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"Why Does California Have Such Ugly Streets?"

Hacky Sack, Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Surfing, BMX, Frisbee. What more could you ask for than these 6 fine sports well maybe a little more out of a crappy game like this.

Gameplay--Here's the deal either gameplay would be good or it would suck but some how California Game was able to squeeze between the cracks and land a mix of both. Okay half the games suck and half are good, the sucky ones; Rollerblading, Surfing, Skateboarding. The good ones; BMX, Hacky Sack, Frisbee. Its plain to see that this game will appeal to a majority of gamers since if you don't like a couple of the games then you'll at least like the rest right? Anyways every game has easy controls but some are just annoyance to play in the first place so are to be avoided once you find out what I mean. I do remember that there was a California Game for the SNES which by the way is worse than this one so if you like this game stick to it cause it does have better gameplay.

Graphics--A mix between Zelda looking and Contra looking graphics. At the time it came out it did have some decent graphics for NES but could have been better. Anyways with the graphics used the backgrounds, characters, etc.. look pretty well done with some realistic tracks and character animation. Definitely the best part of the game is the graphics which weren't wasted in any mean here.

Audio/Sound--I wish I was listening to N'Sync instead of this crap. The music is diverse between each game but each piece has about three parts to it and goes like this da di da, da di da, over and over again as I demonstrated. This is definitely the ideal came to pull out one of your favorite cd's and just listen to that instead of suffocating yourself listening listening to this awful junk.

Replayability--Well if you can get by the awful music then you do have a halfways decent game with a couple good games to play on it which are worth playing more than once and is actually get better if you have two people playing which in most cases is a must if you're gonna play this game.

Buy/rent--Well for any gamer this shouldn't be too hard find and buy considering that its only worth about 50 cents. Where to get it? Well a friend, a local gaming store, an online store, any of these would have it. The most I've seen it for is a $1.25 which isn't too harsh but if you don't want to waste any money on buying this game then just play it on an emulator.

Overall--A worthy effort especially for its time but even in its time that is all it was a worthy effort.

Easy To Find, Cheap To Buy, Free on Emu, Just Try It At Least.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/27/01, Updated 06/27/01

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