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Reviewed: 07/19/03 | Updated: 02/20/04

Despite the rather uneven Difficulty its a great & unique NES game.

Ah yes Crash 'n the Boyz: Street Challenge, another buried treasure of a NES game from Technos whom was behind other NES games such as River City Ransom and Renegade. Even though this one alike the others are about fighting young men but this one is a different one which is a highly unorthodox olympics like game. The events are 100 Meter Dash, Swimming, Hammer Golf, Pole Vaulting & Street Fight A.K.A Judo. Nice variety huh? What makes this thing unique you ask? Well aside from the fact that they are all set at a urban cityscape area (well except H.G) this is also a ''no-holds barred'' kind of games so many things can go here. That alone gives this game a very unique & substantial reason why its such a fun game.

The anime-styled graphics in here that're quite similar to the graphics in the earlier game River City Ransom and trust me folks thats a good thing. And while its not quite as funny as River City Ransom in more than one way this is far from being devoid of good humor as well. This is a amusing little storyline of Rich Prettyboy Preppie Todd Thornley as he was one defeated by Southside High's Prettyboy Badboy Crash Cooney. Now he wants revenge in a series of games that have no rules that'll ensure his victory against Crash and ensure his victory and restore his ''honor'' as a Thornley. And now he & Todd along with a few of their fellow classmates as a few students from a couple of other schools join in the fun. And Todd Thornley's father secretly hires a group of super atheletes to join in this stunt that are suprisingly quite neutral. (Oh boy a bunch of pretty-boy toughguys fight eachover over petty ''honor'' issues. Especially Todd's petty rivalry with Crash Cooney. Don't be too suprised if someone has some visions of ''June'' dancing in their heads.) But still all joking aside its still a good storyline in fact one could make plenty of fanfics out of it. The potential of intresting character interaction & development is quite possible when you think about it.

One small flaw is that most of the kind of medals (the game's currency) are WAY too hard to come by. However the biggest flaw is that its difficulty is awfully uneven. Sure some characters are just not all that good in some games but even if they are it can be awfully hard at times even if they are perfectly suited for the event. It can be confusing on how uneven the difficulty can be but it doesn't happen TOO much however it happens enough times that you should be cautious about it. So this is NOT a game to let your guard down on.

One other sad thing is that this the final Technos-made game for the NES. (Well there is the never US-released ''Crash & the Boyz: Ice Challenge'' on which its release plans were cancelled but it was at least on the Famicom.) But still this is a very good NES game and its a good buy, it may not be easy to find but its pretty well worth it.

+ A great and unique premise & gameplay style that were utilized quite well.
+ Great anime-styled graphics
+ Good variety of sports games to play
+ Amusing storyline that could make good fanfiction
- Rather uneven difficulty in gameplay
- Not quite as funny (let alone as good) as River City Ransom
- Any medals outside of the gold ones are a bit too hard to come by (ESPECIALLY sence you need them to buy some more important stuff for the upcoming game your going to be in.)
- The final Technos game for the NES

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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