Review by Rick L

"Oh no! The police sent out their.....flag-holding cats?"

This game, while it was original, had many problems with it. While it was still fun for a few minutes, it just seemed very awkward to play in my opinion. A game can be unique, but it's not neccasarily fun.

Graphics: 4/10

''The visual version of radio static!''

The backgrounds take away a large chunk of the score. Mainly, the backgrounds seemed very staticy and they were hard to make out what they were in my opinion. The cars and oil cans were done alright, and the cats were cool, but why the hell are they waving flags? In conclusion, the cars, cans, cats, and cops in City Connection are completely cool, but other things look like crap.

Sound: 0/10

''I thought someone was scraping their fingernails on a chalkboard!''

Ugh...annoying bleeps and screeching practically. I couldn't stand it, especially at the title screen. Unless you want your eardrums to bleed without any hope of stopping, then pop in a CD or something.

Gameplay: 5/10

''I dunno, he just came in and painted the town white!''

The controls were easy enough to learn, but the thing is, they were overly touchy in my opinion. It's easy to waste all your oil cans by accident. Jumping is really strange as well, since it seems like no matter how far you jump, you always run into something when you land and have no chance in hell of avoiding it. That gets really aggrivating, and takes away from the fun of the game. The object of the game is to paint all the higways white. This gets very tedious, as it seems to take forever to paint every little place on the level, get oil cans, and dodge the cops and their vicious, flag-waving cats.

Replay Value: 3/10

''Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!''

Once you've played this, you'll probably only want to play this a couple more times until you put it away for good. It's not all that fun a game, but it's no torture device either. So just stuff it in a shelf and it'll be fine.

Overall: 4/10

''Unique up on this game and get rid of it!''

This game was unique and all, but just executed poorly. If you find it, give it a try, though. It's worth a few plays or two, at the very least.

This is The Rick, tellin' you to at least try it out!

Go ahead, give it a try! You won't be too disappointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/18/02, Updated 03/18/02

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