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"Take a cat, white paint, and a sports car, shake them, and you get City Connection. Don`t ask."

City Connection sure is one strange game, I have no idea about how my friend managed to find it because now that I think I have never asked what was such an odd game doing in his house, probably because there were so many odd things in his house that there was no point in asking, probably...

Then, what is this game about?, well, it is pretty simple, you are a wacko that one day decided that it was time to buy white paint and start painting the street with his fancy car, after his street was fully white he though: now that I have painted this street, why not painting the streets of the entire world?, and so you will have to paint different cities while avoiding the police, a few red cats that sometimes tend to appear on the screen, and later spikes. This is, at least, what I assume, because there isn`t any intro or brief plot or anything.

Now, you don`t exactly paint the city like in Bart vs. The Space Mutants (thankfully), here the stages are like divided in three parts, or in three lines to be more accurate (maybe those are the streets I don`t know what to think), if we ride our car over these lines they become white, and once we paint everything, more stages where we have to repeat this process await, and so on all the time.

In case you haven`t got it, this is one of those monotonous archaic games in the vein of Elevator Action or Ice Climber, only that with the ``little`` fact that this was released when games were starting to get more elaborated, so it is not as archaic, and if we keep this in mind this is a terrible game, which is not true at all but well, it has to be said.

The controls are a little bit hard to master but they are well made, our car moves all by itself and we only have to change the directions and jump (yes, our car jumps like Mario does in his games).

We have some items also, but only two, oil tanks to get rid of those stupid police cars and balloon, which are the most important items in the game, with them we are able to skip stages.

There nothing much to see really, the different cities where we have to paint and little else. The cities are fairly easy to recognise because we can see all the typical monuments like that Tower Clock in London, the Liberty Statue, or those typical palaces found in Russia. Poor graphics when compared with games like Castlevania for example, and I know we can`t compare these games, what I meant was that technically this looks like a game from 1986, it has the same style.

For the music we have one of those themes that are horribly funky, cheap and repetitive but mysteriously catchy themes that are impossible to forget no matter what, and that is bad, because it is a shame to admit that I like the music, mphf.

While this game is basically another monotonous and repetitive first generation-like game released when these first generation games were almost history, I don`t know exactly why but even with this I have to say that I liked it, it is somehow interesting and amusing, and the challenge is very good, and that damned music is so horribly catchy that you end up loving it, not for a very long time but, it is ok for a while.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/27/04

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