, these guys have little 
    knives that they jump at you and slash with them.  They can move 
    suddenly so watch them.  These guys are pretty easy, so any kind of 
    attack can take them out.
    =-Skull Riders-=
    Guys with huge skull masks that can ride motorcycles.  Sometimes they 
    will ride back and forth across the screen and sometimes they will ride 
    off the screen, then ride back on to the screen faster than usual to 
    try and run you down.  Flying kicks are really the only way to hurt 
    them. Exactly three kicks will stop them.  These guys have no 
    green\blue version.
    =-Midget Clowns-=
    Up to three can appear at once, these guys can jump a long distance to 
    attack you.  They can gang up on you if you don't keep moving.
    =-Bazooka Midgets-=
    Although they look exactly like the midget clowns, they fight 
    completely differently.  These guys will run to the side of the screen 
    and fire their bazookas in bursts that can take a significant amount of 
    life away.  So just like the clown gunmen, try to finish them before 
    they reach the sides.
    These guys are very annoying and can really take you life away.  Like 
    most enemies with shooting weapons, They fire from the sides of the 
    screen, but they can also hit you when you get too close to them.  
    These guys can do so much damage, I like to just cape them a couple of 
    times and move on.  You'll lose some life but not as much as you might 
    lose by just punching and kicking.
    =-Knife Ladies-=
    Or "ladies of the knife" as I call them, these girls can be pretty 
    challenging opponents.  They can throw knives at you and also do a 
    slide attack move that is very similar to yours.  As you progress in 
    the game, they'll use their knives more and more.  One of the best 
    moves against them is the slide attack.  Flying kicks are useful too.
    By far, the most annoying characters in this game.  The will not stop 
    flipping for very long, so you have to attack when you get the chance.  
    The easiest way to take them out is to let them flip right next to you 
    and then just punch them out.
    |-VI.---------------------- THE WALKTHROUGH --------------------------|
    =-=-=-=Stage 1-1=-=-=-=
    Obviously this being the first area in the game, it is the easiest. 
    Mostly just the basic clowns (read about them in the enemy list above.)  
    You will run into clown gunmen and stiltsman, who will always appear in 
    pairs in this area.  You get the pick-ups in this area by kicking or 
    punching the big gift boxes.  Both the first and the second gift boxes 
    contain one small heart each.  You probably won't even need them.  Make 
    sure you do not use any of your batarangs on the enemies, because you 
    will need them for the mini-boss.  That rule applies to every stage in 
    the game.
    Password: Y433 43 53B3 73
    =-=-=-=Stage 1-2=-=-=-=
    Here is your first mini-boss, the Tattooed Strongman.  When I first got 
    the game, it took me some time to beat him because I was making it to 
    complicated.  All you do is first, jump straight up to avoid his 
    rolling barrel, then immediately start throwing your five batarangs you 
    saved for him.  He will still be walking towards you, when he gets 
    close just stand your ground and start punching.  You will take some 
    damage, but he will always die before he finishes you.  Trying to jump 
    around just results in weak hits on him, and strong hits on you.  When 
    he is dead, you should get a life box, probably the only one you will 
    receive during the game.
    =-=-=-=Stage 2-1=-=-=-=
    Actually a very simple area, just be sure to get the power-ups from the 
    fire hydrants.  The 1st one gives you 4 batarangs, and the 2nd and 3rd 
    one give you one small heart each.  The most difficult enemy in this 
    area will be the fire-eaters, luckily they only appear one-at-a-time 
    for now.  Just cape them and move on.
    Password: D957 65 849B 55
    =-=-=-=Stage 2-2=-=-=-=
    You will find the power-ups here inside the eyes of the cat's heads 
    hanging from the ceiling.  Access them by using your grappling hook. 
    The 1st eye almost always contains nothing, if there is anything in it, 
    it will be a small heart.  The 2nd contains a small heart, and the 3rd 
    contains either a large heart, or the test tube.  The test tube will 
    take down Catwoman's life by half as soon as you arrive to fight. (in 
    stage 2-3)  Be careful of enemies appearing suddenly from the curtains 
    in the background.  About where you reach the 3rd eye, two fire-eaters 
    will come to life from statues in the background.  After you kill him, 
    you will move to a vertical shaft that you have to climb.  Stand 
    directly under the pink area of the floor above you and press "B" and 
    UP, with the grappling hook selected, to shoot up.  Not anything that 
    strains your mind.  After you finish the shaft, you will find an area 
    where part of the floor is blue.  You can't step on that area, and must 
    jump to the white squares to cross.  As soon as you land on the second 
    square, one clown gunmen will appear on each side of you, just punch'em 
    a few times each and move on.  Soon you'll find yourself avoiding bombs 
    being dropped from a toy helicopter.  Just stand under them and fire 
    the grappling hook to blow them up with one shot.  The second and third 
    helicopters are a little harder to hit.  After that you will use the 
    same grappling hook technique as before in just one more vertical 
    shaft, shouldn't be a problem  
    Password: ZD7! 87 XX9X 28
    =-=-=-=Stage 2-3=-=-=-=
    The 2nd mini-boss, the Catwoman.  As you always should, you should have 
    saved your batarangs for her, so use them.  Make sure you don't throw 
    them too fast, or some might miss her.  After you throw those, just 
    attack her like any normal enemy by using flying kicks and punches.  
    When she is close to being defeated, she will pull out the whip.  It 
    sounds like fun, but it's really not.  She whips it quickly and 
    unexpectedly, so flying kicks are pretty much your only option.  When 
    you take away all of her life, she will just run away.  Don't ask me 
    why Batman just lets her run right past her.
    =-=-=-=Stage 3-1=-=-=-=
    Introducing the "ladies of the knife".  From now on, they will be one 
    of your most challenging enemies.  As I said above, slide and flying 
    kicks are your best weapons against them.  In this area, the power-ups 
    are in the chandeliers in special rooms.  To get to these rooms, use 
    the grappling hook underneath any open windows, then use it again 
    underneath the chandeliers. Make sure you go into every window, because 
    if you don't the level will be extended.  That is because you have to 
    exit this stage by going into one of the rooms.  In the 1st "hidden 
    room" you will find a few enemies to kill and a large heart in the 
    chandelier.  Just make sure you get the heart before you kill all the 
    clowns in the room, or the game will take you out before you get a 
    chance.  After you kill the last one, you will see a little bit of the 
    story typed out on the bottom of the screen.  In the 2nd "hidden room", 
    a couple of fire-eaters to beat, and a large heart in the light above.  
    In the 3rd room, there are a few clowns to fight and you catch a quick 
    glimpse of the Catwoman as she runs off with the ice princess, ending 
    this area.
    Password: X95! 65 BB51 66
    =-=-=-=Stage 3-2=-=-=-=
    Okay in case you didn't notice why you were dying, you are standing on 
    a slanted roof.  If you don't move up every so often, you'll fall off 
    and lose some life.  This is a pretty short area, so there are no 
    power-ups to be found.  The only challenging opponent here is the skull 
    rider, because you might focus on pulling off your flying kicks and not 
    getting hit, and then forget about not falling off the roof.  Try to 
    hoard your life because you'll need it for the next area.
    Password: 8117 61 77D3 23
    =-=-=-=Stage 3-3=-=-=-=
    Well this is something new, if you noticed in the title card for Stage 
    3-3, you will fight the Swordsman and the Tattooed Strongman.  You 
    won't fight them at the same time on the screen, you will just fight 
    one after you defeat the other.  On your first fight with the 
    Swordsman, you will probably either lose or not have enough life for 
    the Tattooed Strongman.  It is not because the Swordsman is hard, it is 
    just that you have to get his rhythm down.  Once you get his attacks 
    timed down, do a flying kick at him, then punch him a couple of times, 
    then jump back away.  If you get this technique down, you can defeat 
    him with little or no life loss.  Don't waste your batarangs on him 
    though.  Now comes the big man, once again, the Tattooed Strongman.  
    This guy has more moves than the first Tattooed Strongman, so be 
    careful.  He will throw a barrel at you again (I guess from his secret 
    barrel stash that all circus strongmen have) so just jump over that.  
    Then, use your batarangs.  Now, you can't just stand and punch him like 
    the last guy, because he will pick you up and throw you.  This guy 
    takes flying kicks and a little luck to defeat.  There is now special 
    trick to beating him, just keep moving.  If you're quick, you can get 
    in a couple of capes and then jump away.  When you finish him, the 
    Penguin will waddle up and knock the Ice Princess off the roof with 
    some bats.  And so ends Stage 3...
    =-=-=-=Stage 4-1=-=-=-=
    Now we come to what I think is the best area in the entire game, the 
    chase.  This is the only time you will drive the Batmobile, so savor 
    the moment.  It is pretty hard to die here, since this level was put in 
    basically just for fun.  Don't worry about where you shoot, since 
    everything on the road is an enemy.  The only special weapon at your 
    disposal is something called a batdisc.  Your batdisc should be used to 
    destroy either helicopters or explosive balloons, since they cannot be 
    destroyed with your machine guns.  When you shoot, or ram, a vehicle 
    make sure none of the occupants land on your car.  If they do they will 
    suck energy from.  If one does land one you, just run into stuff until 
    he falls off.  The power-ups in this game are in the form of F's for 
    extra disc and hearts for extra life.  Near the end you will catch up 
    to the train and you car will shrink a little bit.  Now you will also 
    need to watch out for exploding balloons and huge fireballs.  When the 
    big fireball on the back of the train begins to flash, move away from 
    it or you will get hurt.  It is the second easiest level in the game.
    Password: 1D7Z X7 Y!52 X9
    =-=-=-=Stage 4-2=-=-=-=
    In this area you will face mostly tumblers, plus some clowns and fire-
    breathers.  The power-ups in this area are stored in easy to see gift 
    boxes.  There are two in this area, and they both contain large hearts.  
    Watch out for being ganged up on, especially by the tumblers, who may 
    appear three on screen at once.  A lot of your life can be drained by 
    the fire-breathers, so just cape them to death as soon as they appear.  
    Not much else can be said...
    Password: 2D7* X7 Y966 *9
    =-=-=-=Stage 4-3=-=-=-=
    Presenting, the Organ Grinder, this guy can be one of the most 
    difficult bosses in the game.  He only has three attacks, a flying 
    charge at you, shooting little balls out of his organ, or just a basic 
    punch.  The balls he shoots at you can be dodged easily after a little 
    practice, but his flying charge is difficult to move away from.  So the 
    best thing to do is never stop moving.  You can use a few cape slashes 
    to improve your odds, but not too many.  You will need all the life you 
    can get.  If you start stage 4-2 off of a continue, you should hit you 
    10,000 points mark about halfway through the fight.  The little boost 
    of health you'll get will be a big help.
    =-=-=-=Stage 5-1=-=-=-=
    Once again, your most challenging opponents will be the knife ladies.  
    For some reason they can be more aggressive fighters here than in any 
    other stage.  They will also be more likely to use their knives.  There 
    are two places to get power-ups here.  The first is a garbage can you 
    will find on the sidewalk.  It contains 4 batarangs.  The next location 
    is under the table that you find when you first walk into the building.  
    This table contains a large heart.  Be on the lookout for enemies 
    suddenly jumping through the windows to get at you.  They will mostly 
    be knife ladies and tumblers.
    Password: *95* !5 X34D 28
    =-=-=-=Stage 5-2=-=-=-=
    Now you come to the mini-boss for stage 5, the Penguin's Ducky.  
    Probably now more than any other stage, you really need to save all of 
    your nine batarangs for this mini-boss.  After you use all of those, 
    all you can use to hurt him now are flying kicks.  At first, attack the 
    stick that attaches the duck to the wheel base.  When the duck is 
    siting right on the base, start kicking it in the face.  Make sure not 
    to get stuck behind it.  That's the worst place you can be, because it 
    will hurt you every time it rolls back.  When it stops rolling back and 
    forth, its only attack is to shoot green balls out of the duck's eyes.  
    =-=-=-=Stage 6-1=-=-=-=
    This is the easiest stage in the game, as it was just made to break up 
    the monotony a little.  You are just supposed to pick up as many coins 
    and hearts as possible.  The coins give you points and the hearts give 
    you life.  There's not any kind of strategy that you need here, just 
    pick up the pick-ups.
    =-=-=-=Stage 6-2=-=-=-=
    In here, you will run into almost every enemy you have seen before, 
    some appearing three on screen at once.  This time, the power-ups are 
    inside the seals.  You don't get them like other power-ups, you have to 
    defeat all of the enemies on that screen for the seal to let it drop.  
    The 1st seal contains a large heart, the 2nd seal contains a large 
    heart, and the 3rd seal usually contains a large heart.  I say usually 
    because, if you die and continue enough times in stage 6-2, the game 
    will take pity on you and give you another lifebox.  Not much else to 
    say except read the enemy list for extra help.
    Password: 2D75 XZ Y868 *B
    =-=-=-=Stage 6-3=-=-=-=
    Finally, we meet the final-boss, the Penguin.    As you always should, 
    hold the batarangs for this guy.  Just make sure when you throw them 
    that he is not blocking with his umbrella.  He will fire his machine 
    gun every now and then, which can do considerable damage.  The best 
    thing to do is a flying kick at him, that way you will jump over the 
    bullets and hurt him too.  His most common attack is to fly around 
    above you and drop bombs three at a time.  When he does that wait until 
    between bomb attacks, hit him with your grappling hook, then slide kick 
    away before you get hit by his bombs.  You should avoid using cape 
    slashes because he will block most of them anyway.  Once you get his 
    rhythm down, all you'll need is a little luck and a lot of life.  
    (If you can win the game without using any continues, which is next to 
    impossible, you will see an extended ending.  I've seen it and it is 
    nothing special, but still just something extra.)
    |-VII.-------------------- THE PASSWORD LIST -------------------------|
    Here are the passwords to all of the stages, excluding boss stages.  
    You may find passwords online that take you straight to the mini-
    bosses, but those passwords also make you invincible for the rest of 
    the game.  (If you consider that a bad thing...)
    Stage 1-1: Y433 43 53B3 73
    Stage 2-1: D957 65 849B 55
    Stage 2-2: ZD7! 87 XX9X 28 
    Stage 3-1: X95! 65 BB51 66 
    Stage 3-2: 8117 61 77D3 23 
    Stage 4-1: 1D7Z X7 Y!52 X9
    Stage 4-2: 2D7* X7 Y966 *9
    Stage 5-1: *95* !5 X34D 28
    Stage 6-1: (coming as soon as I figure out how to die in here)
    Stage 6-2: 2D75 XZ Y868 *B
    |-VIII.--------------------- SPECIAL THANKS --------------------------|
    Thank you Batman Returns instruction manual for help on the item list 
    and story.
    Thank you IGN for hosting this on your site, www.IGN.com
    Thank you CjayC for hosting this, and all of my other FAQs, guides, and 
    codes on your site www.GameFAQs.com
    Thank YOU for reading this guide, I hoped it helped you out.
    |-IX.------------------------ IN CLOSING -----------------------------|
    My e-mail address is at the top of this document, please tell me if you 
    see this FAQ anywhere else except on either www.GameFAQs.com or 
    Also, please tell me if any information in this FAQ is incorrect or if 
    you have any information about this game that I don't cover in this 
    FAQ. If I use your information, you will be given credit in the 
    "Special Thanks" section.
    |-X.------------------------- FAQ HISTORY ----------------------------|
    July 15, 2002- I fixed the formatting problems that made it difficult 
    to read.  I also added the update history to keep track of what has 
    been changed and when.  I call this fixed FAQ version 2.0
    August 15, 2002- I added the passwords to the end of each stage 
    walkthrough as well as listing them all in a list near the end.  I also 
    added a nice little drawing at the top. This is now version 3.0
    September 02, 2002- I changed my e-mail address. Nothing major, so this 
    is just version 3.1
    December 6, 2002- I changed the format a little bit, hopefully it is 
    now a little easier to read. I call this FAQ version 3.2
    December 17, 2002- Just made another little format change. I call this 
    FAQ version 3.3
    December 20, 2002- One more small format change. I call this FAQ 
    version 3.4
    December 21, 2002- I'm still working on the format. I changed the stage 
    headings a little bit and I added some more spaces. Hopefully these 
    changes should make the guide easier to read. I call this FAQ version 
    December 29, 2002- Sorry, just another format change. I have been doing 
    so many of these, I'm not even going to change the version number. This 
    is still FAQ version 3.41
    January 20, 2003- With advice from "phoenix 1911", I changed the format 
    again. This is still FAQ version 3.41
    May 6, 2003- I cleaned this guide up a little, as well as adding my 
    writing signature to the bottom. I'm still gonna call this one FAQ 
    version 3.41
    June 12, 2003- The website www.IGN.com can now host this guide.
    |-XI.------------------- COPYRIGHT INFORMATION -----------------------|
    Since I, Michael Tyler (Reptile) wrote this document, it is protected 
    by copyright law.  I do not allow anyone else to distribute this for 
    any reason. As of now, I allow only www.GameFAQs.com and www.IGN.com to 
    publicly display this document on their websites. If you want to put 
    this on your site, you must ask me first. There will be a penalty if I 
    find someone using this document without my written permission. This 
    document was written for personal\private use only.
    Copyright 2003 Michael Tyler
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