Review by Rick L

"The origin of the word "Ugh"."

Someone sure killed off any greatness in this game. Sure, the game is funny, but if you want a good game, you gotta be able to at least play it! That's the big hindrance in this game.

Graphics: 4/10

''My paint set is running together! Oh, wait, that's the TV...''

The graphics aren't all that spectacular. The colors do look like they're running together a lot of the time. While you can still barely make out everything, it's still awful looking. The animation is rather good at times, actually. No real complaints. The variety in the character's heads are cool, but the bodies are all the same, even with the game's only female, Crudla. (She still tosses a woman in the Mate Toss, and now I'm really afraid of her!) THe character portraits are alright looking. Thag looks like he was ripped from a Far Side cartoon or something. (NO, seriously! Take a look for yourself!)The flashing text after you pick a character also hurt my eyes. All in all, nothing too impressive.

Sound: -4000/10

''Deaf people go insane when this music is played.''

Mommy! Someone was playing with the music again! It sounds like a bunch of screeches and bleeps to me. THere is nothing good about the music to say at all, except for the opening theme music. I don't remember too many sound effects or anything. Probably because my hearing was going bad and my ears were bleeding from the music. Someone obviously did NOT take any time on this.

Gameplay: -[Many, many numbers]/10

There are six events: Dino Race, Dino Vault, Saber Race, Fire Making, Clubbing, and the funniest of them all, Mate Toss. The controls are only semi-decent in Clubbing and Mate Toss. The others just have impossible control schemes which seem to take six-hundred years to even get the hang of. I don't know why the controls were made so complicated, but it doesn't add to challenge, it adds to frustration. Very, very bad. For example, in Fire Making, you have to press the button rapidly until you get up a certain ways in the meter, press down to blow on the fire, keep the meter up, smack your opponent to stun him, etc. etc. What is this?! Sheesh, this is way too confusing for my tastes.

Replay Value: [Nonexistant]/10

The only reason you might play this game again is for the Mate Toss or just to torture someone. Other than that, there is no real reason to play this game again.

Overall: 2/10

This game did succeed in being funny, but it also turned out to be one crappy game. The controls were awful, the sound sounded like crap as well, and it just didn't work. Perhaps if they spent more time on this game, they wouldn't have let this game go to waste. It could've worked.....

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 02/28/02, Updated 02/28/02

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