Review by VampyricHobo

Reviewed: 11/11/01 | Updated: 11/11/01

A great sidescrolling platformer. . .

Blah. Storyline sucks. From what I gather, you play this kid who's frog escaped it's cage, hopped into a vat of radioactive material, then fell down a huge hole in the kid's backyard. The kid jumps down the hole after the frog. He falls maybe 30 feet, and gets right back on his feet somehow. There's a super sports car tank vehicle down there, and a suit. So they boy puts on the suit, which fits just right, and hops in the tank. He then goes to find his frog, I suppose. . . . The game gives us a thrilling look at what lies underneath all of our houses, a new world filled with monsters and caves and weapons and all kinds of fun stuff. This game makes no damn sense.

Eh, average, I suppose. It's the NES, so the controls are simple (Jump, shoot, special weapon, exit/enter tank, move left/right, etc.). You're a little boy with a big head, and you drive around in a sports tank, like I said above. You can exit the vehicle at any time, and walk around as a boy, but you die easier that way, and can lose access to the tank . . . There are also doors that you enter and play in an above-view fashion. I don't really like that, though, but that's how you have to fight all the bosses.
You wander around an area, find the boss, kill the boss, pick up the special weapon the boss left behind, find the blocked entrance into the next area. Repeat. I suck at this game and have only gotten to the third level. I may have gotten to the third boss, but I don't think I did. Baha.

Very nice looking in platform mode, overhead view is nothing special, and pretty ugly, in my opinion.

Nothing in the game, sound wise, jumps out at me, which is normal with sidescrolling platformers. I suppose the music fits, as with the sounds. Average.

Very good game. Although I haven't finished the game, I would assume the replay value is high. But what do I know?

The storyline, I suppose, is original, too bad it's stupid. Haha. The game itself isn't really anything special. Well, the in/out of the car thing, and the overhead view thing, I suppose those aren't very common. Blah, I don't know.

Great platformer, lame plot, nice graphics, not too easy. One of my favorites, and I am glad to own the cart.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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