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Reviewed: 03/26/02 | Updated: 03/26/02

I love it!!

I don't know why but I absolutely, positively love this game. It seems every time I turn on my NES I play it sooner or later during my gaming session. This game is about 2 main high schools, Thornley(Bad) and Southside(Good). Take Thornley's ego, Southside's athletic ability, and about 4 other high schools, and you've got one of the most addicting NES games of all time.

Standard fare, large characters, simple animations, and decent, slightly above average backgrounds. Not much else to be said, except that most of the characters look the same.

Pretty good sound, nothing groundbreaking or Earth shattering, just good ol' sound and music.

This is where the game really shines. The game is all about 5 events which are: 400 Meter Hurdles, Hammer Throw, Rooftop Jumping, Swimming, and Fighting Scene. You compete in the events one after another, using the school you pick. Each school has it's own strengths and weaknesses. But the best overall team in my opinion is Southside. Anyway, you pick a school, and start out with 5 gold medals. You can use the medals to buy things, but this cost you in the rankings, you are ranked by how many medals you have. So this throws some strategy in the mix. Not much for me though because I can by any Item I need and still win the game every time. But for the under experienced player, this supplies challenge. In the game, there are advertisements for the Sequel ''Ice Challenge'' but that game was not to be. But anyhoo back to the gameplay. In each event you use whatever items you purchased before the event and use them to your advantage, whether it be tacks for your opponent to run over during the hurdles, or a fish to chomp your opponent while you fight them in the swimming battle in the canal. In a number of words, the gameplay rocks!!!

Replay Value-10/10
Maybe not to most people, but I love to beat this game over and over. If you like this game, be careful, you might just find yourself playing this game for hours on end.

If this game had gone over well, a series was being planned, now that would have been awesome. If you can find this game, buy it, you'll never regret it...
A game this addicting should be illegal

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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