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Reviewed: 02/12/00 | Updated: 02/12/00

Sending cats to Kingdom Come!

City Connection by Jaleco is kind of a strange quest type game; kind of like a side scrolling Bump N Jump. You drive a little Euro looking car that has to cover the entire road with paint. While you do this you are pestered by police cars and the occasional lounging cat, whom you can utterly wail into outer space by hitting him!
City Connection is one of those games that relies on gameplay as it's main feature. It is fun for a little while but gets old within a few days. The basic theme of the game just doesn't do much as far as excitement is concerned. Jaleco also tends to make lousy games, or at least games that are close to being good but fall just short (Hoops, Bases Loaded, Astyanax, Racket Attack). This strange entry in thier library fits right into that category.

Graphics=8.0 The backgrounds look pretty cool; you travel the world looking for roads to paint. Paris, London, Tokyo and so on. Everything animated is kind of plain, though I love the ''shocked'' look on the cat's face when you knock him into the sky! The cut scenes aren't too bad, though they are usually just a single shot of your driver smoking or something like that.

Sound=5.4 A few dumpy action tunes, though the carnival music is funny when you hit the cat. I think that has to be the favorite part of my game.

Play Control=5.6 Your car drives on autopilot, so you are always moving. The jumping system can be awkward when you turn around in mid-air. Everything is smooth but kind of clunky, if that makes sense.

Storyline=4.0 Weird; you have to paint the roads of the world. I give it bonus points because you can smash into cats.

Challenge=8.0 It actually is difficult to play through all the scenarios. Sometimes you can be screwed because the one block you need to fill in is occupied by a cat. Requires fast reflexes to get to the harder levels.

Overall=5.4 A basic NES game with very little replay value. Some people really like these kinds of games; I think they are rather average. Did I mention I like clobbering the cats?

BRU's MUST GET OMETER-3 No one is waiting for the sequel of this one..

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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