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"My secret shame..."

I'll up front here: California Games kind of sucks. It has lousy graphics, bad play control, and is an overall stinker of game. However, there is something really fun and stupid about it that keeps me coming back. Maybe it's the super-human stunts on the BMX or the unreal physics of surfing an infinte wave. Those are the only events that are really fun. The skateboarding is atrocius, the roller skating is lame, and the hacky sack is ridiculous. All logic points to this being an awful, awful game, but it has some kind of psychotic grip over my judgement and I went ahead and gave it a six..

Graphics=6.4 This game was published by Milton Bradley, but produced ( I think ) by ENIX!!! Yes, makers of Dragon Warrior! Don't quote me on that though. These are some cheesy visuals. The best looking part of the game are the logos of the sponsers you pick after naming yourself. It goes downhill from there. It reaches the ultimate in ugliness on the skateboarding section.

Sound=7.2 Beach boy-esque. It matches that airheaded sterotype of California living.

Playcontrol=3.2 It ranges from average (BMX, surfing) to GOD AWFUL (Skateboarding, Hacky Sack). And also really bad (Roller Skating.)

Story=1.0 You lived in California; you did stuff. Wow.

Challenge=5.0 This was a score based game, so it was a matter of however hard you wanted it to be. Perhaps the hardest part was getting to the end of roller skating.

Overall=5.6 I know it's awful but something about this game is fun. Please note I don't own this game myself, but I do admit to playing more than I should.

BRU'S MUST GET OMETER=1 You can easily live without California Games.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/11/00, Updated 02/11/00

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