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"Quite Possibly The Best SunSoft Video Game Ever Made...."

Blaster Master was a truly amazing game with INCREDIBLE Graphics for Nintendo! AND IT WAS MADE IN 1988!!! i cant think of any game in the 90's for Nintendo that had better graphics then it! and the game was LONG!!!!!!!! and i mean VERY LONG! it would take you like 12 hours to beat if lucky! 4 if you remember the game's stages very well, and the stages were weird! cause you had to back to other stages to get to others! it was like this...

Anyways! This is my review on Blaster Master for the Nintendo Entertainment System. And i warn you. it may NOT be the best review for this game. but i will tell you straight out how i feel about the game and why it deserves it's perfect 10!

Sound 10

This made a game like no other back then. Sunsoft made excellent music for NES games back then, and it really did make the game feel so much more exciting then most games at the time. it always kept you hyped up with the action. and it never let you down. the music in this game is really something. And you probably will catch yourself humming to the music at times as well. Excellent job well done on the sound Sunsoft! something they always did perfect on there Nintendo games back in the day.

Graphics 10

This is a no brainier! the graphics are unreal for being a NES game, and the fact it was made in 1988. Infact on the back of the box, the main title for it was "Mega Graphics! Mega Action!". i personally don't even know how i remember this. but i do. but yeah. if you don't believe me. go look at some screen shots on the Video Game Museum. by click on Game Info

Control 8

Not always easy to play this game, but it is fun! you just got to get use to it. Because there are certain parts in this game where you could lose a life in the blink of an eye. such as fall into a pit. or fall into water or lava. Plus alot of the boss battles are VERY hard in my opinion, and its extremely hard to fight them without getting killed. Even if you use the Boss glitch on the certain enemies affected by it. Stage 5's boss and the last 2 bosses of Blaster Master will make you cringe when it comes to controlling Jason.

Fun Factor 9

This game is only not fun when you keep getting owned by the bosses all the time, a lot of bosses in this game can frustrate you easily. mainly because they are very hard! that is one thing about this game you got to remember, is that using a FAQs/Walkthrough is probably not a good idea. Because this is the type of game like Metroid in a way, where you explore different regions, different places where Jason can walk into and blast enemies in the Overhead mode. And much more. This game will make your heart beat alot too. Its a very fun game. and i still play it to this day because its that fun.

Replay Value - 7

You will want to play it again, but not right away. cause it takes along to play this game. and it really sucks too because there is no password or save feature. Which makes you think. "Okay, i have school tomorrow. but I'm half way threw the game. And i cant save it or anything or use passwords because they don't have it! oh man what am i going to do?" many of us had this problem. i for one remember spending hours on end getting to the last level. only to be kicked off it and sent to bed.

Overall - 10

The ONLY reason it dint get a 10 or 9, was one thing. NO SAVE FEATURE! and not even a password feature! This game would take you a good 4 to 12 hours or more to play, so i had to give it an 8. But in reality this game is very sweet, and very fun. by now though there isn't really a problem with saving since most people probably only playing NES games now on Emulators, which allow you to save states and stuff. *i wish they had that back in 1990's when i was playing. lol*

Also though this game REALLY was odd cause it made it where you have to find the next stage sometimes in the game. like i wrote above.... its very odd and unique... and to this day, i cant think of any game like that besides Mega Man

Buy, Rent? Buy it if you can find it. if not, well you could download it, but that would be illegal, but then again... *grins*

You'd have to play it to know exactly what i mean to this day, i cant name 1 game that had better graphics.... better sound.... for a Nintendo game... AND IT WAS MADE IN 1988!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/23/05

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