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    FAQ/Walkthrough by UDBassMan

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                    Crystalis: The Walkthrough
                    Version 1.1
                    Written By Christopher Storer, aka UDBassMan
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    Every once in a while I feel like going through a game from the very beginning without any
    preconceived guides, just in case someone may have missed a spot, so here I am, a year after
    Way of the Samurai, inevitably drawn again to my console in my Fantabulous Room of Technology
    amidst the GameCube and PS2, to play... that's right, my NES of course!  Okay, enough junk,
    let's get rolling.
    Step one: turn your blasted system on.
    Step two: if you actually needed to read step one, close this and throw your console
    out a window, there's no hope for you.
    Step three: Enjoy!
        1997, October 1, The END DAY (geez, no one really has any faith in civilization anymore)
        Savage war engulfs the world... civilization is destroyed... An evolution had taken
        place.  The Earth's axis shifted and all creatures became mutated.  Life would never be
        the same...  Those surviving vowed not to repeat their mistakes of the past and erected
        a great tower in the sky...  To oppress evil forever... (these guys use ellipses like I
        use semicolons; see what I mean?)
    Aaaaaaaaand the title screen, yaay!
    Likin' the dragons...
        100 years have passed.  Most of the earth has become dominated by mutated creatures.
        People worked together to rebuild their villages and their lives, but they still lived
        in fear.  As they feared the rebirth of evil, they remembered the construction of the
        tower and of it's (sic) consequences once activation had begun.  Once evil emerged, would
        they still stand a chance?  There was still one hope...
    You are presented with a Metal Gear-type screen; go ahead and enter your name, Kimosabe:
    Now how's THIS for an entrance?  You're definitely the stuff of legends.  Walk down and
    get out of here.
        Hey!! There's a guy coming out of the cave!
    Follow this idiot left and into the town.  Take some time now to familiarize yourself with
    your status bars.  LIFE is the amount of hits you can take before you're iced for good;
    keep your eyes, or one of them anyway, on this one.  FORCE... well, have you ever played
    Zelda?  FORCE allows you to charge up your sword and throw a projectile at your foes.  LV is
    your level, $ is your cash flow, and MP is your magic points.  EX is your experience.  When the
    left counter reaches the right one, you'll gain a level, and you'll get a new EX goal. Press
    Start and take a look at this screen.  Here you'll get a condition report, a reminder of your
    level, a more in-depth life report, and some info on your current attack and defense. Your
    currently equipped armor and shield are listed at the bottom, as well as the mapping of your
    A and B buttons; note that you have nothing on, nothing to fight with, etc, so you'll need to
    power up before you try fighting.  Press start again to get to the main screen, then press
    select to take a look at your other menu.  Here you can equip (A button), unequip (A button),
    and drop (B button) all the items in your possession, but you don't have any right now, so
    press select to exit the menu and move about the town.  When you walk up to townsfolk, they
    will automatically talk to you; how convenient!  Anywho, talk to the people around town, then
    we'll head into some buildings.
        This is the village of Leaf.  There are great dangers outside of town.  Please be careful.
        The wind here is always cold but we're used to it.
        Oh, it's you.  I'm sorry I ran from you when we first met.  Zebu says he is having a hard
         time with the windmill guard.  He is always sleeping.
        Did you visit the elder's house yet?
        If you go to the west, you will find Zebu in a cave.
    Enter the building in the upper right of the town, and talk to the man inside.
        You have finally awoken.  This money is from the wise man Zebu.  It's yours.
        I'm the first pupil of Zebu.  You must bow down before me!
    100 well-needed smackers are added to your books, no bowing necessary; them's good eatins!
    Exit this place.  Pass the small barn to your left unless you want to see a strange rabbit
    yelling "Kyu. Kyu.", and enter the building adjacent to it.
        There is an old windmill to the north, but I've never seen it working.
    *   If you ever need to wake anyone up, use the Alarm Flute, it never fails.
        I am the village elder. You awoke from inside the cave didn't you?  We were told you
         would arrive.  You are our last hope to defeat evil.  Receive this sword to protect
         you on your quest.  This and others like it will guide you... <You now have Sword of
        Please be careful.  Our destiny is in your hands.
    Now you have a sword!  Head south and take a look at these buildings.  You have your typical
    RPG setup, an inn, an armor shop, and an item shop:
    Armor Shop:
        Carapace Shield - $80
        Tanned Hide -     $100
    Item Shop:
        Medical Herb -    $30    -  Restores your LIFE
        Antidote -        $40    -  Cures poison
        Warp Boots -      $60    -  Teleports you to a town you have previously visited
        Alarm Flute -     $50    -  Wakes up someone who's sleeping
        Rest -            $16    -  Restores all health and power
    Enter the armor shop and buy the Carapace Shield for now; you'll be back for the alarm flute
    later.  Follow the path north out of town.  Okay, now it's time to equip your sword and
    shield.  Go to your equip menu (select), then press A over your sword and shield to activate
    them.  Press start here to save your progress.  After you get to the main menu, go to your
    status menu (start), and you will see that your shield is on, and your sword is now mapped
    to the B button; time to go use that sword!  When you hold down your sword button (while you
    are NOT moving), your force gauge will charge up, and at its max, you can throw projectiles
    around; quite useful.  Also, any charge you've gathered while immobile stays there while you
    move, so a good fighting strategy here is to charge your weapon, then run around until you
    find an enemy, and attack from a distance.  The small blue blobs are weaker and give the same
    experience as the tiger-looking beasts:
        Name          Exp   Cash
        Blue Blob -     1      1
        Tiger Beast -   1      2
    Fight around until you have gained another level (you may want to walk away, then return to
    respawn the monsters), and you have $50 for the Alarm Flute, and perhaps $30 more for a
    medical herb if you're uncoordinated.  Go buy that, then come back here.  Hug the left wall
    and walk around until you reach a cave; head on in.  No need to draw your sword here, so
    advance until you meet a man in a large room.  Talk to him:
        I'm called Zebu.  BMAN, you are the one we have been waiting for.  Try to make the
         windmill work.  If you can do this I will teach you some magic.  Use your power to open
         the way.
    Sounds like a plan to me!  But wait, what power is he talking about?  After several futile
    attempts to slam the wall with my sword, I realized it must be something I don't have yet.
    Time to go look for that sleeping guy and wake him up.  Exit the cave, then follow the wall
    upward, turn right, skip the northern path, then take the next northern path across the
    bridge, and into the cave.  Go through here, then turn up when the path splits; you'll reach
    the sleeping guard everyone has been talking about.
    Hmm, that's a lot of help.  Go to your equip menu and move up until you get to the items
    window.  Equip the Alarm Flute and it will work along with your sword when you press B.
    Now use the flute, and the slacker will snap to attention... no more flute :(
        Huh?  What was that?  Don't do that again!  It's you.  Please don't tell Zebu.  Take
         this to start the windmill.  Zebu says a strange ball is hidden in these caves.  He
         says it can break rock walls. <You now have Windmill Key>
    Head down and left, out of the cave, and into the windmill control room.  Equip the Windmill
    Key, and use it on the keyhole:
        The windmill begins to work.
    Kablam!  Go outside and you'll see a hole break open... but it doesn't seem like the one we
    want.  Go back through the cave and out into the main area, then go around to the left and
    up the path you skipped before.  Hey, it isn't what we were looking for, but we got a nice
        You have done well.  I will now teach you the magic of Refresh. <You now have Refresh.>
        Name          Exp   Cash
        Red Blob    -   2      2
        Green Dragon -  3      4
    Magic lesson!  Go to your equip screen and press up until you reach your items; you'll notice
    that the bottom row is labeled MAGIC.  If you enable your refresh spell, it will be mapped to
    your A button, which may of may not be a good thing, depending on whether you're a button-
    masher or not.  You can use refresh to heal yourself, but keep an eye on your MP; they can
    drop quite quickly!
    Okay... head into the cave and snoop around.  Cool bridge, pass under here and up the stairs;
    you'll pass across the bridge and go up another set of stairs.  Here's where that level is
    going to seriously help you.  These enemies are quite robust; dispatch them and take the
    stairs leading up.  A stone man guards a chest here.  This guy can take several hits, and
    will throw a boulder at you right after he lifts his arms, so keep your eyes peeled.  Get
    the Warp Boots from the chest and head back down the stairs.  Get through the enemies again
    and take the stairs at the right side of the corridor.  This area is a bit tougher than the
    others because crazy fast bats will assault you randomly.  Head up quickly if you want to
    take out another stone man; otherwise go south, killing/dodging the bats and grabbing the
    Medical Herb.  Head back to the intersection, then go right and down the long stairway...
    and there's the Ball of Wind!  Head to the equip menu and turn this bad boy on; note that
    your force gauge now has a second supercharge level, which releases a bigger blast.  Good
    stuff!  Head up, and use this level 2 blast to take the wall out for an antidote.  Head down,
    then turn left at the first opportunity, past the branch, and up the stairs at the left path.
    Oh, by the way, the stone guys can throw diagonally; I learned that the hard way :)  Head left
    past the middle stairs and up the next available northern path.  Blast the wall, then take the
    left path (stairs included) for a medical herb.  Come back to this intersection and head up the
    northern stairs... okay, brace yourself for a boss fight.  This guy uses bats at random, so
    dodge and dispatch them when they are thrown, and attack him as he teleports around the room.
    You should have enough medical herbs to survive this guy if you move fast.  Take him out and
    you'll receive the Rabbit Boots.  Not quite sure what these do yet, but we shall see.  Head
    north through the passageway.  Move around the turn, through the wall, and out into a new
    battle area.  You just might want to save at this point.
        Name             Exp   Cash
        Axe Thrower -      5      4
        Giant Blue Blob -  6      4
    Stay out of the marshes, they hurt!  If you feel like a kamikaze, follow my lead and hug the
    wall up, right, and up to a small house, and head inside.  Talk to this guy:
        A busy town, Brynmaer, is located south of the sealed cave.  You should visit there.
    Gee, thanks.  Go back to the cave entrance if you actually went here, then head down and left
    into the town.
    *   I'm Akahana.  I used to have an unusual statue but I dropped it near the river.  It was a
         great find and will be difficult to replace.  Have you seen it?
        This town is mostly for travelers.  Pretty noisy isn't it.(sic)
        I've heard that there's a village where only women live.  I wonder...
    *   The village of Oak lies deep in the forest.  The people there don't understand our
        If you go east, you will find the forest.  It's a grand maze where plants will shoot
        There are two routes to Mt.Sabre; one west and one north.  Both roads are very dangerous.
    There's a tavern to the far left here:
        The wise man Tornel lives with his pupils in the north.
        I just found out how to get rich quick.  Later!
        I told him that I made a lot of money from stones I found on Mt.Sabre.  After that he got
        Welcome.  Please have some refreshments.
    And a pawn shop?  Nift!  Also, you have an inn, armor shop, and item shop:
    Armor Shop:
        Leather Armor   - $140
        Carapace Shield - $70
        Bronze Shield   - $220
    Item Shop:
        Medical Herb -    $35
        Antidote -        $45
        Warp Boots -      $65
        Rest -            $20
    Do yourself a favor and buy the Leather Armor (don't forget to equip it), then leave town.
    Equip the rabbit boots and-- wow, you can jump with the A button!  Good stuff, but I still
    don't see where we can use it.  Head to the right until you reach the river, then head up
    and around until you reach a bridge.  Go south across the bridge, then left (I can't help
    but use my direction words interchangeably, my bad).  Root around in the grass, and sure
    enough, there's a statue here!  How someone could lose an entire statue in grass is beyond
    me.  Head back to town, equip the statue, and use it on the guy at the front of town:
        <Akahana is handed a statue.>  Hey, this is my statue.  Thank you for finding it.  If you
         need to go to the forest, use this Gas Mask to avoid the poison.  <You now have Gas
    That's helpful.  Grab any provisions you might want, because we may not be back here for
    a while.  When you're ready, head out of town, go to the river and up and around like before,
    but when you go down across the bridge, this time turn right, but before you cross the poison
    area, equip your rabbit boots and jump across so you won't take as much damage; how's that for
    improvising?  See the green path?  Follow that past the first grove of trees, past the
    intersection and the next set of trees, then head slightly up and right (off the path)
    in between the rock formations and into the marsh, but BEFORE YOU ENTER, switch from your boots to
    the Gas Mask; that poison smarts!
        Name               Exp   Cash
        Red Beetle -         8      4
        Pink Puffball     -  6      0
    Wow, this place is spooky!  Talk about musical ambience too... anywho, advance to the right
    past two downward branches and dispatch the red beetle, but keep your eyes peeled for a flying
    beetle coming in from the right as well; your sword has no effect on it.  Other than a few
    random enemies, the place looks like it's missing something; particularly, an area toward the
    upper right, so I'm sure we still have something to do, but there's something you have to see.
    Take the next upper path (it should be the second one in this area), up, up, up, and up, and
    right through the gap, and you'll enter... a town?  This must be the Oak place we've heard
    about, but this is like Children of the Corn or something:
        Go in peace.
        Go in peace.
        etc., etc...
    ...wiggy.  Let us roll then, back out of this town, down until you reach the stone wall, then
    left and out of this strange place.  Well, let's see, who has been absolutely no help since we
    entered this area?  That's right, the old dude!  And in the spirit of RPGs, this guy suddenly
    has some significance.  Go left past the trees (back the way you came), across the poison
    area, up across the bridge, straight up (pretty much) past the trees and through the narrow
    path to the old guy's house.  Hmm, someone else is here...
        I am Tornel.  If you are truly a legendary soldier you should be able to defeat Stom
         easily.  Just force your opponent against the back wall.  
        I'm Stom training under Tornel.  BMAN!  Let's have at it!
    Seems old dude isn't quite so old; hold up and slam your attack button to get this guy up
    against the wall.  If you're not a natural turbo adept, get yourself a turbo controller or
    a psychiatrist because this was toooough for me!  As I'm writing this, I've already leveled
    up to 6 and I still can't ice the guy:
        You still lack the proper skill.  Come back when you think you are able.
        I'll be waiting...
    Yep, that was my luck, perhaps you'll have better.  If you can't win, go back out and level
    up a bit; remember that you have your heal spell, and you have the inn to recharge both when
    you're in trouble; it's just a short walk southwest from here.
        Excellent; I will now teach you the magic of telepathy.  This allows you to communicate
         with animals.  It also allows you to speak with us wise men when you have problems, even
         if you are not near.  I will now go to the training place.  If you find the Tornado
         Bracelet BMAN, bring it to me. <You now have Telepathy.>
    Magic lesson!  Now that you have telepathy, you can use it to talk to four people named
    Tornel, Zebu, Asina, and Kensu.  The spell costs 8 MP, so to save you some trouble, I'll list
    their advice; It's mostly nothing, but there are few interesting tidbits from the first two:
        Besides me, the wise men Asina and Kensu will assist you.
        You can't expect help all the time.  The world is not so easy.  Ho ho ho.
    *   Grant the Oak people's reguest (sic), and then look for me in the west.
    *   The ice slide at Mt.Sabre is not only for sliding.
        Don't rely on others so much.
        Use Telepathy to speak to us.
        I'm Asina.  I'm looking forward to seeing you.
        There is nothing to tell you.
        Be quiet!  Leave me alone!
        Don't bother others so much.  Think for yourself once in a while.
        ... ... ...
    The training place... that was specific.  Okay, since this telepathy will probably let us talk
    to the children of the corn, let's go there.  If you don't remember how to go, it's down from
    this house, down across the bridge, right past the poison area, right past two groves of
    trees, up and right into the marsh (equip the gas mask first), right, heading up at the second
    opportunity, and all the way up into the town; apparently, they're animals, because they
    suddenly make sense:
        This is the village of Oak.  We don't like humans here!
        The village elder will not talk to humans.
        ... ...
    ...I liked them more when they said "Go in peace."  Go inside and talk to the people there.
    *   I haven't seen my boy since he went into the forest.  Have you seen him?
        The air in my house smells like humans.  Get out!
    We have a lead now, but generally, this town seems like it needs to be opened up to humans;
    personally, I'd say rescue the kid, but where is he?  Let's go snoop.  The key here is to move
    quickly and efficiently, dodging enemies when you can, especially the flying beetles, which
    you cannot defeat yet.  Exit the town, head down until you reach a wall, then go right, down
    at the first opportunity, and hook left and there's the boy!
        Waah!  Waah!  I'm afraid!  I want to go home!  Can you please take me home?
    Do we have a choice?  The kid's on your tail now and will follow you, so head back up, left
    and up to the town.  The kid will run to his house, and the town now seems more receptive.
    *   The Insect Flute is a powerful item, but it's dangerous because of the poisonous insects
         it calls.
        We shun most humans but I think you are different than most.
        Who are you?  You're quite strange.
    Head into the first house and talk to the boy and his mama.
        I am forever indebted to you!  Please take this as a reward.  <You now have Insect Flute.>
        Thank you again for all your help.
        I'll be good from now on.  I swear!
    Item Shop:
        Medical Herb -    $50
        Antidote -        $60
        Fruit of Power -  $80   -  Restores some MP
        Rest -            $40
    The animals are no longer guarding the doors, so you can enter the shops if you'd like.  Do
    your thing, then head to the upper building and go inside.
        You saved the child?  I thank you.  I now ask a favor of you...  There is a monster in
         the poison swamp.  Many of our dwarves were eaten by this creature... The monster cannot
         attack the village because of an object we possess, but we cannot use.  I leave this
         object in your care, to save the village...  <You now have Sword of Fire.>
        Please do it!
    Well IT'S ABOUT TIME!  Now you can take on all those enemies in the marsh and overworld who
    were invincible before; good stuff.  Make sure to equip it (your ball of wind will become
    inept), and leave here to seek out the monster.  Head down, turn right at your first
    opportunity, then turn up at your LAST opportunity.  Keep going up and you'll reach a
    clearing.  Hmm, let's try that new insect flute.  Walk to the very top of the clearing and
    give it a blow.  HOLY CRAP!  That's a spicy meatball!  Poisonous insects indeed!  Avoiding any
    puns about squashing bugs, let's take this guy out.  He shoots projectiles from his mouth; this
    is the same place you'll need to attack to beat him.  Also, he will call up green versions of
    the flying beetles; pay them attention if you please, or just ignore them and roast Bugman.  He
    doesn't take an insane amount of hits, so you should have no trouble. When you defeat him, grab
    the chest and you will receive the Ball of Fire.  With ball in hand <lol>, head back to the
    town (down down left left up up up).
        I heard there are training grounds for wise men on the west side.  Perhaps you should go
        You're great!  I think I'll believe in you.
        We have reconsidered humans.
    Telepathy Update:
        BMAN!  I pray for your safety!
    Enter the upper house and talk to the elder.
        Hmm, you destroyed the monster.  Good, we now can live without fear...  BMAN!  You are the
         one who saved us.  Our precious object belongs to you.  With this we express
         appreciation.  Please keep it with you.  We will tell all of your feat.  You will forever
         be a hero among the dwarves.  Again many thanks.
    Is that Bush or what?  Let's leave the marsh for good, I'm sick of it.  Exit the town, go down
    until you reach the wall, then head left out of the marsh.  Oh yeah, just in case your mind
    has wandered from your status screen, you may want to hit the sack at the inn before you leave.
    Monster Update(Marsh):
        Name               Exp   Cash
        Flying Red Beetle -  8      4
    Monster Update(Overworld):
        Name           Exp   Cash
        Blue Shroom -    8      4
    With your fire sword, you should now be able to destroy the ice walls throughout the world.
    Remember one particular wall?  We're going to get to that one in a roundabout way soon enough.
    Run around and get used to your new power, BMAN is going to get some coffee :-D
    Alright, once you've gotten comfortable with that poofing effect, head left across the poison
    area, up across the bridge, and up to Tornel's place where you had the fight; his lackey
    provides some insight:
        The Tornado Bracelet is somewhere in Mt.Sabre.  It will maximize the power of the Sword
         of Wind.
    Hmm, that sounds promising.  Leave there, and head southwest a ways, and back to the town to
    recharge, then head down, hugging the left wall, around around around, and take the left path
    into the next area; if you found the right place, the ground will be greyish.
        Name           Exp   Cash
        Ice Man     -   12      8
    Follow the path until the first intersection; watch out for blue ice people coming out of the
    ground.  Head left.  You will eventually see ice paths up and down; these ice sheets will
    propel you down if you step on them.  Pass these, then take a good look at the next upward
    path.  Ever run up a slide before?  Slip on those rabbit boots and get a good running start,
    we're taking this hill!  If you time your jumping correctly, you should get this easy.  Turn
    right and head across the bridge, then go into the cave.
        Name           Exp   Cash
        Blue Spider -    8      8
        Red Dragon  -   10      8
        Blue Spiny  -    8      8  -  Metroid anyone?
    Most of the enemies here are untouchable, so just try to get around them.  Charge up your
    level 2 fire shot (you'll need the ball of fire equipped) and blast the northern wall out,
    then head up and around the corner (it doesn't matter which), turn again and blast the upper
    wall out, and advance here to procure the Tornado Bracelet, woohoo!  This is an attachment for
    your wind sword, and replaces the ball of wind in your inventory.  Turn this thing on and
    you can roast the other enemies here (with an MP cost).  Well, that's one victory, and we have
    places to go, but we're not finished with this area quite yet.  Leave this cave, then head
    left across the bridge again, down the slide, right, down the other slide, and right into the
    cave.  Enter the cave, then head left, burning down the ice wall, and take the stairs for a
    pair of warp boots.  Head back to the entrance, then head right at the branch, burning down
    another wall, then up another set of stairs.  Grab the medical herb to your left here, then
    head right, burn down the ice wall, and head left and out the door for a shortcut.  Follow the
    path left and up, and turn right at the intersection, taking the cave door.  Up we go, through
    the ice wall, past the right branch, and now you'll be taking a deterministic path.  You'll
    take two stairways up, one huge stairway down, then you'll blast another ice wall, follow
    that for a while, then head out the exit and you'll run into Tornel and a Magic Ring:
        BMAN!  I'm surprised you made it back.  I'll now teach you...  Teleport.  This magic
         allows you to move from town to town instantly.  Have a safe journey.  <You now have
    Telepathy Update:
        The Flame Bracelet will maximize the Sword of Fire's power, find it.
        Little by little, you're becoming stronger.  I'll recover your magic power.
         <recovers some magic>
    Alright!  Teleport, useful indeed... this spell replaces your warp boots, but you should still
    keep one set on you in case you need to leave somewhere in a hurry and you are out of magic,
    basic RPG rule.  The spell costs 20 MP, and it's worth every point.  That place in the very
    beginning of the game is actually connected to these caves, and we're going to go there now.
    If you are in dire need of healing, I suggest you do it now (at Brynmaer).  Regardless, the
    easiest way to get to the next location is to teleport there and reenter this area, then go
    around the curve and turn right instead of left at the intersection.  You should reach another
    cave I've left out until now.  The cave is linear, so take the paths, blast the door, and Zebu
    will be there.
        The wind is filled with sorrow.  Return to Leaf soon.
    Sounds like bad news.  Head past him (down) and follow the path out into the old overworld.
    If you want to have some fun, make sure your Leather Armor is equipped, then run into a mass
    of enemies.  They won't hurt you at all; as a matter of fact, they'll toss you around like a
    pinball!  Fun fun.  Go south and check out the town; root around in the buildings and you'll
    notice that no one's there.  Go into the small building next to the elder's house, and you'll
    be able to understand the strange rabbit now:
        Some evil people attacked and took everyone away.
    Goodness!  Poof yourself to Brynmaer, replenish your magic, then head northwest, down across
    the bridge again, across the marsh, but instead of entering the marsh where the oak people
    are, head up, through the narrow upward path, across the poison area (you'll see giant blue
    blobs here), then up through another upward path into an area you didn't have access to
    before.  To gain access, you'll need to equip your wind sword and wind bracelet.  This place
    is frighteningly empty; follow the path and into the inn.
        The trail is blocked off and strange people wander there.  It's quite weird.
        The food here is great!  I wish I could eat like this always.
        Welcome my guest.  I am Nadare.  Get rested and awake refreshed.
    Note the two doors in the background; enter these to access an inn and item shop, from the
    left respectively.
    Item Shop:
        Medical Herb -    $60
        Antidote -        $70
        Fruit of Power -  $100
        Warp Boots -      $80
        Rest -            $50
    Enter a third door to the right and you will have access to another small room.
    *   Not long ago a guy from Brynmaer left to climb the mountain.  I envy the youth with so
         much energy.
        Be careful.
        I may be old now, but in my youth, I could climb many mountains easily.
        My son Nadare is still a wimp compared to me.  Ha ha ha.
    Old dude is cracking on his own son :-D  Gotta love it.  But what about that guy climbing the
    mountain; is that the get-rich-quick guy who from the tavern?  Exit here and go left; someone
    is lying on the ground.
        ...it's you... I had a dream I could strike it rich... But alas... I failed... I was
         captured... by some strange people... they put me in a cave... I also saw people from
         Leaf... They were all being forced to work... But I escaped... And they found me... I
         cannot move... | BMAN: "Hold on!  Hold on!" | Oh, to have tasted Nadare's food again...
         I... am... eh... aaah... ... ...
        <He's already dead.>
    Just our luck.  There's a crazy long slide above, and we can't take that, so head left.
    Incidentally, you can switch your weapon and power item now, but you probably don't want to
    presently.  Eventually another event will take place:
        I hear someone talking.
        Guard: "Are those worthless villagers working well?"
         Guard: "Well, they're used to the cold weather and I haven't heard complaints...
         Guard: "But of course it's difficult to complain when you're not allowed...
         "He he he he... We must make them work harder, he he..."
         "Long live the Draygonia Empire!"
    Hmm... do I sense some foreshadowing?  Sounds like we have a lot in store.
        Who are you?  You cannot pass here!  Attack!
    Here we go!
    Name             Exp   Cash
    Imperial Guard -  25      8
    Move immediately right behind the fence, and shoot level 2 projectiles at the guards; they
    shouldn't be too difficult if they don't catch on.  If they do, just fight them Link-style
    and you'll be fine.  Enter the cave and advance upward and up the stairs.  Move left, down,
    then branch left if you want an antidote; either way, come back to this point and continue
    down and exit outside.
    Name             Exp   Cash
    Blue Tentacles -  15      8
    Switch to your fire arsenal for these guys.  Move right and into the next cave.
    Name             Exp   Cash
    Blue Stone Man    35      8
    Keep your flame equipment out and get ready for a tougher version of the stone men from before;
    if you're appropriately leveled, you'll be fine; just remember that they can throw diagonally.
    This is a massive labyrinth, so I'm going to need quite a bit of time to figure out where
    we're going.
    You're going to face a large number of imperial guards here, and you won't have any fences to
    hide behind, so you're going to need a superior tactic.  The best way through these guys is to
    keep charging and throwing your level 1 attack, which should be fast enough to keep them off
    you. If you have attained a high level of skill from earlier battles, go ahead and use the
    level 2; the timing is more difficult, but you'll go through the dungeon much more quickly.
    Alrighty, here we go!  Branch right at the intersection, blasting through the double-thick ice
    wall, and advance up the stairs.  Move left, then up at the next set of stairs you see.
    Switch to wind weapons and scoot through this pathway, dispatching the imperial guards you
    come across, then blast the double-thick ice wall, switching right back to your wind set.
    Take out the remaining imperial guards, moving upward at the branch, and head up the stairs.
    Go through the next barrage of guards, then go to the exit ahead.  Move right past the slides
    and into the nearby cave opening.  Move left, blast the northern ice wall, and move through to
    find some captives.
        The elder is held prisoner at the top of the mountain and they will kill him if we don't
        Thank you for saving me.
    *   I heard that part of the prison wall is connected to the top...
    *   The people of Draygonia are making a special metal from the minerals we dig here.
        There are village people in the next prison as well!
    Back out of this area temporarily, then blast the next ice wall to enter the second prison.
        So you saved us, big deal.
        Thank you for saving me.
        So you saved us, big deal.
    Hmm... oh well, life of a hero.  Advance past them, through the upper wall, and you'll receive
    the Key to Prison.  Come back out and reenter the original prison, then move up by blasting
    the northern ice wall.  Switch to your wind weapons of course, and take the stairs.  Take out
    the guards here, and when you go out the exit, quickly wheel around the corner to your left
    and up the stairs to engage the next boss.
        I'm the great General Kelbesque.  I'm one of Draygonia's finest four.  Wimp!  You will now 
         see the wrath of my power!
    He's small, but he's buff.  He is immune to everything except your wind attacks, and the green
    puffs he throws cannot be jumped, so run fast and hit hard!  Keep in mind that he tends to hit
    harder than his rocks do, so if given the choice, dodge him at all costs.
        Don't think you've seen even a fraction of my power.  Next time you see me, it will be
         your last! <General Kelbesque left a treasure chest!>
    Okay, I think I could smell my console burning from that fight!  Grab the Flame Bracelet from
    the chest, then go unlock the upper gate with the key you got earlier.
        Oh BMAN... Are the rest of the villagers OK?  I really appreciate your efforts.   BMAN!
         Proceed back into the cave...  It'll lead you to Portoa.  I heard the Queen there has
         strange powers.  Surely she will aid you.
        Now please be careful.
    Bust the ice wall and move forward, around, down the stairs, and a voice will greet you.
        Oh BMAN!  Good job!  I'll now teach you the magic of Paralysis.  It will paralyze most
         monsters and cause people to fall asleep.  It will be useful in the next town. <You now
         have Paralysis.>
    That "useful in the next town" bit sounds a little too ominous for comfort.  Let's move on.
    Fun slide!  Hey, this place can't be all that bad!  Move down the slide and head left over the
    bridge; you'll enter a town.
        This is Portoa, the capital of water.  Water from Mt. Sabre makes this town prosper.
        I heard Draygonia wants to invade this town because they are afraid of the Queen's power.
    *   A girl from the southern lake came here.  I think she went to rent a boat.
        A fortune teller in the town is very good, but she's not always there.
        Some people went up to the waterfall, but haven't returned yet.  I heard a monster lives
         up there.  Also a greedy man called Akahana went there and hasn't returned either.
    Armor Shop:
        Bronze Armor -    $600
        Platinum Armor -  $2000
        Platinum Shield - $1500
    Item Shop:
        Medical Herb -    $90
        Warp Boots -      $120
        Lysis Plant -     $200   Presently unknown
        Fruit of Lime -   $180   Presently unknown
        Rest -            $100
    Akahana... that's the guy with the statue.  There's also a pawn shop to the northeast if you
    need to sell anything.  Head left across the bridge and enter the small fishing hut.
    *   My father went out to look for his lamp.  He won't be back for a while.
    Go back across the bridge, then head up and into the castle.
        Don't be rude to the Queen.
    Move forward and address the queen.
        I'm the queen of Portoa.  Are you the legendary man who climbed through Sabre?  It's too
         peaceful here.  I'm bored.  May we talk a while?  How does the town look to you?  We take
         pride in it's (sic) beauty.
        It's gotten late.  I had a good time though.  I must go now.
        Hey!  Don't wander around the Queen's room!
    Can't blame a guy for trying... Go back down from here and go into the left room.
        I'm Evans.  I teach etiquette here.
        The Queen is in the center chamber.
        We'll do anything for the Queen.
        The Queen is our jewel!  She is our sun and moon!
    Now leave here and talk to the folks in the next room.
        The Queen is very kind and intelligent.
        Hey, don't bother me!  I've got to worry about fixing the Queen's meal!
        The Queen sometimes disappears from her room.  I wonder how she leaves without anyone
    If you explored through town, you'll remember a building with no one in it.  Head back there
    (left of the northeast building), and go inside.
        I'm the Fortune Teller.  Let me see your fortune.  Hmmmmmm... See the Queen.  Your way
         will be open.
        Hmmmmmm... Go to the palace, your way will definitely be opened.
    Take her advice, and go back to the palace.
        BMAN, I was looking forward to seeing you.  Have you gotten used to life in the town?
    Something's still missing though, because the way isn't opened... what way was that?  I don't
    even know what we're looking for at the moment.  You can keep playing around with the Queen
    situation and you'll get several different phrases.
        I would like to be an adventurer like you, to see what lies beyond here.
        BMAN, what's wrong?  Don't be so shy.  The owner of the boat rental shop is kind only to
         his daughter.
        BMAN, I enjoy talking with you.  The food Geline cooks for me is very good, but alas her
         manners are not... I will ask Evans to teach her some manners.
    Sometimes you won't be able to see her at all:
        The Queen wishes to see no one today.  Be gone!
    Things just don't seem to be progressing, so let's leave town for a while and get some money
    to buy that crazy-expensive armor. (You may want to wait a little longer if you want to risk
    it, and you'll have better guys to kill.)
    Name               Exp   Cash
    Green Axe-Thrower - 25      9
    Red Tentacles -     40     16
    Telepathy Update:
    *   Visit the palace while the Queen is out.
    *   I hear that a traveling merchant has the Shield Ring.
        When you get the Ball of Water, you can build bridges of ice on the river.
        You must talk to Asina, but I tell you, it's difficult to see her.
        Locate the Shell Flute before using the boat.
    Magic Lesson!  Okay, you have the equipment now?  Head back to the castle, and get to the
    point where the guard won't let you in, but instead of actually letting him block you, move
    left instead of up, then zap him with your new spell, Paralysis.  This freezes him in place...
    oh, THAT's what paralysis is for!  ...silly me, should have read my own FAQ :)  Moving right
    along, head through the now unguarded door.  No one here, head on through.  You'll enter a
    secret cave; feel free to snoop around, but it seems no one's here, so head back out of the
    castle; you'll want to talk to the fortune teller again.
        Go to the palace, your way will definitely be opened.
    Yeah yeah, heard it before.  Go back to speak to the Queen.
        Oh, BMAN.  Did you know there's a cave behind the northern waterfall?  Go there.  I'll
         give you the Flute of Lime.  Use it wisely. <You now have the Flute of Lime.>
        Be careful.
    Um... okay?  Well, that was a whole lot of nothing, lime?  Why can't you give me a
    demon-slaying sword?  You are the Queen, you know!  Oh well, can't argue with her.  Head out
    of town, and head east, past the bridge, and to the water.  Head up from here (dodge the
    poison area), and walk literally into the waterfall; you'll enter a secret cave.
    Name               Exp   Cash
    Red Crab -          30     16
    Head up, then at the four-way stop, head right... that is, unless you fit the following
    A) You've saved outside the cave
    B) You want to see something rather amusing
    ...if you advance either of the other two directions and try to open that chest, it will try
    to eat you!  Other than that, it's not worth anything because you can't kill it.  Anywho, move
    right and go up the stairs, then advance until you reach two stone sta..tues?  Hey, these
    statues are people!  Well, do the appropriate RPG thing, and blow the strange whistle with no
    apparent purpose (the Lime Flute, if you're actually that slow).
        <People of stone return to normal.>
    If you didn't get this message, try walking right up to them (from below) until the "..."
    comes up, then use the flute without your sword equipped.  This particular section wasn't
    programmed too well.
        I'm saved!
    *   I heard that a Fog Lamp was here, but I couldn't find it.  I'll look for it in a cave
         across the river...
    Lamp... I'd say that was the guy from the boat shop, but two different people are saying it.
    Well, can't figure out anything more at the moment, so go up the stairs.  Is it me or does
    this place look like Diablo?  Move up, then turn left at the spilt; keep your flame equipment
    out.  Don't try to take out the snake-tentacled things, they're immune to you.  Anyway, move
    on, blast the ice wall, go right at the next split, then up at the stream.  Grab the chest up
    there; another Flute of Lime?  Hmm... go back down, head left (the way you came), but go up
    this time; there's a stone guy.  Unfreeze him and let him talk:
        Akahana: "Hey, you're the one who found my statue... I'll give you this, but now we're
         even." <You now have Shield Ring.>
    Traveling merchant, shield ring... it's all adding up alright.  Equip this ring; it raises
    your defense like crazy!  Move down and left, and keep following that until you get to the
    clearing where you initially went left.  Go right this time, blasting through the ice wall
    when you get to it, and continue.  Move up when you get to the river, and tuck around the
    corner, blast the double-thick ice wall, and get your reward, the Water Sword, woohoo!
    Name             Exp      Cash
    Snake-tentacles - 50        50
    Um... that's a lot of cash!  And well worth it!  Head back left, down, right, head down when
    it branches, and you'll be on your way out of here; however, you may want to stick around
    and hone your fighting skills.
    Fighting Lesson!  If you haven't gotten good at your level 1 timing, this is a great place
    because these guys are about as smart as a shoe.  This is also probably a good time to work
    on your close-combat fighting, which it's quite possible to have completely ignored until now.
    Low-level fighting can be extremely efficient if you're a skilled player; it's my preferred
    medium in dungeons, where cornering and jumping is the norm.  When you're finished, leave
    here (remember to go down at the intersection).  Head down from the waterfall, then hook left,
    past the first bridge and left over the next one into the town to speak with the fortune
        Hmmmmmm... Some one (sic) will wait for you at the lake in the south.
    Cool, things are progressing.  Speak with the queen now.
    *   Ah, you finally found the Sword of Water.  Go to the Lime Tree in south lake.  When you
         are finished there, come back.
    Leave town at this point, then head right and down the bridge you've been passing.  Head
    southeast slightly and pass south over the poison area.  Hug the left wall and move on; you'll
    eventually move to another area.
    Name               Exp   Cash
    Pink Crack Bird -   60     30
    Hey, what else would you call them?  Move up and you'll reach the next path; it is linear.
    If you were exploring around here before, this guy wasn't exactly receptive; this time around,
    he's a better gentleman:
        That is the Sword of Water!  You're the legendary one I've waited for!  I am Rage,
         protector of the sacred Lime Tree...  I've stood guard here for over 100yrs. (sic)  I now
         give you the Ball of Water.  I may now sleep in peace knowing the chamber is empty.
         Enter the tree and protect Mesia!  <You now have Ball of Water.>
    Monsters Update:
    Name          Exp  Cash
    Red Slug       23    16
    Mesia?  Equip your new item, then throw a level 2 blast at the tree; an ice bridge will
    appear!  Head up into the tree.  How cool is this, there's one of those weird rooms like the
    one you came out of!
        I am Mesia.  This message is for you BMAN.  Our mission is only beginning...  Our time is
         short.  I will go to Draygonia now, please catch up with me!
    Hmm.. pretty girl wants you to walk into the face of death?  Okay!  Head south out of the tree
    area, south some more, and right out of this area.  Go back north over the poison area, across
    the bridge, and left to town again; make a personal note to buy a medical herb before you move
    on.  Go to the palace, but talk to the guard instead this time:
        I was instructed to show you the underground channel when you arrived.  Please enter.
    Head on through, he doesn't seem to move anywhere.  Now that you have your level 2 blast, head
    to the area just around the corner to the right and down; you should see it from the entrance.
    Blast down and you'll create a bridge; head over the stream and into the next area.  Um...
    this is the fortune teller's place... wait a minute!!  That's--she's--and it all makes sense.
    Move right slightly and blast upward, go across the stream, and go through the small door to
    the right.
        It's time I told you the truth... The fortune teller is... really me.  I entered town like
         this and heard people's problems... But the real me is neither the fortune teller or the
         Queen... I am Asina, one of three great wise men (SIC) who will aid you.  I'll teach you
         the magic of Recover.  It can cure you of certain ailments.  If you can eliminate the
         whirlpools in the Angry Sea. (sic) I'll teach you the magic of Barrier.  <You now have
        Asina:"I will always look out for you."
    Telepathy Update:
        Amazones village is south east of Brynmear.  You must build a bridge to go there.
        Wherever you go, the brightness of your sword will help you.
        I lost it!  I can't believe it!  Maybe it's in the channel behind the palace... Oh what a
    That last one sounds promising... exit this room, then head left and up, bridge the gap upward,
    and talk to this thing:
        I'm in such pain!  Do you have any herbs that would help me?
    Give him the medical herb from before.
        Thank you.  Because of your kindness I can now return to the sea.  Take this and use it
         when you wish to travel the sea.  <You now have Shell Flute.>
    And off it goes; you can exit now.  Talk to the guard on your way out.
        The Queen left to travel.  don't (sic) tell anyone.
    They've gotten a lot more lax with the translation in these parts, sheesh!  Talk to certain
    people in the side rooms and you'll get a little love story :)
        I married Geline who was my pupil.  I must thank the Queen for arranging out meeting.
        I'm sorry about our last meeting.  Evans has taught me better manners since then.  Ha ha.
    Indeed.  Go southwest across the bridge outside to the docks, and go inside.
        My father lost his Fog Lamp and is rather upset.  You should come back later.
        We're not open right now.  Go away!
        You don't give up easily.
    Well, we're not getting anywhere from here.  Head out of the town, right to the stream, and up
    slightly to the poison area; by now you should be able to differentiate the areas that can be
    bridged.  Pass right over the poison area, bridge the gap right, then move up and into the
    wicked-looking cave to your right.
    Name             Exp  Cash
    Red Spider -     120    30
    Blue Tentacles - 100    30  - Immune to water
    Purple Bat -       1     0
    Purple Shroom -   80    30
    Move up and blast the... rock wall; haven't used that in a while.  I don't know if I'm magic
    or something, but even with no armor, weapons, items, or spells equipped, the spider's
    paralysis has no effect.  Sounds like Dark to me :)  ...wait a second, I can't charge my
    sword!  Now did you practice close-corners fighting when I told you to?  Well, if you didn't,
    you have Recover anyway.  If you do get hit, don't worry about it; your standard sword, when
    utilized correctly, can ice the enemies here in nothing flat!  Move through here, turn up and
    up past the branch, then go around the corner for a Lysis Plant.  Go back around and down,
    turn right, go down the two stairwells, (don't mind the bats here, you just bounce off them)
    turn down at the next branch unless you want to see the weird man-eating chest again, and blast
    the double-thick rock wall, avoiding the chest to the left and heading down through the rock
    wall instead.  Move right and down the stairs, left and up the stairs, through the rock wall,
    down at the intersection, through two rock walls, under the bridge, up the stairs, across the
    bridge, through the rock wall, down the stairs, under...the. . . bridge...  go on anyway to
    your left, and up for the Fog Lamp (don't ask me, this place is a maze).  Head back until you
    have a choice, turning left here, down the stairs, right and up the stairs, left, up at the
    intersection, right past the pink chest, around the corner, left, up two flights of stairs,
    down at the intersection, right past a southern nub, and eventually you'll find the exit. Cross
    left over the ice bridge, and keep heading left into the town.  Go left to the dock and show
    the Fog Lamp to the father.
        <The owner accepts the Fog Lamp.>  You went into the cave to give this to me?  You have
         great courage.  Please use my boat as you like.
        Don't hesitate.  Use it freely.
    Well, head out and hop into the boat!  And off we go... Stop at the first location and enter
    the building.
        I'm on lookout to watch for Draygonia's attack.
        Kensu:"Be quiet, I lost something and I'm all mixed up!
    Hey, that's Kensu!  What he's lost, I'm not sure; he won't accept the Shell Flute, and perhaps
    that's best, because when you walk outside, the boat's gone!  Use the Shell Flute and the
    creature from before will come up to you.
        Please hop on my back.  I'll take you wherever you like.
    Name                Exp  Cash
    Water Axe-Thrower - 144    60
    Octopus -           176   100
    Head up and hug the left wall around, around, until you reach a cave.  Enter here and move
    right along the upper wall, and you will find the Love Pendant (Okay, that was weird, I just
    went out on my first run and found a completely random item).  Dock your fish to the right, it
    doesn't matter where in particular, and head south and right to Asina's room.
        Asina:"Oh, this is a gift I gave to someone I'll never forget... I wonder... ..."
    Well, she isn't the one it was intended for apparently, so head back out, call the fish (he'll
    be up north a ways), then go back out the way you came.  Go back around the corner, but head
    up instead just a bit, onto the sandbar and up into a "cave" which will give you access to a
        This is Joel Island.  The next one to the west is Evil Spirit Island.
        Since a woman sorcerer from Draygonia went to the next island, it's been weird... People
         have disappeared and strange monsters now live there.
        Hey!  You surprised me!  I thought you were a monster.
    Medical Herb -   $120
    Antidote -       $150
    Fruit of Power - $180
    Alarm Flute -    $300
    Rest -           $120
    Go to the upper-left building.
        I don't want to be a sacrifice.  Where's my Uncle Clark?
        ... ... huh ... Oh, sorry, I zoned out for a minute... I'm Ralph the elder of Joel.
         Someone came from the next island and asked for a girl sacrifice if we wish safety to our
         island.  One from Portoa volunteered though... She's monster prey by now.
        The girl substitute from Portoa is called Mesia.  I pray for her safety.
    Whoa whoa whoa, not Mesia!  Geez, the troubles of being the hero...
    Telepathy Update:
        Use maximum power against the enemies you can't see.
        In order to get to the lighthouse, you need some special glasses.
    *   When you wear the Iron Necklace, your defensive power will be twice as strong.
    Teleport back to Leaf for some cheap items and a cheap rest, then go talk to the rabbit.
        Are you the one who saved everyone?  Good job!
    I love that guy!  Teleport to Brynmaer now, then exit town, head east to the stream (you'll
    want your Rabbit Boots out for poison-jumping), move south a teense, then bridge the gap east,
    walk south, then south over the poison area into a town.  Hey, this is... nift!
        Stay away!  I hate men!
        This is the house of Aryllis, our leader.  This is not a place for you.
        Aack!  I am insulted by your presence, man!
        Yow!  A filthy man is here!  Leave!
    Rest       - $80
    Warp Boots     - $100
    Lysis Plant    - $150
    Fruit of Power - $150
    Platinum Armor  - $1800
    Platinum Shield - $1300
    Mirrored Shield - $2000
    Sacred Shield -   $9000
    Both shields here are very good, but if you're like me, your wallets aren't lined with that
    kind of gold.  Go into a building, then when you reenter the town square, move slowly to the
    bottom of the screen, then to the right, and when you're below the guard, throw a paralysis
    shot at her, then slip past into the building.
        This is a sacred place.  Go away, Now!
    If you get too close to the woman in the middle, she'll say "You filthy beast!  Don't come any
    closer!" and you're kicked out, so carefully slip past her and down the stairs at the top
    right for the Blizzard Bracelet!  Let her throw you out for good measure on the way out, you
    got what you came for.  Teleport to Joel, exit, call the fish, head left, under some
    whirlpools until you reach a wall, then head up to that wall and right, then into the cave.
    Name           Exp  Cash
    Turtle         160    30
    Okay, time to do some hard work, but I'm not talking about difficult fighting; this is a time
    commitment.  For my sake and yours, PLEASE level yourself up to 12 before you go on.  I know
    that seems like a lot, but you'll be amazed how fast you'll gain with these turtles around;
    with a little practice and your close-quarters fighting, you can ice the entire room in 15
    seconds tops.  The turtles are easy money, so take them out and get some money and experience.
    When you've leveled up appropriately and gotten a good supply of healables, go to the right,
    then head up the stairs.
    Name           Exp  Cash
    Green Dragon - 176    50
    Red Shroom -    90    30
    Unequip your flute if you haven't yet.  The enemies here aren't a great challenge alone, but
    together they can disorient, poison, and paralyze you, so move slowly and carefully.  Move
    down at the first intersection, bridge the gap upward when you get there, head left, branch up
    and up again, through the rock wall, and grab the Magic Ring.  Head back down, left, left
    again, up, through the rock wall, and up the stairwell.  When you get to the next intersection
    (around the corner), head down (you'll be back here), left at the next intersection, through
    the rock wall, and down the stairs.  From here, come to the water and move DOWN, taking care
    not to incite the pink chest monster above.  Go to the bottom of the stream and bridge the gap
    left, then move up to claim the Iron Necklace; this raises your left-hand defense by quite a
    bit... good stuff.  Head back down and across the bridge, up and right and up the stairs,
    around the corner, right at the intersection, and this next intersection is the one we were at
    before.  Branch right, right, up, down, and time your move across the downward platform (walk,
    don't jump).  Grab the Lysis Plant down the path and continue and take the stairs down.  What
    an obscure place... these guys don't attack, so head northward through them and into the
    palace.  Okay, time to cause some mass destruction!  You'll find more imperial soldiers here;
    fight them if you please, but be forewarned, you're up for some difficult fights ahead, so
    fight well, and conserve your energy.  Head up and turn right at the first opportunity, then
    turn up when you can and up through the gap; prepare for a boss fight.  Here's old El-Batto
    from before; since you're all buffed up at level 12, you can take out his bats in one hit, and
    he'll only take three swipes from your water sword.  Grab the fruit of power he drops, then
    move up.
    Name               Exp  Cash
    Purple Butterfly - 208     0
    Invisible Ghost -  256   100
    To take out the invisible ghosts, throw your level 3 water blast at him and he'll appear, then
    you can take him out with the fire sword.  Head left at the intersection, then stop at the
    next one.   If you want to run a gauntlet for a measly medical herb, then go on through this
    paragraph; otherwise, skip to the **'s down the page.  Still here?  You'll enjoy this.  Go
    right at the next intersection, get on the platform and slide across, then go around the next
    corner... spikes!  I didn't read anything about spikes in "How to Be a Hero, Volume 4"!  Oh
    well, we'll just have to wing it.  Slip on your rabbit boots and hop across them just like you
    would a poison area in the overworld.  Your reward?  The cheesy medical herb.  Head back the
    way you came.
    Go down at the intersection, then up the stairs, and it will appear as if you are back at the
    entrance, but don't worry; it's just a coincidence.  Advance upward and there's Mesia!
        Help!  There is a sorcerer (sic) in the back of this chamber.
    Poor Mesia... goodness, poor us!  Head on up to case the place... and theeeeere's Mesia again!
        I'm the real Mesia!  This is a trap!  Go away!
    Hmm... decisions, decisions... ah, screw it, just kill this one!  ..but she just doesn't die,
    no matter how much you throw at her... so she's probably the real Mesia, just considering how
    buff people who appear out of thin air usually are.  Head back down -- hey, you can't!  Well,
    only one way to go from here!  Aaaaaaaahhhhh!  (into the hole, genius!)  You're at the
    beginning of the palace, so here's a quick recap of what to do: at the intersections, go right,
    (stairs), left, down, (stairs), then you'll be at the first Mesia again; this time, hit her
    with your water sword.
        What are you doing?  STOP!
        You are mistaken.  Please STOP!
        ... ...     ...         ...             ...
        Excellent!  You've finally revealed me!  I will enjoy destroying you!  I'm Sabera (sic)
         I'm one of the Draygonia's finest four.  This will be your doom!
    Hmm... if you say so!  Time to roll out the artillery; switch to your fire sword and hit her
    with your level 2 blast, taking care to dodge the insane blast of particles she'll throw
    periodically; you shouldn't have a great deal of trouble with her if you move around quickly
    and, most importantly, stay far away from her.  If you take your time defeating her, she is
    capable of leaving the screen and swooping in again.
        You've won this battle but Mesia is still mine!
    *   I'll see you in Goa, our main fortress.  Ha! Ha! Ha!
        <Sabera left a treasure chest!> (reeeeally?)
    Get in the box and grab the Broken Statue, then head up, fall down the hole, then go down and
    out of the palace.  You'll notice the townsfolk have changed into humans!
        Thank you.  Because of your valliant (sic) effort, we are released from this curse.  I
         don't know how to thank you... We will rebuild now...
    *   Thank you for saving me.  An altar for the Statue of Gold is close to this island.
        I can hold my children with my own hands now... Ooh... I'm so happy...
        Today is the best day of my life.  You're great even though you're young!
         BMAN:"I need to cross the whirlpools, can you help?"
         A legend says that if the Statue of Gold is placed properly, we can return safely from
         any storm.
    Go into the second house from the bottom and talk to the kid.
    *   Ya know, a Glowing Lamp that's said to fix broken stuff, is in the lighthouse.
    See the stairs toward the lower right?  Head down there.
        Clark:"You did it!  Awesome!  Please take this... I'm sure it will help you." <You now have
         Eye Glasses.>
        Clark:"Now I can go home.  Surely Ralph and others are waiting for me."
    Good stuff; now, if you didn't catch all those crazy pieces of the puzzle, here they are again
    with a little explanation behind them:  There is a Statue of Gold that, if placed correctly on
    the altar at the left edge of the sea, will take care of the whirlpools for us.  We have the
    statue, but we need something to fix it.  The Glowing Lamp can do that, but we need to get
    into the lighthouse, but there's no visible entrance to that area.  Well, that's what the
    eyeglasses are for, to see the path!  Jump to Joel and walk around for some cheap talk.
        Good, good, good.
        Now I can live safely.
        At last, our life can return to normal.  I can go back to fishing now.
        Clark was safe?  That's great.
    Head into the building at the upper left.
        I pray we see Mesia again.
        Thank you.  Our village is saved.
        Now I don't have to be sacrificed!  Yah!
    Telepathy Update:
        Kensu is very intelligent.  It was very inconsiderate for him to leave.  What on earth
         happened to him?
        I now hear Kensu's changed form and is wandering the countryside.
    Kensu... hmm... I know we saw him earlier, but let's just take care of some other things at
    the moment.  For you folks out there who have good deduction skills, you may have noticed a
    few strange quirks about this town.  Why are they selling an alarm flute?  And why is that
    place beside the elder's house empty?  Well, here you go.  Teleport to Leaf, buy an alarm
    flute and a spare set of warp boots in case you don't have any, then sleep at the inn to
    recharge and head back to Joel.  Go by the upper-left building, but enter the small shack to
    its right instead, then use the eye glasses; a secret door will appear, through which you can
    reach the lighthouse.
    Blow the alarm flute, of course (make sure you point it directly at him or it won't work):
        Kensu:"Who are you?  I was happily sleeping."  "A person like you should be eaten by
         zombies."  <You now have Glowing Lamp.>
    Kensu!  That punk, he took off...  well, exit here, go back around to Joel, then exit out at
    the front.  Call your friend the fish, head left under the whirlpools and into the wall, head
    up and slightly left and up around the mountain, then park at the path next to the altar (which
    really looks like one of those park gazebos to me).  Now go to your inventory, then select and
    use the Glowing Lamp:
        The Broken Statue is reconstructed and becomes Statue of Gold.  Now step onto the first
    row of the altar, facing up, and use the Statue of Gold.
        <The Statue of Gold is placed on the altar and the Angry Sea is calmed.>
    Where'd it go?  Oh well.  Head left and up to the waterfall, then move right and head up at
    the first opportunity.
        BMAN, you've closed the whirlpool.  I'll now teach you the magic of... ...Barrier as
         promised.  We wise men, (sic) will leave for Shyron in Mt.Hydra.  Azteca, the grand
         puba (sic), knows your role, and now Mesia is calling you... It seems something has
         happened I can't ignore.  I'll wait for you in Shyron.  <You now have Barrier.>
    Thanks Asina!  Head up slightly, then follow the mountains to the right; they will curve up and
    you can land at a beach and move up into the entrance.
        This is Swan.  Draygonia Castle and Goa are to the north.  I hear Goa is becoming stronger
         from some new type of metal...
        I hear the people against Draygonia are killed... or forced to leave... There are many
         hiding with Azteca... ...
        You bug me!  Go Away!(sic)
        They say Draygonia's new metal armor can even withstand earth's magma... That means they
         can easily attack Shyron fort... Not good at all.
        The people of Draygonia are wonderful.  Ha ha ha.
    Item Shop:
    Medical Herb -   $180
    Antidote -       $200
    Warp Boots -     $300
    Fruit of Power - $350
    Rest -           $150
    Armor Shop:
    Soldier Suit -   $3000
    Ceramic Suit -   $6500
    Ceramic Shield - $2500
    Battle Shield -  $6000
    Go into the shack to the right of the item shop:
        Stom:"I haven't seen you for a while.  I came to give you a message..."  Please find Kensu
         and take him to Shyron.  We need his power.  I'm counting on you!"
    Go into the pub and you'll have a nice chat with some imperial guards:
        Don't talk to me like that!
        Don't talk to me like that!
        Have you seen that great one Kensu around here at all?
        You bug me.  Go away!
        Welcome.  Please have some refreshments.
    There's also a Pawn Shop here if you need to dispose of some acquired goodies.  Head to the
    building to the right of the pawn shop:
        Sing some more!
        Very nice!
        Yah man, let's boogie!
        Draygonia... Wise men... who cares.  Let's party!
    My sentiments exactly.  Head back to the pub and eyeball the guy who's not walking around.
    He's looking for Kensu, but I hear Kensu's changed form and is hiding... this could be him.
    Zap him with your paralysis shot:
    Aaaaand they're off!  The chase is on, so let's look for other places where we've seen
    suspicious characters.  Head to the building you were just in, and talk to the new person who
    appears toward the left.
        Many thanks for your promise.
    Uh... okay?  Zap this person.
        Kensu:"Shoot!  "I can give you some of my power, but first can you find my pendant?  It's
         in an underground river."
        Kensu:"I hate people who are pushy."
    Select the Love Pendant and use it on him (that sounds strange)...
        <Love Pendant is given to Kensu.>  Kensu:"This was given to me by Asina as proof of her
         belief in me."
         "As  promised, I'll teach you the magic of Change.  Now I must attend to other things.
         Go to Mt.Hydra." <You now have Change.>
    Magic Lesson!  Okay, we have a new spell, this should come in handy.  Head to the left of the
    town and into the adjacent area.  See the guards?  Check this out... use the Change spell, and
    choose the second character from the left.  You're an imperial guard now!  Talk to these guys
    and they'll let you in:
        Very well... On your way.
    Head through the gate and to the left.
    Name              Exp  Cash
    Green Guard -     256   100
    Pink Crack Bird - 288    50
    You can't attack while you're in this form, so press A to remove your guise, then head upward
    and slightly to the left, and enter the doors to another town.
        This is the fortress of Goa.
        The Emperor is looking for a tower which floats high in the sky.
        The Emperor is the worst!  I won't forgive those who speak ill of him.
        I hear there's a tower with enough power to destroy the world.
    Don't mind the guards, they're being jerks.  Walk up and head into the left building:
        I can't remember what life was like before the castle was built.
        Our pride is working day and night for Draygonia.
        I heard that Draygonia's best four warriors left for Shyron.  The wise men will die for
    Oh, before you leave, the guard toward the top of the town isn't moving around; go talk to
        Kensu:"BMAN, I told you to go to Mt.Hydra!  Go south west (sic) from here.  And don't
    He seems pretty adamant about it.  Well, let's roll.  Head west out of here and hug the wall,
    and you'll reach the next area.  Head left, bridging the gap, then follow the path until you
    get to two guards who don't like you:
        This is Shyron fort.  I can't let strange people in.
    Use Change to transform into the guy on the left, then exit via the cave, reenter, and talk to
        Hello Stom.  Please enter.
    And here's yet another town.
    Rest          - $150
    Ceramic Suit  - $5500
    Sacred Shield - $6000
    Battle Shield - $5000
    Medical Herb  - $180
    Antidote      - $200
    Fruit of Lime - $300
    Magic Ring    - $800
        This is Shyron.  People come here to train to be wise men and hide out from Draygonia as
         well.  But even this place isn't safe anymore.
        Akahana:"Hello, how are you?"
        On the way here, I lost my wife and children... (WHAT?!?  WHAT KIND OF PARENT ARE YOU?)
        Oh Stom!  Don't stare at me.
        Stom:"You do that very well.  It's as if I was looking in a mirror."
    Head into the building to the left of Stom:
        Eyaah!  Heey!  Yoww!
        Tornel:"You are vain to change yourself in front of me."
    Well, it's about time you took this off anyway; change with the A button and talk to Tornel
        Tornel:"Good, you finally made it.  We're training these people here."  We have a lack of
         men and are having troubles.  Because of that armor...  "...we are losing the battle.
         Our medical staff can't keep up with the wounded."
        Tornel:"The enemy is so close.  Be careful!"
    Go talk to the town again and they'll have different things to say.
        Asina is helping the wounded around the clock.
        Akahana:"Hi, do you remember me?  I live here because the people from my home town of Goa
         have changed... I felt very uncomfortable there."
        Akahana:"When I went home everyone had changed, I felt no longer welcome."
        Stom:"The people training here are all fools.  I'm worried."
    Head into the building on the right:
        Asina:"BMAN!  Zebu is waiting for you in the back of the temple, see him immediately."
        Oooo...  Owww...
        Oooo...  Give me water... Oooo...
    Head across the bridge and into the temple.
        Zebu:"Great!  You made it this far.  Besides the three swords you now..."
         "...possess, the most powerful, the Sword of Thunder, is in the cave..."
         "...of Styx.  Evil spirits keep us from invading there.  Watch yourself."
         "The gate to Styx is at the top of Mt.Hydra.  Take this key and go."
         <You now have Key to Stxy.> (sic)
        Zebu:"Be Careful!"
    Teleport to Amazones, turn yourself into a woman (third from the left), and check out your
    warm reception!
        Aryllis is into fashion.  She is looking for the Kirisa Plant to make some perfume.
        Please stay as long as you like.
        Our hunting skills are even better than a man's.
        We take care of Aryllis.  She is good at hunting but (sic) fashion is more important.
    Head into the building at the right side, and talk with these folks:
        The Kirisa Plant blooms in a cave near Portoa.
        Welcome to Amazones.  I'm their gorgeous leader Aryllis.  Make yourself at home and rest
         from your travels.
        Are the villagers kind to you?  Please stay a while.
    Okay, apparently we've forgotten a cave somewhere, and after some exploring, I've found it!
    Teleport to Portoa, then head out of the town east, then south across the bridge, south across
    the poison area, then when you reach the river, follow it down, bridge the gap right, and head
    directly east and into a cave.  Move ahead, blast the rock wall, head down the stairs, turn
    right, head down at the intersection, down at the next one, through the double-thick rock
    wall, down the stairs, through another double-thick rock wall, and out into... a very
    interesting place... 
    Name            Exp  Cash
    Flying Beetle - 592     8
    This bad boy is the only enemy here, and a bit difficult to nail down, but if you can get
    around him, head to the upper-right of the area, then root around in the flowers.
        <You now have Kirisa Plant.>
    Good times.  Teleport back to Amazones, change into a woman, then head into the rightmost
    building again and give the woman in the middle the Kirisa Plant.
        Aryllis accepts the plant.
        Oh my!  The Kirisa Plant!  Is this for me?  I'm so glad... I must reward you.  This is my
         appreciation to you...  Your kindness and modesty are much more beautiful than the finest
         jewelry.  Go in peace.  <You now have Bow of Moon.>
    That could be useful... Teleport to Leaf to recharge, then head back to Shyron.  Exit the
    town, go back through the cave, across the ice bridge, then up at the intersection and into
    the cave.
    Name               Exp  Cash
    Green Juggernaut - 320   100
    Orange Crab -       30    16
    These guys are rough!  However, you can't really sneak past them, so bear down and wipe them
    out with your water sword; your level 1 blast, if timed correctly, should keep them far enough
    away from you to avoid any damage.  Head up, turn right and go down the stairs for a Fruit of
    Lime.  Turn back and up the stairs, then cross left at the intersection and head down those
    Name               Exp  Cash
    Red Crack Bird -    60    30
    Avoid the slimes for now, you can't hurt them.  Head across the bridge to the left, head
    around the corner, bridge the gap right, and head up to the intersection.  If you want to stop
    to get some cash and experience, you can head right and mess around in this cave, but if
    you're anything like me at this point, you've had about enough of that and you're ready for
    some action!  Whether or not you explored that way, head left now, go across the bridge, then
    head up the long stairway and you'll encounter an area similar to the fight with General
    Kelbesque; use the Key to Stxy (lol) on the gate and it will let you in.
    Magic Lesson!  When you equip your Barrier spell, you can hold A while moving to deflect the
    projectiles these sentries are throwing between the gaps, so hold down your barrier and run
    through the gauntlet; you'll encounter three of them apart, two together, then two more apart.
    Name             Exp  Cash
    Mini-Boss -      672   100
    Orange Lizard -  608   200
    Pink Butterfly - 208     0
    Pink Fraggle -   272    50
    Follow the left path here and head up the stairs; you'll encounter a sort of mini-boss.  The
    easiest way to take this guy out is to charge your level 2 shot while you're downscreen enough
    that he won't actually throw the projectiles, then move up slightly, launch the shot, then duck
    down again; if you're especially sneaky, you can find a position where you won't even need to
    move, and he won't try to hit you!  This special location allows most of his body to appear on
    the screen, but not all of it.  Take this guy out and advance up.  Head left at the entrance
    and follow the water around, move right at the branch, bridge two ice gaps, then head down and
    around, then branch down again for a medical herb.  Head back, turn right at the intersection
    and up the stairs.  Advance here, head right at the intersection, around the corner, then make
    sure your rabbit boots are on and hop across the spikes like you would a poison area, stopping
    off at the right where a path emerges; grab the treasure chest for... the Thunder Sword!
    WOOHOO!  The first of several "final" items we will grab before beating the game.
        Zebu:"BMAN!  You've finally found the Sword of Thunder!"
        Tornel:"You've done a fine job BMAN!  The grand puba Azteca awaits you."
        Asina:"We will lead you to the temple."
    And POOF, you appear with the wisemen.
        Azteca:"I was waiting for you.  A lot has happened in the past 100yrs."
         "You and Mesia went into sleep to watch for the end of the world."
         "You each had specific powers that could combat any future evil..."
        Azteca"BMAN!  Hurry to Mesia!"
        Zebu:"We tried, through our powers, to lead the people towards a good direction..."
         "But Draygon used this power wrongly and built an invading nation."
         "Draygon hid the fact of who he was, and lured our best four warriors into his realm of
        Tornel:"Azteca is not sure of the extent of Mesia's power, but Emperor..."
         "Draygon is trying to harness it to extend his realm of influence."
        Asina:"Your lives were mentioned to the people as legends to give them hope..."
         "If you don't destroy Draygonia, all will live in despair."
        Tornel:"I wish for your safety."
        Zebu:"Be Careful!"
        Asina:"Now, the real battle begins."
        Azteca:"BMAN! Hurry to Mesia!"
    Head down into the town to get some info.
        Stom:"After Draygonia is destroyed, we'll have a rematch.  This time I won't lose."
        Be careful...
        Good luck.
        Akahana:"Be careful."
    Well, way back when, Sabera mentioned that Draygonia's main fortress was in Goa, just in case
    it didn't seem strange to you already :)  Teleport there, stopping first in Leaf to recharge
    if you need to (you're all reasonable people, so I'm going to stop reminding you to do that;
    just make a note to go there whenever you teleport, since it's so cheap).
    Telepathy Update:
        BMAN!  I'm looking out for you!
    *   If you receive a curse from the enemy, you will become a Nuper.
    Goa seems pretty much the same.  Head up to the top of the town, but before you go through the
    gap, talk to Kensu, who is disguised as an imperial guard to the right.
        Kensu:"Sorry about my appearance, but I'm trying to get some info on the..."
         "Tower in the sky.  I'm sneaking into Draygonia castle to see what I..."
         "can find.  Draygonia sees this tower as a weapon and has big plans for..."
         "it.  I'll continue to see what information I can dig up.  You be careful too."
    Good advice; continue up.  Make sure you have the water sword and barrier spell equipped, then
    head up, deflecting the projectiles from the sentries; this one is pretty cut and dry.
        BMAN!  Shyron is under Attack! (sic)  Please hurry to help us!  Ahhhh!  Everyone is
         dying... Hurry... you must... Eyaaahhh!
    IMMEDIATELY dodge to the upper right to avoid the giant flames expelled by the head, then
    teleport to Shyron.
        He's already dead.
        Akahana:"I... I should have got... uh... an item... I left with a friend in G... Goa...
         Uh, uuuh... ... ..."
        Stom...    hurry    Escape...
        Stom:"Ooooh... Draygonia's army came... Everyone killed... watch out for Mado..."
         "He is more treacherous than the other three... Uh..."
         BMAN:"Don't speak.  wait.(sic)"
         Stom:"Take care of... Tornel... Oooo... ...    ... ...     ..."
         BMAN:"Stom, hold on!  Stom!"
    Pretty sobering stuff...  head up to the upper building.
        Ha!Ha!  I'm Mado!  I destroyed those silly wise men against the Emperor.  You will now
         join the people of Shyron!
    They killed the wise men?!?  That sucks!  Okay, let's take this guy out...  Ever play
    Breakout?  Here's the strategy:
    1) Pick a direction, up or down.
    2) Next, imagine a horizontal line that follows you as you move up and down in the room.
    3) Now charge up a level 2 water shot, dodging him when it's necessary.
    4) Now pay attention when he starts heading up or down, whichever you chose.
    5) When he crosses that imaginary line beside you, release your level 2 shot.
    He can also stop and launch throwing knifes at you, so be careful; the two sets of three
    knives curve slightly when thrown.  He'll take several hits, but he'll eventually die :)
        Don't think that you've won!  Don't forget we still have Mesia and the other wise men.
    Hey, they're alive?  Kewl!  Look in the chest... the Ball of Thunder!  Yeah, good stuff!
    Teleport to Goa; Kensu's no longer there, of course.  Head up through the gap to where you
    were before when you got the distress signal; this time, jump to the upper-right as before,
    then face left and level-2 blast with your Thunder Sword, destroying the fire-breathing face.
    Name          Exp  Cash
    Red Soldier - 560   100
    Red Bat -     672   100
    LEVEL UP.  I encountered the first boss here at level 12, and I couldn't touch him; you'll
    need some buffing up; do yourself a favor and blast your way to level 14, which is
    incidentally your HP maxing level (there are indeed more levels).
    When you're ready, head up and turn left at the intersection.  The level 2 lightning blast is
    especially useful here, since you can launch it from around corners; also, it will do you some
    good to know that the walls here are an optical illusion, and although you can't actually walk
    through them, you can shoot through them.  Gotta love shady programming!  You'll encounter
    some stairs; avoid the two stairwells, continuing along the path.  Pass another set of two
    stairwells, then you will arrive at an intersection.  Head left here, up the first stairwell
    you see, then go up and follow the turn right; you will head just above another walkway.
    Follow the turn down, branch right at the intersection, then down at the next intersection.
    You will twist around a bit at this point, and you'll run up parallel to some statues to your
    right.  Above this area you'll encounter your next boss.
        Kelbesque:"Well done so far!  Now you will join the people of Shyron!"
    Alrighty then.  He can only be hurt by the wind arsenal, so fly at him with that; this guy
    won't be much trouble because you have the consolation that you'll be able to heal afterwards,
    so go kamikaze, and don't forget the Refresh spell!  He'll drop an Opel Statue; this is by far
    the GREATEST item in the game; equip the item, and when you die, you will automatically heal
    all your HP!  These could come in handy during boss fights.  Go into the next room.
        Zebu:"Well done, but the other wise men are still captive.  I will recover your strength.
         Take care."
    Good times.  Was it just me, or did that remind you of "I'm sorry, but our princess is in
    another castle!" (lol)  Time to continue; head up and up the stairs.
    Name                 Exp  Cash
    Purple Juggernaut -  320   100
    Purple Beetle -      592     8
    Branch up at the intersection and skip the ice-bridgeable area for now.  Head up at the
    intersection, then blast the face wall with your level 2 thunder shot; continue up for a Fruit
    of Power.  Head back down, then turn left and bridge the gap you missed before.  Head right,
    turn down at the intersection, down at the next intersection, bridge the gap downward, head
    right, bridge the gap to the right, turn down at the next intersection, and get the Fruit of
    Repun.  Return to the intersection, turn right, bridge the gap left, skip two bridges, bridge
    the third gap, head up at the next intersection and blast this face block, then head up the
    stairs.  Here you'll face another boss.
        Sabera:"Long time no see!  Ha!  I won't let you get by me!  Be prepared!"
    This one is tough as nails, and can only be hurt with the fire arsenal, so use some of those
    items you have tucked away to heal yourself.  The webs she throws drain your magic, but
    considering how little magic they steal and how much they slow your system down, they actually
    do a lot more good than harm :)  My only advice is to use level 2's, of course, but DON'T try
    any close combat; her shield will not only deflect your sword, they can really leave a mark.
    After her defeat, you will get another Fruit of Repun; head up.
        Tornel:"I'm saved!  By the way, how is Stom!"
         BMAN:"... ... ..."
         Tornel:"I see... But he held on to the last... sigh.  I will restore your strength.
         Avenge Stom!"
    Another good ol' heal!  Advance upward.
    Name                Exp  Cash
    Orange Tentacles -   50    50
    Orange Bat -        672   100
    Purple Spider -    1280   200
    Equip your Rabbit Boots for this section.  Head up and keep heading up and over the spikes for
    another Opel Statue.  Head down, pass the first two intersections, then turn right and travel
    down the spikes for a magic ring.  Head up, stopping briefly to the right to attack any upward
    enemies, then continue up and take the next right around the curve and back to the spikes and
    continue upward until you reach solid ground.  Slightly up and around the corner is another
    stairwell; take that.
    Name               Exp  Cash
    Green Butterfly -  208     0
    Invisible Ghost -  256   100
    Advance through here, taking the floating platform downward, then head right at the
    intersection for a Magic Ring.  Head left back to the intersection, then continue down, taking
    two downward platforms (this is linear), then curve around and advance up on another platform.
    Here, take a staircase and head up to encounter yet another boss.
        Mado:"Hoo, hoo, I'm glad you could come.  You're nothing to fear... Be proud of it!"
    Throughout this game, I think I've mentioned using a level 3 attack once, because I simply
    don't like them; however, I strongly recommend that you use your level 3 water attack here,
    because it's extremely difficult to pinpoint this guy.  Up until now, this is this most
    difficult battle I've had.  Run away from him and charge your level 3, then when he stops, run
    towards him in between his knives and unleash the spell (which will stay in that area and
    expand outward), then bolt backwards and charge again.  Keep your Refresh in your active magic
    and don't forget that you've got those Magic Rings to restore all your magic back.  When this
    guy dies, you'll receive the Sacred Shield, which is one of the more powerful shields in the
    game, but not part of your final equipment.  Grab the shield and head up.
        Asina:"Thank you BMAN!  I will cure your wounds.  The last sorcerer is Karmine..."
         "He uses magic to change people into monsters, so be careful!"
    Another heal, which is definitely good news.  Head up and up the stairs.
    Name                    Exp  Cash
    Red Juggernaut -       1600   400
    Green Imperial Guard -  256   100
    Purple Fraggle -       1440   400
    This area is extremely difficult; you're going to have to utilize all the fighting techniques
    from before, including possibly dodging :)  Head left at the intersection, then up the stairs.
    Continue up, pushing back your assailants with your level 2 thunder attack, then curve around
    and head down the stairs.  Move right, under the bridge, right at the intersection, around the
    corner, and up at the intersection, then blast the face block.  Here, move left and take three
    floating platforms to the left; upward is a blue blob:
         Kensu:"Hey, it's me!  I was stupid and was hit by Karmine..."
          "In order to recover, I need the Ivory Statue.  It's in a room downstairs.  Use the hole
          over there."  Go back down, 
    Head back down, left, and down the stairs.  Put on your Rabbit Boots, then hop to the right
    over the spikes to the next solid area, then down on the spikes to your right, and grab the
    Magic Ring out of the chest.  Head back up and left to the solid spot, then left onto the
    spikes you crossed before, only this time head up.  Take out the lizard and ascend the stairs.
    Equip your Barrier and run the gauntlet; a boss awaits.
        Welcome BMAN!  I'm Karmine Draygonia's finest! (sic)  You must be tired... So rest forever
         in darkness!  Ha!
    This guy's projectiles are easy to dodge, but they really really hurt, so be careful; here's
    my strategy:  first, duck down to the very bottom of the screen, into the staircase.  Next,
    equip your Refresh spell and an Opel Statue, just in case.  Now face directly up and release
    your level 2 thunder blast whenever it fills.  In almost all cases, it will hit him.
    Occasional projectiles will reach your area, but if you're keeping an eye on your health, you
    can charge that while you charge your sword.  I took this guy out with no magic left and about
    3/4 of my health meter.  He's dropped a chest, of course.  Ooh, the Ivory Statue!  Good stuff.
    Head up and open this chest... woohoo, the Storm Bracelet!  You're halfway to attaining the
    final arsenal!  Head down past the inactive sentries, down through the spikes and left, then
    up the staircase you came down.  Head up at your next opportunity, then use the Ivory Statue
    on Mr. Blob:
        Ivory Statue is given to Kensu.
        Kensu:"What a relief!  Here, I will cure your wounds.  The Emperor and Mesia..."
         "...left for the pyramid.  Mesia has the power to call the tower, but don't... (sic)
         "...give it to Draygon.  I'll teach you Flight to aid you.  Now, take the short cut
         through the back." <You now have Flight.>
    Head past him and take the long set of stairwells down; you'll eventually enter a cave. Advance
    through here and you will reach a strange-colored pool.  You can head through this with the
    Rabbit Boots, but now you have a much more interesting method, now that you have the ULTIMATE
    SPELL!  Select the last spell in your arsenal, Flight, then hold your A button and fly over it!
    Nifty stuff, huh?  Can you think of a few spots that were unreachable before?  Yeah, me too;
    we'll get to those later.  For now, head to your left for a Fruit of Power, then fly down over
    the water.  Two staircases await; head left for a quick overworld save, then come back and head
    right at the intersection, taking the right staircase.  From here, head up at the next
    intersection and continue past the bridgeable gap, branch left when you can, then grab the
    Leather Boots from the chest; these will come in handy later.  You may have noticed that you're
    in a different cave entirely; indeed.  This cave is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to navigate; in fact, I
    had to draw up a map just so I could detail these instructions, so pleeeease try not to stray,
    or you'll be screwed. The only enemies here are purple beetles, and they do hit hard, so be on
    the lookout and HEAL!  Okay, enough lecturing.
    Telepathy Update:
        When you have the Warrior Ring you can shoot continuously.
        There is a cave hidden in an oasis in the poisonous desert.  Go there. (I AM there.)
    *   There must have been a cave in Mt.Hydra you couldn't enter.  Why don't you go back there
    Asina's advice will lead you to part of your final arsenal, but there's a serious booster
    still in this cave.  Head back to the stream, but instead of heading back down, fly across the
    stream.  Head up and follow the wall right, fly right across the stream again, and again, and
    grab the Battle Armor out of the chest; this armor, combined with the ultimate shield, will
    block every status ailment in existence!  Good stuff, indeed!  Head down from where the chest
    was, flying down across the stream, then head right and follow the wall as it tucks down.
    Occasionally you'll have to fly across to the other side of the stream as you travel down.
    When a path opens to the left of the stream, take that and head down on the left side of it.
    Take the left turn, then fly to the upper side of the stream and head left a short distance
    until an upward path opens, revealing a stairwell; take that.  Hug the right wall as you
    advance to avoid the fire breath from the face block ahead.  Destroy that, then head up and
    grab the Power Ring out of the chest.  Equip this bad boy and watch your strength soar!  Okay,
    you're fiiinally finished here.  Teleport back to Shyron after healing, then exit the town and
    head into the cave outside.  Head through the cave, and on the other side, cross the ice bridge
    and head up at the next intersection; we're going to get some last items before the final
    journey.  Enter the cave, then head up and left at the intersection, taking the stairs. Cross
    the bridge, head over the ice bridge, turn left at the intersection, over the bridge, up the
    stairway and into the doorway.  Equip your Barrier and run the gauntlet, then head right
    afterwards, then up into the arena (you should remember this guy).  The last time, we fought
    the other wizard, but this one's just the same; dispatch him, then advance past him.  Equip
    your Flight, walk up, fly over the stream, head right, follow the wall upward, then tuck left
    and get... the PSYCHO SHIELD!  This is another piece to your final arsenal; you're almost
    complete :)
    BREATHE.  Teleport back to Shyron, head out, across the ice bridge, up at the intersection,
    into the cave, take the left stairwell at the top, cross the bridge, follow the curve, cross
    the ice bridge, take the right curve at the intersection, enter the cave, head up, branch left
    and up the stairs, branch right and up the stairs, advance, blast the rock wall upward, take
    the stairs, advance, blast the next brick wall upward, and advance through the orange blobs
    and out of the cave.  This is a cool place; fly to your left and snoop in the chest.  <You
    now have Bow of Sun.>  This also comes in handy later.  The only two items you still need to
    have you perfect arsenal and unlock the final boss lie in the pathway to him, so teleport to
    Swan, the closest town, and snoop around.
        People saying bad things against Draygonia were executed... My husband... ...
        When I heard Shyron was destroyed, I thought for sure it was over...
        Draygonia will soon be destroyed!
        After the people of Draygonia are gone, the utmost fear of the people is released. (sic)
    Seems word has gotten out; you have one more chance during the final barrage to buy items, so
    get a prestock now.  Head to the left of town, through the unguarded gates, and left into the
    area where the Draygonia Castle lies.  Instead of heading up that way, go down, following the
    rock wall until it leads you to the southern path.  Take that into a new area.  You've
    actually been here for a split second when you ducked out to save; slip on your Leather Boots
    to defend against the ground here, and head straight down; you will approach four whirlpools.
    Fly/walk in a southeast direction from here, and you will reach a mountain.  On the southern
    side, fly over the whirlpools, then enter the cave.
    Name             Exp  Cash
    Rabid Crawdad - 1440   200
    Head to the end of the cave, and outside, you'll see a
    bunch of cute little bunnies!  They don't have a great deal to say, however:
        Let's play.
        Let's play.
        Let's play.
        Deo:"A long time ago, I was one of Stom's favorites.  I wish he would come back soon."
    Yep, just run of the mill bunnies-- wait, what was that last one?  Hmm... head south into the
        This is the desert town of Sahara.  The weather is pretty nasty, but it keeps Draygonia
        A strange couple came here a while back... One was a man with a cape, the other was a
        When you go through a cave in the east, a great Pyramid is there.
        Do you know someone called Stom?  I assume he's in training right now.
        I heard a rumor that Draygonia is about to be destroyed...
    Use change and select the first character, then talk to the town again:
        How are you?  How ya' been doin'?
    *   Your rabbit is still on the plain.  Have you seen it?
        Long time no see.
        Hi!  Have you become a true wise man yet?
    Now that the town has been cued, head back out and find Deo:
        Deo:"Oh Stom!  Let's play!"
         BMAN:"I'm sorry, I'm not Stom... He is gone..."
         Deo:"That's a lie!  He couldn't be dead... ...     ...         ..."
         "Please take this... It reminds me of him... ...     ... ... Avenge his death for me!"
         <You now have Deo's Pendant.>
    With Deo's Pendant, you can gain magic points while you're standing still!  Max out your level
    to 16 at the cave, since those guys don't fight back too hard, and they give good rewards; if
    you get hurt, advance through the cave (all five feet of it) and head south into Sahara again.
    Oh, I almost forgot:
    Rest -           $500
    Antidote -       $1000
    Magic Ring -     $4000
    Fruit of Repun - $3000
    Warp Boots -     $1500
    Head into the only unmarked house.
        Oh, you are the legendary soldier...  I shall tell you what I know... A tower with
         tremendous power is near, one that can destroy the world. It is said, one true warrior
         has the power to stop the tower... That one... is BMAN, and the one who will lead you is
         called Mesia.  That I know.
        Mesia is waiting.  Go to the Pyramid with utmost haste!
        It's sad.  The Emperor Draygon still hasn't given up his desire to conquer the world.
        Mesia's power is more than just being able to call the tower...
    Before you head onward to the final battles, teleport quickly to Goa, then head into the
    upper-right house.
        Is that so?  The great four were killed?  Ah, the Emperor is still left!
    Now turn into Akahana, the old Goa native, for a slightly warmer reception:
        Yo!  Akahana!  You look good.  I'll return that item you loaned me.  <You now have Warrior
        Let's have some refreshments sometime.
    With the Warrior Ring equipped, you can fire off level 1 charges without any effort!  Useful.
    Go where you must to get ready for the final battle, then head to Sahara and take the right
    path from the town and into the cave.  This cave is linear, and only has Rabid Crawdads, so
    put on your Warrior Ring and roast them, exiting out the other side.  Make sure you put on
    your Leather Boots when you skip across the sand here, but you're just traveling five feet to
    the entrance to your right anyway.  Fly over the whirlpools and head inside; we're going to
    procure the last piece to your super arsenal.  I've left out experience and cash values since
    they're completely irrelevant at this point.  Okay, this cave is rather symmetrical, and the
    stairwells tend to loop, so if you get lost in the midst of it all, here's how to get out:
    1) Walk to the rightmost wall; you will see one of a number of staircases facing up, and the
        only path from where you stand is a short one to the left.
    2) Walk left, rejoining the vertical pathway, but do not move up or down at all.
    3) If you can only go down from this point, the stairwell to your right (the one you just
        moved away from) is the correct one.
    4) Otherwise, move up until you can't anymore, then move right; that stairwell is the correct
    5) Take the stairwell, then head down at the intersection; you will see the empty arena from
    6) Continue down and you will exit the stage.
    That said, let's take the cave; head up, turn right at the intersection, then go down the
    stairs.  Follow the path, turn left at the intersection, left again at the next intersection,
    then up and up the stairs.  Procure the Magic Ring here if you wish, then continue up and up
    the stairs.  Turn left here, then up, then right, and you will see a stairwell above you; take
    that.  Head up a little and you'll encounter the next boss.
        Oh!  You were able to come here!?  I'm Emperor Draygon!  Show me your power!
    If you have not been following my walkthrough the whole way, or felt that you didn't need the
    final arsenal (I'm referring to the Power Ring), you'll need to read THIS battle tactic.
    Otherwise, skip this entire paragraph.  This guy is very systematical, but takes quite a few
    hits; here's my strategy.  You'll need a Magic Ring to pull this off, but it's the simplest way.
    Equip your Refresh spell and an Opel Statue, just in case.  He will start off the match by
    flying straight down at you, so dodge quickly.  After that, he will slowly rise, firing off
    very wide-ranged Thunder Shots straight down, so all you have to do is move toward the top of
    the screen and stay away from it.  When he reaches the top of the screen, he will move until
    he's lined up with you, then charge down again, so you'll need to move back down and dodge.
    If you're doing this correctly, he won't be able to get a single hit off.  Now here's the hard
    part:  while you're doing all this, keep charging and releasing your level 3 thunder blast;
    this shot hits everywhere on the screen multiple times, and therefore is immensely powerful
    because you can face any direction and fire it off.  Also, you can begin charging the next
    level 3 blast as soon as the first one wore off, which will allow you to attack almost
    continuously.  Another great reason for using this shot is its processor toll (the SNES will
    slow down); this will allow you to dodge the Emperor more easily.  Keep an eye on your magic
    gauge as it will run out; when it does, recharge it with your Magic Ring quickly and continue.
    If you run out of magic again and don't wish to use another Magic Ring, equip the Warrior Ring
    and fire off level 1 shots until he dies, which shouldn't be too long, since you packed so much
    punch with those level 3 shots.  When he finally keels over, check out what he drops...
    In the case that you have the Power Ring, however, equip it and see how much more attack you
    get!  Now head up into the fight and unleash two of your level 3 shots; he'll be dead in a
    heartbeat; good stuff!  When you kill him, check out what he drops... THE PSYCHO ARMOR!
    You'll fall through a hole and into a new room, but be sure to equip the last piece to your
    super arsenal before you move on.  Now equip Deo's Pendant and watch carefully... both
    your meters will fill completely!  You are now, in theory, invulnerable, but you can only do
    this when you're stationary.
        Azteca:"Ooo... BMAN...  I'm glad you could come...
         BMAN:"You're wounded!"
         Azteca:"Worry not for me, but for Mesia.  She waits for you on the highest..."
         "...floor.  You must use the basement entrance to get there.  Here is the..."
         "Bow of Truth... Use it when you battle the Emperor... Go!  Mesia is waiting!"
         <You now have Bow of Truth.>
         Azteca"Go!  Don't worry about me!  Now Go!"
    Teleport back to Sahara and sleep;  Get some more equipment if you need it.  Ahead is the final
    showdown with Emperor Draygon and his minions.  Head right out of Sahara, go through the cave,
    equip your Leather Boots, then go up instead of right (where you were before).  You'll reach
    four whirlpools; head directly up from there and you will reach a rock outcropping.  Head right
    a very short distance from there, and you will see the entrance to the final showdown.  Go
    around to the top of this and fly inside.  Equip your iron necklace for the moment; the next
    fight is a technical battle, and if you're not extremely fast, you will take a hit or two, so
    you'll have to jack up your defense.  Head down, follow the curve, and when you're about to
    turn up, go to your inventory and select the Bow of Moon, then move up into the arena.
        You who awaken us!  You will sleep an endless sleep!!
    Immediately press the B button, destroying one of the statues, then when your control is free,
    run quickly left, go to your inventory, and select the Bow of Sun, then press B again; the
    fight is over, and a stairway has opened.  Equip the Warrior Ring, Opel Statue, and your wind
    arsenal, and continue.  Here you'll encounter some very resilient enemies; remember that you
    have no need to kill anything at this point, but if you're cornered, your Warrior Ring will
    allow you to unleash a barrage of attacks to deflect them.  Head right at the intersection and
    follow the path, up the stairway, and through the arena.  Equip your Leather Boots here.
    Advance up through the spikes and do not turn; take the stairs at the end of the spikes.  Turn
    right and head down through the spikes, and grab the Opel Statue at the end.  Head back up,
    and go left at the intersection this time, then follow the path down, through the spikes, and
    around the corner.  Here, be sure to destroy the swordsman before you take the floating
    platform, then either equip your Power Ring and launch attacks at the butterflies on the way
    across, or call your level 3 attack to ensure that they don't knock you down; if you changed
    away from your Leather Boots and you do get knocked down, make sure to put them back on
    quickly.  Anyway, head up on the second floating platform, then run past the swordsman and
    take the stairs.  Stand here and let yourself heal first (you can get your magic back with
    Deo's Pendant), then equip your Refresh spell, Bow of Truth, Power Ring, and Thunder Arsenal,
    and head up.
    NOTE:  DO NOT EQUIP FROM THE TOP ROW!  If you equip an item in the top row, even the Opel
    Statue, it will override the Bow of Truth, and the Bow will not go off.
        Draygon:"You, BMAN! You shall receive the wrath of my fury for taking my kingdom from me!"
    This seems like more of the same, but press the B button, activating the Bow of Truth.
        The arrow pierces the heart of the Emperor, and his true image is revealed!
    Aaah!  Scary, huh?  Equip your Opel Statue now, and begin charging your level 3 attack while
    you dodge him.  All you can do is dodge his shots at first, but after a short while, he will
    change his attack style, and a red jewel will appear at his chest; this is where you'll unleash
    your attack; he should be gone in no time.  You'll be treated with a fantastic grand entrance
    and explosion scene by the wise men... and you might be a little pink blob too, if you're
    lucky!  :)
        Azteca:"Good job!  This is the way it was supposed to be... I must explain..."
         "I didn't want evil in my mind, and I tried to push all corrupting thoughts..."
         "...away.  But Draygon began to read my negative ideas and became absorbed by..."
         "...them.  The fact that you & Mesia are awake means the tower's cycle has begun.
         There's so little time."
         Kensu:"Hold on!  Try!"
         Azteca:"Kensu... I'm sorry... I feel Draygon's evil..."
         "...was my fault.  He saw the temptation of using his power for self glory..."
         "...and evil, but I could do nothing... Now we must be apart... I'm sorry... ... ...
         All:"Azteca!  Azteca... ..."
         Mesia:"BMAN!  I'm now in the tower.  Not much time!  Enter into the next room!  I'll take
         you to the tower!
    And you head up and into the tower.  Equip your Warrior Ring, Opel Statue, and Thunder arsenal
    for this journey.  YOU CAN SAVE HERE; do so.  Head down from the crystal.  On this tier,
    launch your thunder blasts at everything that moves, above and below you as well, they're
    everywhere.  The gold robots fire forward and can only walk on the ground.  The purple
    men-at-arms can float freely, so watch out; they are independent of the tower's tier system,
    and therefore will reappear regularly whether or not you've completed the tier.  Also, a
    missile turret will float above you on horizontal tracks; it can only be destroyed when its
    eye is open (i.e. it is firing).  After you take out the gold robots, purple robots will enter
    via one of the doors.  The purple robots launch yellow energy balls forward.  Remember that you
    can head to one side of the tier and launch blasts at the enemies while standing still,
    allowing you time to recover your health. After you destroy the purple robots, an escalator
    will appear; continue up.
        -BMAN!  Mesia!  These
        -messages are for you.  You
        -both were part of a team...
        -...of scientists who created
        -this tower.  As the most
        -critical link, you were...
        -...preserved to witness our
        -future race; to judge if
        -there's hope for humanity...
        -When the tower began
        -operating, your life
        -systems were engaged and
        -you both were awakened.
    On the second tier, more gold robots await, followed by more purple robots.  Another missile
    turret floats above.  There are three entrance doors instead of two, so you will have more
    enemies to destroy.  When these are dispatched, another escalator will appear; continue up.
        -Did you find Azteca?  He
        -was an android created by
        -us, and programmed to...
        -...lead the people in a
        -positive direction.  We can
        -only hope he will succeed...
        -We used all our resources
        -to create him.  If he fails
        -then it will be up to you
        -to decide their fate.
    This is heavy stuff... on the third tier, there are only two doors, but you still have a
    missile turret to take out.  Destroy the gold robots, then the purple ones, and the final
    escalator will appear.  Continue up.  This tier is empty; head right and enter the large door
    above you.
        Mesia:"BMAN! You finally caught up with me!"
         "Unsheathe your swords, or the tower's attack will begin!"
         <You now have Crystalis.>
    Upon her command, you unsheathe your swords, and they are combined to create the ultimate
    sword, Crystalis.
        "You must destroy DYNA, the central computer.  If you succeed, stick Crystalis into
         it's (sic) main reactor!"
        Mesia:"It's the only way!  We have so little time!  Now hurry!"
    Equip your Power Ring and exit this room.  Head right and up a new escalator.
        -BMAN!  Mesia!  By the time
        -this is activated, we will
        -no longer be alive...
        -We hope we have made the
        -right decisions, and that
        -all people will realize...
        -their mistakes before it's
        -too late.  BMAN!  Mesia!
        -As old friends, we wish
        -your safety.  Good luck!
    Head up into the door.  DYNE begins throwing everything and its grandmother at you, but all
    you have to do is stand slightly to the left of its eye (the blue orb), walk to the top of the
    screen, and turbo-fire Crystalis blasts until it dies.
        <Crystalis is thrust into the reactor!>
        Mesia:"Did you get hurt?"
        BMAN:"No, I'm fine."
        Mesia:"The danger is now over BMAN..."
        BMAN:"It would be nice to rest easy from now on, without the threat of evil at our backs."
        -...30...     ...29...     ...28...     ...27...
        -BMAN:"Time to leave!"
        -Mesia:"I'm with you..."
               ALONG WITH
              BMAN & MESIA
          WE CAN NEVER FORGET...
             TO MAINTAIN
           PEACE & HUMANITY...
    And the credits roll... <sniff>  that was just lovely!  Oh geez, it's over now, and it's time
    for me to mention all the things that made this possible...
    If you have something you would like to add to the knowledge base, throw me an email, with
    "Crystalis" or "GodSlayer" in the subject line, and let me know what you've found; I'll be
    sure to credit you when I update.  Also, if you find any technical or grammatical errors,
    please inform me of that too; as always, I try to be meticulous about my spelling, etc, to
    make it easier on the reader.
      -  The Bass Man
    Props go out to all my friends at the University of Dayton, who always believe in me, no
    matter how much of a nerd I am :)  And, of course, I want to thank GameFAQs; if this place
    wasn't around, I never would have had the inspiration to write my FAQ's in the first place, and
    where would I be now?  Take care everyone, and happy gaming!

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