Review by Rick L

"Get a new life, Beetlejuice!"

This one is just very pitiful in my opinion. It's a side scroller based on a movie, and someone did a pitiful job on this!

Graphics: 5/10

The graphics are plain, to put it one way. Nothing is really that detailed. The pic of Beetlejuice when he's speaking is AWFUL!! He looks like a nerd, for cryin' out loud! My God, his teeth must stick out about thirty feet by the looks of the pic. My biggest complaint is the way they say his catch phrase. They say ''It's Showtime.'' C'mon!! Put some freakin' !!!'s in it or something!!

Sound: 1/10

The music is godawful and repetitive, but the most annoying is the death music, which you'll hear all too often. You'll understand when I comment on the next secion. It seems as if the music was made by an eight year old, and the poor kid was high on something.

Gameplay: -50/10

To but it blantantly, like I usally do, this just sucks. Beetlejuice just jumps way too high and moves way too fast. Resulting in overjumping the sixteen zillion microscopic platforms, and wasting all your lives and continues in three minutes. Really, this game requires you to be more pinpoint on things that Amagon, which is definitely a bad thing. Beetlejuice can take three hits, but only among a select few things. Another bad thing is that the screen doesn't scroll down when you fall.....EVER. You will fall to your death even easier now. Oh, did I mention that outside, you can go through the cliff walls and die? That's SO cool, isn't it?


Replay Value: -34738673837483/10

Don't. Ever. Never ever. If you suffer from ''I must play this game again!'' syndrome, I suggest you get your head examined really, really quick. This game is just pure crap. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to even look at this game again.

Overall: 2/10

This game seriously needs to be fixed up. No amount of patience can help you for the aggrivation that this game will cause you. The only reasons that this game was probably made was to promote the movie and to have people spend more money on controllers, because they keep breakin' the damn controller after a good fifteen minutes of playing this game. I suggest you go play ''Where's Waldo'' instead. At least that has a hell of a lot more fun to it compared to this.

This is the Rick, tellin' you NOT to go play this one!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 02/01/02, Updated 02/01/02

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