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Reviewed: 03/19/01 | Updated: 03/19/01

More fun than many new games released nowadays...

I heard there were plans (or rumors) to make a sequel for Blaster Master someday, so I thought it was time to make a review for the original.

My review for the Nes game Blaster Master. Blaster Master was really a unique game, with a few nice cinema sequences.
What I like with Blaster Master is that you drive in a car(almost a battletank) and then sometimes you need to play as the character(Jason). It’s a sorta platform game, but with a few problems to solve. When they did this game,
they surely didn't concentrate only on the music but they brought some new ideas to the gaming world. And by now it’s definitely a classic.

I'd like to apologize for my spelling. For you that want to know, I’m not from an english-speaking country(I said this before, but I say it again).

(I made it myself, from the intro cinema scene)
''One day Jason was out in the garden, playing with his frog. But then the frog suddenly escaped from the glas bucket and Jason started running after it. But he couldn't catch it because the frog made a giant leap over the
grass and down in a well. Jason ran over there and looked down. It looked very deep and he couldn't see the bottom. But he just had to get his favorite frog back. And he decided to go after it. He went into the house and brought
a rope with him, snared his waist with it and slowly moved down. But at half, the rope broke and he fell down and landed at the ground. He fell unconsciousness, and woke up after 3 hours. He looked around and remembered what happened. Then he saw a huge car(almost looking like a panzar truck). Curious as he was, he went inside it, and without touching it, the car started driving. The computers
inside the car told him about the place and that he had to stop the evil forces around. But what about his frog then? Well, play the game and you'll see...''

Well, I'd say the story is quite okay, (kinda fun sequence there).

Score storyline: 8.2/10

Well, Blaster Master is not one of the more amazingly detailed and well animated games I’ve seen to the NES, but it is enough to make a good game. At least it’s enough to keep the game going. As always, the graphic is not the most important catagory for the NES. The time when you play as Jason in the mazes(not as the car, in the sort of 3D situation) the graphic is pretty good. The bosses are pretty good, they have nice attacks and are quite well animated. I also like the introduction, when the frog escapes from the boy(Jason) and escapes into the mutagen. That’s pretty well done. But as I said, the graphic in this game is not what makes it good.

Score graphics: 7.6/10

The music is/was good. I remember the old tunes even now(years since I played it the last time) and the music definitely fits, and it makes the game nice.
The boss music was the best one, it was drastic and fitting to the bosses. The sound was also pretty good, the sound from the blasters and guns sounded realistic, +a few more good tunes.

Score music/sound: 8.1/10

Here’s the catagory Blaster Master is best on: The challenge. (Hey, did you think of this? Nes games are always harder to beat in avarage than for instance playstation games are. That’s pretty cool. I can tell ya hundred of Nes games that are really hard to beat, a few is Castlevania, Rygar, Zelda1, Snake’s revenge etc. But I can’t tell ya hundred playstation games that are hard to beat.) Anyway, Blaster Master is a hard game. And I mean,
a HARD game. It’s big, it’s difficult, the bosses are not easy, and you must think of where to go, etc. It's like a new huge world to explore! You won’t beat it easily...

Score challenge: 9.4/10

You can control a car or Jason himself(Jason is the hero). Sometimes you have to combine the two to achieve a goal in the game (like Jason is smaller, that’s why he can go through narrows, but the car is stronger with absolutely
better weopons). The control is what you can demand, not more or less. Sometimes it can be hard to control the car, but you got to live with that, the game is good anyway. In the ''3D situations''(the mazes) you could use Jason's
guns to defeat dreadful monsters etc. But you had to watch out because they also fired against ya, and sometimes there were obstacles to pass, but thanks to the control it all worked out good!

Score control: 7.7/10

B.M. is fun. The ideas of this game is surprisingly good. And maybe that’s why it’s so fun. Do you remember the intro to the game, when the frog jumps from Jason to the mutagen? That scene is nice. What is also good with BlasterMaster
is that you can play in different styles. You play as the car on the most stages, but suddenly you must enter a cave as Jason and then you play as him alone, in almost 3D style. And that makes the game more varying and fun. You can also powerup your weopons, and pick up special weopons that have different abilities, like blasting walls etc. All this put together a fun game.

Score gameplay: 8.6/10

=Replay value:=
B.M. is a hard game, that will make you play it again. What's heighten the replay value more is that B.M. is classic, a game that always comes back.

Score replay: 8.3/10

For those who still enjoy the Nes, this is a truly classic game that can’t be missed. If you haven’t played it, go buy it now!

Score overall: 9.2/10 (What I think the game is worth totally).

TOTAL SCORE(Score on a line between 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10): 9/10

One line synopsis (last wicked line): More fun than many new games released nowadays...

Gameplay 8.6/10
Replay 8.3/10
Music/sound 8.1/10
Controls 7.7/10
Graphics 7.6/10
Challenge 9.4/10
Storyline 8.2/10
Overall 9.2/10
Total 9./10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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