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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.5 8/5/02
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    Burgertime Walkthrough
    by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2002
    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Story
    003.  Characters
    004.  Walkthrough
      004a.  Level One
      004b.  Level Two
      004c.  Level Three
      004d.  Level Four
      004e.  Level Five
      004f.  Level Six
    005.  Game Genie Codes
    006.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the Nintendo Entertainment System
    (NES) game called Burgertime.  If you want to copy some of
    this FAQ, just email me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com
    so I can give you the go ahead and you don't end up breaking
    some law.  Like most of my games, actually ripping it off
    won't get you very far.  Have fun playing Burgertime!
    Thanks to Greg Harvilla for help with this guide.
    You're some guy named Peter Pepper (weird name...wonder if
    his parents were insane) and you're a cook who makes burgers
    Sounds normal enough, right?  But Peter must have inherited
    some of the insanity, because the hamburgers he makes are
    bigger than he is.  Much bigger.  In fact they're so big,
    Peter has a complex system of ladders and platforms to hold
    the burgers.  All he has to do is walk all the way across
    a layer of the burger to get it to fall down to the next
    platform.  There are four pieces to each burger (two buns,
    the meat and lettuce) and four burgers to make.  This is
    rather easy, but for some reason, evil hot dogs and scrambled
    eggs managed to grow legs and are trying to kill Peter so he
    doesn't make the burgers.  Are they the "leftovers" of one
    of Peter's insane experiments?  How will we ever know?  And
    where's the ketchup?  Quit asking these questions, it's
    Peter Pepper: Peter Pepper is a chef.  You conrtol him by
    moving him left and right or up and down the platforms.  He
    can also throw pepper if you press B, which kills some
    enemies.  They come back to life later, though.  Looks like
    his evil creations are immortal.
    Hot dog: This hot dog is as big as Peter is and follows you
    around trying to kill you.  Luckily, they're really stupid
    and easy to avoid, which is why there are six of them, which
    makes it hard.  You can try to crush one of them with one of
    the hamburger parts when they fall.  You can also send a
    hamburger part falling with a hot dog on it (you get more
    Scrambled egg: This egg has visible legs and chases after
    you trying to kill you.  I'm pretty sure this is revenge for
    Peter, because he beat the eggs.  The egg is much, much
    smarter than the hot dogs and foils your plans often.
    Pickle: The pickle (looks like a green hot dog to me) is the
    third type of enemy.  Smart as an egg, fast as a hot dog.
    Ice cream: Occasionally, an ice cream cone appears in the
    middle of the screen and you can get it for some points
    and some pepper.
    Coffee: Same as the ice cream, but worth more.
    Fries: Same as the coffee, but worth more.
    Check out the opening screen.  Look at the copyright.
    Apparently a company called Namco created this game (it was
    Namcot).  Can you imagine misspelling the company name on
    the finalized project?
    004a-Level One
    Well, here's my incredibly lame picture of the first level.
    The "B"'s represent burger parts:
     |      |   |   |       |       |
     ---B---|   |   |---B---|---B---|
        |   |-------|       |       |
     ---B---|       |       |---B---|
     |  |   |---B---|       |   |
     |--B---|---B---|       |---B---|
     |      |       |-------|   |   |
    Your main strategy is to go up to the top and get the buns
    there.  This level shouldn't be too tough.
    004b-Level Two
    Here's another picture with B's for burgers:
    |     |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    |--B--|--B--|  |  |  |  |
    |        |  |  |  |  |  |
    |--B--|  |  |--|--|--B--|
    |     |  |  |  |  |  |  |
    |     |--B--|  |  |--B--|
    |     |  |  |  |  |     |
             |  |  |
             |  | -B---
             |  |  |
           -----|  |
             |  |  |
             |  ---B---
             |  |  |
    This level is easy, pretty much like the last one.  Just
    follow the same strategies you did in the first level and
    you'll be fine.  The only hard part is getting the burgers
    that hang down to the bottom.
    004c-Level Three
    Here's another map:
    |     |  |     |        |
    |     |     |     |     |
    |--B--|-----|     |--B--|
    |        |  |     |     |
          |  |  |
          |  |  |-----|
          |  |  |     |
          |           |
    |--B--|           |
    |  |              |
    | -B--|           |--B--|
    |  |  |           |     |
    |--B--|           |--B--|     
          |           |     |
          |--|     |--|--B--|
          |  |     |  |
    When you start up, go either right of left and get the easy
    burger there (this level has three pieces per burger, six
    burgers).  Then go up to the top and use the basic techniques
    you did in the other levels to get the ones up there.  Then
    go down and get the easy burger that you missed to beat the
    004c-Level Four
    Here's another map (the quality is getting better):
    |     |     |     |     |
       |     |     |     |
    |     |     |     |     |
       |     |     |     |
    |     |     |     |     |
       |     |     |     |
    |     |     |     |     |
    This level has four burgers with eight parts to a burger.
    In case you didn't notice, the map fits a pattern with the
    first four rows repeating over and over.  This level
    shouldn't be hard, it just looks like that because the
    burgers are so big.
    004d-Level Five
    Take a wild guess at what this is:
    |                       |  |
                   |     |  |  |
    |-----------B--|--B--|  |  |
    |                       |  |
    |-----------B-----B--|  |  |
    |                    |  |  |
    |        |              |  |
    |--------|--B-----B--   |  |
    |                       |  |
    |-----------B-----B--|  |  |
    |                    |  |  |
    |-----------B-----B--|  |  |
    |                       |  |
    |                    |--|--|
    |                    |     |
    |                    |     |
    Your best shot on this level is to go all the way to the top
    and then go left over two burgers, down, right over two
    burgers, and down.  Do these four steps again and again until
    you get all of the burgers.
    004e-Level Six
    Obviously, this is the hardest level:
           |--B---     |--B--
           |  |        |
      --B--|  |  ---B--|
           |  |     |
           |--B--|  |  |--B--
           |  |  |  |  |
      --B--|  |  |--B--|
              |  |     |
           |--B--|     |--B--
           |     |     |
      --B--|     |--B--|
           |        |
           |--B--|  |  |--B--
           |  |  |  |  |
      --B--|  |  |--B--|
              |     |
           |     |     |
      _____|    _|_   _|_     
    This level is hard because a lot of ladders break off where
    they shouldn't, and it makes certain burger parts, like the
    top right hand one hard to get, and by the time you get it,
    all the bad guys are blocking your only exit.  You can use
    pepper spray to get past them, or just commit suicide, which
    is what I did.  When you die, you restart the level, but all
    of the burgers remain in the places they were when you died
    instead of at their original places, so that ends up helpful
    There is no official ending, when you beat this level you
    start at the first level again, so the game never stops.
    It's frusterating to spend so much effort on a game to find
    it doesn't end, but it was harder on me because I finished
    two maps for levels seven and eight before I realized that
    they were the same as levels one and two.
    005-Game Genie Codes
    If you're not using your NES, put these in the screen that
    pops up when you press F6.  Infinite lives and peppers are
    both good, but why would you want eight lives instead of
    infinite lives?  You'd only want that if you don't like
    cheating, in which case you aren't reading this.  Anti-
    gravity shoes are good for avoiding enemies, and of course,
    so are super speed and slow moving enemies.  Fast play for
    experts and the codes for enemies moving faster are the
    typical codes that Game Genie puts in for making the game
    harder, which are supposed to impress somebody, but don't.
    SZSTVAVI                Start game with infinite lives 
    AASGKLGE                Start game with 8 lives 
    SLKIZYVI                Start game with infinite peppers
    APVGSLIA                Start game with double peppers 
    GZVIAZEI                Anti-gravity shoes
    YPESOUGO                Peter Pepper gets super speed 
    SZKNNIAX                Fast play for experts 
    SXVSSXSU                Monsters always move slowly
    SXVSSXSU + GOVSVXAO     Monsters move at double speed 
    SXVSSXSU + YOVSVXAO     Monsters move at quadruple speed
    This game is copyright of Namcot, 1985.  This FAQ is
    copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2002.  If you want to use any
    part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions under general

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