Although the intelligence in going on a dangerous, peril-filled mission just to rescue a frog might be questionable, we should all be thankful that this kid had the guts to do so. Blaster Master is, without a doubt, one of the greatest action games ever made for NES.

Graphics (7/10)

For the NES, they're pretty good. The backgrounds are all nicely animated for the most part, and the character animation looks good too. Nothing too fancy here, but they do the job nonetheless.

Sound (8/10)

Who can forget the tune that plays as the kid's supercar powers up and shoots down the tunnel? I sure can't. The music, altogether, offers a lot of variety to match all the stages. The boss music is cool too. As for sound effects, they're nothing special, but they certainly get the job done. Overall, the sound presents a nice quality for NES, and the music here is better than a lot of what's found in the games of today.

Control (9/10)

The playcontrol works great, being both responsive and well designed. Whether you're blasting enemies away with the tank, or going out on foot to dish out pain with your trusty little blaster, you'll never have any reason to blame the controls for getting shot to pieces. No, you'll only have your own ineptitude to thank for that. Unfortunately, I think that the character himself can jump a bit too high, and the tank can't jump high enough, so if you land in a pit or something similar, you may not be able to jump out of it in time, before your life meter runs out. Speaking of which, you have a somewhat limited amount of life that can dwindle down quite easily if you're not careful, and you only get two extra lives as you start out.

Entertainment Value (9/10)

With upgradeable weapons for your tank, that range from wall-destroying attacks to many others, you'll have fun earning them all. Good music, which sets the adventuring mood for all the stages, and nice sound effects, which, in a word, work, give the audio department here something to brag about to the other NES games. The playcontrol scheme, is, to say the least, intuitive. You'll be able to pick up and play with relative ease. Of course, it must be noted that the challenge for Blaster Master is a bit high, so come prepared for this dangerous mission, one which is certainly worth embarking on.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/08/01, Updated 11/08/01

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