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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Superboc

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/25/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 2.0
    Written By: Superboc (Superboc@hotmail.com)
    Copyright 2002, Dave Thomas.  You may use any part of this FAQ you want to,
    but I ask that you give me credit, and that you don't change anything.  I also
    ask that you don't try to profit from it, and all that other great stuff that
    I'm not bothering to mention, but which applies to the law.
    Version History-
    Version 1.0- first version of the FAQ.  Will cover all of the beginning up to
    and through the first boss, as well as the swords on the Stuff list and the
    character stats for the first 3 levels.
    Version 1.1- first addition to the FAQ.  This adds quite a bit, covering up to
    Mt. Sabre and a little into it.
    Version 1.2- when I send this to CJayC, it'll have everything covered through
    Version 1.3- this will have information on The Angry Sea and Mt. Hydra.  It's
    been a little while between updates, huh?
    Version 2.0- first version to have a complete walkthrough.  I'll add/change a
    little more later, but for now, let me gloat.  (Oops...did I say there were 14
    levels?  No, I couldn't have.  Of course, there's 16.  ^_^;)  Oh yeah, on that
    subject, this version also has a complete, (rather) thorough listing of
    weapons, shields, and armor, as well as character levels.  I might also throw
    in items later.
    Table of Contents:
        I. Introduction
       II. Walkthrough
             a. Leaf Village & Vampire Cave
             b. Brinmaer Village & Oak Village
             c. Mt. Sabre
             d. Portoa Area
             e. The Angry Sea
             f. Mt. Hydra
             g. Goa
             h. Death Desert
             i. The Tower
      III. Stuff List
             a. Swords
             b. Armor and Shields
             c. Items
       IV. Character Stats
        V. Thanks
    I. Introduction
    Before I start to write this walkthrough, I should warn the reader, this is my
    first FAQ.  I should also warn you that it's very difficult to describe where
    a person has to go because a lot of the scenery in this game stays the same
    all the way around.  This is going to sound rude, and I'm sorry, but I refuse
    to answer any questions that I know are easily found in the FAQ.  Just look
    for them.  Anyway, this is a great RPG for the NES, one of the greatest RPG's
    on the system.  The only problem it has is that it's a little unbalanced; you
    might have to kill upwards of 100 enemies at a time just to level up your
    character, unless you're way behind.
    II. Walkthrough
    Leaf Village & Vampire Cave
    The game begins when you step out of a machine.  I guess it's a freezing
    chamber you wake from; not sure, though.  Doesn't matter.  You step out, and
    in the next scene, you see a man run from you in fear.  Follow him and you'll
    immediately enter Leaf Village.
    Stores: Items shop, Armor Shop, Inn
    Important Stuff: Talk to village elder for Sword of Wind, talk to man in
    northeast hut for money
    When you enter the village, you will see several people.  Talk to them if you
    want; it's not that important.  Visit every house that doesn't have a sign
    above it right away.  In the northeasternmost hut a man sits who will give you
    $100, saying it's a gift from the wise man Zebu.  Nice guy, huh?  In the hut
    to the northwest (it seems to have an orange addition to it on the side) you
    will find the village elder, who will tell you that you are the world's last
    hope as he gives you your first sword, the Sword of Wind.  Talk to the girl
    who's walking around in the same hut, and you discover that there's a broken
    down windmill nearby.  Now visit the armor shop, the building to the
    southwest, which has an image of a shield above it.  Buy the carapace shield
    for $80 and equip it when you leave.  Now leave town and get ready to fight.
    You're in an open field.  Walk around.  You'll encounter tigers and blue
    blobs.  They aren't that tough to beat; just charge up your sword (hold the
    "B" button) and fire repeatedly until they die.  Always pick up the money they
    leave behind.  You can find three landmarks here: a cave to the west, a bridge
    that leads north to another cave, and the windmill mentioned earlier.  Visit
    the western cave to talk to Zebu.  He'll tell you to activate the windmill and
    that if you do, he'll give you some magic.  Hang out in the field, fighting
    monsters and collecting money, until you've earned $150.  This works out
    nicely because you're likely to level up at least once; maybe twice, depending
    on how many blue blobs you kill.  Head back south to Leaf and buy the Tanned
    Hide you didn't buy earlier, as well as an alarm flute in the item shop.  Now
    head north to the bridge, cross it, and enter the cave.  Inside, follow it
    until you reach a fork, which leads either to the left or up.  Go up.  You'll
    see a sleeping man.  Use the alarm flute to awaken him.  He'll give you the
    windmill key, and mention a strange ball that can break rock walls.
    Now go back to the fork and follow the left path.  You'll come out right next
    to the windmill.  Go inside, then walk up to the key hole and put the key in.
    Now leave, and you'll see a new cave opening up.  Just head for the new cave.
    Just as you reach it, Zebu's voice will tell you that he will teach you
    Refresh, the first magic spell.  Go inside the cave and follow the path.  The
    enemies here are slightly stronger than in the first area, but they're still
    not bad.  Also, they're worth 2 EXP, not 1, so you'll level up faster from
    here on.  After a while, you come to a fork where the path up leads to a gray
    dead end.  Obviously, you have to head to the right.  This leads to two
    doorways.  Take the top one first to face an easy, optional battle against a
    rock-dude (technical term) for some warp boots, as well as a ton of EXP and
    money.  It's worth it.  On the second path, you come to a four way
    intersection.  Explore down first, and you'll get a medical herb, which can
    heal you.  Then explore right, heading down first.  You'll find the Ball of
    Wind.  This is a very important item in this cave.  Remember what the sleepy
    guy said?  This is what he was talking about.  You have to equip it to use it,
    but it allows you to charge your sword to level 2, which makes an even more
    powerful blast, strong enough to take out rock walls!
    Head up immediately afterward, and break the rock wall.  Behind it you'll find
    an antidote.  This'll be useful if you're hit by one of the red blobs here,
    because they cause poison, which is relieved by an antidote.  Head back to the
    first rock wall you saw, and break it.  Behind it is a two way intersection.
    The left path leads to an easy-to-get Medical Herb, the right leads to the
    boss, a vampire-type dude.
    BOSS: Vampire
    This guy's not the hardest boss in the game by far, but he's no pushover
    either.  He makes two bats which both try to fly at you.  He also vanishes
    into thin air, then reappears in a different place.  You can fight the bats
    all day, but it won't do anything.  Instead, try to charge up your sword to
    level 2 and hit the vampire himself.  The more he's been hit, the less time he
    sits around before vanishing again.  About 6-8 hits should do it, depending on
    your level.  After you beat him, you can pick up the rabbit boots from the
    chest he leaves behind.  Leave out the top of the screen, follow the path, and
    break the rock wall to open up the path to the exit.
    Brinmaer Village and Oak Village
    Stores: Items Shop, Armor Shop, Pawn Shop, Inn, Bar
    Important Stuff: Talk to Akahana
    Head south from the cave until you see the opening to the west.  This is
    Brinmaer Village, the second city in the game.  Once inside, the first thing
    you'll see is a man standing right in front of the entrance.  Talk to him and
    he'll introduce himself as Akahana.  He lost his statue, and he wants you to
    find it.  Don't go yet, though.  First, look around town.  If you need to,
    stop at the inn for $20.  If you have $140 lying around, you can buy Leather
    Armor from the Armor shop.  You can also buy a Bronze shield for $220.  You
    can also sell your current equipment for half of what you paid for it.  You
    should have enough money to buy the Leather armor after you sell off the
    Tanned Hide.  You'll never wear the Tanned hide again anyway, since the
    Leather armor is better.  Now talk to all the people in the village, and
    they'll foreshadow later events in the game for you.
    You'll need to find Akahana's statue to move on.  Head north along the river
    and cross the bridge, but watch out for the brown stuff.  Once you've crossed
    the bridge, head west and walk around in the tall grass until you find the
    Statue of Onyx.  BE WARNED!  The enemies in this area are MUCH, MUCH HARDER
    than in the last.  They take 3 shots to kill at level 4, and throw axes at
    you.  Cross the bridge again, and go back to Brinmaer.  Give the statue to
    Akahana and he'll reward you with a gas mask.  Some gift, huh?  Well it comes
    in handy later.  Leave Brinmaer if there's nothing new you want to buy.
    I advise that you try to level up until you're at level 5 right now, for
    safety's sake.  Go back across the bridge, but head east this time.  See that
    brown spot that you can't seem to get around?  Put on the rabbit boots and
    press A to jump.  You can jump over the pit and take minimal damage!  Avoid
    the blue mushroom-thingys in the next area; you can't hurt them yet, but they
    can hurt you.  If you head north from here, you'll jump over another pit, only
    to be told at the far north that you "can't climb this yet!"  Instead, head
    east.  Before you exit this screen, though, equip your gas mask.
    Stores: Item Shop, Inn
    Important Stuff: get the Sword of Fire here
    This has got to be one of the most frustrating parts of the game early on.
    Oak forest is a dark place where there are vicious monsters.  You have to
    travel through this place to reach Oak village, though, so it's a necessary
    evil.  From the entrance, follow this path: right, up, right, up.  This will
    take you through the maze to Oak village.  Watch for any enemies along the
    way; they're really bad here.  Once inside Oak village, walk around.  You'll
    notice that all the people in the village tell you the same exact thing: "Go
    in peace."  They aren't friendly in Oak village.  That's okay.  Head back out,
    all the way back to Brinmaer village, and stay at the inn if you need to.
    From Brinmaer, go north until you've found an opening in the mountains.
    Follow it and you'll find a house.  There are two men inside the house.  One
    introduces himself as Tornel, the other as his trainee, Stom.  They test your
    skill, as you fight Stom.  If you hit the B button rapidly enough and if
    you're at a high enough level (I gained experience until I had 250 experience
    on level 5), he's not hard to beat, and when you do beat him, Tornel teaches
    you the telepathy spell.
    Now it's time to head back to Oak.  When you get there, go into the house to
    the southwest.  The person there says their child has been missing since he
    went into the forest.  You have to find him.  The other people in the village
    also say different things, now, but they're not very nice.  The kid is hiding
    in a corner of Oak forest and isn't easy to find, unless you cover the entire
    area.  From Oak, go down as far as possible, then right, then down again.
    You'll find the kid, who you must then lead back to Oak.  When you enter Oak,
    the kid returns to his house.  Follow him and talk to his parent.  (S)he'll
    give you the insect flute, which you'll need soon enough.  Now go to the
    village elder for the real reward.  He'll ask you to kill a giant monster,
    which can't attack their village because of a certain item they have.  Then he
    gives you the item: The Sword of Fire, the second sword in the game.  You'll
    notice this sword's power almost immediately if you fight enemies.  Now, let's
    go get the Ball of Fire so we can get its level 2 attack.  Remember that
    monster?  Well, now you have to find it and fight it.  From Oak, go down, take
    the first path to the right, and follow it all the way, until your screen is
    half blue, half black.  Use the insect flute.  You'll summon the boss.
    BOSS: Giant Insect
    Another vicious creature you really don't want to mess with.  This thing
    shoots poison out of its mouth.  It also has one of those annoying bugs you
    see in the forest helping it.  The bug can't be killed, so don't bother.
    Equip the Sword of Fire if you already haven't.  You have to shoot the
    monster's mouth when it isn't shooting its poison at you.  This takes good
    timing.  By the seventh shot, he should be dead.  After he dies, he'll give
    you the Ball of Fire.
    Head back to Oak, where everyone has totally changed their opinion of you.
    Rest if you need to, and head back to Brinmaer.  You're about to climb a
    mountain.  PLEASE NOTE: The Inn in Oak village costs twice as much as the one
    in Brinmaer.  If you think you can possibly make it back to Brinmaer w/o
    dying, do so, as you'll save $20 in the process!
    Mt. Sabre
    You might want to level up, but it's not important yet.  The enemies you'll
    face on the mountain aren't incredibly difficult, but you'll probably switch
    swords quite a bit.  In fact, I'll get this out of the way right now.
    Whenever you're outside, have the Sword of Fire equipped.  Whenever you're
    inside, have the Sword of Wind equipped, unless you need to break an ice wall.
    You should start you trip up the mountain by going to the southwest corner of
    the Brinmaer-Oak area.  Follow the path until you see the ground in front of
    you moving slightly.  This is a zombie from the mountain.  They're good for
    experience and they don't fight back (much), so they're great targets, but
    they take a couple shots to kill.  Anyway, this zombie is in the middle of a
    fork in the road.  Take the right fork and enter the cave.  You can fight the
    monsters here if you want, or you can just avoid them.  Go up the staircase-
    type-thingy.  Recognize the music?  It's the same song that played when you
    talked to Zebu in the cave outside of Leaf.  Remember the ice wall behind
    Zebu?  Now you can break it with your Sword of Fire.  Do so and talk to Zebu.
    He tells you to return to Leaf.  When you get there, you'll notice that
    everyone is missing except for a dog in the addition to the wise man's house
    (the one where you got the Sword of Wind).  He'll inform you that evil people
    attacked and took everyone away.  It's your job to get them back.  Head back
    the way you came, all the way out to the fork in the road where you went
    right, but go left this time.  Follow the path, and be careful to avoid the
    ice slopes when they're on both sides.  You can't climb these.  You can,
    however, climb the one immediately after them if you're wearing rabbit boots.
    Do so and follow the path along the bridge into the cave.  When you're inside,
    break the ice wall, go around the circle (it's a squared circle, both
    directions of the fork lead the same place), and break the second ice wall.
    Behind this wall, you get the Tornado Bracelet, which allows you to charge the
    Sword of Wind up to level 3, but costs MP to use.  Head back outside.
    Once outside, cross the bridge, slide down the hill, and go left.  This path
    eventually leads to another cave.  Inside the cave, you come to a fork rather
    early.  Go left first.  Use the Sword of Fire in this part of the cave; you'll
    only face a few enemies that're invulnerable to it anyway, and you have to
    break the ice walls.  At the end of the path, you'll find Warp Boots.  Travel
    back and take the other path.  At the end, you'll reach a staircase.  Take it
    and at the first branch, the left path is short and offers a Medical Herb.
    When you take the right path, after breaking the ice wall, go right again to
    reach a staircase.  Take it, then go up at the first fork.  After a few
    segments, you'll meet Tornel again outside.  He'll teach you Teleport this
    time, which allows you to travel between areas very quickly at the cost of MP.
    You'll also get a Magic Ring outside.  Head back to the vertical fork and go
    down this time.  It leads outside, to an area similar to the one you were in
    when you first started climbing Mt. Sabre.  As you look around, you'll notice
    the ice sheet, which you'll have to slide down.  Remember that bridge?  Yep,
    you guessed it.  You're back in the beginning.  You've made a full circuit,
    which means you can leave now.  Get out of there and head back to Brinmaer to
    rest if you need to.  I recommend it; Mt. Sabre isn't done yet, and the
    enemies are no laughing matter in the next part.
    First, let me say this: level up to level 6 if you haven't already.  The
    enemies in this area can't be hurt unless you're at level 6 or higher, so
    level up before coming here.
    Remember when you went to the far northern part of the map near Oak?  That
    voice said you wouldn't make it?  Well, apparently, you will now.  Go there
    and follow the path up Mt. Sabre.  Visit the inn and talk to everyone.  One
    person mentions someone from Brinmaer climbing the mountain.  Remember that;
    it becomes important in a minute.  Now go outside and head left.  Just a bit
    outside the inn, you'll meet the man you talked to in the bar in Brinmaer.
    He's hurt, and mentions that some people captured him and put him to work, as
    well as people from Leaf.  Then he dies.  Continue going left and you'll
    eventually meet two guards standing in front of a doorway.  They talk about
    how they're forcing the Leaf villagers to work, and they even say "Long live
    the Draygonia Empire!"  Walk up to them and try to talk; they'll attack you.
    Don't bother trying to beat them, just slip inside while they go berserk.  Go
    up the long hallway, then go through the stairway.  After this, you can go
    left and get an Antidote or down to continue.  From here, it doesn't matter
    how you go; you'll end up in a hallway that has two staircases, one right
    above and off to the left of the other.  Go to the top one.  The guards in
    this part aren't easy.  I suggest you avoid them, but if you really want to
    fight them, it pays well - they're worth 25 EXP each.  When you're outside
    again, just head right and go in the first cave you see.  Break each ice wall
    in this hallway.  You'll be in a "holding pen" for Leaf residents.  Pass by
    the first pen and go to the second one instead.  Each pen has its own ice wall
    in the back, which has an area behind it.  The second one is important, as it
    has the Key to the Prison hidden behind it.  Behind the first one is a hallway
    that leads outside.  Once outside, go up the staircase.  Be prepared; the boss
    is ahead.
    BOSS: General Kelbesque
    This guy isn't easy at all.  He claims to be one of Draygonia's "finest four".
    Whatever.  Here's the problem: YOU CAN'T EVEN HURT HIM UNLESS YOU'RE AT LEVEL
    7!  Not even a bit, not even from your very strongest attack.  He doesn't get
    hurt unless you're at level 7 or higher.  How do you beat him then?  Just load
    up your Sword of Wind, prepare a few shots of level 3 tornadoes, and let him
    have it.  He'll come back by stamping the ground, which sends stuff flying at
    you.  Just avoid it, and avoid running into him, as he can easily come very
    close to you.  AT ALL COSTS avoid getting cornered, as he loves to trap you.
    If you run out of MP, you can also hurt him with a level 1 or 2 shot, but it's
    not as easy to aim.
    After you beat Kelbesque, he flees and leaves the Flame Bracelet behind.
    That's not all, though.  Use the Prison Key to open up the locked door at the
    top of the screen.  Inside is the village Elder, who tells you to proceed
    through the cave to the city of Portoa.  The queen there should be able to
    help you.  Just before you reach the exit, someone teaches you Paralysis,
    which will come in handy inside Portoa.
    This place is referred to as the Capitol of Water, and it shows.  From the
    cave, just head southwest and cross the bridge, and you'll end up in Portoa
    Stores: Item Shop, Armor Shop, Inn, Pawn Shop
    Important Stuff: talk to queen and fortune teller repeatedly; freeze guard in
    palace when you're not welcome and he's not blocking the door to open up the
    back room
    You can refresh and everything here, but for now, there's only one major thing
    you have to do; first, visit the queen.  See what she has to say.  Then, visit
    the fortune teller.  She'll allow you to visit the queen by saying the palace
    will be open for you.  Here's the thing: in order to keep moving, you have to
    visit the Queen's chamber WHILE SHE ISN'T IN IT.  The people in the palace
    talk a lot about how she disappears.  When this happens, the guard standing at
    her door blocks it off from you if you get too close w/o talking to the
    fortune teller first.  Here's what you do.  Visit the Queen and talk to her,
    but then don't visit the fortune teller.  Just go back inside the castle
    immediately after leaving, then equip your new Paralysis magic and freeze the
    guard that would otherwise move in front of the door.  You can now freely
    visit the door on the Queen's chamber's right hand side.  Nothing inside
    though - yet.  Go back out, visit the fortune teller, and visit the Queen
    again.  This time, she'll give you the Flute of Lime and tell you about a
    waterfall with a cave behind it.  If you explored the area rather than
    visiting Portoa immediately, you know which waterfall I'm talking about.  From
    Portoa, head east as far as possible, then north as far as possible.
    Inside the cave, just follow the path early on.  Don't even bother fighting,
    as the enemies here are immune to both fire and wind.  When you come to a 4-
    way intersection, go right.  AVOID GOING LEFT OR UP because there's a vicious
    enemy there that likes to poison you.  Follow the path to the right and
    continue until you meet two statues blocking your path.  Use the Flute of Lime
    to return their bodies to normal and continue into the next area.  Watch out
    here, because you'll meet Medusas, who can turn you to stone if they shoot
    you.  Fortunately, they're not very fast or smart, but you can't hurt them
    yet.  Take a right at the first fork in the road.  Follow this path and you
    will eventually come across a river you can't get over.  Go up its shore
    instead, break the ice wall, and the Sword of Water is inside a treasure
    chest.  Equip it, and you can finally hurt all the enemies in this cave.
    Which is good, considering Medusas are worth 50 EXP and $50!  You can level up
    quite a bit here if you want to.  Head back and take the left direction at the
    fork in the Medusa area.  Just follow this path, and after the stairway, go up
    the first chance you get.  You'll see a familiar (hopefully) face, only he's
    frozen in stone.  Yep, it's Akahana.  You have to revive him like you did
    earlier to the other two guys, by using the Flute of Lime.  Problem is, you
    don't have one.  Go back and turn right this time instead of up.  This is the
    other side of the river where you got the Sword of Water.  Go up and you'll
    find another Flute of Lime.  Use it to revive Akahana, and he'll give you a
    Shield Ring, which will double your shield rating for the rest of the game
    when you have it equipped.  Now you can leave the cave or do some serious
    leveling-up.  It's up to you.
    Back in Portoa, the fortune-teller informs you that someone is waiting in a
    lake to the south.  Best not keep them waiting, right?  Head south across the
    bridge from Portoa, then west, then back north when you change screens.  In
    the next area, you'll talk to Rage, who happens to be carrying the Ball of
    Water.  Pick it up, and equip it.  Rage mentions someone waiting inside the
    tree behind him.  Power up a level 2 water shot and watch what it does to the
    water.  You can use this power to freeze certain parts of rivers that are a
    certain distance apart.  Inside the tree, you'll talk to Mesia.  She has
    almost nothing really important to say; just leave after you talk to her and
    head back to Portoa.
    Head back to the palace.  In the room behind the Throne room, see that part
    where the bubbles in the water reach across to each other?  You can freeze
    this water and then cross it.  Cross it, then freeze the next area, then enter
    the crack on the far wall.  In here, the Queen will reveal herself as Asina,
    one of three wise men who will help you.  She teaches you Recover magic, which
    cures your status ailments, and promises to teach you Barrier magic if you
    eliminate the whirlpools from the Angry Sea.  Beyond this part, you can talk
    to a dolphin that seems to need an herb to heal it.  An ordinary Medical Herb
    is all it needs, and in return, it'll give you a Shell Flute, which you'll use
    later.  Leave the palace, leave Portoa, and head east.  Freeze the river,
    cross it, and enter the cave on the other side.
    The Fog Lamp is in here, but so are a lot of enemies that can't be hurt by the
    Sword of Wind.  Just your luck, since you've got to use it to break the rock
    walls in here.  Take the first right, then go down, then from there, I'm sorry
    but I simply can't remember.  This place is a veritable maze.  If you explore
    every path thoroughly, you'll find the Fog Lamp.  Work your way back out of
    the cave, but explore up at the first fork and you'll find a Lysis Plant. When
    you're satisfied with this cave's completion, head back out and south, across
    the swamp, through the mountain pass, and along the river.  There's another
    cave across this river.
    There are lots of different enemies in this cave.  The blue mushrooms can be
    beaten with the Sword of Fire.  Any purple enemies can be, too, (except purple
    dragons) but the Sword of Wind also works on them.
    If you go through the entire cave, you will eventually arrive at an unusual
    opening.  In the northeast corner of this place, you can find a patch of
    flowers, in which lies a Kirisa Plant.  Save it for now (although come to
    think of it, you can only use it in one place, so it doesn't matter anyway!)
    Back in Portoa, head to the far west, where you'll find a solitary house on
    the waterfront with a boat sitting on a dock to the side of it.  Go inside and
    give the person who says, "We're not open, go away!" the Fog Lamp.  In return,
    he'll give you access to the boat.  Congratulations!  You've finished off the
    Portoa area!
    The Angry Sea
    Hopefully by now you have the Shell Flute and access to the boat.  If not,
    you've got to get both.
    First, get on the boat on the western side of Portoa.  The boat will
    automatically take you to a watch-house right on the beach.  Inside, talk to
    Kensu, who has lost something.  Next, use the Shell Flute.  It will call the
    dolphin you healed earlier, and now you can ride on his back!
    Feel free to explore your surroundings.  Directly to the north, there is an
    island with a cave on its southern side: inside the cave is the village of
    Shops: Item Shop, Inn
    Important Stuff: none, yet...later, though
    In Joel, the main thing you can do is buy items, rest at the inn, and gather
    information.  Apparently, someone came from the next village asking for a
    sacrifice, and Mesia volunteered.
    Leave Joel for now, and explore to your west.  First, you should notice a
    lighthouse on Joel's western side, and a cave to access it.  Along the
    southern shore of this area, you can find a cave, which leads back into
    Portoa, coincidentally to the Queen's chamber.  To the north of this, there is
    another island, with another cave -- this time into a sort of dungeon.  The
    enemies here are great for EXP, though -- 160 each, and they don't even really
    fight back.  North of this island, you'll find what's blocking your path: a
    waterfall with an opening between two rocks, which is blocked by a whirlpool.
    You'll have to stop the whirlpool to advance.  You can also find an altar of
    sorts between these two land (sea?)-marks.
    This place is fairly tricky.  You have to walk on one side or the other of a
    river, occasionally freezing the water with the Sword of Water in order to
    move forward.  However, some of the enemies are invulnerable to water (such as
    the red mushrooms), so you'll be switching swords rather often.  At the first
    fork (when you first find water), head down and follow this path until you can
    leave the watery area.  You'll come to a four-way intersection, but the choice
    is easy; to the right, there's a dead-end, and to the left and down both head
    back to the water.  So, go up.  Behind the wall, you'll find a Magic Ring.
    Continuing along the path, you'll come to another area with a stone wall.
    Behind this is a staircase.  Explore the next area to the west and you'll find
    an Iron Necklace; to the east, there as a moving platform.  Time this
    carefully, as it's easy to fall.  Across this pit, you'll find a Lysis Plant,
    and a staircase to a very odd area.  In one of the torn-up houses, you'll find
    Clark, a man who was mentioned repeatedly in Joel.  He warns you of Sabera, a
    woman sorcerer who turned this town's residents into zombies.
    To the north of this, you'll find a weird castle.  Inside, you'll recognize
    some Draygonian soldiers.  Head left, then up, and you'll find a Fruit of
    Power at the end of the path.  Heading right brings you into a battle with the
    Vampire from the cave you traveled through to get to Brinmaer earlier.
    BOSS: Vampire
    Not very difficult.  His bats are invulnerable this time around, so you have
    no choice but to try to avoid them.  With a little skill, it's not too hard.
    When he's dead, he drops another Fruit of Power.
    In the next area, first head left, then right at the first fork, and across a
    pit of spikes (use your rabbit boots), you'll get a Medical Herb.  Go down,
    instead of right, and you'll come to an unusual situation: Mesia stands there,
    warning you about a sorcerer in the next room.  In the next room, you'll find
    a pit, with ANOTHER Mesia standing there, claiming to be the real one.  If you
    already went through the room and found the real Mesia, you'll have to drop in
    the pit; there's no other way out.  Otherwise, you can fight the fake one.
    How?  By attacking her with fire.  After attacking three times, she'll
    transform into Sabera.
    BOSS: Sabera
    Another one of Draygonia's "finest four".  Like Kelbesque, you have to be at a
    certain level (in this case, level 11) to beat her.  Her attack isn't that
    difficult to avoid; she moves slowly, and shoots attacks in a wave around
    herself that you can outrun.  She's also rather weak; 4 or 5 well-placed level
    3 fire attacks is all it should take to beat her.  The trick is to avoid her
    attacks, and still manage to send some of your own.
    When Sabera departs, she takes Mesia with her, but leaves the Broken Statue.
    Also, the town she messed up is back to (relative) normal.  Talk to Clark
    again, and he'll give you the Eye Glasses.  You can also get some hints as to
    what else to do in this area.  For instance, a man tells you, "A legend says
    that if the Statue of Gold is placed properly, we can return from any storm."
    Another person mentions an altar to the Statue of Gold, and tells you that
    it's on an island.  Remember that?  Yet another person tells you that a
    glowing lamp is in the lighthouse, which can fix things.
    If you haven't put two and two together by now, you have to fix the Broken
    Statue with the Glowing Lamp in the lighthouse, then place it on the altar to
    stop the whirlpool.  Teleport back to Joel, where everyone is eager to
    congratulate you.  In the orange shed on the side of the elder's house, use
    the Eye Glasses to reveal a secret door.  (How one could miss a door that big
    is beyond me.)  The door leads to the lighthouse, where Kensu has fallen
    asleep.  Buy an Alarm Flute from the Item shop and use it to wake him up.
    After cursing you for waking him up, he'll leave behind the Glowing Lamp.  Use
    it right away to fix the Broken Statue, then head for the island with the
    altar.  Place the statue on the altar, and check the passage between the
    rocks.  You can move through it, now.  As you do so, a voice teaches you
    Barrier, and tells you that the Wise Men are headed for Shyron in Mt. Hydra.
    Head east along the shore, and you'll come to a beach.  Beyond the beach is
    the town of Swan, and the end of the Angry Sea.
    Mt. Hydra
    Stores: Item Shop, Armor Shop, Inn, Bar, Pawn Shop
    Important Stuff: Talk to Stom, then track down Kensu to learn Change
    Swan is a nice city, but the prices are pretty high.  First, talk to Stom.
    He's in the shed next to the Item shop.  He'll tell you to find Kensu.  At
    this point, upon using Telepathy, you can get some clues: first, Kensu has
    changed form, and second, you can find his true form by using Paralysis on
    The first form of Kensu is in the bar, disguised as the only Draygonian
    soldier that isn't moving.  When you hit him with Paralysis, he says, "Shoot!"
    and vanishes.  His second form is in the unmarked building at the far eastern
    side of Swan.  If you visit this building before you start your Kensu hunt,
    it's easy to spot him as the new guy.  He's the one that says, "Many thanks
    for your promise," in case you didn't bother.  This time he asks you to find
    his pendant, which is in an underground river.  Use Telepathy again, and you
    can learn that he thinks it's in a channel behind a palace.  He's referring to
    the palace at Portoa.  You'll find the pendant in the water if you explore
    thoroughly.  Teleport or use some other method of travel (across the Angry
    Sea, for instance) to get back to Swan, and return the Love Pendant.  He'll
    teach you Change, which allows you to assume various different forms.  It
    comes in handy right away.  He also tells you to travel to Mt. Hydra.  First,
    though, let's take a detour.
    Teleport back to Brinmaer and stay at the Inn there to replenish your MP.  You
    could stay elsewhere, but hey, it's $20 - you won't find a much better deal.
    From Brinmaer, head east until you find the river, then head south along its
    shore.  You'll spot an area that can be frozen by the Sword of Water.  Do so,
    cross it, and explore.  To the south, you'll find the city of Amazones.
    Remember the lady in Brinmaer who mentioned a city inhabited by only women?
    This is it.
    Stores: Item Shop, Armor Shop, Inn
    Important Stuff: Blizzard Bracelet in Aryllis' house
    Talk to some people.  They hate you.  After all, you're a man.  The Armor shop
    has the Sacred Shield, if you can afford it.  I advise against buying it,
    though; in a short while you'll be able to get it for about $3000 less.
    There are two ways into Aryllis' house: Paralysis on the front guard (which
    will get you ejected if you talk to Aryllis), or Changing into a woman.  Also,
    an added notice: if you talk to the people, they're really nice to you as a
    woman.  A little discussion with the guards will reveal that Aryllis is
    interested in the Kirisa Plant, which you conveniently have.  Give it to her
    and you will receive the Bow of Moon.  Teleport back to Swan.
    Change comes in handy immediately.  To the west of Swan, a pair of Draygonians
    guard a gate.  If you Change into a Draygonian, they let you through.  To the
    south of this new area, you'll find the desert, but you're not interested in
    that yet, nor are you interested in Mt. Hydra to the west.  To the north is
    the fortress of Goa, which is guarded by Draygonian archers.
    Stores: Item Shop, Inn, Bar
    Important Stuff: Nothing yet
    In Goa, you'll notice that almost all the doors are blocked by Draygonian
    guards.  On the northern wall, you'll find Kensu, telling you to go to Mt.
    Hydra.  Why'd we stop in Goa, then?  So we'd be able to Teleport back here
    later, just in case.
    There are two paths to take here, eventually: one goes up, and one goes left.
    Take the left path.  There are no enemies here, so don't worry about that.  At
    the end of the path, you'll find something very similar to Mt. Sabre: a gate
    being guarded by two people.  These guys won't attack you, though.  They tell
    you that this is the gate to Shyron, in fact, but they can't let strange
    people in.  Solution?  Change into Stom.  They know him.
    Stores: Item Shop, Armor Shop, Inn
    Important Stuff: Learn about Sword of Thunder and get Key to Styx from Zebu
    Not much here.  An Inn, which costs more than you really need to spend; after
    all, you can Teleport back to Leaf, stay there for $16, and get the same
    treatment, minus about 20 MP.  Small loss compared to $134.  Akahana explains
    that his hometown, Goa, has changed too much for his comfort.  Stom has
    some...encouraging news.  Tornel mentions an armor that is causing devastating
    losses.  Most importantly, Zebu orders you to climb to the top of Mt. Hydra,
    open the Gate of Styx, and retrieve the Sword of Thunder.  The other
    significant thing is in the Armor Shop: everything is cheaper than it was in
    Swan and Amazones.  If you're going to buy armor or a shield, do it here.
    Return to that fork in the road from earlier, and head up this time.  The
    enemies in this area are tough; in the caves, they swing maces at you, and
    outside, there are puddles which can poison you, and which are only
    occasionally damageable.  Inside the first cave, turn right to find a Fruit of
    Lime, and turn left to progress.  Stay outside.  If you explore the outside
    area enough, you'll find a staircase leading to a gate.  That's the Gate of
    Styx that Zebu mentioned.  (If you want, you can also explore the caves; the
    reward is a Magic Ring and a ton of EXP.)
    First, activate Barrier and use it to slip through the shots.  Be quick,
    because it uses quite a bit of MP.  Go to the left, and you'll find a guy
    guarding the way.  He's easy to kill; go to the top of the screen and blast
    away.  He won't be able to touch you.  Follow the path along the river of
    stuff, and you'll eventually reach the second floor.  Take the first right,
    and use your Rabbit Boots to jump across the pit of spikes.  To the right side
    of the pit, you'll find the Sword of Thunder.  Immediately, you're
    congratulated and warped to the temple of Azteca, where everyone explains the
    finer points of the plot for you.  ('bout time.)
    Equip the Sword of Thunder and witness its awesome power.  For now at least,
    there's nothing else you can do on Mt. Hydra.  Move on to Goa.
    Stores: Item Shop, Inn, Bar
    Important Stuff:
    Travel north to the top of the city, into the fortress behind it.  You'll have
    to use Barrier again, like you did earlier.  At the end of this path, a voice
    will try to summon you back to Shyron, which is under attack.  Go there to
    At Shyron, you're too late.  Everyone is dead or dying.  Akahana mentions an
    item that his friend in Goa has, Stom warns you about Mado (who is "more
    treacherous than the other three", as he puts it), and upon entering the
    temple of Azteca, you will be attacked by Mado.
    BOSS: Mado
    Your new Sword of Lightning is worthless against him.  Use the Sword of Water
    instead, but watch out for his attack.  Speaking of which, he rolls around the
    screen rather quickly, then throws ninja stars at you.  After about a dozen
    shots at level 3, he'll die.
    Mado leaves the Ball of Thunder behind.  Pick it up and return to Goa.  Return
    to the hall you were in before, and this time, use a level 2 Thunder shot to
    break down the iron wall.  In the next room, head to the far left corner, then
    onto the second floor, then east, staying on the second floor.  Eventually
    you'll encounter General Kelbesque again.
    BOSS: General Kelbesque
    This guy was rather difficult the first time around.  This time, he's arguably
    worse.  It seems he can take more of your level 3 wind attack than before, and
    his new beam attack is quite effective.  It's still avoidable, though.
    After you defeat Kelbesque, you will come across Zebu.  He'll recover your
    strength.  In the next area, you'll find a river similar to the one in Styx.
    Stick to the path, heading up from the start, and don't freeze any bridges,
    and you'll find a Fruit of Power on a nearby path.  Explore further, and you
    will find a path which leads ultimately to Sabera.
    BOSS: Sabera
    Poor Sabera.  She wasn't that hard the first time, right?  This time she's
    even easier.  She still moves slowly, she's still extremely susceptible to
    fire, and she still does more or less the same attack.  After you beat her,
    you pick up the Fruit of Repun.  Behind her chamber, you'll find Tornel, who
    will once again regenerate your HP and MP.
    The third floor is rather simple.  Explore to the far left or right, and of
    course, the middle path leads to an Opal Statue.  The left side leads to a ton
    of EXP in the form of the spiders you fight; the right leads to the next area.
    The fourth floor is also fairly straightforward; follow the path, be careful
    on the moving platforms, and eventually you'll reach Mado again.
    BOSS: Mado
    This is not easy.  Mado has gotten a whole lot faster, and a whole lot
    deadlier.  If you're not at level 14, you can't even touch him.  Be sure
    before you enter the battle that you've got full HP and MP; otherwise, you're
    going to have a hard time.  When you beat him, he'll drop a Sacred Shield.
    (Not bad, eh?)
    Beyond Mado's chamber, you'll find Asina, who will once again heal you.
    She'll also warn you about Karmine, the last of Draygonia's finest four.
    Continue on to the next floor, which has some rather difficult enemies.  After
    this, you'll find an area similar to the first part of Goa, where you have to
    use Barrier once again.  Immediately after this, you face Karmine.
    BOSS: Karmine
    Considering your last fight with Mado, Karmine isn't actually that difficult.
    On his own, though, he is formidable.  He shoots fireballs in random
    directions, which bounce off the walls.  Dodge these and charge up level 2
    Thunder shots.  The most convenient thing about this is, since you're only
    using level 2, you don't burn MP, so you can use it to heal.  And believe me,
    you'll want to.  Karmine's fireballs are powerful.
    After the battle, Karmine leaves behind an Ivory statue.  Behind this, though,
    is the Storm Bracelet.  Take it and head out the way you came.  Go back down
    from this staircase and take the first left.  In the next area, you'll find a
    blue blob.  Approach it, and it will tell you that it's actually Kensu, and
    that he was hit by Karmine.  Give him the Ivory Statue to fix this problem,
    and he will teach you Flight, and tell you to head for the Pyramid.  Go out
    the backdoor, and use Flight to jump over the water.
    You'll come out in the middle of Death Desert.  We can proceed from here, but
    it's advisable to backtrack and collect some good stuff on Mt. Hydra.
    Back to Mt. Hydra
    This'll only take a moment, I promise, and it's really important.  First, go
    back to Styx, and take the first right.  Follow that path and use Flight to
    jump over that river.  On the other side are three chests: two fakes, and one
    with the Psycho Shield, the best shield in the game.  Head back out of Styx,
    and then take the right fork in the road.  Follow this path, use Flight to
    jump over the gap, and pick up the Bow of Sun.  From here, you can teleport
    back to Swan, stop in an inn, and get ready for Death Desert.
    Death Desert
    Zebu advises you (if you use Telepathy) to head to Death Desert now.  From
    Swan, head west, then south.  You'll find the desert.  Right now, all that
    brown stuff is poisonous, but you can walk along the outside if you're
    careful.  Keep walking along the path to the left of the entrance until you
    find an oasis.  The oasis has a big staircase.  Enter that staircase.
    This place is HORRIBLE.  The entire thing is one big maze with a pair of
    enemies who won't leave you alone and are hard to kill.  Anyway... To the
    right, you'll find another staircase.  You can't do anything else, so go there
    first.  Follow the path up, and pass the freezable area, continuing on a path,
    and you'll find Leather Boots, which allow you to walk on the desert.  In
    here, you can also find a Fruit of Power, and the Power Ring.  Once you have
    these three things, you can leave the cave and heal.
    Now that you have the Leather Boots, you can travel through Death Desert
    without taking damage.  Find another cave, this one blocked by two whirlpools,
    and use Flight to enter it.  You'll come out in the town of Sahara.
    Shops: Item Shop, Pawn Shop, Inn
    Important Stuff: Talk to Deo as Stom to get Deo's Pendant
    You want to get Deo's Pendant.  Believe me, you do.  It automatically recovers
    your MP while you stand still.  With a little patience, and if you can find a
    good spot with no enemies, you can prevent yourself from ever dying without
    ever needing an Inn again.  There's not much else to do here; head east into
    the next cave.  Upon traveling through this cave (it's a short cave), you'll
    come to another area of the desert.  Right in front of you is the pyramid
    you're headed for.
    This is the most frustrating area yet.  Everything looks alike, and there's
    almost no way to tell where you're going.  All I can tell you is, go up
    different paths, through doors, until you find a door that leads to a 3-way
    intersection (as opposed to a 4-way intersection).  The ultimate goal is to
    find a staircase directly above this intersection.  It isn't even recessed
    into the wall like the rest; it's just directly attached.  Inside the door,
    you'll meet Emperor Draygon.
    BOSS: Emperor Draygon
    This guy is surprisingly easy.  Equip your Power Ring and hit him with level 3
    Thunder blasts as often as possible.  Get on one side of him to avoid his
    shots, and be ready to heal; when he charges you, he does lots of damage.
    With the Power Ring equipped, Draygon is almost nothing.  The battle won't
    even take 30 seconds.  Afterwards, he drops the Psycho Armor, and you fall
    into a pit.  At the bottom of the pit is a wounded Azteca, who gives you the
    Bow of Truth and tells you to help Mesia, by traveling through the basement of
    the pyramid.
    At this point, you should never die again in the game.  With the Psycho
    equipment and Deo's Pendant, you can regenerate from anything.  Just to be
    absolutely sure, though, you should level up to level 16 if you haven't
    already.  It won't take long; the enemies give over a thousand EXP each, after
    all.  I recommend the cave between Sahara and the Pyramid.  The enemies there
    are particularly easy to beat, and are worth about 1400 EXP each.
    When you're ready, head north of the pyramid, and a little to the east.
    You'll find a staircase facing north, with two whirlpools blocking it.  Fly
    over the whirlpools and enter the basement.  There's nothing here; it's a
    straight shot to the first challenge.
    BOSS: Sun Statue, Moon Statue
    I hesitate to call this a boss battle.  All you have to do is use the Bow of
    Sun and the Bow of Moon, and both statues are destroyed.  You don't even have
    to aim; just use them like any other item, and both are finished.  Watch out
    for the fireballs they shoot, though; they're powerful.  If you get low on
    health, or rather, if you get damaged at all before destroying one, just get
    rid of one and hide in the corner where it was.  The remaining one can't hit
    you.  All in all, if you've read this, you shouldn't take more than 15 seconds
    beating both of them.
    After disposing of both statues, a staircase opens up.  In the next area, head
    right.  It's the only way to go; every other way is a dead end.  After this,
    you will find a hall with spikes.  Equip the Leather Boots here, and cross.
    Don't bother going left or right; neither way is helpful.  Just go straight.
    The last floor is another left-or-right decision; to the right is an Opal
    Statue, and to continue, you have to go left.  (The pits at the end are rather
    tricky, so I advise you just Fly over them both.)  After this final staircase,
    it's another showdown with Emperor Draygon.
    BOSS: Emperor Draygon
    First, use the Bow of Truth to reveal his true form.  He looks like a demon.
    After that, it gets really, really tough.  Aim for his core when he shoots his
    little laser things at you.  It's purple and on his chest; you'll know it when
    you see it.  Hit it with level 3 lightning if you can.  However, if you even
    want to get him to open his core for attack, you have to damage him first.
    With a Power Ring equipped, he'll take about 3 level 3 lightning shots (that
    damage the core) to be defeated.
    Afterwards, you get a short interlude in the plot in which Azteca explains
    what happened to Draygon originally.  Mesia calls you from the tower, and
    tells you to enter the next room.  You do so automatically, and find yourself
    in the tower.
    The Tower
    The final task remaining is a doozy.  First, you must ascend the tower.  How?
    By beating enemies.  After clearing out a few waves of the mechs on each
    floor, a staircase opens up.  Beware; the second wave is really tough.  They
    can even survive a level 3 thunder blast, as long as they weren't damaged
    previously.  The first floor's staircase explains in a little more detail the
    relationship between you, Mesia, and the tower.  The second is about Azteca.
    The second staircase is also nice in that it is a safe haven; while on it,
    nothing will attack you.  Use this fact, Deo's Pendant, and the Psycho Armor
    to your advantage.  Another strange phenomenon: since the game only checks
    whether there are any mechs on YOUR FLOOR, and not anywhere else, if the last
    mech happens to walk down a staircase, you don't need to beat it to advance.
    I know it sounds odd and unusual, but it happened to me twice while trying to
    ascend the tower.
    Anyway, the tower has five floors, but the last two are no-enemy zones.
    Inside the door on the fourth floor, you'll find Mesia.  She tells you to
    unsheathe your swords, and when you do so, she gives you Crystalis, a
    combination of all four.  Mesia then tells you to defeat DYNE.  Head back
    outside, to the right, and up the staircase to the final showdown.
    This is a little tricky.  DYNE's core is blue, and just like with Emperor
    Draygon's true form, you have to hit that to do any damage.  Problem is, every
    time you hit it, the two side guns make sure to hit you in return.  Watch your
    energy, and use the Psycho Armor and Refresh if you need to.  DYNE is
    surprisingly weak; a few shots with Crystalis is more than enough to finish
    it.  After the battle, you stick Crystalis into DYNE.  As the self-destruct
    sequence initializes, Mesia enters the room and talks with you.  Both of you
    evacuate, and the game's ending sequence is shown.
    III. Stuff List
    1. Sword of Wind- Given to you by the elder in Leaf.  Not bad, but they get
    better.  Adds 1 to attack power.
       Level 1: Small gust of wind.
       Level 2: Rather large, yellow-green ball.  Breaks rock walls.
       Level 3: Several tornadoes cross the screen from the direction you're
    facing.  Costs MP.
    2. Sword of Fire- Given to you by the elder in Oak.  Considerably better than
    Wind Sword.  Also kills different enemies that otherwise couldn't be harmed.
    Adds 2 to attack power.
       Level 1: Small flame shot crosses screen.
       Level 2: Several flames cross the screen.  Melts ice walls.  BENEFIT: You
    can hit the same enemy twice or even 3 times with one of these shots.
       Level 3: Circle of flames appears in front of you.  Causes absolute chaos
    on enemies, but costs MP.
    3. Sword of Water- Found in a cave behind a waterfall near Portoa.  Often the
    most valuable sword in the game, and the one you'll be switching to the most
    often, but not because of its power.  Adds 4 to attack power.
       Level 1: Drop of water, not unlike the first two swords.
       Level 2: A wave crosses the screen. Can freeze certain parts of rivers,
    allowing you to cross them.
       Level 3: A wave of snowflakes spreads around you in a circle. Costs MP.
    4. Sword of Lightning- Found in a cave.  Very powerful sword, and also
    extremely useful until the very end of the game.  Adds 8 to attack power.
       Level 1: 3 lightning bolts shoot away from you in 3 different directions.
       Level 2: 7 lightning bolts shoot away from you in 7 different directions.
       Level 3: Huge lightning bolts hit the ground. Kills almost all enemies, but
    once again, costs MP.
    5. Crystalis- The game's namesake.  It'd be really important, too, if you used
    it against more than just the last guy in the game.  Adds 16 to attack power.
       Level 1: Crystalis' only level.
    Name                    Adds to Armor Rating                Other Notes
    Tanned Hide                       2
    Leather Armor                     6
    Bronze Armor                     10
    Platinum Armor                   14
    Soldier Suit                     18
    Ceramic Suit                     24
    Battle Armor                     28                    Guards against Poison
    Psycho Armor                     32                  Restores HP Automatically
    Name                    Adds to Shield Rating               Other Notes
    Carapice Shield                   2
    Bronze Shield                     6
    Platinum Shield                   8
    Mirrored Shield                  12                   Guards against Petrify
    Ceramic Shield                   18
    Sacred Shield                    16                   Guards against Paralyze
    Battle Shield                    24
    Psycho Shield                    32                  Guards against Everything
                                                              (except Poison)
    IV. Character Stats
    As you progress through the game, and kill enemies, your character levels up.
    There are 16 different levels, and each one has an impact on your total stats.
    Note that the attack and defense ratings assume that you have nothing
    Level     HP     MP     Attack     Defense(Armor/Shield)     EXP to level up
    1         48     34        1               (1/1)                     30
    2         64     34        2               (2/2)                     60
    3         80     51        3               (3/3)                    150
    4         96     68        4               (4/4)                    300
    5        112     85        5               (5/5)                    700
    6        128    102        6               (6/6)                   1200
    7        144    119        7               (7/7)                   1600
    8        160    136        8               (8/8)                   3500
    9        176    153        9               (9/9)                   5800
    10       192    170       10              (10/10)                  8000
    11       208    187       11              (11/11)                 10000
    12       224    204       12              (12/12)                 20000
    13       240    221       13              (13/13)                 30000
    14       255    238       14              (14/14)                 40000
    15       255    255       15              (15/15)                 50000
    16       255    255       16              (16/16)                     0
    V. Thanks
    Wow, it's basically done.  I can't believe I actually wrote it in the first
    place.  Anyway, I'd like to thank a few people.
    SNK: They made the game, and it is SWEET.  No question about it.
    CJayC: For running GameFAQs.  Without him, I would not have even bothered.
    The reader: If you're reading this, consider yourself thanked.  Of course, if
    you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.  Just e-mail me at
    Superboc@hotmail.com.  I'll probably answer within a day or two.

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