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Reviewed: 05/20/00 | Updated: 05/20/00

The game that set the standards for gameplay...

This has got to be one of the best NES games there is today. I remember back in the day when Video Power's Jhonny Arcade was using this game as its highlight game in 1992. Well enough talk and onto the review!

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics in this game are pretty good for an NES game and considering how old the game is(probably 13 years old) the graphics were as good as they got back then. You would see a lot of color used in this game and instead of using crazy detail to separate items from the screen, the gmae would vary in color so there would be less of that outline look around the game. The backgrounds, while usually pretty bland, was pretty good because it made the level what it was, a nice dark and dangerous atmosphere. Inside the actual areas where Jason takes over, the graphics go up another notch with a good amount of detail as the characters become bigger and the colors used become brighter. My one complaint about the graphics in this game is that there was often a lot of slowdown from time to time, not much but sometimes when you used your maxed out gun inside buildings the game would usually slowdown a lot as the total frame rate would just cut in half.

Sound and Music: 8/10
The sound in this game was pretty good, but you always have to take into consideration of the age of the game. The sounds were pretty good, you had explosions and high tech sounds, but a lot of the other sounds were merely just bleeps and blops, but I try not degrade the score so much because of the technology at hand here. The music in this game was pretty good, especially that boss music. When you press start real fast during the boss music you get that nice techno hip hop type of music, it was pretty neat. The music in the stages were one of the best tunes you will ever hear from a video game, it just fit each stage nicely from the dark and alienistic music in Stage 4 to the nice uplifting funky beat of stage 6. Overall, the music was pretty good.

Replay Value: 5/10
The replay value in this game was a little edgy, games back then didn't have a lot of replay value. This game serves that exemption, but even with that, even if you had beaten the game you wouldn't find much in playing this game again anyways. But its mainly the overall gameplay and the ending, and ending music that keeps you playing this game more than once.

Gameplay: 10/10
The gameplay in this game was very good, it would take so little time and of your effort to adapt to this game. You start off in your vehicle, which is very manuverable, more like a human actually. The more stages you complete, the more enhancements your vehicle gets, anything from a stronger weapon to flying to climbing the walls to manuvering through water with ease. Jason(the main character of the game) gets no enhancements of his own went he defeats these bosses, each stage has their own individual bosses and each time you fight them they become increasingly difficult. You find patterns to defeat bosses and its pretty fun to navigate through the inside stages of the game, you would shoot through enemies and make your way to the boss room. The only real enhancements Jason gets is his gun, you find gun parts scattered around the rooms and even outside the vehicle. Each time you acquire enough gun pieces, your gun becomes stronger and it makes boss and enemy killing much easier. Also, Jason is much more vulnerable outside in the open areas(the areas where his vehicle would naviagte), if your not careful you can have Jason plummit to his death. While the game is mainly comprised of 8 stages, each stage are connected to each other in one giant world and you have to look carefully and think of the passages that are open to you to to adavnce to the next stage. You might have to go back early in the game to advance or you may have found some extra weapons using the new vehicle enhancements you had just recieved. Aside from the permanent vehicle enhancements you can pick up various weapons specially designed for your vehicle. Basically overall, the gameplay was pretty darn good.

Overall: 9/10
Pick up this game, sure its old but then again technology never makes a game. You should defintely get this game, its considered by many to be one of the best NES games to date.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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