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    FAQ by BSulpher

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    City Connection FAQ
    Copyright Jaleco 1985
    Written By: Brian P. Sulpher
    E-Mail: briansulpher@hotmail.com
    Version: 1.7
    Date Written: July 23, 2002
    This dedication goes out to my cousin Kyle, who lent me his cart with all of
    the games on it.  It may have been an illegal cart, but man there were some
    fun times to be had.  Thanks man, and I wish you well in whatever you plan
    to do after high school.
    Also, for Cougar.  I miss you, and I hope you are living it up in the 
    afterlife as you did in this world.  You will always be in my memories, and
    you will never be forgotten.
    Version 1.0
    -Submitted guide on July 23, 2002
    Version 1.1
    -Updated Enemies section to include the Spike
    Version 1.3
    -Updated Controls section telling what DOWN does (thanks to girth)
    -Updated Enemies section telling how/where Spikes appear (thanks to girth)
    -Updated Advacned Moves section
    Version 1.4
    -Updated purpose of game (can not believe I left it out of the FAQ!)
    Version 1.5
    -Submitted guide on January 23, 2004
    -Altered format
    -Added info to level maps
    Version 1.6
    -Submitted guide on June 11th, 2004
    -Altered format a bit to make it more reader friendly
    Version 1.7
    -Submitted guide on March 28th, 2005
    -I added in Honestgamers as a site allowed to use my FAQs
    Version 1.8
    -Submitted guide on June 22nd, 2005
    -I added in Retronintendo as a site allowed to use my FAQs
    -Altered the format to make it easier on the eyes of the reader
    -I have alos seen something odd fly across the top of the screen after I
     wiped out a bunch of cops in a row.  If anyone knows what the thing was,
     what purpose it holds, and any behavioural patterns, please contact me 
     about it to get your name up in TEXT!
    ------------------------------Table of Contents-----------------------------
    1) Introduction
    2) Controls
    3) Goals Of The Game 
    4) Enemies
    5) Advanced Techniques
    6) Road Maps
    7) Final Word
    1) This is a game that will surprise you with the complexities that are
       underlying the apparent simple appearance.  You are a cocky, confident
       hot shot driver, and you are on a world tour of the sights and of the
       wildest roads.  This tour will take you across the world, and it is a
       fast paced, intense driving experience.  To finish up your tour of a 
       city, you will need to have painted every square of the road white (to
       prove you toured the hwole city).  However, the Police do not like 
       vandalism, so they will try to stop you.  Cats are not be run over as 
       that will cost you a life.  Spikes will be implemented periodically (a
       nasty obstacle) so keep an eye out!  Just remember to collect Oil Cans 
       and Balloons so you will have an extended trip!
    2) This section will go over the controls, and it will help you to quickly
       pick up this gem of a game.
    UP-------> Holding this will cause your car to jump higher (the ability to 
               change  what level of highway your car is on).
    DOWN----->If your car is currently in the air, this can be pressed to cause 
              your car to dive to the road below at an increased rate.
    LEFT-----> Turns your car left, and it also increases your rate of speed 
               when going left.
    RIGHT----> Turns your car right, and it also increases your rate of speed 
               when going right.
    SELECT---> Used to select one or two players on the title screen.
    START----> Pressed to start the game, and to then pause it during gameplay.
    B Button-> Fires your oil cans.
    A Button-> This is used to jump.
    ------------------------------Goals Of The Game-----------------------------
    3) The main goal of the game is quite simple, yet is quite hard.  The goal
       is to drive every little section of highway on a given level.  The driver
       can tell where they have driven previously by looking at the road, and
       where you see empty blocks, you have not been, but white blocks indicates
       you have been.  There are a few obstacles, but the following section will
       tell you what they are, and how to deal with them so your drive is as
       easy and carefree as possible.
    4) This section will look at the enemies you face, and then the way of
       dealing with them.
    a) The most numerous enemy to you is of course, the Police.  No matter what
       part of the world, what type of vehicle and no matter how much you
       follow the rules, the Police are always trying to ram into you.  One
       touch is all it takes for your car to explode.  Into flames you say?  No,
       your car does not become a big fireball, but rather it becomes a group of
       hearts that fly around the screen.  I am not sure why this happens, but
       unless you had numerous hearts in your antinomy (and your body exploded),
       I assume it must be the way they meant to express the agony of exploding
       with your car.
       Anyway, to deal with these nuisances, just press the 'B' Button to launch
       a projectile at them.  A missile, a bazooka, a handgun you ask?  No, an
       oil can that can be found lying on the road is how you send the Police
       into an out of control spin.  Then you just have to ram them to send them
       flying, and gain yourself anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 points.  I guess
       most criminals never played this game, or else they would get away from
       the cops a little more.  Grand Theft Auto 3 would be a little easier, if
       an oil can could stop the Police, FBI, and the Army.
    b) Cats are the other common enemy you face in this game, and they are much 
       less active than the ram happy Police.  In fact, cats just stand there, 
       holding a checkered flag in the middle of the road.  Do they wave it at
       you?  No, they just stand there waiting to become road pizza.  Do you
       stop to get it off the road, maybe scratch it behind the ears, give it
       a treat, or at least take it to the shelter?  No, you either avoid it
       (recommended way of dealing with it), or just hit it with your car to
       gets it moving (flies off on 45 degree angle, along with cool cat killer
       music).  The latter results in a loss of an extra man (the Police 
       probably ram you into hearts from behind while you watch the cat exit
       Earth's atmosphere), so just turn around, or jump the critters so you
       can continue your quest to drive all of the roads in the world (the wild
       and crazy ones anyway).
    c) Spikes will occasionally appear on the road as well.  They usually appear
       whenever your driving path stays on the same level for too long (this 
       means you have jumped some Cats beforehand to see it).  Now, you may ask
       yourself, how does this killer Spike get me exactly?  Does it impale the 
       driver?  Maybe it gives you a flat, and you spin out visciously into the 
       ditch?  Maybe it hold you in place?  Do not be so silly, young reader!  
       It simply pushes up and down out of the roadway (how excatly did it get 
       there anyway?), and no matter what level it is at in its current 
       push/pull, it will simply cause your car to blow up into those damned six
       hearts by the smallest touch (that must be one specially powered Spike!).
       Of course, I simply avoid this great technological breakthrough designed 
       to stop those evil joy riders the world over!
    -------------------------------Advanced Techniques--------------------------
    5) This section will deal with some nifty moves, bonuses, and items that
       will help you to advance farther into your world road tour.
    a) The most important technique to learn is the high jump.  Just hold UP
       when jumping, and your car will magically go even higher.  An alternate
       version of this technique is the wrap-around jump.  This is pulled off by
       holding UP when you jump, but then hold the opposite direction of the way
       you jumped (hold left if going right, hold right if going left).  This
       is a good way to get to a piece of road that is hard to reach from any
       direction, but from directly below it's position.
    b) Be aware that after a jump is made, you turn around, (even if you fall to 
       a new road level while doing so), your car will pull a wheelie.  Now, 
       before the car does this, you can not jump.  This gets annoying in later 
       levels when cats start to multiply (maybe you should have used some birth
       control, bumper style) and make your life into a slow death turning 
       rapidly until they get close enough to be launched.  This will also effect
       you in the smaller road lengths that you must try to land on without 
       mistake, or else you will have to start your jumping procedure over to 
       reach the same area (because roads are too short for your car to turn, 
       wheelie, and then get a jump off).
    c) Periodically, a red balloon will show up in a level, and it will float on
       the screen until you scroll it off.  If a player collects three of these,
       they will skip one or two cities in the order of the backgrounds, but 
       they will still face the same road conditions.  Weird how balloons can
       instantly transport your car over many miles, and still copy the roads 
       from another city to where you land.  These will also increase your bonus
       of amount of oil x 1000 (as opposed to the x 100 for finishing the levels
       normally).  This is the best way to run up your score, especially later 
       on when you have garnered many extra cans to your total stoc of weaponry.
    ----------------------------------Road Maps---------------------------------
    6) This section will have the road maps of the exotic highways you will
       travel on your amazing global trotting adventure.  Note that these are 
       scaled down in size to present them as one whole map.  Also note that all
       maps wrap around, so do not expect pathways to suddenly cut off or 
       anything of that nature.
                                     | Level 1 |
       ----------------       ----------------       ----------------
       ----------------       ----------------       ----------------
       ----------------       ----------------       ----------------
    You start off with a very basic level design, which has plenty of room
    for your car to turn around and still jump to a higher road level.  Try
    to get clear the higher areas first, as it is still tough to climb up
    the hieghts in road than going downwards as you clear each chunk of 
                                     | Level 2 |
       -----------     -----------     -----------     -----------
    ---     -----------------     --------------------------------------
    --------    ---------    ---------    ---------    ---------    ----
    This level is similiar to level one, but it has more sections of smaller
    roads than the previous area.  However, the middle portion is rather 
    long, limiting the areas that can be used to hop up to the middle 
    portion from the lower middle  portion (only two platforms can be used
    to reach these openings).  Still, clear the higher two ledges first, and
    this problem is no longer a threat to your trip.
                                     | Level 3 |
          ------------------     ------------------     ------------------
       ------------------     ------------------     ------------------
    ------------------     ------------------     ------------------
    Here is a more friendly design in roads than the previous level.  You
    will begin on the highest ledges, so clear them first as best you can. 
    If you drive off of the right side of the roads, then immediately turn
    to the left, your car will land perfectly on the next road portion below
    (painting every part of the road for you without effort).
                                     | Level 4 |
       ----------      ----------      ----------      ------------- 
    -----      --------------------------      ------------------------
       ----------      ----------      ----------      -------------
    If you crossed Level 1 and Level 2, you would find Level 4.  As usual,
    clearing the higher area early is the best plan for getting through here
    unscathed.  This is the level where the Police Cars begin to use their
    flying attack that is extremely difficult to stop as well as avoid.
                                     | Level 5 |
          ------------            ------------            ------------      
    ------            ------------            ------------            ------
          ------------            ------------            ------------
    Now is where the platforms REALLY begin to shorten up.  The gaps between
    the same level platforms is too long for a jump, so you will have to 
    master jumping ahead of time to land on a lower ledge, allowing your car 
    time to land and then jump up to the next ledge above (if you do not, then
    you will have a terrible time with the levels from here on out).  Also,
    the cats will start to be placed right near the edges of ledges, so be 
    sure to keep an eye out when you hop up to a new area of the level.
                                     | Level 6 |
          -----------      ------------      --------------------------
          -------------------------------      ------------------------
        ----------       ----------       ----------       ----------
    The advice, "clear the top areas first before moving to the lower portions"
    was never more true than in this level.  If you fail to get the top area
    cleared right from the get go, then you will have to contend with flying
    attacks from Police Cars, Cats stalking your car, and extremely difficult
    to time jumps from the second level to the third level of roads.  Keep 
    moving, but be sure to watch you for Cat attacks.
                                     | Level 7 |
         ------------      ------------------------      ------------
       --------------------------        ---------------------------
       ------------       ------------------------       ------------
    This level is similiar to Level 6, and from here on, the advice remains the
    same.  Clear the highest areas first, leaving the lower areas for last as 
    they are easier to traverse and get to than the higher areas.
    ---------------------------------Final Words--------------------------------
    7) As is the usual, this walkthrough is copyright property of Brian P. 
       Sulpher, 2002.  The only website, group, person, etc. to have access to
       post it is www.gamefaqs.com, www.ign.com, www.retronintendo.com, and 
       www.honestgamers.com.  You must ask for permission before posting this, 
       as doing so without consent is a violation of international copyright 
       If you liked it, hated it, have anything to add, then please E-mail me at
       briansulpher@hotmail.com.  You can also contact me through MSN messenger
       through the same E-mail address.
       Hope you had fun, because I sure have the many times I have played this
       game!  Also, despite my often sarcastic portrayal of the game, I really
       did and still do enjoy playing this simple, yet oh so complicated game.
       Remember, the Cat is truly the star of this game, so be sure to hit once
       or twice and enjoy the hilarity of cat splatting!
       *Note that Brian P. Sulpher in no way condones the hitting of cats in
        anyway.  In fact, he is the proud owner of two cats of his very own who
        are very awesome indeed.  SO no need to e-mail me about how I am cruel
        or insensitive I may be, as the jovial, joking fellow who wrote this is
        not like that in his attitude towards cats in real life.*

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