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    Boss FAQ by Megaman1981

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/01/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Boss FAQ. for Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest by Megaman1981
    Version History
    Version 1.0, October 1, 2005, Submitted first version.
    Table of Contents
    1.	Introduction
    2.	Main Character/Story
    3.	Enemies
    4.	Bosses
    5.	Endings (Spoilers)
    6.	Copyright
    1. Introduction
    This is my third FAQ. I decided to give a description of the three 
    bosses from Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest. Yes, I know what you're 
    thinking. Only three bosses! It's true. What's even more interesting is 
    that those three bosses are very easy, and one of them doesn't even 
    have to be fought at all. Although this game was made a long time ago, 
    I still believe that it is a great game. Unfortunately, much like the 
    N64 Castlevania games, Castlevania 2 is bashed by quite a bit of 
    people. Well, Nintendo did what it did to all of it's sequels during 
    the NES era. It changed the second game. Hey, Mario 2 and Zelda 2 did 
    that as well. I will also list all of the enemies in the game as well.
    The interesting thing is that Nintendo made the game to be like an RPG. 
    For those that might not know, an RPG is a role playing game. Don't get 
    me wrong, it isn't Final Fantasy. Instead you can level up weapons in 
    the game. The game is basically a quest made very much like Zelda 2. 
    It's a quest, and it isn't like the first game at all, except for the 
    fact that the main character is still Simon Belmont, and he still uses 
    a whip. 
    Castlevania 2 is great. I got the game for free because my 
    grandfather's brother-in-law knew a kid that would beat the game once, 
    and then throw it out. Talk about being lucky. I know quite a bit about 
    this game, as I have beaten it several times, and read the book as 
    2. Main Character/Story
    Simon Belmont is the hero of the first game, and also the most popular 
    hero ever to enter Dracula's castle. He ranks up there with Alucard. 
    Anyway, after Simon defeated Dracula in the original, Dracula had a 
    curse cast upon him. This curse that was cast upon Simon would cause 
    him to slowly die. The only way for Simon to rid the curse was to 
    collect Dracula's five body parts (Rib, Heart, Eye, Nail, and Ring), 
    reassemble them at Castlevania, defeat Dracula again, and burn his 
    body. Of course, Dracula will always come back, but at least Simon 
    won't die. Simon uses his whip again (Leather Whip, Thorn Whip, Chain 
    Whip, Morning Star, and Flame Whip), and also uses sub-weapons as well. 
    The holy water and dagger return, but the other weapons won't be seen 
    in another Castlevania game.
    3. Enemies
    Listed below is every enemy in the game, and each one is ranked by 
    either a weak enemy, or strong enemy. I will also tell you which 
    enemies are annoying because they are usually in your way when you are 
    jumping from platform to platform. I will also tell you if they are 
    difficult to hit with your whip.
    Dark Skeleton-----------------------------------strong
    Evil Plant--------------------------------------weak
    Fire Skeleton-----------------------------------strong
    Graveyard Hand----------------------------------weak
    Skeleton Head-----------------------------------strong
    Medusa Head-------------------------------------weak (very annoying)
    Skeleton Snake----------------------------------weak
    Skeleton Knight---------------------------------weak/strong
    Spider------------------------------------------strong (very annoying)
    Swamp Creature----------------------------------weak
    Swamp Snake-------------------------------------strong (very annoying)
    Town Bat----------------------------------------strong (hard to hit)
    Wildcat-----------------------------------------strong (hard to hit)
    4. Bosses
    Grim Reaper
    When compared to Dracula, the other two bosses are very weak. The 
    attack pattern is so simple that anyone can defeat them. Remember how 
    the Grim Reaper was the toughest boss in the original. Well, he is the 
    easiest boss in Castlevania 2. The Grim Reaper is located in the Braham 
    Mansion. The first strategy is the easiest one of all. Simply walk 
    straight threw the room, and simply don't fight him. Of course, 
    defeating the Grim Reaper will net you the Gold Dagger, which makes the 
    battle against the Vampira/Crying Mask even easier than it already is. 
    The best strategy is to stay away from him only, because while he is a 
    weak boss, he does dish out massive damage. The Grim Reaper's only 
    attack pattern is to float around the room much like in the original 
    game. However, those annoying scythes that he used in the original game 
    aren't present. Instead, the Grim Reaper only uses a very long scythe, 
    but they are very easy to dodge. The Grim Reaper's best attack is to 
    float right towards you, and try and corner you. If this starts to 
    happen, simply leave the room (yes, you can do that), and re-enter. The 
    easiest way to beat him if you want the Gold Dagger (again a very 
    useful weapon), is to whip him as fast as you can. Yes, I know that 
    sounds too simple, but it's true. The catch is that you must have a 
    strong whip. The Flame Whip is available at that point, and that is the 
    easiest way to defeat the Grim Reaper. Basically just stay near him, 
    and if he gets too close for comfort, simply leave the room and re-
    enter. Whether you battle him or not, you will get Dracula's Eye in the 
    next room.
    Caution: Even if you defeat the Grim Reaper, when you re-enter his 
    room, he will always reappear. 
    Vampira/Crying Mask
    Located in the Laruba Mansion, the Crying Mask isn't much harder than 
    the Grim Reaper. I've actually heard that this mask is a variation of 
    the Succubus or Camilla. Anyway, it has a very easy pattern. First, the 
    Mask will start on the bottom of the screen and rise up. The Mask will 
    then float around the room in a circle. As it is doing this, it will 
    start crying, hence the name, Crying Mask. These tears will turn into 
    fireballs, but they can be blocked using Dracula's Rib. Obviously the 
    Mask has a very simple pattern, and can be beaten quite easily. 
    However, if you have the Gold Dagger, then it makes the fight a walk in 
    the park. After you defeat the Mask, you can claim Dracula's Ring.
    Caution: Although it seems that you can simply skip this fight like 
    before when you battled the Grim Reaper, it is not the case. The Crying 
    Mask drops the Magic Cross. This item is the only way to get into 
    Dracula's Castle, so although it seems like you can, you can't skip 
    this fight.
    Double Caution: After you collect the Ring, the Crying Mask will return 
    when you re-enter her room.
    The funny thing about the fight against Dracula is that it's very easy. 
    In fact, I think that it is the easiest Dracula fight in the history of 
    the Castlevania games. Anyway, Dracula's Castle is deserted. You must 
    make your way into the crypt below Castlevania. When you enter the 
    room, all five of Dracula's body parts will collect on the pedestal, 
    and cause a huge flame to erupt. Dracula then appears, but if you're 
    quick, you can beat him even before he fully appears in the room. He 
    will flash for quite a long time, and with the Flame Whip you can cause 
    severe damage to him even before he gets a fighting chance. If he does 
    fully appear before you beat him, he will split into four, and spin 
    about the room, and shoot objects at Simon, but they are very easy to 
    dodge. Every so often he will stop and shoot more objects at you, but 
    this is your chance to get a clear shot, and finish him off. There is a 
    small challenge to this fight, but it's still easy.
    There is one more tip to tell you about, but be warned, it makes the 
    fight completely a joke. Simply use the above strategy, but use Laurels 
    as well. The fact that you will be invincible should tell you how tough 
    Dracula's fight will be if you follow this strategy. 
    5. Endings (Spoilers)
    After you defeat Dracula you will beat the game, and earn one of three 
    endings. The first one is easy to get (in fact, the only one I have 
    ever gotten). It shows Simon kneeling over Dracula's grave (why, I 
    don't know). After Simon leaves, Dracula's hand pops up from under the 
    grave, basically showing us that he can never truly die. This is the 
    best ending, and shows us that Simon did beat Dracula's curse.
    The second ending shows the same ending, but Simon dies, and Dracula's 
    hand doesn't pop up. The worst ending simply shows Dracula's grave with 
    no color (black and white), and some text on the screen.
    6. Copyright
    Copyright 2005 Megaman1981
    This guide may not be recopied in any way. It may not be placed on a 
    web site. Use of this guide for any public display is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of the copyright.

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