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"Easy If You Know How"

The Story
The game focuses around a boy named Jason. He looks like Captain N only with the hair style of the guy from Bionic Commando. One day, his frog Fred jumps out of his tank and darts out the garage and onto a crate of plutonium (my best guess). He grows to about 5 times his original size and sinks into the ground with the crate. Jason jumps into the hole out of confusion and lands on a slope in front of a tank. There's no turning back, so he dons the armor that came with it, hopped in, and took off. While it's not explained in the game, a novel based on it says he quickly finds out about aliens that are trying to destroy the Earth.

The game's plot is not finding a frog. The frog got him there and he's off fighting Lightning Beings.

9/10 They look really nice. Enemies, while normally not colorful, look good, bosses look great and are detailed, and there's a nice variety of backgrounds throughout the game. The only con is how goofy Jason looks. He's got a head larger than the rest of his body

10/10 - The music is really good except for the two boss tunes which are repetitive. But since this isn't Final Fantasy and you're not suppose to fight each boss for 6 minutes, it's not a biggie. The sound effects are good too. They consist mostly of explosions, growling from the bosses, and weapons firing. Appropriate.

9/10 - SOFIA and Jason respond well. SOFIA moves a bit lose and rolls for a bit after you let go of the button. But you can counter this by quickly turning the other way to slow down faster. Jason's not as bad, and you normally only use him in overhead mode or the water where the sliding is non-existent. Now, there's only one real problem I found in the controls. The wall ability has a pretty good chance of driving you nuts. Especially in the final area where you can send yourself flying into a pit of spikes and thus death.

10/10 - You have to wander around a fair sized area searching for the right catacomb, meaning the one that has the boss in it. Then you press Select to eject Jason from SOFIA. Then when you find the boss, you have to beat it up for an item to enhance your tank. You use that enhancement to get to the next level which don't go in order. For example, while you get to 2 from 1 and 3 from 2, you get to 4 from 1. The game is only linear if you know exactly where to got and only want to go that way.

6/10 - There's a few things you can do to boost the Replay factor. You can try to get through it without dieing (as I have), do it in a certain amount of time, etc. Sometimes you just may pick it up and play it for the heck around in look for if you feel like it. The game doesn't have little hidden items or stuff like that. Not a terrible lot to call you to it.

10/10 - In this game, you have to use good strategy. If it's one thing I learned from this game, it's ''Blasting away like a lunatic ain't gonna get you far''. I don't care what the name of the game is. Sure, grenading everything is a strategy, just not a very good one. If you get a good strategy down, most of the enemies are easy. Even the crab is laughable if you use the right tactic. If you don't use a good strategy, you're gonna get your face busted in.

Pros and Cons
Good Points:
- The scenery is nice.
- Groovy music.
- Original gameplay
- Teaches you to use a strategy

Bad Points:
- I wish Jason didn't have such a big head in the game.
- I really wish Sunsoft had put in a way to turn off the Wall ability like in Enemy Below.
- If you don't know how to fight the crab, the game's a nightmare.

Should I Get It?
I strongly recommend you get this game.

A personal favorite of mine. While I did overrate it in my mind before, that changed once I got the controls of Bionic Commando down, got into Mega Man and Castlevania, and got a copy of Guardian Legend.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/21/01, Updated 10/12/02

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