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Reviewed: 11/19/01 | Updated: 11/19/01

He did the Mash! He did the Button Mash!

From beating up the innocent with brief cases to killing people with a ball Technos has always brought us games with good old fashion family values. After the success of their violent soccer game, World cup soccer, they felt that they were god of ‘the sports games’. Seeing as they thought they were in the ranks of Jesus and Allah they were like: “Hey seeing as we are god of ‘the sports games’ our ‘the sports games’ will sell no matter how crappy they are”. And thus with this kind of thinking Crash ‘n the Boys: Street Challenge was born…

Crash ‘n the Boys takes place in an everyday city where of course snobby rich kids have to compete with poor riff raff to prove that they are the best at throwing rockets and falling of roofs. The most stuck up kid, Todd, has lost once again to Crash and his Southsider gang. Like any rich kid Todd goes crying to his father, the head of Thornley Industries, about how Crash yet again. Like the loving father he is Mr. Thornley promises that he will deport Todd if he loses again. Todd vows vengeance and preaches that he will beat Crash, but his father doesn’t think he will win so he makes his own team of super athletes. To stick it to Crash even more Todd rounds up all his cronies from Washington high along with some guys from Jefferson high and Lincoln high to compete in the challenge.

You can pick from Southside, Washington, Jefferson or Lincoln to compete in an off the wall 5 course all around. Each team is made of five members and each member has their own strengths and weaknesses such as being fast but weak or slow and strong. The 5 courses include Track, Hammer toss, Swimming, Roof jumping, and Street fighting. The Track course is very fast paced and filled with obstacles that come up so fast any normal person would run into them and lose. The Hammer toss makes you spin around until you either throw the hammer a small ways away or fall on your face. The point of the Swimming game is to drown your opponent but sense it requires the reflexes of The Flash or Superman the computer will most likely always win. Once again in the Roof jumping you will need the powers of a robot to press the buttons in time so you might as well just whack the controller with a hammer to be more successful. And the last form of torture is the poor man’s Street fighting game which requires you to win grapples by of course once again button mashing but sense the computer is just that, a computer, you’ll never win. All the controls are horrible and will force you to beat your controller with your head instead of make you use any form of skill. You can spend the metals you win(If you even can) to make you almost as cheap as the computer by giving you rockets, allow you to shoot projectiles, let you run backwards and other weird stuff. But if you do decide to take this route then your rank will go down and even if you waste your metals the computer will probably still win.

The graphics in Crash ‘n the boys is some of the best on the NES with great colors and detailed faces. The characters themselves are just ones modified from earlier Technos games with different outfits, hair, or just touched up a bit. But this reuses of pixels gives a good feel of familiarity rather then boring repetition. But because you’ll spend more time yelling at the screen then looking at the images it’s sadly all for not.

The music has taken a step down from what was a great standard for Technos. Although the sounds are nice and up beat you’ll be soon to forget them after you turn off the power/Throw something at your TV. As far as the sound effects go they are just rehashed from early games but although not great they are still tolerable.

Unless you want to turn this game into a trap in your freaky dungeon of doom for traveling adventures to become a victim of then there is no reason to get within a 50 mile radius of this after you play it.

If you’re walking on sunshine and need a reason to let out some rage feel free to pick up Crash ‘n the Boys: Street Challenge today.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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