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"A boy who risks it all for a frog..."

In 7th grade ( way back in '88) I had dreams about Blaster Master ( I guess advertising really worked on me, huh?). I even had a cool Blaster Master T-shirt I ordered from the short lived Sunsoft Game Time News, which was nothing more than a vinyl decal on a black beefy T--But anyways, on with the game--
In this game you assume the roll of Jason, who vaguely resembles the bully from A Christmas Story. His frog escapes his jar and runs onto the giant radioactive box Jason's family keeps in the yard. Weird, huh? Anyways, Freddy Frog runs down a sink hole and next thing you know you are driving a cool battle tank into a huge underground world.
Something I always point out when talking about Blaster Master is that two of the bosses in this game are GIANT FROGS!! You are trying to rescue YOUR frog, yet killing other frogs. What if there are other kids driving around underground only to find you have blown their beloved amphibious companion to bits? Just a weird thought I suppose...
Graphics-9.7 Makes great use of the ability of the NES. The big bosses look neat, evil and slimy. The levels are detailed and the whole game has a pretty overall dark feel to it.
Sound-10+ GREAT MUSIC ON THE NES!! Perhaps the best music ever!!! Levels 6 and 7 are my favorite!! I cannot stress how good the tunes are in this classic! Level 7 has punk music on the NES< how cool is that!!?? I actually have played this game just to listen to the music!
Storyline=9.0 Gotta give Sunsoft some credit: instead of rescuing some silly female, you are rescuing a frog ( which I assume is a male because his name is Fred*(see bottom).
Challenge=9.5 A Hard game to complete, though making maps will increase your chances of playing through and lower your frustration factor. The Select trick (hit the boss with a grenade and pause the game to damamge him ) works well on the bosses it is effective on.
Control=9.6 Very nice animation, control and physics. A teeny complaint is that Jason cannot jump, but with only two buttons I can forgive Sunsoft
Overall=9.7 A must have if you own the NES. Sure it has a silly name and a goofy plot but the game totally rocks! Infinately better than the lousy Genesis sequel--

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/30/00, Updated 01/30/00

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