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    FAQ/Walkthrough by HEMO

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/02/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    **********     **********
    ****      Cabal      ****
    by Milton Bradley
    Copyright 1989 Fabtek, Inc.
    ****                 ****
    Guide to War -Cabal- Style
    Version 1.0
    Email address: anson1768@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents
    1.  Legal Stuff
    2.  Game Scenario
    3.  Controls
    4.  Enemies
    5.  Weapons
    6.  Stage by Stage Walkthrough (in next version) and Strategy
    7.  Final Comments
    1. Legal Stuff
    (c) 2003 Heath Morris
    This faq was written by Heath Morris and has been submitted to GameFaqs
    for public use.  Feel free to use this faq for anything just give
    credit to me.
    2. Game Scenario
    One man taking on a whole army by himself sound like fun? If so this
    game is for you.  Prefer the help of a friend? Then this game is still
    for you.  Cabal is a port of an arcade classic to the Nintendo
    Entertainment System.  You, alone or with a friend, get to face
    terrible odds and take down the evil terrorist army. Thats right you and a
    buddy get to face soldiers, tanks, helicopters, bombers, and subs all
    on your own!!! Lets get dirty!!!
    3. Game Controls
    This is where I would have to say the game might be lacking.  The
    arcade version sported and analog ball for aiming and a joystick for
    movement.  This just isn't possible for the NES controller. So here
    is what they came up with.
    Left-Right                 Horizontal Movement of Soldier and Crosshair
    Up-Down                    Vertical Movement of Crosshair only
    B (hold)                   Allows Soldier to run left and right
    B+Down+Left or Right       Allows Soldier to roll left and right
    A                          Fires Gun
    HoldA then Left or Right   Move Crosshair only left and right
    A+Up (Simultaneously)      Throw Grenade
    It seems complex at first but its not too bad. You have a lot of
    freedom of movement for dodging yet still have complete control of
    the sights when the opportunity arises.
    4. Enemies
    Green Soldier - Runs across screen. Typical Pattern and fires normal
    White Soldier - Runs to position. Sets up to attack with grenades.
                    If shot at it rolls out of the way. Constant fire
                    at him usually proves fatal for him.
    Tank-           Rolls into place and screen and sets up to fire shots.
                    Sends multiple shots at you from a distance. Requires
                    multiple gun shots or one grenade to take down.
    Helicopter-     Swoops onto the screen and releases burst of fire in
                    your direction. Requires multiple shots to take down
                    or a well thrown grenade.
    Bomber-         Flyes overhead and drops two bombs. Not destroyable.
                    But the bombs it drops are. Shoot these before they hit
                    you or face death.
    Scuba-		Pops up and down in the water. Hard to hit and hard to
    		tell if hit.
    Medic-		Rescues the soldiers you kill. I never could kill them.
    		Programmers must have felt sorry for those poor terrorists.
    5. Weapons
    Machine gun -   Standard weapon. Has a slow rapid fire if A is held
    Red Assault Rifle-  Slightly faster shot and more powerfull bullets.
    		Wider sites.  This thing can really mow down an army.
    		Only lasts for a short period of time.
    Blue Assualt Rifle - Tighter pattern. Slightly stronger.
    (neither rifle can be taken to the next stage)
    Grenade-        A slow melee weapon that will clear the enemies out if
                    in a tight group. Does not hurt final bosses and has an
                    ammo limit displayed at the bottom right or left of
                    the screen.
    6. Walkthrough and Strategy
    The natural barriers provide good protection early on to get to an
    early jump on the enemy.  Use these at caution because they can be
    destroyed by enemy and YOUR OWN fire.
    Running and rolling help you dodge the bullets.  You can roll through
    fire as long as when you stand up the coast is clear. Timing the roll
    to save yourself is a key strategy to develope. The roll though doesn't
    work as well on bombs since the ground area of the bomb is so large. It
    is best to run out of the way of these.
    Level Guide
    ** 1-1 **
    Enemies-Tanks, Green Soldiers
    Destructable objects:  	Solid wall in front
    			house on left
    			small house in back middle
    			small house in back right
    			brick wall just off to the right of the middle
    Basically shoot the enemies before they get shots off to destroy your
    wall. Destroy the tanks quickly with grenades and don't waste the
    grenades on soldiers. Long sweeps back and forth should clear the board
    out very well.  First level and easy like a first level should be.
    ** 1-2 **
    Enemies- Green Soldiers, Army Jeeps
    Destructable objects:	front wall
    			steps in middle
    			wall on right
    			purple wall on left
    			house on left
    			arch behind steps
    This level is similar to the last. The jeep poses no threat so don't worry
    about it. Just take out the army as fast as possible. If you are too slow
    you may end up losing your front barrier and may have to start some dodging.
    Enemies- Green soldiers, Gray Soldiers, Grenade throwers, Helicopters
    Destructable objects:	front wall
    			watch tower
    			moving gate
    			Both buildings
    			wall behind buildings
    Destroy the gate. If you destroy the keep out gate you stop the pesky grenade
    throwers.  Dodge the helicopter shots. Taking it out with a gun takes too long.
    Grenades work effectively on it but its hard to hit.  Rack up your enemy kills
    on the ground men. Constant fire should be kept on the gray soldier so he
    doesn't get the grenade thrown. First rather tough level.
    ** 1-4 **
    Enemies- green soldiers, tanks, helicopters, bombers
    Destructable objects:	front metal boxes
    			Old plain fronts and the one in the back middle
    			fork lifts in background
    They got the whole crew after you now. Dodge bombers. Take out tanks and foot
    soldiers and you should make it. Good luck Soldier.. the boss is coming up.
    no need to save your grenades. Take out those Tanks and Helicopters!!!!
    ** Level 1 Boss **
    Big Duel Blade Helicopter-
    Basically run back and forth dodging the falling bombs. Its a simple patter and
    easy to beat. Pick your shots when all is clear and get back to dodging. Stick to
    your trusy machine gun. Grenades don't hurt it much. Keep you head up and you feet
    moving and you will come out of this one without a scratch.
    ** 2-1 **
    Enemies- Scubas, tanks, helicopters, grenade throwers
    Destructable objects:	Barrells in front
    			pond brush
    			tall weeds in back
    Not much cover and lots of guys popping up everywhere. Shooting the scubas seems to
    prove fruitless. Though it may seem they don't die. You still get credit. Destroy the
    Tanks and grenade thrower. These are the best sources for constant enemies.
    ** 2-2 **
    Enemies- Green Soldiers, grenade throwers, tanks, bombers
    Destructable objects:	front rocks
    			debris laying around
    Keep moving and don't let the cover fire stop. Well placed grenades take care of
    the tanks. Simple dodging saves you from the bombers. This one is pretty simple.
    ** 2-3 **
    Enemies- Green soldiers, grenade throwers, Jeeps, tanks
    Destructable objects:	front wall
    			Tower on right
    			buildings in background
    Another simple level. Destroy the Jeeps for cheap enemy kills and constant fire
    sweeping across the level will keep the grenade men at bay.
    ** 2-4 **
    Enemies- scubas, grenade throwers, tanks
    Destructable objects:	front wall
    			gate on bridge
    Tough level. Lots of dodging. Use grenades on the tanks and keep constant fire in
    the water. Watch for the grenades coming from both sides. Keep light on your feet
    and your gun ready to fire. The next boss is about here.
    ** Level 2 Boss **
    Keep constant machine gun fire on the open guns of the sub. Roll out of danger
    when shots get close. Shouldn't be too tough if you have the roll down.
    ** 3-1 **
    Enemies- Green soldiers, Bombers, tanks
    Destructable objects:	front tanks
    			Background buildings
    			Large crate
    Keep fire on the many soldiers and the level will be over soon. You should have the
    drill down by now.
    ** 3-2 **
    Enemies- Green soldiers, Tanks, Bombers
    Destructable objects:	front boxes
    			background crates
    Follow the strategy of the previous level and you should be set.
    ** 3-3 **
    Enemies- Green Soldiers, Gray soldiers, tanks, bombers, Medics
    Destructable objects:	front boxes
    Tougher level again but same strategy... TAKE OUT THOSE SOLDIERS!!!
    ** 3-4 **
    Enemies-  Green soldiers, Gray soldiers
    Destructable objects:	front wall
    			front barrels
    			loading vehicles in background
    			ship walls
    SOLDIERS...EVERYWHERE!!!!!   You versus the world.. need I say more..
    but i can... BOSS FIGHT NEXT!!!!!
    ** Level 3 Boss **
    Tractor Trailor setting up Turrets
    Destroy the turrest as it sets them up. If you keep up with the truck
    its not too hard.
    ** 4-1 **
    Enemies-  Green soldies, grenade throwers
    Destructable objects:  	front wall
    			background debris
    Basic level with lots of soldiers.
    ** 4-2 **
    Enemies- Green Soldies (lots of them)
    Destructable Objects: 	front walls
    			old columns
    			old buildings
    No longer is the destructable objects fun to destroy. Its there now to slow you down.
    Soldiers are running everywhere and all shooting at you. Clear the area out and take
    them down.
    ** 4-3 **
    Enemies- Green soldiers, Gray Soldiers, bombers
    Destructable objects:	barrels in front
    			fruit stand
    			Old building
    From now on I will only put special level strategies. By now you should have a good
    sense of how to play this game.
    ** 4-4 **
    Enemies- Green Soldiers, Bombers
    Destructable objects:	front barrier
    			background buildings and objects
    Boss is coming up.....
    ** Level 4 Boss **
    3 Turrets
    Pick them off one at a time. The round ball like shots are destroyable but hard to
    hit.  Grenades help a little but machine gun fire is your best bet.
    ** 5-1 **
    Enemies- Helicopters, green soldiers, bombers, tanks
    Destructable objects:	front wall
    ** 5-2 **
    Enemies- green soldiers, helicopters, tanks, bombers
    Destructable objects: 	front wall
    			background buildings
    ** 5-3 **
    Enemies- Green soldiers, tanks
    Destructable objects:	front wall
    Watch the middle of this one. Guys just pop out of the center from no where.
    ** 5-4 **
    Enemies- green soldiers, gray soldiers, medics, bombers, grenade throwers, tanks
    Destructable objects:	front wall
    			any isolated objects in backbround
    ** Level 5 Boss **
    Trapezoid shaped turret
    This is a test of skills and the final battle.. get to one side and get to dodging
     and firing. Take out the small surrounding turrets first especially the one on
    the closest side at the top. once its gone you should be out of range of all the
    other fire. This is it soldier.
    Good work, soldier. We commend you for your bravery in halting the armed forces of
    the terrorists. Return to headquarters, your next mission is waiting.
    Save your highscore for the history books.. or atleast till you turn off your Nintendo.
    7. Final Comments
    Congratulations soldier you have stopped the terrorists.  Tough game but lots of fun.
    Great Two player co op and fun to play by yourself. This is one of the best buys I
    have made in a while. I picked this game up at a local junkstore. This is a must have
    for any collection. Its not that rare and is still quite fun.

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