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    Character FAQ by CMoriarty

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            C   A   S   T   L   E   V   A   N   I   A             I   I   I
                            *D R A C U L A ' S   C U R S E*
    ********************************CHARACTER FAQ**********************************
    A complete and comprehensive Character FAQ for Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
                       [Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)]
                                                    | By Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)
                                                    | E-Mail:   cmoriarty311@cs.com
                                                    | Date:           June 02, 2002
                                                    | Version:         FINAL (Only)
    This FAQ, and all 22 other of my FAQ/Walkthroughs, are now dedicated to the 
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    September 11, 2001. To all of the innocent working people, and FDNY Firemen, as 
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    T A B L E     O F     C O N T E N T S...
    ---------     ---     ---------------
    I.)........... | Legal Disclaimer
    II.).......... | Versions of the Guide
    III.)......... | Introduction
    IV.).......... | Base Character Stats
    V.)........... | Trevor Belmont
    VI.).......... | Grant DaNasty
    VII.)......... | Sypha Belnades
    VIII.)........ | Alucard Tepes
    IX.).......... | In Closing
    X.)........... | About the Author
          S E C T I O N   O N E   ( I )   -   L E G A L   D I S C L A I M E R 
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    you guys get the idea.
                 S E C T I O N   T W O   ( II )   -   V E R S I O N S 
    Being that this guide is version FINAL (Only), it means this is the only 
    version of the guide that will ever be released. Unless something ABSOLUTELY 
    needs to be added, deleted, or changed, I won't touch this document after its 
    Version Information:
    Version: FINAL (Only)
    Date: June 02, 2002
    Percent Complete: 100%
    Version Entails: In-depth information on the four playable characters in the 
    game, et cetera. Everything you could possibly need.
    Still To Come: Nothing... this is the first, only, and final release of the 
    guide, so enjoy it! =)
          S E C T I O N   T H R E E   ( III )   -   I N T R O D U C T I O N 
    Welcome one, welcome all, to my Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Character FAQ, 
    for  this classic NES game. For my 23rd FAQ on GameFAQs, I figured I'd do 
    something for this awesome game, that'll never die in the hearts of Castlevania 
    fans around the world. Many consider it the best traditional Castlevania game 
    in the series, and for good reason... the gameplay takes from the original, and 
    expands on it, making the game more in-depth, harder, and longer. It's a 
    beautiful thing!
    The point of this FAQ is to clarify not only the strengths and weaknesses of 
    each of the four characters in the game, but to additionally give you insight 
    to each character, and if you'd like to take a certain character with you, 
    leaving another behind. The FAQ's purpose is evident... so I hope you find it 
    -Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty) [cmoriarty311@cs.com]
    S E C T I O N   F O U R   ( IV )   -   B A S E   C H A R A C T E R   S T A T S 
    This initial section of the Character FAQ is to give you, the reader, a grid of 
    stats to look at, to give you the basic strengths and weaknesses of each 
    character. It's very easy to read... read it simply as you would a regular ole 
    chart. Each character gets a rating in each category of 1, 2, 3, and 4. Two 
    characters can't share one number, so each number must be used. 1 represents 
    the strongest in an area, 2 the next strongest, and so on.
    Note: The overall category at the end of the grid/chart represents the total 
    number of points a character recieved, and then his overall rank. The rank is 
    determined by the -least- amount of points earned.
    | C A T E G O R Y | Trevor | Grant | Sypha | Alucard |
    | Overall Strength| 1      | 3     | 4     | 2       |
    | Overall Defense | 1      | 3     | 4     | 2       |
    | Special Weapon  | 1      | 3     | 2     | 4       |
    |       Use       |        |       |       |         |
    | Mobility and    | 4      | 1     | 3     | 2       |
    |       Movement  |        |       |       |         |
    | Jumping         | 4      | 1     | 2     | 3       |
    | OVERALL POINTS  | 11     | 11    | 15    | 15      |
    | OVERALL         | 1      | 2     | 4     | 3       |
    Note: Tie goes to the runner. =)
          S E C T I O N   F I V E   ( V )   -   T R E V O R   B E L M O N T
    Trevor Belmont is the best overall character to use in the game, and is your 
    base character, meaning that you'll not only start every game with him, but 
    that you will also have him at your disposal for the entire length of the game, 
    regardless of which path you chose to take ultimately.
    As the earlier Belmont in the NES Castlevania series, Trevor's ancestors 
    spawned the mighty Simon Belmont, who battled valiantly in Castlevania and 
    Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. As was Simon's main weapon, Trevor's main weapon 
    is also the whip, which the Belmont family dubbed The Vampire Killer. The 
    strength of the Vampire Killer, as well as its length and reach, can be 
    upgraded twice from its base strength, by picking up whip upgrades littered 
    throughout the lands of Warakiya and within and around Dracula's evil castle. 
    Trevor, as does all of the clan of the Belmonts, can also use special weapons 
    galore, called Warakiya weapons in Castlevania III. The Dagger, Axe, Holy 
    Water, Stop Watch and Boomerang are all at Trevor's disposal. But let's take a 
    closer look.
    -NAME: Trevor Belmont
    -FROM: Warakiya Village
    -OCCUPATION: Vampire Hunter
    -PRIMARY WEAPON: Whip (The Vampire Killer)
    -OTHER WEAPON(S): Dagger, Axe, Holy Water, Stop Watch, Boomerang
    -STRENGTH: Best (1)
    -DEFENSE: Best (1)
    -JUMPING: Worst (4)
    -OVERALL: Best (1)
    Trevor is the character any normal Castlevania III player is going to want to 
    use for either a majority of the game or for the whole game. His strengths far 
    outweight his weaknesses, and he has the most range with his weapons, as well 
    as the most versatility. In addition, he can take the most damage from enemies, 
    making the other three characters in the game true novelty characters compared 
    to the ultimate and superior Trevor Belmont. Think long and hard before you 
    pass up using Trevor Belmont, especially if it's your first play through the 
    game. Leave the other characters for the experienced players, and those who 
    want a real challenge. If you're new to the game, or to the series, Trevor is 
    definitely your character of choice by far.
    + Most attack power
    + Best defense power
    + Most versatility in weaponry
    + Longest attack range
    - Hard to control Trevor midair
    - Weakest jump
    - Worst movement and mobility (slow)
    - Makes the other characters look so much weaker than they actually are
    For the regular ole Castlevania III player, who has no or little experience in 
    the game. When most people realize how strong Trevor is in comparison to the 
    other three characters in the game, they'll most likely sway towards using 
    Trevor. It's not that the other characters are necessarily weak, but that 
    Trevor is inherently strong, and with good reason. He's a Belmont. =)
            S E C T I O N   S I X   ( VI )   -   G R A N T   D A N A S T Y 
    Grant DaNasty (also known in some circles as Dynasty) is a mysterious 
    character. You first meet him in Dracula's clocktower, and fight him in a boss 
    battle, as an evil and possessed demon. When you slay him, finally, you find 
    out that he's only Grant DaNasty, a pirate/treasure hunter who was possessed by 
    Dracula and turned into an ugly, green monster when he was caught exploring the 
    Transylvanian region, and brought in to protect the clock tower.
    Naturally, it's your option to take Grant with you, and since he's always the 
    first character you come across (as you -have- to come to the clock tower to 
    proceed in the game), it's always in lue of you to take him with you. He's not 
    the strongest or most useful special character in the game, but some people 
    might prefer some of his special skills. He can only use his hand dagger, which 
    is weak and has little range, and the only special weapon he can use is the 
    throwing dagger. However, Grant's strength is in his incredible jumping 
    ability, as well as the fact that he has Ninja Gaiden-like abilities... he can 
    actually grip onto walls and ceilings, and SCALE them. There are some items in 
    the game that can only be gotten by Grant's special abilities, so keep that in 
    -NAME: Grant DaNasty
    -FROM: Unknown (speculation: pirate ship, port town)
    -OCCUPATION: Pirate/Treasure Hunter
    -OTHER WEAPON(S): Dagger (different from his primary weapon)
    -STRENGTH: Below Average (3)
    -DEFENSE: Below Average (3)
    -SPECIAL WEAPON USE: Below Average (3)
    -JUMPING: Best (1)
    -OVERALL: Average (2)
    All in all, Grant has his strengths and his weaknesses, but the run-of-the-mill 
    Castlevania III player is going to pick him up and then immidiately discard him 
    once he or she sees a "cooler" character, like Sypha or Alucard. Grant is worth 
    a try, and you should try him out to see if you really like him right after you 
    acquire him, in the Clock Tower. This is a place where you can try out and let 
    him show off his inherent skills more than anywhere in the game, and see if 
    he's really worth your time or not. More importantly, see if he matches your 
    playing style, because his control is loose... too loose for some.
    + Ability to grapple to walls and ceilings
    + Only player able to change directions of a jump while airborne
    + Farthest jumping ability
    + Fastest moving character/agile
    - Fairly weak offensively
    - Fairly weak defensively
    - Terrible attack range
    - Low weapon versatility
    Grant may seem kind of useless, and well, he kind of is. But if you're looking 
    for a good challenge, or the character Castlevania III players choose least to 
    play as, give Grant a try.  He's really not too bad-a character, and his 
    quickness, agility, jumping prowess, and ability to grapple has its advantages 
    for your trip throught Transylvania.
         S E C T I O N   S E V E N   ( VII )   -   S Y P H A   B E L N A D E S 
    To clear up ANY controversy, before I even start to write Sypha's section of 
    this FAQ, Sypha is NOT, and I repeat is NOT a woman. He is a man. Straight out 
    male, pure and simple. Not only does the game itself call him a man ("Take HIM 
    with you?") but the only evidence to back up the Sypha could be a woman is his 
    woman-like appearance. Fact of the matter is, Konami designed him as a man, and 
    a man he is. Now that I've gotten that out of my system. Oh, and although the 
    game does call him Syfa, it's a simple case of poor translation. Everyone 
    agrees that it's actually spelt Sypha.
    In anycase, Sypha was on his own quest to fight Dracula when he was caught by 
    one of Dracula's henchman, the Hammer Cyclops, and made into a statue. When 
    Trevor fights and defeats this Hammer Cyclops (if you choose to take a certain 
    path that is...), Sypha is freed and he offers to go with you on your quest. 
    While it's up to you if you want to take him with you or not, keep in mind 
    Sypha's entire game can be made or broken by what he has equipped. His staff is 
    more of a novelty item than a weapon... having him equipped with a magical 
    spell and plenty of hearts at all times is most certainly a must. He can't 
    throw himself around in a physical battle like the other three characters in 
    the game can.
    -NAME: Sypha Belnades
    -FROM: Unknown (speculation: the netherworld)
    -OCCUPATION: Magician
    -OTHER WEAPON(S): Magic Spells: Fire, Ice, Lightning
    -STRENGTH: Worst (4)
    -DEFENSE: Worst (4)
    -SPECIAL WEAPON USE: Average (2)
    -MOBILITY AND MOVEMENT: Below Average (3)
    -JUMPING: Average (2)
    -OVERALL: Worst (4)
    From the stats above, it seems Sypha is the worst overall character... and 
    there's no denying or avoiding that he truly is. His weakness really does lie 
    in the fact that he is a sitting duck if you don't have a magic spell equipped 
    on him. Without one, you'll be using his wooden staff to be fending off 
    Dracula's minions. But don't sleep on my man Sypha... he's still got his 
    advantages, including UBER strong spells, and some average movement and jumping 
    + Powerful spells
    - Very weak offensively
    - Very weak defensively
    - Weak attack range
    - Slow movement/lacks agility
    - Poor jumping ability
    As you can see from reading above, Sypha is all around weak, and probably the 
    weakest character in the game by far. While I only suggest that experienced 
    Castlevania III players attempt to really use Sypha with regularity, most new 
    players to the game will insist on using him because he's cool looking, and he 
    can use spells. But heed my warnings; try Grant and Alucard before you really 
    give Sypha a try. Otherwise, he's going to seem weak and useless, when he has 
    an enormous amount of ability, if you just give him to an experienced player 
    who won't get him killed in two seconds.
         S E C T I O N   E I G H T   ( VIII )   -   A L U C A R D   T E P E S 
    Alucard... oh Alucard... you are an underachiever. Alucard, for those of you 
    who don't know, is Dracula's son. His blood, however, is half vampire, half 
    human, as his mother was a human being who Dracula fell in love with. Alucard, 
    if you examine the name, is Dracula spelt backwards.
    Dracula and Alucard worked as a team, until Alucard realized that Dracula was 
    hurting people for no reason. Alucard decides to escape the grip of his 
    controlling father, and find someone who can help him overthrow his evil 
    father. When you fight Alucard, you might think you're fighting Dracula... they 
    fight similarly, and look nearly identical. However, after you defeat him, 
    he'll identify himself as Alucard, Dracula's son, and tell you he was testing 
    you. With his special abilities and marginal attack power, Alucard is worth 
    fighting with and bringing with you, although his control is stiff and he can 
    be difficult to get used to. Not only can Alucard fight from the greatest 
    distance with use of his fireball attack, but he can turn into a bat and fly 
    great distances in the air in his bat form... making him invaluable at certain, 
    more difficult and frustrating junctures in the game.
    -NAME: Alucard Tepes
    -FROM: Underworld
    -OCCUPATION: Dracula's son
    -PRIMARY WEAPON: Fireballs
    -OTHER WEAPON(S): None
    -STRENGTH: Average (2)
    -DEFENSE: Average (2)
    -SPECIAL WEAPON USE: Worst (4)
    -JUMPING: Below Average (3)
    -OVERALL: Below Average (3)
    By looking at the stats above, and then seeing who Alucard is, you'd probably 
    think to yourself... "wow, isn't this guy supposed to be the son of Dracula? He 
    should be a BIT stronger than he is... and certainly stronger than a human, 
    like Trevor Belmont." And you're right, but of course, you're using logic, and 
    logic has never held up in the world of videogames, with rare exceptions, now 
    has it? However, he has a strong command on the second spot in both offense and 
    defense, the ability to turn into a bat, and a long-distance attack that can 
    piss off any enemy... and it surely does.
    + Average strength
    + Average defense
    + Long-distance attack
    + Able to turn into a bat
    - Slow moving/no agility
    - Poor jumping ability
    From above, you can see that Alucard is so average and run-of-the-mill that 
    there isn't any weaknesses or strengths to speak of with him, hardly. He's just 
    kind of "there" although he should be stronger... he is the friggin' son of 
    Count Dracula, I don't care if he's half human or not! Oh well, he's badass 
    nasty in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on the Playstation, isn't he? So I 
    guess that makes up for it. Oh, and play that friggin' game if you haven't... 
    it's SO GOOD... even better than this killer game. VAMPIRE KILLER GAME! Mwa-ha 
             S E C T I O N   N I N E   ( IX )   -   I N   C L O S I N G 
    Well my friends, it's time to close this guide out! =) I hope you found it very 
    helpful... I very much enjoyed writing it. It was fun, as is the game, and I'm 
    sure that it was/is/will be enjoyable for you as well. And hey, if you have 
    game related questions, comments, suggestions - whatever, e-mail them my way, 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. And make sure to put Castlevania III Character FAQ (or 
    whatever game you're writing in on, I have twenty-two other guides), in the 
    header as the topic, so I know what the hell you're talking about. =) Take it 
    I'd like to take this chance to thank a friend of mine, Devin Morgan, a fellow 
    FAQ writer on GameFAQs, for just being a good guy, a good friend, and someone I 
    can talk to about everything. Thanks Dev. Also, thanks goes out to Adrenaline, 
    'cause she's so damn cute.
    A big thank you can also go out to my best friend, someone whose practically a 
    second brother to me, Graham... thanks bro, you're the man, there's nothing 
    else I really have to say about you. ^_~
         S E C T I O N   T E N   ( X )   -   A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R 
    [accurate as of June 02, 2002]
    I'm a 17 year old, a senior in high school. I live on Long Island, in New York, 
    about half an hour from New York City. I play ice hockey, I worked at a deli, 
    until recently, when I quit (^_^) and I love videogames, especially RPGs. My 
    favorite series for videogames include the Final Fantasy series (excluding 
    VIII), the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, the Mega Man series, and the Tales 
    series. I aspire to go to Northeastern University in the fall of 2002 to study 
    History and Archaeology.
    This walkthrough is copyright (c) 2002 to Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty), e-mail 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. All rights reserved. Completely unofficial - Castlevania 
    and all related items copyrighted 1990 to Konami Japan/US, all rights reserved!

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