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    Boss FAQ by CMoriarty

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            C   A   S   T   L   E   V   A   N   I   A             I   I   I
                            *D R A C U L A ' S   C U R S E*
    **********************************BOSS FAQ*************************************
      A complete and comprehensive Boss FAQ for Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
                       [Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)]
                                                    | By Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)
                                                    | E-Mail:   cmoriarty311@cs.com
                                                    | Date:            May 30, 2002
                                                    | Version:         FINAL (Only)
    This FAQ, and all 21 other of my FAQ/Walkthroughs, are now dedicated to the 
    over 6,000 innocent people killed in the World Trade Center and Pentagon 
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    September 11, 2001. To all of the innocent working people, and FDNY Firemen, as 
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    I.)........... | Legal Disclaimer
    II.).......... | Versions of the Guide
    III.)......... | Introduction
    IV.).......... | Boss FAQ (in sequential order of stage numbers)
    V.)........... | In Closing
    VI.).......... | About the Author
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                 S E C T I O N   T W O   ( II )   -   V E R S I O N S 
    Being that this guide is version FINAL (Only), it means this is the only 
    version of the guide that will ever be released. Unless something ABSOLUTELY 
    needs to be added, deleted, or changed, I won't touch this document after its 
    Version Information:
    Version: FINAL (Only)
    Date: May 30, 2002
    Percent Complete: 100%
    Version Entails: Boss information, strategies, et cetera, on EACH boss in 
    Castlevania III... whose the man!? Oh yeah, me.
    Still To Come: Nothing... this is the first, only, and final release of the 
    guide, so enjoy it! =)
          S E C T I O N   T H R E E   ( III )   -   I N T R O D U C T I O N 
    Welcome one, welcome all, to my Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Boss FAQ, for 
    this classic NES game. For my 21st FAQ on GameFAQs, I figured I'd do something 
    for this awesome game, that'll never die in the hearts of Castlevania fans 
    around the world. Many consider it the best traditional Castlevania game in the 
    series, and for good reason... the gameplay takes from the original, and 
    expands on it, making the game more in-depth, harder, and longer. It's a 
    beautiful thing!
    This FAQ isn't a FAQ/Walkthrough, for which I usually write for the games I 
    cover on GameFAQs. Instead, like 6 of my 20 existing FAQs, this, my 21st, is 
    also a Boss FAQ. Therefore, stage walkthroughs, and other such FAQ/Walkthrough 
    information won't be found in this document. While I may (and probably will) go 
    and write a decent FAQ/Walkthrough for this game to be put on GameFAQs (the one 
    existing on GameFAQs leaves much to be desired), for now, this is all I got to 
    offer you.
    The bosses below in the Boss FAQ section are in sequential order, of which one 
    you fight first, second, third, et cetera. It is true, the game is set up with 
    an RPG quality... there are stages (and hence, bosses), you can avoid fighting 
    by chosing this path or another path, you see... but... for the sake of the 
    FAQ, since stages are named "1-1", and so on, and so forth, that's the order 
    they're in. So if you skip a board, and go to another one, and the boss 
    information for the stage you THINK you're on is wrong, then make sure the 
    numbers are right, because trust me, I'm not the one who has mistaken, my 
    friend! =)
    I hope you enjoy it, and e-mail me with any questions, comments, suggestions, 
    et cetera, at cmoriarty311@cs.com
    -Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty311@cs.com)
               S E C T I O N   F O U R   ( IV )   -   B O S S   F A Q
    Welcome to the main section of this FAQ, the Boss FAQ section. There's not much 
    to tell you here, except something I've said about five times already in the 
    FAQ... the FAQ is in order of boss stage number, and the order in which you'd 
    come across them if you were going straight through the game, without choosing 
    one stage or another, if you follow what I'm saying. You'll see, when you read 
    The only other thing I need to set up for you is how to read the Boss FAQ. It's 
    set up a little something like this.
    It's that simple really... so here we go!
    Oh wait, one more note. The Boss strategies are based on if you're using 
    Belmont to fight the boss. If you're using Sypha, Grant or Alucard... this is 
    what you should keep in mind.
    *Sypha - Very weak defensivly, and with a weak regular attack, Sypha vs. ANY 
    boss is a real challenge, for sure. Unless you have some of his powerful magic, 
    stay away from boss fighting with him. That is, of course, unless you're a 
    Castlevania III master, and want a good challenge. There's nothing like a good 
    challenge. In anycase, I consider myself a master at this game and even I have 
    trouble using him on lots of later-game bosses, so simply be weary.
    *Grant - Grant is weak defensivly, and all together useless. While he can climb 
    walls and go upside down on ceilings, that's useless against a boss. His dagger 
    doesn't do any damage and it has incredibly short range, which means you have 
    to get up close to damage a boss with it, which also means you're in greater 
    danger. He can use some Warakiya weapons, but even then, he's just as much of a 
    challenge against a boss as using Sypha - maybe even moreso.
    *Alucard - Stronger both offensivly and defensivly, Alucard is a prime 
    candidate to use against a boss... he is very similar to Belmont in battle, so 
    there's not much else to say about him. When you get him, use him, there's no 
    reason not to. He and Belmont are side-by-side Vampire Killers, GALORE. =) Have 
    -STAGE: 1 (ONE)
    -BOSS NAME: Skeleton Knight (Unofficial)
    -WEAPON(S): Sword
    -STRATEGY: The Skeleton Knight is the first boss character you fight in the 
    game, and is very, very simple to defeat. While the only candles you have in 
    the fight screen holds a heart (there's one candle), you don't need any 
    Warakiya weapons or hearts for this fight (although you should have an Axe or 
    Dagger, if you got them in the candles during the stage). There are two 
    platforms in the fight screen, and as the fight begins, the Skeleton Knight 
    comes from the left... so jump onto the right platform and crouch down. The 
    Skeleton Knight moves slow and has no attacks, other than swinging his sword, 
    and then walking slowly. As you're crouched down, start swinging that whip at 
    his head, over and over again. While you don't have to hit him in the head to 
    damage him, being on that platform will make you higher in the air than he is, 
    and crouching down is the only way you can hit him. Coincidentally, the head is 
    the only part of his body you can hit from there, if you follow what I'm 
    saying. Swing, swing, swing, and each hit of the whip will take two bars off of 
    his life meter. He'll be done in mere seconds with this technique, if you're 
    persistant with it, and do it correctly.
    -STAGE: 2 (TWO)
    -BOSS NAME: Grant DaNasty
    -WEAPONS: Daggers
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Dagger
    -STRATEGY: Grant DaNasty isn't actually himself in this battle. He's a monster 
    version of himself, a pretty menacing looking green monster, reminding me a bit 
    of an alien. =) In anycase, he's still easy, but he has the use of Daggers in 
    the battle, identical to the Daggers you can use. That's all you really need to 
    be careful of in the battle. He can grip to walls and ceilings briefly, just 
    like Grant can when he's in his human form, staying true to form, so to speak. 
    But in anycase, get up close and start hacking with your Whip. If you want to 
    keep your distance, use the weak-but-still-potent Daggers from afar, to combat 
    his Daggers... fire versus fire, if you will. He's easy, and you get to use 
    Grant after you beat him (if you choose to)... which is always cool.
    -STAGE: 3 (THREE)
    -BOSS NAME: Hammer Cyclops
    -WEAPONS: Hammer
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Dagger
    -STRATEGY: The Hammer Cyclops is an interesting enemy, and can be difficult if 
    you don't do something right at the outset of the battle. When the battle 
    begins, DO NOT DESTROY THE LOWER BLOCK ON THE LEFT, which can be destroyed to 
    reveal a five heart piece. Instead, jump up on it and stay there, and on the 
    platform left of it. Doing this, you'll be safe from the Hammer Cyclops 
    completly. When he walks towards you, whip at his head (the only weak spot on 
    his body to any attacks) and then jump to your left to the above platform, and 
    wait for him to walk away. Then repeat this process. If he runs towards you, 
    simply avoid him all together and again wait for him to walk away. If you're 
    fighting him on the ground, be weary of his hammer, which he smashes to the 
    ground quickly and accuratly if you happen to be in the way. And a cool little 
    trick - if you go into battle with him with the Dagger, try shooting it at his 
    head while the lightning in the background is going. If you do this right, the 
    Dagger will attract the lightning and do extra damage to him! It's a cool 
    trick, so you should really try it out if you have the patience. Otherwise, you 
    get Sypha if you want him at the end of the battle. And on we go.
    -STAGE: 4 (FOUR)
    -BOSS NAME: Vampire Bat
    -WEAPONS: None.
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Boomerang
    -STRATEGY: If for whatever reason you choose to go to this stage instead of 
    going to the Sypha stage (stage 3), you'll fight this boss at the end. The 
    Vampire Bat isn't your traditional Vampire Bat boss, as found in the original 
    Castlevania. He's actually quite simple. Everytime you hit the bat, it splits 
    into twos. So the first time you hit it, it'll split into two, then hitting 
    each of the splits will split them, and so on and so forth. Since they have no 
    weapons (like fireballs or anything), you should have no problems. There is a 
    Boomerang on this stage... if you've managed to keep it to this point in the 
    stage, use the Boomerang on the Bats too, and you can hit and kill multiple at 
    the same time. It's a real life saver, trust me. =) In anycase, you should 
    never have to fight here anyway, because, in all honesty, unless you're bored 
    and beat the game before, you should never choose this stage over the Sypha 
    stage, period. =)
    -STAGE: 4A (FOUR A)
    -BOSS NAME: Medusa (Mini-Boss)
    -WEAPONS: Bow and Arrow/Sonic Waves
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Dagger
    -STRATEGY: Medusa is the mini-boss on the pirate ship. She's pretty difficult 
    this time around in comparison to her appearance in the original Castlevania... 
    'tis a beautiful thing. In anycase, she has two modes of attack. One, she 
    shoots Snakes out of her bow, a bow and arrow, if you will. When these strike 
    you, they do normal (but ample) damage to you. The other attack she has is this 
    sonic attack, that when she hits you, it turns you into stone. Naturally, this 
    fits in nicely with the myth of Medusa (you could never look at her eyes, or 
    you'd turn to stone). She's simple though. If you have a good amount of energy, 
    run up to her and whip away until she's defeated. If not, stay away and chuck 
    Daggers at her from afar, and take safety in the upper lefthand corner of the 
    room. While she can still hit you up there with the snakes from her bow, he 
    gives you a little more room to maneuver and jump, et cetera, making this fight 
    far easier.
    -STAGE: 4A (FOUR A)
    -BOSS NAME: Mummies/Hammer Cyclops
    -WEAPONS: Bandages/Hammer
    -STRATEGY: God, it seems like half of the game has been a reintroduction to the 
    original Castlevania boss enemies. First the Vampire Bat, then Medusa, now 
    Mummies. Well this boss fight is interesting, because it's basically two boss 
    fights in one. As you enter the boss lair, you'll notice two caskets, one on 
    either side. As the fight begins, a skull ghost will appear. You can't hurt 
    him, so don't bother. He'll go into the left casket and two Mummies will come 
    out. They move in opposite directions and shoot bandages. If your health is 
    high when you come into the battle, stand a bit to the right of the casket, and 
    as they come out, just whip whip whip! You can destroy the bandages that they 
    shoot at you with your whip as well, so keep that in mind. You can kill one, 
    which makes the fight much easier when it's one Mummy versus you. At that 
    point, just run up to the remaining bastard and stick a fork in him, 'cause 
    he's done! When he's defeated, the Skull Ghost comes back, this time going into 
    the righthand side casket. In this casket is a remake of the Hammer Cyclops we 
    fought earlier. A carbon copy, really. No harder or easier, same attacks, et 
    cetera. If you need a tip on him, see the strategy for him above, he was on 
    stage three, for reference. =)
    -STAGE: 5 (FIVE)
    -BOSS NAME: Alucard
    -WEAPONS: Fireballs
    -STRATEGY: Dracula had a son, if you didn't know. His name? Alucard. Cleverly, 
    Dracula spelt his name backwards and named his son friggin' Alucard. Oh the 
    originality! But that's not what this guide is for... this is a boss FAQ 
    damnit! Alucard's fight is easy, you can beat it easily without getting hit. As 
    the fight begins, Bats come out of the coffin in the middle of the room. You 
    can't damage them, they can't damage you, so no worries. In anycase, they fly 
    around and stop, and form up Alucard (who is a Dracula look alike, trust me). 
    He opens up his cape, shoots three fireballs, and turns back into a bat. That's 
    all he does. So this is what YOU do. When he appears, jump up and whip him in 
    his head (that's the only part of his body you can damage him), then whip at 
    his chest as he fires fireballs at you to destroy them, and then he'll turn 
    into bats and do this all over again. So keep repeating this process and he'll 
    be defeated before you know it. Then you can decide if you want to take him 
    with you or not, et cetera. Naturally, you should take him with you. He's the 
    best companion you can get, in my opinion, unless you're really skilled and can 
    use Sypha properly.
    -STAGE: 5A (FIVE A)
    -BOSS NAME: Frankenstein
    -WEAPONS: Falling Debris
    -STRATEGY: Like many other bosses we've come across in the game thusfar, 
    Frankenstein is another blast-from-the-past boss enemy from the original 
    Castlevania. Thankfully, however, Frankenstein is a little different in this 
    game then he was in the original version, and is a lot easier to defeat. As 
    Frankenstein enters into the room from the left, start jumping up and whipping 
    him in his head. It's his only weak point, and hence the only place you can 
    damage him. When you can get to his left, hit the first block platform with 
    your whip to reveal some meat, which you will probably need, as the stage 
    getting to him is pretty long and arduous. In anycase, Frankenstein has one 
    attack, and that is to stomp on the ground, which causes an earthquake. Through 
    this earthquake, debris falls from the ceiling, to damage you. Avoid it the 
    best you can, and bare in mind that you can use the platforms in the air all 
    over the room as protection from the debris by simply standing under them. If 
    you don't want to have to jump and whip to hit him, get on one of these 
    platforms and hack away at his head... just be careful that he doesn't run into 
    you. Also avoid his seldomly used attack, which is throwing a block (identical 
    to the ones that fall from the ceiling) at you. They're easily avoided, 
    however. The battle seems hard, but it's actually quite simple for this stage 
    in the game.
    -STAGE: 6 (SIX)
    -BOSS NAME: Frankenstein
    -WEAPONS: Falling Debris
    -STRATEGY: No, this isn't a damn typo. Frankenstein is the boss of this stage 
    too, so either path you take, you'll end up fighting him. Indeed, it's a lame 
    programmer's shortcut, but what are you going to do. If you need a strategy on 
    him, just look straight above to the previous boss. You'll find that it's also 
    Frankenstein, and that the strategy is the same for the most part. Just take 
    out the parts about the hidden meat in the destroyable block, and hiding under 
    platforms. Otherwise, you should be just fine. =)
    -STAGE: 6A (SIX A)
    -BOSS NAME: Water Serpents
    -WEAPONS: Fire Breath
    -STRATEGY: The Water Serpents can be a real pain in the ass if you don't really 
    analyze what they do, and act accordingly. The Water Serpents are a duo that 
    shoot out of the water in the lair and shoot their fire breath at you. The 
    thing is, one hit will basically kill you; not on the health meter, but one hit 
    will knock you into the water, and you'll be dead. The lair of these enemies is 
    three platforms suspended over the water that they dwell in. You have to 
    strategically place yourself and move around on the middle platform to avoid 
    their attacks while still being in a good attack position yourself. Don't 
    concern yourself with the other platforms in the lair, the middle one is the 
    longest, and hence the easiest to maneuver on. It's vital that you stay there, 
    in that case. Other than that, when they come out of the water, they do it in 
    different areas, randomly, and at different heights. If they come up right at 
    your feet, run to the other side of the platform, otherwise, they'll knock your 
    ass right into the water. Oh, and they're only vulnerable to attack in their 
    heads, like every other enemy in the game. =P Make sure to have the Axe in your 
    inventory when you go to fight, too. They're uber-useful to hit the Serpents 
    from a long distance away. What else is there to say? This battle can be 
    difficult, but be tenacious and weary, and take your time. There is no rush.
    -STAGE: 6B (SIX B)
    -BOSS NAME: Skeleton Dragon (Both Appearances)
    -WEAPONS: His Body
    -STRATEGY: The Skeleton Dragon is a boss enemy that has no attacks, but can 
    still be quite potent. He is simply a long dragon skeleton that floats around 
    his lair, and goes after you. That's the catch with him, he actually goes after 
    you, goes around you and closes in. It's hard to really describe what he does 
    in detail, but you'll fully understand when you actually fight him. In anycase, 
    this fight happens in two parts. You fight the first half in one room and the 
    second half in another room. Don't worry, once you've halved his energy meter, 
    he escapes, and then you fight the OTHER half of the energy meter in the other 
    fight. In otherwords, it's not two full boss fights. In anycase, you have to 
    hit him in his head to damage him, and each his will shorten his body, making 
    him shorter, but slightly faster. It's a little give and take, you see. You 
    will get hit in both fights, it's a given, just make sure to put yourself on a 
    platform, in the middle, where you won't get hit into the water below. 'Cause 
    naturally, you'd die right away, and that always sucks.
    -STAGE: 7 (SEVEN)
    -BOSS NAME: Vampire Bat (Mini-Boss)
    -WEAPONS: None.
    -STRATEGY: Identical to the Vampire Bat boss we fought on stage four. If you 
    need a strategy, go there for it, so I don't have to retype it. He's only the 
    mini-boss here anyway, and is super easy to take down.
    -STAGE: 7 (SEVEN)
    -BOSS NAME: Mummies/Hammer Cyclops/Gargoyle
    -WEAPONS: Bandages/Hammer/Fireballs
    -STRATEGY: The main boss on stage seven is actually a trio. There are three 
    coffins in the room. The leftmost one is the one the Skull Ghost opens first, 
    in which are Mummies. We've fought these guys before. If you need a strategy 
    for them, see the stage 4A boss strategy. As far as the righthand coffin, that 
    holds the Hammer Cyclops, which we fought on stage three AND four, so see those 
    strategies if you need help. The middle coffin, however, holds a Gargoyle, a 
    new boss enemy indeed. The Gargoyle is huge, making him easy to hit. However, 
    he jumps around and shoots fireballs, and his massive body makes him very, very 
    difficult to avoid. Use his large massive body to your advantage, however, and 
    whip him as much as you can. When he jumps in the air and hovers for a second, 
    run underneath him, turn around, and repeat this process. It's that simple, and 
    the Gargoyle isn't hard using this technique, as long as you don't get 
    cornered. If you allow him to corner you, well... that's a whole 'nother story, 
    ain't it? If he does corner you, do anything you can (including running through 
    him) to get out of it. Surely you'll get damaged running through him, but he 
    will destroy you in a corner, like those cheesy kids at arcades that like to 
    Hadoken you in a corner over and over again... but I still beat them anyway. Go 
    -STAGE: 7A (SEVEN A)
    -BOSS NAME: Mummies/Hammer Cyclops/Gargoyle
    -WEAPONS: Bandages/Hammer/Fireballs
    -STRATEGY: Same as Stage 7's boss trio. So either path you take, you end up 
    fighting the same enemies. Ugh. In anycase, if you need help, see the above 
    description (for stage 7)...
    -STAGE: 8 (EIGHT)
    -BOSS NAME: Grim Reaper (First Form)
    -WEAPONS: Scythes
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Boomerang
    -STRATEGY: First and foremost, make SURE you get the Boomerang before you enter 
    this fight. It's in a candle before you get here, so there should be no excuse 
    for not having it. The fight with Grim Reaper is a hard one, and it's totally 
    an exchange of blows. You will get hit, but you have to outhit him, if you 
    understand what I'm saying. This isn't a battle of real skill, but of pure 
    quickness. As the Grim Reaper appears in the middle of the room in the air, 
    jump to the righthand side upper block, and toss a Boomerang at him. It'll hit 
    him once on the way there. Then jump, hit him with your whip, and land on the 
    ground. As the Boomerang comes back, it'll hit him again. After that, it's a 
    pure melee. He'll make scythes appear all over the room and they'll fly at you. 
    Destroy them if you can, or avoid them, whichever, and keep on whipping him and 
    throwing those Boomerangs. The quicker you beat him, the better... he's not 
    THAT hard, but he's a menacing guy to beat because he does so much damage to 
    you that FOUR HITS will do you in... plus, you have to save your energy for his 
    second form, which is much easier, but can still be a pain in the butt. So as 
    he floats around, throwing scythes, whip him and Boomerang him liberally, and 
    hopefully, he'll fall before you do. But then, he turns into something else...
    -STAGE: 8 (EIGHT)
    -BOSS NAME: Death Skull (Grim Reaper's second form)
    -WEAPONS: Scythes
    -STRATEGY: Okay, after the Grim Reaper dies, the screen turns black and this 
    HUGE skull appears on the screen. This is the Death Skull. He's really, really 
    easy, and there's no real excuse for you to get hit while you're fighting him. 
    He's vulnerable all over his form, and his form is HUGE, so flail that whip 
    around like you mean it, and you'll most certainly hit him. He is NOT 
    vulnerable to any sort of special weapon, including your Boomerang, so be weary 
    of that. Whip only, here. He can shoot one scythe at a time out of his mouth, 
    which is nothing; just whip it out of the air, to bring yourself out of harm's 
    way. The catch with the Death Skull is it can travel from one end of the screen 
    to another. That is to say, if it goes into the left of the screen, it comes 
    out of the right end of the screen to compensate, a lot like Pac Man, if my 
    analogy so fits. In anycase, you'll find in this fight that size doesn't always 
    matter. =) He is 20 times bigger than you, and you'll still whoop his butt... 
    trust me. There's nothing else to be said here, so sorry for the short 
    -STAGE: 9 (NINE)
    -BOSS NAME: Clone
    -WEAPONS: Whatever Weapon You Have
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Dirty Trick
    -STRATEGY: The Clone is basically like the clone in the original Mega Man... a 
    clone of you. The difference there is that he doesn't mimic everything you do. 
    Instead, he fights on his own, he's just a clone of whatever character you're 
    using (that means if you change into Alucard, so does he, Sypha, or Grant, the 
    same), and fights with whatever weaponry would be open to that particular 
    character. The catch is... well... the clone boss can be the hardest boss in 
    the game, that is unless you cheat a bit. There are two possible cheating 
    methods to use on the Clone. If you're not interested, then you'll have no 
    choice then to fight him like a man. But it's hard. The two cheating methods 
    are... pressing select often to switch between Trevor and your spirit guide. 
    When the spirit guide on the clone side comes up, switch back to Trevor. When 
    Trevor comes up, whip him and then quickly switch back. Repeat this process for 
    awhile and you'll chip away at the clone's energy until he's no more. The other 
    cheating method, which I claim to be founded by ME is the following glitch.
    Get the character onto the platform in the middle of the room. Then start 
    switching back and forth between Trevor and your other character. If you switch 
    at the right pace, which isn't too fast, but not too slow either, the character 
    will get caught in the black box underneath the platform, and unable to move. 
    Then you can just whip the crap out of the character until he's no more. Either 
    way, that's the end of the clone.
    -STAGE: 10 (TEN)
    -BOSS NAME: Count Dracula
    -WEAPONS: Fire, Disappearing
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Boomerang
    -STRATEGY: There are a few forms of Dracula, but since the first form is 
    probably the hardest, I'll concentrate on it. As you walk into his lair, he 
    gets up from his relaxed position in his chair. Then, he casts two fire pillars 
    on either side of you so you can't move, and then a huge fire pillar shoots up 
    right in the middle of the two other pillars, damaging you. To avoid this, jump 
    out of the way of the original fire pillars before they get too tall to jump 
    over, then jump up and start whipping at his head and chuck some Boomerangs at 
    his head for good measure. It's not too hard, but it takes practice. 
    Frustratingly, if and when you die against him, you start like back in the 
    middle of the stage, which SUCKS. Try getting to him with perfect health. It's 
    vital that you have all of the health you can possibly have going into the 
    battle, to account for any mistakes you make.
              S E C T I O N   F I V E   ( V )   -   I N   C L O S I N G 
    Well my friends, it's time to close this guide out! =) I hope you found it very 
    helpful... I very much enjoyed writing it. It was fun, as is the game, and I'm 
    sure that it was/is/will be enjoyable for you as well. And hey, if you have 
    game related questions, comments, suggestions - whatever, e-mail them my way, 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. And make sure to put Castlevania III Boss FAQ (or whatever 
    game you're writing in on, I have nineteen other guides), in the header as the 
    topic, so I know what the hell you're talking about. =) Take it easy.
    I'd like to take this chance to thank a friend of mine, Devin Morgan, a fellow 
    FAQ writer on GameFAQs, for just being a good guy, a good friend, and someone I 
    can talk to about everything. Thanks Dev. Also, thanks goes out to Adrenaline, 
    'cause she's so damn cute.
    A big thank you can also go out to my best friend, someone whose practically a 
    second brother to me, Graham... thanks bro, you're the man, there's nothing 
    else I really have to say about you. ^_~
         S E C T I O N   S I X   ( VI )   -   A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R 
    [accurate as of May 30, 2002]
    I'm a 17 year old, a senior in high school. I live on Long Island, in New York, 
    about half an hour from New York City. I play ice hockey, I worked at a deli, 
    until recently, when I quit (^_^) and I love videogames, especially RPGs. My 
    favorite series for videogames include the Final Fantasy series (excluding 
    VIII), the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, the Mega Man series, and the Tales 
    series. I aspire to go to Northeastern University in the fall of 2002 to study 
    History and Archaeology.
    This walkthrough is copyright (c) 2002 to Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty), e-mail 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. All rights reserved. Completely unofficial - Castlevania 
    and all related items copyrighted 1990 to Konami Japan/US, all rights reserved!

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