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    FAQ by Raging_DemonTEN

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/22/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Bump N' Jump FAQ 
    by Raging_DemonTEN
    NES Console System
    Copyright 1988 Vic Tokai Inc.
    FAQ Copyright 2001
    V 1.0 - FAQ Completed
    Table Of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Overview And Controls
    3. Point System,Enemy Cars,and Fuel
    4. Tips and Tricks
    5. The Continue Cheat
        Bump N'Jump was originally released on the Atari game consoles but 
    was then ported to the NES. This game is quite addicting, with the right 
    mix of action and strategy to make a game great, even though it is 
    almost impossible to beat without the Continue Cheat.
    2.Overview And Controls
        Your girlfriend was kidnapped by an evil maniac with the SuperCar at 
    his disposal. However, you have a SuperCar of your own, and you race to 
    get your girlfriend before it is too late. However, obstacles and enemy 
    cars stand in your way. Basically, you race down a highway, bumping and 
    jumping on cars that are in your way. You have to pick up fuel to keep 
    on going. The controls are:
    Up - Accelerate
    Left and Right - Steer car
    A - Jump (must reach 150 mph, or "jumping speed", before jumping)
    B - Brake
    START - Pause
    3.Point System and Enemy Cars
         You have to face two types of enemy cars: cars and trucks. Cars try 
    to bump you off the road,and you can bump them or jump them to beat 
    them. Trucks, however, are impossible to bump, but can be jumped. Trucks 
    drop obstacles that can or will kill you if you run into them.
    Truck Color and Obstacle Dropped
    Green -> Tacks -> Instant Death
    Red -> Oil -> Slip Around
        You also have to collect fuel to stay alive. You start every level 
    with 90 fuel points and it slowly decreases. If the fuel reaches 0, you 
    lose a life. However, picking up a fuel can, which is marked with a "P", 
    gives you ten more fuel points. 
    Points are as follows:
    Cars bumped or jumped - 100 points
    Trucks jumped - 500 points
    Jumping - 10 points
    Bumping - 10 points
    Every second at jumping speed - 10 points
    Every car crashed at end of level - 300 points/ea
    4.Tips and Tricks
    - Jumping on enemies is safer than bumping, but be careful you don't 
    jump before a "!" jump
    - Move around while you're jumping to get a good landing
    - If you bump, try to bump with your back end, as another car probably 
    won't get you while you're bumping
    - Don't risk your life for a fuel can. Sometimes, its just not worth it
    5.The Continue Cheat
        The Continue Cheat makes the game much easier to play and beat. To 
    make it work, do the following:
    1.) When the Game Over Screen appears, hold Select on Controller 1
    2.) Then, while still holding Select on Controller 1, then hold A+B on 
    Controller 2
    3.) While still holding all three buttons, press Startx2 on Controller 
    1. Voila, you start on the stage you just lost.
    Thanks To...
    Vimm's Lair - For the ROM. Visit it at www.vimm.net
    GameFAQs - For the continued posting of my FAQs

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