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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Aspie Giraffe / Earthshaker

    Version: 3.51 | Updated: 03/01/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Battle of Olympus FAQ Version 3.51
    Started on 12/5/99 by Earthshaker (Earthq3846@aol.com), with co-author
    credit to Pelivor (froloth (at) hotmail.com)
    Last updated on 12/20/03
    Copyright 1999/2000 by Earthshaker and Pelivor
    UPDATE: Pelivor now uses his Gamefaqs message board name, which is
    Aspie Giraffe. I can still be contacted by the e-mail above.
    Anyone may print out this FAQ on a normal printer. Any webmaster may
    post this FAQ on their site, but be sure to inform me you are doing so,
    disclaimer intact!  Also, do not change or alter it in ANY WAY.  If
    there are any questions, comments, submissions, corrections,
    complaints, musings, babble, or insanity, send them to Earthshaker
    The most updated version of this FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
    Due to the maps in this FAQ, I strongly recommend you view it at
    Courier New, 10 point font.
    1. Revision history
    2. Introduction
    3. Travelling Around Greece
    4. Items
    5. Bare-bones Walkthrough
    5. Bosses
    5b. Miscellaneous (other additions by Aspie Giraffe, formerly Pelivor)
    6. Text Dump
    7. Repeat Warning!
    ========================1. Revision history============================
    3/2/08- Version 3.51- This is just a message for Earthshaker: I've
    updated this FAQ only to include my most recent user name change. 
    First it was Pelivor, then it was Crazylaz, and now it's Aspie Giraffe.
    The rest of this FAQ remains as it was, with no new changes in the
    12/20/03- Version 3.5- I have included a Text Dump to the end of this
    FAQ, for the future reference to the Battle of Olympus gamers. Not
    everyone wants to travel around talking to every single person
    in the game.
    11/14/03- Version 3.1- Earthshaker has e-mailed me to say the updates
    are good to go. I have removed the note that was intended for him
    and corrected a handful of errors. Thanks again!
    10/27/03- Version 3.0- A fairly long update. Includes a note to
    Earthshaker, because he has not replied to my e-mails since two
    weeks after 9/11/01. Updates include maps to Phrygia and Tartarus,
    as well as the addition of a password for the expert gamer and
    the glitched ending, as well as some other miscellaneous stuff. To
    cap it off, Pelivor has changed his name to Crazylaz.
    3/21/01- Version 2.1- Pelivor's Email has been added, and Earthshaker
    has added a bare-bones walkthrough, much like those he has seen other
    FAQ writers do in incomplete walkthroughs.
    12/14/00- Version 2.0- This has been a long time coming.  I have an
    emulator now (along with a broken "v" key that never types the said
    letter when needed, so be aware if some words look odd.)  This FAQ now
    has a new co-author, due to the tremendous (and I STRESS tremendous)
    help he has given me.  Contributions include most of the lost maps, a
    boss listing of damage, and an odd little trick for a glitched ending…
    check it out!  Oh, and Pelivor, I forgot your email address (or more
    precisely, I didn't write it down with the other info) so send me a
    confirmation notice right away (hopefully with the remaining maps!)
    Walkthrough will come later though.. Muhaha!  I still need a map of
    Phygria, by the way.
    1/5/99- Version 1.5- I've survived Y2K!  Of course, my computer reads
    as the year 1988 due to a foresight from me… at any rate, I've been on
    a long winter vacation, and I'm going to start a map section today.
    12/14/99- Version 1.05- I have done nothing but add a new web address
    that this can be found on.  Why just that?  Because I haven't had
    enough time!  I hate Christmas shopping…
    12/5/99- Version 1.0- First version of this FAQ.  It includes an items
    section a boss section, and a world section.  Later versions of this
    FAQ will contain a walkthrough and a passwords section.  Submissions
    are welcome!
    ===========================2. Introduction=============================
    Well, here it is finally, a Battle of Olympus FAQ that so many people
    asked about.  I decided to do it not only for that reason but also
    because it is my second favorite game on the NES.  And why is it my
    second favorite game on the NES?  Well, it can be summed up in three
    words: Zelda meets Greece.  The graphics and sound are unrivaled on the
    NES, IMO.  So, before I start a full review, let me start the FAQ!
    ====================3. Travelling Around Greece========================
    Greece is divided into several areas.  Here I will list them, a
    description of them, the god ruling over them, and other things of
    This is where you first begin.  Arcadia is a small forest where the god
    of all gods, Zeus, resides.  As you can imagine, Zeus will summon other
    gods to him, meaning that you may find something useful every now and
    then in his temple, mainly Hermes's sandals.  In Arcadia you will find
    the Bull and entrances to Attica, Argolis, and Peloponnesus.
    Here's a map!
    A   -   B   -   C   -   D                         E   -   F          G
    A- This is your starting area in the entire game.
    B- There is an entrance to section F here.
    C- There is an entrance to Attica on the far right of this screen.
    D- On the far right of this screen, there is an entrance to
    Peloponnesus.  Through the stone house is an entrance to area G.
    E- There is an entrance to Argolis on the far left of this screen.
    F- On the far right, a doorway leads to section B.
    G- The bull is in the middle of this screen.  The entrance to section D
    is here on the right side, and Zeus's temple is on the left side.
    This is where the brunt of the population of Greece resides.  Athena
    presides over this area, which is currently being plagued by the Lamia.
    If you can kill the Lamia, you will find an artifact passed down
    through the ages, the Staff of Fennel.  In Attica you will also find
    entrances to Arcadia, Phthia, and Phygria.
    Here's a map!
                    B   -   C   -   D                        E   -   F
    Phygria-  G  -  H
    A- This is the entrance from Arcadia.
    B- This is one of the two cities of the level.  Heading down from here
    leads to another city section, H, while heading right leads to a
    mountain region, C
    C- There is a cave that leads to the second city, at E.
    D- Gaia is located here.  When you wake him, the path to Phthia opens.
    E- This is the other city section of Attica.  Nothing of interest is
    F- In this section is the man with the key, a nectar fountain (it is
    hidden cleverly in front of Athena's temple.  Kneel in front of what
    LOOKS to be a normal fountain, which turns out to be a NECTAR fountain.
    Also of note is Athena's Temple.
    G- The Lamia is in this section.  Also, heading left, you shall enter
    H- You can obtain the Staff of Fennel here.
    The dank and deep caverns of Argolis hold more hostile animals such as
    bats and snakes than they do humans.  Hermes, the god of dexterity,
    resides above a pit where salamanders lurk.  Deep in Argolis you will
    find a token of love, the power to control fire, an entrance to
    Arcadia, and sea routes to Crete and Phygria.  Beware the lion roaming
    deep within!
    On another note, here's a frequently asked question.  "How do I cross
    those two rocks to get to the other shore where I can call the
    dolphin?"  Well, it's simple.  YOU CAN'T!  The jump is too far to make,
    don't even bother, you'll just lose half of your olives when you die
    trying to make it.  Find another, easier route to Phrygia: via Attica,
    Map is courtesy of Pelivor.
             A - B - C
               | |
               | D - E blocked shore to Phrygia
               |-F - G shore to Tartarus and Crete
                 |   |
                 H   I
    A. Starting point. Top leftmost door leads to Arcadia. And the two
    doors lead to sections B and F.
    B. Use the Crystal near the left side of Section B to reveal an
    entrance to
    section D.
    C. Lion boss and Prometheus (draw fire from staff)
    D. Go left to see the first Nymph and get the first heart.
    E. Nothing here but the blocked shore to Phrygia.  Don't waste your
    F. Take the last pit on the right side to fall into a pit with snakes
    (section H)
    G. The last pit going right (just before Hermes' temple) is the
    Salamander Pit (Section I) Note that Hermes will be gone if you visit
    him. Talk to the guy, then head back to Zeus' temple in Arcadia to meet
    Hermes and get his sandals.
    H.  The Pit of Snakes. The middle room is a nectar waterfall (kneel to
    use it.) The rightmost door takes you back to the beginning of section
    I. The Salamander Pit. The middle room you can buy an Ambrosia for 50
    olives. Kill the Salamanders until you get 20 salamander skins, and
    exit through the far-right door.
    This deep forest maze holds many items of interest, such as a sword and
    ambrosia.  Be sure to visit Apollo for a harp, and beware the Hydra and
    the Cyclops living somewhere in the woods!
                                    E   D2 - D1 -- C
                                    |              |
    Row 3 (Bright Green)       1    2    3    4    5    6--|
                                              |            |
    Row 2 (Green)              1    2    B    4    5    6  |
                                    |                      |
    Row 1 (Blue-Green)         1    2    3    4    5    6--|
    A. Starting point from Arcadia
    B. Apollo's temple (Harp)
    C. Thorn Forest
    D. Hydra and Forest Nymph (Sword)
    E. Cyclops, path to Laconia, Ambrosia in the second tree.
    To Apollo: From row 1, take door #2 to enter Row 2
               From door #2 of Row 2, take door #3, and get the harp.
    To Hydra: From Apollo's temple, take door #4 to Row 3
              Take door #5 in Row 3 to get to the Thorn Forest. Use the
              staff of fennel to rid of the red thorns. Use the barrier
              method I told you for Crete if you don't have fire from the
              staff yet (let a bat push you through the withered thorns).
              Take the left most door to D1 and D2, where you battle Hydra.
              Kill him to get the sword from the forest nymph.
    To Cyclops: From door #5 in Row 3, take door #2 instead to get to
                screen E. Jump on the only branch of the second tree, kneel
                down and thrust. An Ambrosia should fall from the tree. Now
                kick the crap out the Cyclops with your sword, and the path
                to Laconia will be open.
    To Arcadia: From Laconia or the Hydra, take Door #6 in row 3 and it
                will take you back to row 1. Door #4 is the way back to
    These ancient sea ruins house many monsters and secrets.  Striking some
    of the pillars may cause the ground to collapse in front of you, or
    reveal a hidden treasure!  Be sure to speak to Poseidon to obtain his
    ocarina, so you can ride the dolphins to do battle with the Siren, the
    Gray Sisters, and the Cyclops.  In Laconia you will find an entrance to
    Peloponnesus and a sea route to Crete.
    And here's a map…
    A   -   B   -   C    -     Crete              /---------------------\
    !       !                                     !                     !
    D   -   E   -   F                             \> G   -   H   -   I </
    A- This is the entrance point to Peloponnesus.  The flask is hidden
    here somewhere
    B- Striking one of the pillars here leads to part E, which leads to
    Poseidon's Temple.
    C- This is where the Siren is located.  Heading right from here will
    make you enter Crete.
    D- There is nothing useful here, except a staircase which leads back up
    to part A.
    E- The entrance to a secret part of cave G is here
    F- There are two entrances to cave G here.  If you enter the top cave,
    you will only be given the opportunity to go left to find into cave I
    with a person in it.  Taking the lower one will allow you to go right
    into cave H.
    G- This is dark!  Use the fire from the Staff of Fennel to light it up.
    g of interest is in here.
    H- This is dark!  Use the fire from the Staff of Fennel to light it up.
    Inside here, there is a nectar fountain, an exit from cave I (only if
    you fought the Gray Sisters,) and a Cyclops with an Ambrosia.
    I- The Gray Sisters can be found here.  Exiting from here leads to an
    upper portion of cave H that, oddly enough, leads to the beginning of
    the level.
    This island is most famous for its labyrinth.  Deep inside you will
    find the witch Circe, the war god Ares, some Amazon goddesses, and the
    Minotaur.  Deep inside the maze is a token of love as well.  Don't
    linger too long in the labyrinth, as you will surely die.
    Pelivor had a "b!tch" of a time creating this map.  So appreciate it.
    Appreciate it, I say!  Grrrrrr… ;-)
    To Laconia -                                I - H
    Blue-Green       W to E - 1 2 3-G 5 E - W to 1  |
                                  |                 |
    Blue            W to 12 - 1 2 3-4 5 6-7 8 9- 10 9 12 - W to 1
    Purple      W to 12 - 1 E F-4 5 6-7 8 9 - 10 11 12 - W to 1
                                    | |        |
    Green                         1 2 3  RED:  1-D-3
             To Argolis - A - B - C
    A. To Argolis
    B. Entrance to Tartarus after acquiring third heart.
    C. Entrance to maze from Argolis route.
    D. Salamander Shield (anti-fire, need 80 olives and 20 skins)
    E. Healing rooms
    F. Barrier, Minotaur, and Final Nymph with 3rd heart.
    G. Way to Ares' Temple. You can get his power bracelet for 80 olives.
       You get a bracelet that increases your attack, and Ares eats well
    H. Entrance to maze from Laconia route.
    I. To Laconia
    W. The screens wrap-around at this point.
    Route to take from Laconia:
    To Bracelet: From the entrance, go one screen to the right, and enter
    door #3. From the blue-green area, go one screen right, and enter door
    #4, and get the Bracelet.  Now, you're piss poor. Leave Crete, and
    replenish your olives.
    Route to take from Argolis:
    To Shield: From the entrance, go to door #3 from the green area.
    Now in the purple area, go one screen to the right and take
    door #10. Now in the red area, take door #2, and buy the shield. Now
    you have a fire shield, and Circe eats well tonight!  (Earthshaker's
    note… perhaps they should buy a luxury cruise in the Aegean Sea.
    Hopefully they'll run into a Siren or two and never come back, those
    greedy bastards.)
    To Minotaur: Go back through door #2, and your back to the purple area.
    Go one screen to the right, and take Door F. Go through the barrier,
    and kill the Minotaur that guards the last nymph.
    To Tartarus: If you believe you can kill Hades without the Moon
    Crystal, head one screen to the right, and go through door #6, and
    that should take you to the green area. Take the Argolis
    route, and a new area heading to Tartarus should appear.
    The bane of explorers everywhere, the only reason travelers come to
    this Middle Eastern castle is because they wish to find the virgin
    goddess Artemis.  That is your only objective as well, save from
    finding some Ambrosia.  Don't stay around this castle as the gargoyles,
    dragons, and evil Pegasus's will make you mincemeat.
    This place is a nightmare!  It is a mapmaker's worst enemy.  And, since
    the game isn't working, do you really think I can write it down now?
    UPDATE from Aspie Giraffe (formerly Pelivor):
    Well, I wrote the map down, but in an unconventional way. Here it is:
    Phrygia is seperated into 2 sides, each with three floors.
    The doors are numbered according to where you'll be on the other
    side when you enter a door.
    |    The edge of the screen
    |||| A wall in the shape of a pillar
    =    Floor
    /    Stairs going right
    \    Stairs going left
    1    Numbered doors lead to the
    1    other side of Phrygia
    A    Lettered door leading
    A    To an item or out of Phrygia
    X    X Doors lead to nowhere
    X    and should be ignored
    $$   As crappy as it looks,
    $    These are the dragons that
    $    look like serpents.
    Outside Area of Phrygia
    Floor 3
    |  ||||       ||||                        ||||         |
    |  ||||       ||||                        ||||         |
    |1 ||||     4 ||||                        ||||         |
    |1 ||||     4 ||||                        ||||     E   |
    |======  ==/======                        ||||     E   |
    |         /||||                           ||||    ==/  |
    |        / ||||   ==/   ====              ||||     /   |
    |       /  ||||    /            \====     ||||    /    |
    |      /   ||||   /       X      \        ||||   /     |
    |\=====    ||||\==        X       \       ||||  /      |
    | \        |||| \       ====      =====/======\==      |
    Floor 2
    |  \     |||| \           ||||       /        \        |
    |   \    ||||  \          ||||      /          \       |
    |    \ 3 ||||   \    5    |||| 6   /            \      |
    |     \3 ||||    \   5    |||| 6  /              \     |
    |   \==========  ======   ||||====                =/=  |
    |    \                    ||||                    /    |
    |     \                   ||||                   /     |
    |      \                  ||||                  /      |
    |       \                 |||| 4               /       |
    |\==     \     ==         |||| 4            \==        |
    | \      ====       ==/===========           \         |
    Floor 1
    |  \       ||||          /                       \     |
    |   \      ||||         /                         \    |
    |    \ X   ||||      2 /        X                  \   |
    |     \X   ||||      2/         X               7   \  |
    | ======\================      ====             7    \ |
    |        \                                     ======= |
    |         \                                            |
    |          \                                           |
    |A    X     \                        1                 |
    |A    X      \                       1                 |
    ========================================               |
    Inside area of Phrygia
    Floor 3
    |          ||||                        ||||        |
    |          ||||               $$       ||||        |
    |   D      ||||               $     4  ||||    1   |
    |   D      ||||               $     4  ||||    1   |
    | \        |||| \                ||||       \      |
    |  \       ||||  \               ||||        \     |
    |   \      ||||   \              ||||         \    |
    |    \     ||||    \    X        ||||          \   |
    |     \    ||||     \   X        ||||           \  |
    Floor 2
    |       \     ||||     ||||    \     ||||    \     |
    |        \    ||||     ||||     \    ||||     \    |
    |    6    \   ||||  C  |||| 5    \   |||| 3    \   |
    |    6     \  ||||  C  |||| 5     \  |||| 3     \  |
    |\================\============  ==========\=======|
    | \           |||| \                        \      |
    |  \          ||||  \                        \     |
    |   \      $$ ||||   \                        \    |
    |    \    X $ ||||    \                        \   |
    |     \   X $ ||||     \                        \  |
    |===========\==================  =======   ========|
    Floor 1
    |             \      ||||       ||||               |
    |              \     ||||       ||||               |
    | 7      X      \    |||| 2     ||||         X     |
    | 7      X       \   |||| 2     ||||         X     |
    |===  =======  =============\==========  ==\=======|
    |                            \              \      |
    |                             \              \     |
    |                           $$ \              \    |
    | B       1                  $  \           X  \   |
    | B       1                  $   \          X   \  |
    |===  ===============================      ========|
    A. Leads to the shore of Attica
    B. Leads to the shore of Argolis (blocked)
    C. Nectar Pitstop
    D. The last Ambrosia
    E. Goddess of the Moon Artemis
    Pelivor's Notes to Phrygia:
    The flying demons in the outside area tend to knock you down
    pits. To avoid this, attack them while your on a flight of
    stairs. They can't knock you off the stairs.
    The Divine Sword, Salamander Shield, and Bracelet become
    very useful in this area. Without them, getting to Artemis
    is next to impossible.
    And now, the walkthrough to Phrygia:
    1. From the shore of Attica, you end up at door B on the outside
       area on the map. Go all the way to the right and enter door #1.
    2. Go to the right, beat up on the serpent-dragon, then climb
       the stairs and go to door #2.
    3. Go up the stairs to the right, and corner yourself at the right
       wall and kill the flying demons. You want to corner youself so
       that they can't push you down the pit. Now head to the left and
       up some more stairs.
    4. (optional) if you are badly wounded, take door #3 and follow it
       to Door C, where you can get your copy of "Nectar Soup for the
       Greek Hero Soul" (and refill your nectar bottle if you had
       already used it). And then return to door #3.
    5. Take the stairs to the third floor, and there's only one way to
       go. Just don't let the flying demons push you around (they can't
       do that if your on the stairs). Enter door #4.
    6. Another serpent-dragon. Make luggage out of his scales, and go
       down the stairs, ignoring the first door, and going down more
       stairs to door #5.
    7. It's a long trek to door #6. Use the stairs method on the
       flying demons whereever you can, and take your time jumping
       across the pits, and pray like hell that they don't push you
    8. Hooray, you make it to door #6, and, oh great, another serpent-
       dragon. Ignore him for now, and go up the stairs which will lead
       to door D. Here, you pick up the last ambrosia of the game (and,
       of course, refill your life bar, something you will desperately
    9. Now head back down to face the serpent-dragon. He will take your
       life bar down a bit because the salamander shield won't protect
       you if your on the stairs. (don't know why, just how it is).
       After you have the serpent-dragon well beat-up, go down the
       stairs, ignoring the door the serpent-dragon blocked. (DON'T
       ENTER IT! If you do, the serpent-dragon will reappear, and I
       know you don't want to fight him twice). Just head down the
       stairs and head all the way to the left-most door at the top-
       left corner (door #8)
    10. The rest is basic, lots of stairs, lots of flying-demons.
        Use the stairs method to ward them off, and you'll eventually
        Get to Artemis (the WORST archetect in the world may I add).
        Get the moon orb from her, and and jump to left and get to
        the exit (you should be able to make the jump).
    This mountainous realm holds the sacred Garden of the Hesperides, where
    the Golden Apples Hera received on her wedding day ripen.  Beware the
    Centaur and the ancient dragon, Ladon, or else your life will be
    brought to a quick end.  As this is a mountainous area, you must take
    care against falling.  If you wish to find Hesphaestus, you are in for
    a dangerous journey!
    Phthia Map:
           E - B - A = F = G - H
    A. Where your character starts when entering from Attica.
    B. Split into two sections. The right side is where you go down the
    stairs to D. When coming up from the left side of D, you end up on the
    other side of B.
    C. This is where Centaur is, as well as the hidden entrances behind the
    waterfall.  Jumping off a high ledge is the key to making the upper
    entrance, where a nymph awaits in the cave.
    D. Get to the left side to reach the other side of B. There's a room
    below the left stairs up where you can replenish your health.
    E. Take the upper ledge to go right, and you'll find an ambrosia in the
    entrance at the center of B. Go left to get to Hephestos, whom will
    give the Divine Sword for 70 olives.
    F. The hidden cave in the waterfall. Use the crystal ball to reveal a
    hidden passage to the second nymph; you'll need a key.
    G. Take the right exits from the passage to get to the garden of the
    H. This is where Ladon, and the Golden Apple await.
    In this end area which has other names such as Hades and the
    Underworld, you will find most of the bosses you have already seen
    before.  Its god is Hades, who has captured your lover.  Defeat him to
    And here is the map, courdesy of Crazylaz (formerly Pelivor)
    |                    |
    |                    - A - 1
    |                      |
    |                    - B - 2
    |                    |
    |                3 - C -
    |                      |
    |                  5 - D - 4
    |                  |
    |                  E - F - I - J -----
    |                  |           |     |
    |     To Argolis - G - H\     /K     |
    |                        \   /       |
    |                         \L/- M     |
    |                              |     |
    |                              N     |
    |                              |     |
    |       To Hades' Temple - P - O -----
    1. Cyclops
    2. Graeae
    3. Common Crete Soldiers
    4. Pegasi
    5. Cerebus
    A thru D: (Direct quote from the game): Left, left, right, left.
              Going to Tartarus? Memorize this well.
    E. Forest Area. Two doors at the end. Second one leads to G. The
       first leads to F.
    F. Forest Area. A password can be acquired in one of the doors.
    G. Top most door to the left leads to Argolis.
    H. Dead end. I've yet to jump over the gap successfully.
    I. Golden floor area I guess. The right leads to J.
    J. Another golden floor area. Beat up the serpent dragon and take
       Upper door to Area L.
    K. Night area similar to Argolis. Door to the left leads to L.
    L. Cave area. Go to the right to M.
    M. STAY ON TOP LEVEL, or forced to go other way to start all over.
       Upper door to the right leads to N.
    N. Nymph at first door to the left. (Fills lifebar) Last door to
       the left leads to O.
    O. Going left leads to P. Going right takes you back to J.
    P. Beat on common crete soldiers. Last door to the left leads
       to Hades' temple.
    I did not bother with a map of Hades' Temple. It is too straight-
    forward to waste a map on.
    =============================4. Items==================================
    The format for each item will go like so:
    CLASS (Class of the item [i.e. Weapon])
    SELECTABLE?- Yes or no.  Indicates whether or not you can select this
    item on the pause subscreen.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- Indicates what the item looks like and what special
    abilities the item holds.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Self-explanatory.
    WHERE TO USE IT- Self-explanatory.
    Let's begin!  Oh, and to get items on the ground, kneel down (down on
    the Control Pad)
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- The club is a dark brown piece of wood, and looks
    like a baseball bat on the item subscreen.  It is your weakest weapon.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- You begin with this item at the start of the game.
    WHERE TO USE IT- Use it only until you find the Staff of Fennel.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- The Staff of Fennel looks like a normal staff would:
    long with a curly top.  It is 1.5 times as powerful as the club.  If
    you find Prometheus, he'll teach you how to use fire from the tip of
    it, which will light up dark passages and kill creatures on the ground!
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Find the vampire Lamia in Attica, slay her, and go in
    the cave that opens up.  Speak to the child, exit, and go back among
    the buildings to find a lady.  She'll give you the staff.  To activate
    the firepower, kill the lion in Argolis (you need the Sandals before
    you can do this) and go in the cave.  Speak to Prometheus.
    WHERE TO USE IT- Since it is a weapon, you will obviously use it a lot.
    It's especially useful, though, in dark passages and Peloponnesus where
    you need to burn down red thorns and cobwebs.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- The Nymph's Sword is yet another weapon.  It is
    twice as powerful as the club.  However, unlike the Staff of Fennel, it
    can't shoot fire.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Kill the Hydra in Peloponnesus, jump on the bridge
    that forms, and enter the door.  Talk to the nymph inside and she'll
    give you it.
    WHERE TO USE IT- I wouldn't recommend using this weapon unless you
    absolutely HAVE to, mainly because the Staff of Fennel can shoot flames
    rather.  However, after the Hydra, bosses can (normally) only be killed
    with swords.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- The Divine Sword is the work of a god (literally!)
    It deals four times as much damage as the club, but if you hit up and
    B, a lightning bolt will shoot out from the tip.  Be careful, as this
    takes away some of your health!
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Make your way through Phthia to find Hesphaestus, the
    god of the forge.  He'll sell it to you for 70 olives.
    WHERE TO USE IT- You should use this from the time you get onward.  Use
    the lightning sparingly until you get Ares's bracelet.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- This ought to be called the lyre, because that's
    what it really is.  But, since I'm not one of the programmers, I have
    to stick with the harp.  Anyway, it's what you expect to see: a
    stringed instrument.  Hitting select causes you to break into a melody.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Seek out Apollo in Peloponnesus and he'll give you
    it, supposing you've talked to Zeus first.
    WHERE TO USE IT- Use the harp whenever the Siren in Laconia hypnotizes
    you.  Also, if you use the harp while standing in front of a Sun Pillar
    (those standing columns of one, two, or three blocks with a sun on
    them,) Pegasus will come by and give you a lift to another world.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- OK, now you KNOW this is a form of Zelda meets
    Greece.  It looks like an ocarina should: like a bread roll with holes
    drilled in it and a mouthpiece.  Hitting select causes you to break out
    into a melody.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Pay Poseidon 50 olives for it in Laconia.  (Price is
    WHERE TO USE IT- Whenever you come upon a body of water you can't
    cross, use this to make a dolphin appear, which you can ride on.  Also,
    playing it in front of Gaia, the rock monster blocking the path to
    Phthia, will wake it up.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- This is like an empty bottle from OoT.  It looks
    like a flask should, and when it is full of nectar, looks like it
    contains a blue liquid.  To use it to recover life, press select, and
    to refill it, kneel in front of a waterfall or the fountain outside
    Athena's Temple.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Kneel down and strike every pillar in Laconia.  Some
    will open up holes in the floor, but one will make this drop from the
    WHERE TO USE IT- To refill the flask, kneel down in front of any
    waterfall or Athena's fountain.  If you ever need your life refilled,
    use it.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- This looks like a giant green orb.  Using it with
    select won't normally have an effect, unless a secret door is somewhere
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Kill all of the Gray Sisters hiding underground in
    Laconia.  The last one killed will drop it.
    WHERE TO USE IT- The only secret doors I know about are in Argolis and
    Phthia.  Using the ball reveals the passages where the first and second
    Tokens of Love is found.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- This looks exactly the same as the Crystal Ball,
    only red.  Using it with select causes moonlight to shine.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- If you can manage to find Artemis in Phygria, she'll
    give you it.
    WHERE TO USE IT- You won't use the moon orb until the final battle with
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- You know what sandals look like!  The only exception
    with these is that they have wings on the back, signifying that you
    jump higher.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Go to Argolis, and find Hermes's lair.  But… wait!
    Hermes has been summoned by Zeus!  So, head back to Arcadia and go back
    to Zeus's Temple:  Hermes will be standing there.  He'll apologize (a
    god apologizing to a mortal?!) and give you the sandals.
    WHERE TO USE IT- Well, once you get them, you use them everywhere.  One
    neat trick with them though… if you are running and a ceiling is above
    you, jump and hold the A button.  Your gravity will be reversed!  This
    is necessary in Hades.  BE CAREFUL!  Ares will take these away if you
    attempt to buy his bracelet without enough money.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- It looks like the Power Bracelet from the original
    Zelda.  Wearing this makes your attacks twice as powerful.  In
    addition, you can use the lightning power of the Divine Sword without
    getting damaged.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- If you have 80 olives, are in Crete, and can find
    Ares, you are in luck!  He'll sell it to you.
    WHERE TO USE IT- You use it from the time you get it onward.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- This is a bluish-gray shield.  It will repel almost
    any projectile.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Find Athena's Temple in Attica.  If you spoke to Zeus
    already, she'll give it to you.
    WHERE TO USE IT- Umm… you hold it in front of you at all times, which
    means you use it all the time :-).  It comes in handy while fighting
    Lamia, any of the large Amazons in Crete, and the Centaur in Phthia.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- This is a red shield with an emblem of fire on the
    front.  It will repel the only thing the reflective shield can't: fire.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Give 20 salamander skins and 80 olives to Circe in
    Crete, and she'll make it for you.
    WHERE TO USE IT- This is a necessity when you travel to Phygria,
    because the "dragons" there spit fire at you.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- Umm… it looks like a key.  Astoundingly, the key
    opens a locked door.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- A man in Attica gives it to you after you get the
    first Token of Love.
    WHERE TO USE IT- The key will open the locked door hidden in Phthia
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- The Tokens of Love look like hearts.  Your kidnapped
    lover has left three of these with nymphs around Greece.  Picking one
    up will deliver a message from her to you.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- The first one is located in the hidden passages of
    Argolis.  The second one is located in the UPPER cavern behind the
    waterfall in Phthia, behind a hidden passage and a locked door.  The
    last one is in a passage that opens when you defeat the Minotaur in
    WHERE TO USE IT- They can't be "used" per se.  The first one is used as
    proof of your courage, which allows you to obtain the key from the man
    in Attica.  The second one breaks down the barrier to the Minotaur's
    room.  The last one opens up the passage to Hades.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- The Golden Apple looks like a golden apple
    (surprise!)  Picking up the Golden Apple not only refills your life
    meter, but also acts as armor, reducing the amount of damage you take
    by half
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Ladon the Dragon will drop it after you beat it.
    WHERE TO USE IT- The Golden Apple is used as soon as you pick it up
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- This looks like a seashell!  Picking it up will
    extend your life meter by a few notches, as well as completely refill
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Umm… they are found all over the place.  If someone
    submits locations, I'll be grateful!0
    WHERE TO USE IT- Ambrosia is used as soon as you pick it up.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- They look like tiny, flashing Ambrosia.  Picking one
    up will refill your life meter by a section.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Kill enemies.  They may appear.
    WHERE TO USE IT- You use bay leaves as soon as you pick it up.
    MONEY (?!?!)
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- Who would use a common food as money?  Anyway, the
    olive was a highly prized gift from Athena, so it is used as the
    monetary unit.  An olive looks like a small red orb.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Kill enemies.  They may appear.
    WHERE TO USE IT- You can use these in several places.  First, you can
    buy an Ambrosia in one of the pits of Argolis; second, you can buy the
    Ocarina off of Poseidon; third, you can buy the Divine Sword off of
    Hesphaestus; fourth, you can buy the Salamander Shield from Circe;
    fifth, you can buy Ares's Bracelet off of Ares; and finally, you can
    refill your nectar in Hades's temple by paying a man.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION- The salamander skin is skin from a salamander.
    'Nuff said.  Bringing enough of these to Circe, along with a large
    amount of money, will yield the Salamander Shield.
    WHERE TO FIND IT- Fall into the pit just before Hermes's Temple.  It
    won't kill you; rather, you'll drop into a pit with glowing eyes
    flashing from the ceiling!  Wherever glowing eyes appear, a salamander
    will fall from in a few moments.  Kill the salamanders.  Occasionally,
    one will become skinned.  BTW, the first Ambrosia or a waterfall is
    located in here (I can't remember.)  BTW again… don't try fire on the
    salamanders, it passes right through them.
    WHERE TO USE IT- I already said where in the brief description.
    Am I forgetting anything?  Email me if you think I am.
    ===========================5. Walkthrough==============================
    OK, for those of you who wish to CHEAT, here it is.  As of right now,
    it only includes steps on what you must do, with little or no extra
    side items.  To make it easier on the eyes, I'll hit enter once every
    five brackets.
    -Visit Zeus by travelling a few screens right and entering the large
    -Go left from Zeus's temple, enter lower door to enter Attica
    -Travel to the mountains down one screen and to the right, pass
    -Head all the way to the right to obtain Reflective Shield from Athena.
    -Go back to second screen of Attica.  Go downstairs and left.
    -Defeat Lamia (see Boss section), enter the cave, talk to the boy, head
    out, and head right into one of the buildings to claim Staff of Fennel.
    -Head ALL the way back to Arcadia, head left from the Attica door,
    enter path to Argolis (in back of a room.)
    -Make your way to Hermes's temple (enter the right cavern on first
    screen.)  A servant will tell you he's been summoned by Zeus.
    -Exit the temple, fall in the FIRST pit to the left.  This is the
    salamnder pit, for future reference.  If you feel like it now, collect
    20 salamander skins, and save enough olives to buy the Ambrosia in the
    -Exit Argolis, and head ALL the way back to Zeus's temple.  Hermes is
    inside, and he'll give you his sandals.
    -Go back to Argolis, take the LEFT cavern this time, and head to the
    very back using your new boots (careful of the bats.)  Kill the Lion
    (see Boss section) and learn how to use fire.
    -Travel back to Arcadia, go to the main area, ALL the way right (even
    past Zeus's temple) and enter the trees.  Welcome to Peloponnesus.
    -Make your way through to the forest (checking the map is strongly
    suggested) towards Apollo's grov… err… temple.  He'll give you the
    Harp, a useful item.
    -Make your way into the marsh.  Using the Staff of Fennel, burn down
    the red thorns while jumping over blue bushes.  Carefully make your way
    across the bridges to meet Hydra.
    -Defeat Hydra (see Boss section) and obtain the Sword.
    -Make your way to the Cyclops grove (again using the map.)  Kneel and
    strike one of the trees before it for an Ambrosia.
    -Defeat Cyclops (make sure Sword is equipped, check Boss section.)
    -Enter Laconia.  Here, when kneeling and striking pillars, strike each
    one from the RIGHT so you don't fall in any holes.  Collect the flask
    that falls from one (used to store Nectar.)
    -Locate Poseidon by falling through one of the holes.  Buy his Ocarina.
    Now you can TELL it's a Greek Zelda game ?
    -Travel to the southeastern portion of Laconia, enter the cave, light
    it with the Staff's fire, and defeat the Cyclops with the sword for
    another Ambrosia.  Fill the flask with nectar in the room behind it.
    -Exit, make your way toward Laconia's entrance, head ALL the way to the
    right.  Use the ocarina to call a dolphin, make your way to the island
    in the sea.
    -Break out your harp, and use its tones to help defeat Siren (see Boss
    -Enter the door that appears in the island, defeat the Graeae
    underneath (again, see Boss section.)  Get your nice new shiny crystal
    ball.  Exit the cave.
    -Make your way back to the entrance of Laconia, backtrack through
    Peloponnesus, pass through Arcadia and go back to Argolis.
    -Use your Crystal Ball in the first screen of the Lion Cavern to open a
    door.  Enter.  Head to the LEFT inside, obtaining your first Token of
    Love.  (NOTE: this is the area that also has the impassible way to
    -Return to Attica, go to the giant house before Athena's temple.
    Obtain the key.  If you need Nectar, fill your flask by going to the
    fountain before the temple and kneeling.
    -Obtain 70 olives, get a password in Athena's temple, quit, and enter
    the password again (this is a temporary save, so you can retry if you
    die in your attempt to snag the Divine Sword.
    -Go back to the mountains area that connects Athens to… that other part
    of Attica.  Head to the right of the cave.
    -Play the Ocarina in front of the rock monster, defeat him using the
    Boss section.  Enter the doorway he blocked.
    -Make your way to Hesphaestus using the map (it is VERY easy to die and
    lose half your olives, so if that should happen, pick RETRY and you'll
    reappear in Athena's temple entrance, with 70 olives again.  See why I
    told you?)
    -Return to the Phthia entrance.  Make your way to the waterfall, and
    jump into it (try aiming for the high entrance, since that is where you
    need to be next.)
    -Inside, dodge the caterpillars and constantly use your crystal ball
    while moving right until a door opens.  Go inside, go through the
    "locked" door (moves aside if you have the key) and obtain your second
    Token of Love.
    -OPTIONAL- After exiting, head right.  Make your way to the far right
    side of the garden and defeat Ladon (see Boss section.) and pick up the
    Golden Apple.
    -OPTIONAL- Make your way across some tricky chasms in Phthia to find an
    old man with some Ambrosia for you.
    -Head back to Attica, go olive hunting.
    -Head to Laconia, and head all the way off to the right, even farther
    than the Siren's Island.  Welcome to Crete.
    -If you have over eighty olives, hunt down Ares.  Buy his bracelet
    (make SURE you have 80 olives, or he'll swipe your sandals for lying to
    -Collect eighty olives (wherever you want) again, and hunt down Circe.
    If you have 20 salamander skins, she'll make you the Salamander Shield,
    a fire reflector.
    -Use the map to find the Minotaur, defeat him, and obtain your last
    Token of Love.
    -OPTIONAL- ignore the newly opened entrance to Tartarus in the sea, and
    make your way back to Attica.  Go to the sea past where you fought the
    Lamia, and cross it.  Make your way through the hellishness of Phrygia
    to find Artemis (with the Moon Orb) and an old man with more Ambrosia.
    -Head back to the Tartarus entrance (it's between Crete and Argolis, if
    you were wondering.)
    -Go left, left, right, left in the doorway maze (otherwise you'll fight
    unnecessary battles.)  Defeat the Cerberus (see Boss section) at the
    end, and enter the dark world.
    -Make your way through the forest, heading towards Hades's temple.
    Notice that there are doors hanging above the bogs, so if you wish to
    enter them and talk, hold up while jumping down at them.
    -In the pillared area with a large gap, go antigrav on the ceiling, and
    LIGHTLY jump over the hole in the ceiling.  Don't worry if you miss,
    it's tough to do.  Persistence works wonders, however.
    -In Hades Temple, make your way around (sorry I can't be more specific,
    I don't remember it too well.)  Nymphs in the area will transport you
    back to the beginning of the temple if you take a wrong turn.  There is
    also an old crone who is selling nectar for a small price.  Chances
    are, though, that you don't have it.  Dang.  So make sure that flask is
    -In the room with water on the bottom half of the screen (the one right
    after your lover, encased in stone) use the Moon Orb (if you have it.)
    Use the boss section to fight Hades, and enjoy the nice ending when you
    head back into the room with your lover.
    Specifics will come, perhaps.
    ============================6. Bosses==================================
    I consider a boss anything that makes a different noise when hit, not
    just having the boss music come on.  If I leave any out, Email me.
    The format goes like so:
    Let's begin
    The Bull is always found outside of Zeus's temple.
    The Bull… looks like a bull ought to!
    All you have to do is whack it on the noggin four times with the club.
    Beating it yields absolutely nothing.
    VAMPIRE (looks more like a serpent woman to me)
    Lamia can be found twice: first in Attica, and again in the temple of
    The Lamia has a body of a serpent, the torso of a beautiful woman, and
    a bow, rather than long teeth.  Why do they call her a vampire, then?
    To defeat Lamia, it is wise to first obtain the Reflective Shield from
    Athena.  Lamia attacks by shooting a bow at you.  Inch slowly towards
    her, blocking the arrows, and charge!  Time your jumps so the arrows
    she still fires won't hit you, and whack her in the head.  After a few
    hits, she'll die.  After defeating her, a cave opens in the cliff.
    You'll find a little boy in there.  Speak to him, head back to the
    buildings, and search for the boy's mother.  She'll give you the Staff
    of Fennel!  The second time around, Lamia is easy to defeat because you
    ought to have the Divine Sword.
    The Lion is found in the end of one of the caverns in Argolis.
    The Lion looks like you can expect one to look like: a large, yellow,
    maned cat.  It is EXTREMELY fast.
    All I can say is that when it charges at you, jump and quickly whack it
    on the noggin.  It will back off a bit, then charge again.  Beating it
    will open a door, in which Prometheus is found (say, isn't Prometheus
    supposed to be a god and not an old man?)  Anyway, speaking to
    Prometheus allows you to use the firepower of the Staff of Fennel by
    pressing Up+B.
    The Hydra is found past the thorny part of the woods and the marshes in
    The Hydra looks like a red dragon.  Unlike the legend, it only has one
    To defeat the Hydra, you have to knock off its head.  This isn't very
    hard, but the catch is… you have to do it PERMANENTLY.  You'll know
    where the Hydra is going to jump at you because bubbles are rising out
    of the water.  When it jumps at you, smack it on the head.  The body
    will drop and the head will be knocked back, only to fall in the water
    again.  After enough shots to the head, the Hydra will die for good.
    When it dies, a bridge will appear.  Walk on it to find a door
    (actually a gap in the woods, but you get the idea.)  Inside is a nymph
    that will give you the Nymph's Sword.
    The Cyclops is found in a few places: guarding the entrance to Laconia
    in Peloponnesus, guarding an Ambrosia IN Laconia, and in the doorway
    maze entering Hades if you take a wrong turn.
    The Cyclops is twice as tall as you are, and only has one eye.  Big
    rocks appear out of nowhere on his hand, which he throws at you.
    To defeat the Cyclops you need to use the sword the nymph gave you.
    Jump and smack him in the eye, being careful that you don't get hit by
    a rock.  Defeating him the first time gives you entrance to Laconia,
    defeating him the second time makes him drop Ambrosia, and defeating
    him the third time allows you to restart the doorway maze.
    The Siren is only found once, guarding the door to the Gray Sisters.
    The Siren has the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a hawk.
    Using her song, she hypnotizes you, making you walk underneath her.
    Then, she swoops down to deal heavy damage.
    To defeat the Siren, the main order of business is not getting
    hypnotized.  To do this, all you have to do is play the harp when she
    sings at you.  You'll regain your senses and be able to move again, so
    take this time to jump and hit her with the sword.  After a few hits,
    she dies, and a door opens.  Enter, and you find the…
    The Gray Sisters are found twice: once underground in Laconia, and
    again in the doorway maze of Hades if you take a wrong turn.
    The Gray Sisters are as tall as you are.  They disappear and reappear,
    shooting waves of magic at you.  You can say they are the Wizzrobes of
    The Battle of Olympus :-).
    Beating the old hags are simple: merely jump the magic waves and bring
    your sword down on their heads.  Four hits each will kill them, but
    there are three of them to kill, making a grand total of twelve hits!
    In Laconia, after the last one dies, the Crystal Ball appears.  In the
    doorway maze, killing them gives you a chance to retry the maze.
    Gaia can be found blocking the path to Phthia.
    Gaia looks like a yellow golem.  It has the same attacks as the
    To be able to attack Gaia, you have to wake it up.  After you do, beat
    it in the same way as the Cyclops.  Beating him opens the path to
    Phthia permanently.
    The Centaur is found in front of the waterfall, which is the passage to
    the Garden of the Hesperides.
    The Centaur has the torso and head of a man and the body of a horse.
    He also carries a bow.
    To beat the Centaur, whack him on the head a few times.  Defeating him
    gives you absolutely nothing except no more arrows on the back or horse
    hooves on the head.  Even if you do beat him, he'll return the minute
    you leave the waterfall.
    Ladon is found at the garden of the Hesperides.
    Ladon looks like the Hydra did, only green.  It will chase you.
    To defeat Ladon, hit it on the head with the Nymph Sword or the Divine
    Sword to knock it back.  Hit it a few more times to kill it.  It will
    drop the Golden Apple.  Pick it up!
    The Evil Pegasus can be found entering Phygria and also in the doorway
    maze in Hades if you pick a wrong door.
    The Evil Pegasus looks like Pegasus, except it is black.  It also
    breathes fire.
    Like every other boss, whack it on the head.  Ho-hum.  They don't give
    you anything, save from a retry in the doorway maze.
    SERPENT (The first thing actually NAMED a dragon and it's a serpent?
    Dragons can be found all over Phygria and Hades.
    Dragons look like giant cobras.  They spit three balls of fire at you
    at a time.
    As usual, whack them on the head.  The Salamander Shield is a big help
    here though, because it helps knock away the fire they spit at you.
    Beating them allows you to progress (you can't walk or jump through a
    The Suits of Armor can be found entering Crete
    The Suits of Armor look like a suit of armor.  ::yawn::.  They hold
    maces, which they use as their weapons
    Whack them on the head.  They don't give you anything if you beat them.
    AMAZON GODDESS (true name?)
    GIANT WOMEN (ooh-la-la!)
    These are found dotted around Crete, as well as in the doorway maze in
    Hades if you take a wrong turn.
    Amazon goddesses hold a shield and a sword.  These are hard to kill and
    hurt very badly.
    To defeat the Amazon goddesses, either attempt to whack them in the
    head (they may block) or stab them in the knees.  Either way, a few
    hits will kill them.  Or, if you are smart and you are in Crete, jump
    on the ceiling, being careful that you don't land on any of the black
    warriors.  Beating them in the doorway maze gives you another shot at
    the maze.
    This is found in a chamber in Crete.
    It has the body of a man and the head of a bull.  It throws axes at
    To defeat the Minotaur, either stab it in the knees or hit it in the
    head.  The knees are easier, IMO.  Defeating it opens a door with a
    nymph inside.  Talking to the nymph gives you the final token of love.
    TWO-HEADED DOG (shouldn't Cerberus have THREE heads?)
    This is found in the doorway maze in Hades, if you take all the right
    It is a giant dog with two heads.  It charges at you.
    As usual, you have to whack it on the heads.  HOWEVER, if you don't do
    it very quickly, it will heal!  If you cut one head off, work on
    cutting the other one off FAST.  It will regrow the head if you dawdle.
    What's worst is that if you fail to whack it over and over again
    without it having a chance to recover, it will DEFINITELY heal because
    you have to make your way to the end of the chamber where it trotted.
    Tough!  Beating it opens the path out of the doorway maze (Yay!)
    Hades is found at the end of his temple, through the door where your
    lover, turned to stone, is.
    Hades is invisible at first, but he reveals himself to be a man that is
    twice as tall as you.
    To defeat Hades, you have to whack him on the head like anyone else.
    There is a catch though: he's invisible!  To make life easier, use the
    Moon Orb the moment you walk into the room.  The moon will rise and
    your shadow will appear in the water beneath the battle arena.  And…
    uh-oh, what is this?!  You see another shadow walking towards yours in
    the water!  Well, watch the shadows to jump and hit Hades in the head.
    After enough whacks, the shadows will disappear and Hades will appear
    (obviously he lost his cap of invisibility.)  Continue whacking him on
    the head.  When he is defeated, head out the door that you came in and
    stand next to your lover.  Then, watch the ending!  And what a nice one
    it is for a NES game, too… replay it, as well, by pressing Start every
    time "The End" appears onscreen.
    And a chart from Pelivor…
    Monster                  Location     Club  Staff  Sword  D.Sword
    Bull                     Arcadia        4     2      1        1
    Lamia                    Attica         6    --      2        1
    Lion                     Argolis        6     3      2        1
    Hydra                  Peleponnesus     8     8     --       --
    Cyclops 1              Peleponnesus    --    --      4       --
    Cyclops 2                Laconia       --    --      6       ??
    Siren                    Laconia        9     6      3        2
    Graeae*                  Laconia        9     6      3        2
    Gaea                     Attica        --    --      6       --
    Centaur                  Pithia        16     8      6        4
    Ladon                    Pithia        --    --     20       10
    Knight (Guards Door)      Crete        --    --      8        4
    Minotaur                  Crete        --    --     32       16
    Pegasus (Guards Door)    Phrygia       16     8      6        4
    Dragon (Serpent)         Phrygia       --    --     16        8
    Cyclops 3               Tartarus       --    --     16        8
    Graeae*                 Tartarus       ??    ??     ??       ??
    Cerebus**               Tartarus       --    --     IMP       8
    Lamia                Hades' Temple     ??    ??     ??       12
    Hades                Hades' Temple     --    --     56       28
    *It was difficult to seperate one Graeae from the others and count how
    many hits it took to kill them, so these stats may be inaccurate. # of
    hits is per Graeae. I've never defeated the Tartarus Graeae without the
    Power Bracelet.
    **If you don't have the Power Bracelet, it is impossible to kill the
    Cerebus with the regular sword: It just regenerates it's head too fast.
    =========================5b. Miscellaneous=============================
    This is a miscellaneous section added by Aspie Giraffe (formerly Pelivor).
    It includes information on a glitched ending, a neat trick that may
    come useful, and a password for the ultimate gamer.
    After defeating Hades, touch the statue outside the room. When the
    three hearts (the tokens of love) come together on the statue, quickly
    play the Harp. If done correctly, after the harp's tune ends, the
    music will start over, and you will not get the ending screen. It will
    be frozen.
    To correct it, play the Ocarina. The glitch should correct itself.
    Also, if you use your full bottle of nectar to refill your stamina
    a split-second before it jumps to the ending screen, your screen will
    shake uncontrollably until your stamina is refilled, which then the
    ending should proceed as normal.
    Did you know that you can use the Power of Argus while crouching?
    Normally, you need to hold UP while tapping B with the Divine Sword.
    First, get into the crouching position, and thrust. Notice that there
    is a split-second delay before the hero actually thrusts his sword.
    Now, while crouching, tap B, then QUICKLY hold UP just before
    thrusting. If you did it right, you will use the Power of Argus while
    crouching. A very difficult maneuver, but very useful in disposing of
    smaller monsters.
    SS6eGf 0hgVJWf
    UH4s6t xMRTWsC
    The 0 is a zero, by the way.
    THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE!!! Start in Tartarus with only the Divine Sword,
    Regular Sword, Oracana, Graeae's Orb, Hermes' Sandles, and the three
    tokens of love. Nothing else!!!!
    Ever got sick of building your olives, only to lose half of them
    after dying? There's a trick to avoiding this. After acquiring your
    olives, get a password from a God. The next time you die, hit 'RETRY'
    and NOT 'Continue.' Retry to take you back to your last password
    checkpoint, and you won't lose your olives!
    ============================6. Text Dump===============================
    I've seen text dumps written for different FAQs. Sometimes,
    text dumps are added to FAQs so that game players don't
    need to meet every single person they meet in a video game.
    In Battle of Olympus, there are a ton of people who give
    valuable information, but not everybody has the time to
    sit down and look for every single word that could help
    them on their way...most just want to get through the game
    as fast as possible and not give a crap about the story
    development. Some can study a text dump and know exactly
    what to do in a video game without the need of a FAQ. I
    hope the information is useful to future gamers of BoO.
    NOTES: If the text includes (hero), this is the name that
    you gave the hero at the beginning of the game. If the text
    includes (heroine), this is the name of the girl you are
    rescuing, also named at the beginning. I have listed these
    texts in no particular order, and I have grouped them by
    area of the game.
    (hero), first you must
    go to the Temple of
    Arcadia to meet Zeus.
    Who are you?
    If you have no
    business here, be gone!
    There is a legend
    about a man who could
    control fire by using
    the Staff of Fennel.
    Search for the Spirit
    of the Forest
    in Peloponnesus.
    It holds the
    strongest sword.
    Inside the cave
    there may be
    an invisible door.
    I've heard that there is
    something hidden high up
    in the trees.
    (without the Staff of Fennel)
    This way leads
    to Argolis,
    but with the power
    you have now
    you'd better not
    go there.
    (with the Staff of Fennel)
    Go to Peloponnesus
    after you've gone to
    Attica and Argolis.
    I know of
    a strange flask.
    You could take nectar
    with you.
    I've heard that
    ambrosia can be found
    beneath Argolis.
    Ah..the oracle is
    speaking of a person.
    The first heart is
    the proof of
    his courage.
    The second heart is
    the power to
    undo the barrier.
    The third heart is the
    start of a new ordeal.
    I heard the Staff
    of Fennel is in Attica.
    In Peloponnesus
    the power to jump and
    control fire
    Will be necessary.
    I'm the god Zeus.
    I've heard your story
    from Aphrodite.
    You can't use
    the power of Argus
    without the Sword
    of Hephaestos.
    I'll call on the other
    gods to bless you
    with their powers.
    I'm sorry
    I was summoned by Zeus.
    I'll lend you sandals
    so that you can
    jump higher.
    Welcome to the city
    of Eleusis.
    A little further down
    the road is the city
    of Athens.
    A large boulder fell
    and blocked the pass
    to Phthia.
    That's the name of
    the monster created from
    a large boulder.
    The shield of Athena is
    endowed with the power
    to repel your enemies'
    Because Gaea has fallen
    peace has again come to
    (before the rescue)
    My daughter's child was
    kidnapped by a monster.
    Please go and help her.
    (after the rescue)
    So you are
    the benefactor of
    this humble household.
    Prometheus is
    the only person
    who knows how to use
    the powers of the staff.
    I heard that there is
    a god in Phthia that
    makes wonderful weapons.
    There may be a crystal
    ball somewhere
    that enables you to see
    insivible things.
    (before 1st Token of Love)
    My name is Keleos.
    Are you searching for
    the Nymph?
    I could tell you where
    she is, if you prove to
    me that you're (hero).
    (after 1st Token of Love)
    The Numph has gone to
    the Garden of
    the Hesperides.
    Take this key
    and go after her.
    (after Key)
    I know nothing mroe.
    The rest depends on
    your luck.
    Welcome, (hero).
    I am Athena,
    the goddess of
    wisdom and war.
    I'll give you a shield
    to protect you from
    the attack of monsters.
    Hear the word of the
    gods. Don't forget it.
    (a password follows)
    There is a witch
    who can make you
    a shield to protect you
    from fire.
    (before child rescue)
    Oh, you're (hero).
    My child was kidnapped
    by the vampire, Lamia.
    If you can help me, I'll
    give you this staff.
    (after child rescue)
    Please accept this Staff
    of Fennel as a token
    of my gratitude.
    This staff is said to
    have a mysterious power.
    My father might know
    the man who knows how to
    use the power.
    This sea will lead you
    to Phrygia.
    There, you'll find
    a fire breathing dragon.
    Use the power of
    Poseidon to cross
    the sea.
    Thank you for coming
    to help me!
    I saw the Nymph
    being taken to a cavern.
    A shield made of
    salamander skin will
    protect you from fire.
    Prometheus was thrown
    into the cavern
    many years ago.
    He can't escape.
    A lion is guarding
    the way.
    There are many
    salamanders under the
    Temple of Hermes.
    In the depths of the
    next cave there is a
    nest of salamanders.
    Watch out, or
    they will steal
    your life.
    (without Staff of Fennel)
    I'm Prometheus.
    You didn't bring
    the staff?
    The staff was said to be
    in the city of Eleusis.
    (with Staff of Fennel)
    I'm Prometheus.
    I'll show you
    how to draw flame
    from the Staff.
    Press the upper button
    when you wave it.
    Got it?
    (After learning fire)
    I don't have
    anything else
    to teach you.
    To wake the earth,
    use the ocarina.
    In Argolis there are
    two sea shores.
    The one up this way
    leads to Crete.
    Be careful.
    You could fall into
    a nest of salamanders.
    Hermes is gone,
    summoned by Zeus.
    Get out of here.
    I saw a flask floating
    in the direction
    of Laconia.
    I'll let you have
    something nice in
    exchange for 50 olives.
    (if No)
    Is that so?
    That's too bad.
    (if Yes but not enough money)
    What kind of audacity
    is this?
    Off with you.
    (if Yes)
    Here, eat this.
    It'll give you strength.
    Ha ha ha...
    (after getting Ambrosia)
    Do you still
    want something?
    (hero), you've found me.
    I was captured by
    Cyclops in Peloponnesus
    and forced back
    into this cave.
    Here is a fragment of
    love and a letter
    from (heroine).
    Follow Hades' servant
    to Laconia.
    I've heard that
    the Minotaur of Crete
    uses a barrier.
    (Acquiring 1st Token of Love)
    I don't know how
    things became
    this bad.
    I was bitten
    by a poisonous
    and I've been
    taken to Hades
    in Tartarus by
    some awful
    I entrusted
    my love for you
    to Aphrodite's
    the Nymphs.
    Please accept
    use it wisely.
    Be careful in the
    forest of Thorns.
    If you burn all the
    withered thorns,
    you'll be OK.
    Hydra has settled deep
    in the marshes of
    the Forest of Thorns.
    I heard that the
    Graeae of Laconia have
    a crystal ball
    with mystical powers.
    Use this power to enter
    the caverns of Argolis.
    Welcome (hero).
    Here, I'll give you
    this harp
    to play at the Monument
    of the Sun.
    Pegasus will come
    to help you.
    I've heard that
    Poseidon lives
    beneath Laconia.
    The crows told me that
    something is hanging
    from the tops of
    those trees.
    Cyclops has blocked
    the road to Laconia.
    The only way to beat him
    is to touch his eye
    with a sword.
    Here is wisdom
    from the past.
    Never hit the pavement
    of the third pillar
    by the seashore.
    I saw the Nymph
    being taken to
    the caverns of Argolis.
    Please help the Spirit
    of the Forest.
    Hydra is bothering her.
    (before Sword)
    I am the Spirit of
    the Forest.
    Now that you've
    driven out Hydra,
    peace will return.
    In return, please accept
    this sword.
    (after Sword)
    What more do you want?
    In Pithia there is
    a paradise
    called the Garden of
    the Hesperides.
    They say that there is
    a golden apple there
    with mysterious powers.
    A little while ago
    A strange flask
    washed up on shore.
    The Graeae are hiding
    underground somewhere
    in that direction.
    I've come from Athens.
    I saw the Nymph entering
    the house of Keleos.
    You must have fire
    in the cave beneath
    the sea.
    If you cross the sea
    over there,
    you'll come to Crete.
    There is a maze
    guarded by strong Knights.
    If you hear the call
    of the flying monster,
    it'll mesmerize you
    and rip you apart.
    However if you have
    a harp...
    Welcome, (hero).
    I'm Posideon.
    Would yo ulike to use
    the ocarina for calling
    my dolphins?
    (if no)
    I don't think
    I can help you.
    (if yes)
    I'll let you have it
    for 60 olives.  Ok?
    (if no)
    I don't think
    I can help you.
    (if yes and have enough olives)
    If you use it to call
    my dolphins,
    you can cross any sea.
    (if yes and not enough olives)
    You liar!
    Be gone!
    If you go see
    Hephaestos in Phthia,
    he'll give you a Sword.
    Take the salamander
    skins and go meet the
    witch Circe on Crete.
    I'm Hephaestos.
    I'll give you my Sword
    for 70 Olives.
    (if No)
    I don't think
    I can help you.
    (if Yes)
    I grant you
    the power of Argus
    There is also something
    useful in the Garden of
    the Hesperides on the
    other side of
    the water falls.
    (if Yes and no olives)
    You liar!
    Be gone!
    Eat this.
    It'll give you strength.
    Have you come looking
    for the golden apple?
    It's being guarded by
    Ladon, a huge dragon.
    Well, (hero).
    You've finally come.
    The Graeae found me
    at Laconia,
    so I fled here.
    (heroine)  was taken across
    the sea to Crete.
    Here is a latter and
    a fragment of love
    from (heroine).
    Please hurry!
    (receiving 2nd Token of Love)
    Beloved (hero).
    I love you
    so much.
    I'll never
    belong to Hades.
    I know that
    you'll come
    to save me.
    According to
    Hades servants
    the entrance to
    Tartarus lies
    along the sea
    between Crete
    and Argolis.
    You say you want a
    salamander skin shield?
    (without 20 skins)
    It's too bad you've come
    all this way without
    bringing me enought
    salamander skins.
    (with 20 skins)
    I see you've gathered
    20 Salamander Skins.
    Good, I can make it for
    you in exchange of
    80 olives.
    ha ha ha...
    (if No)
    Please come again.
    (if Yes and not enough Olives)
    Well! Nobody has ever
    come to me
    so unprepared!
    (if Yes and with Olives)
    Good, I'll make it for
    But you'll have to
    Here, take this.
    (after getting Salamander Shield)
    If you use
    the salamander shield,
    it can protect
    you from the flaming
    attacks of monsters.
    You are (hero)?
    I'm the god of war,
    Zeus asked me to let you
    use this bracelet.
    I'll let you have it
    for 80 olives.
    (if No)
    I don't think
    I can help you.
    (if Yes and not enough olives)
    You idiot!
    As punishment,
    give me those sandals!
    Please come again.
    (if Yes and with Olives)
    Please this this
    How I longed to
    see you!
    (heroine) was taken away
    to Tartarus.
    Now that you have all
    three fragments of love,
    Aphrodite can lead you
    to Tartarus through
    the power of the Miracle
    of Love.
    (after 3rd Token of Love)
    You've completed
    your trials
    well, (hero).
    The door to the
    land where Hades
    along the sea
    between Crete
    and Argolis
    has been opened.
    Aphrodite has
    sent the Nymphs
    to Tartarus
    to help you.
    Please rescue me
    before it's
    too late.
    Left, Left, Right, Left.
    Go to Tartarus?
    Memorize this well.
    You'll need it.
    Here in Crete,
    both Master Ares and
    Circe are greedy.
    If you need their help,
    you'd better start
    saving up olives.
    After Crete,
    you should head
    towards Phrygia.
    The goddess of
    the moon, Artemis, has
    a very important item.
    Take this ambrosia.
    Rest for a while.
    (after Ambrosia)
    The god of Tartarus,
    Hades, has a magical hat
    to hide himself
    from sight.
    However, moon rays will
    make his shadow visible
    in a river.
    Welcome, (hero).
    I'm Artemis, the Goddess
    of the Moon.
    Hades conceals himself
    using a magic hat, but
    if you have this moon
    I'm Aphrodite's servant.
    This is the entrance
    to Tartarus.
    The Temple of Hades is
    up ahead.
    I'll try to help you
    regain your power.
    Please be careful.
    (heals hero)
    Let me tell you
    the word of the gods.
    Well (hero), You've
    come so far!
    You can't get to
    the Temple of Hades
    without passing through
    the cave.
    I'll give you
    some nectar.
    Try not to lose faith.
    Ah, (hero)
    I've been
    waiting for you.
    (heroine) has been turned
    to stone by Hades.
    However you can
    transform her back.
    It's just
    a little further.
    (hero), hurry up!
    Hades Temple is right
    before your eyes.
    Somewhere inside
    this Temple, (heroine) has
    been Turned to stone.
    Go back to (heroine) after
    you beat Hades.
    Would you like some
    tasty nectar?
    It's only 30 olives.
    (if no OR yes and no olives)
    Ha ha ha,
    I don't think
    you can beat Hades.
    (is yes and have olives)
    You want to know
    Hades weakness?
    Hades has none!
    Ha ha ha!
    What? You have
    the moon crystal?
    You must be very strong.
    (without Moon Crystal)
    Haven't you forgotten
    one very important item?
    You won't be able to
    survive without it.
    Ah (hero)!
    Why have you stepped
    into this room?
    Those entering here are
    automatically returned
    to the entrance
    of the Temple.
    Have some nectar and
    don't give up.
    Oh, (hero)!
    You've beaten
    You've survived
    through uncount-
    able hardships
    just for me,
    and I'd like to
    express my sin-
    cere gratitude.
    Being able to
    see you again is
    like a dream
    come true.
    Let's return
    to the peaceful
    village of Elis.
    End of Text Dump.
    =========================7. Repeat Warning!============================
    The Battle of Olympus FAQ Version 3.1
    Started on 12/5/99 by Earthshaker (Earthq3846@aol.com), with co-author
    credit to Pelivor (froloth (at) hotmail.com)
    Last updated on 12/20/03
    Copyright 1999/2000 by Earthshaker and Pelivor
    UPDATE: Pelivor now uses his Gamefaqs message board name, which is
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