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"One of the best action games I've ever played!"

Blaster Master was created by Sunsoft in 1988. In this game, a pet frog gets into some nuclear waste, and grows ten times as large and begins to tunnel underground. The owner, Jason, goes down the tunnel created by the frog and finds a powerful tank called Sophia. Jason realizes that he must use the Sophia to stop the gigantic frog.]

Graphics: 10/10

For the NES, the graphics couldn't be any better! The sprites are a little small on the normal view, but everthing has a lot of color and detail! On the overhead view, Jason has some pretty smooth animation for a game of its time, and the fully powered up gun looks awesome!

Sound: 10/10

The sound effects are very cool! The music is even better! I especially liked the music for level 2! All of the sound effects suit the game very well and are good as they get for the NES!

Gameplay: 9/10

Quite an interesting mix of normal side-scrolling action and overhead side-scrolling action! There are 8 levels total, each one containing one huge boss! The bosses are especially cool looking, and the majority of them are pretty tough! Make sure you have at least one gun upgrade when going to a boss, it makes the battle a lot easier! Each boss gives you a different upgrade for the Sophia, and each one enables you to get to the next level.

This game is quite challenging. Finding the entrance to each level was fairly easy, but finding all the bosses was a little difficult, and beating them was even harder! You only get 4 continues, and each continue gives you 3 lives. You do get a good amount of energy, but it's not easy to stay alive once the bad guys are able to take 2 damage in 1 hit!

The replay value is, well, not the greatest. The game is really tough to beat, so you probably won't want to go through it again. The game is very unique and there isn't anything like it, so you may go back to playing it every once in a while if you ever get bored of all your other games.

Overall 9/10

The game is brought down by frustration, which makes some areas a chore and not fun at all. Other than that, it's a wonderful game. I must admit I didn't find the game very fun the first few times I played it, but it was worth it once I finally got into it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/23/00, Updated 05/23/00

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