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    Robert Byrne's Pool Challenge
    Version: 1.0
    This game was canceled before its release, and it was also previously known as
    'Cue Stick' in development. The game's existence finally came to light when
    sold over at Retrozone
    and before you complain, I don't want to make commercial for it but this seems
    the only place to get it right now, albeit with a hacked intro screen and names
    changed to Sara Parker instead (for some odd reason, I think it is a hack but
    maybe they lost the license to use the Robert Byrne name, or it's just that
    'Sara Parker Can't Lose'...no wait...). If you want to play it too, head over
    there and order it already!
        D-Pad (UP) - Moves the target upward.
      D-Pad (DOWN) - Moves the target downward.
      D-Pad (LEFT) - Moves the target to the left.
     D-Pad (RIGHT) - Moves the target to the right.
          A-Button - Press once for the power bar, second to shoot.
          B-Button - n/a (seems to select menu items but kind of useless)
      Start Button - Selects various options in menu.
     Select Button - Shows the ball numbers
    Select + D-Pad - Spin/Draw/Follow
    Press START and get going on this game.
                          |           MAIN MENU            |
                          |                                |
                          | Set Conditions                 |
                          | Players                        |
                          | Pool Room                      |
                          |                                |
                          |          PRESS START           |
    Set Conditions
    COLORS: 1: Green
            2: Brown
            3: Blue
            4: Turquoise
            5: Grey
    Music:  One/Two/Off
    Sound:  On/Off
    Friction: Sand Paper
              On Ice
    Pick a player from the list, Robert will be your default. You can change your
    name with the keyboard and designate the player to "One" or "Two".
    Pool Room
    This is where you select what type of pool you play.
                                  1. Straight Pool
                                  2. Eight Ball
                                  3. Nine Ball
                                  4. Kelly Pool
                                  5. Watch Basic Shots
       Straight Pool
       This is your basic game, you just aim for any ball and try to sink it for 1
       point. It does not matter which color you aim for, just the easiest one or
       the best lined up ones if you want. Not sinking a ball yields a 1 point
       penalty and sinking the white is a 2 point penalty. The first player to
       reach a certain amount of points wins.
       Eight Ball
       The most commonly played pool game. The first person to sink a color chooses
       this color (and other person is stuck with the other one) but the black
       color is special and can only be sunk at the end of the game after all your
       colors are gone. If you fail to sink a ball the other person takes over, and
       so on. If you sink the black you lose the game, but you must sink the black
       once all your colors are gone to win the game. For more info on how to play
       you can go online to check many, many resources.
       Nine Ball
       This is a little different than most game types. The rack is set up in a
       diamond and once has to always aim for the lowest number on the table,
       starting with '1'. The aim is to sink the balls to get point values on the
       respective balls, such as '4' for sinking the '4' ball. One can sink any
       ball as long as the lowest numbered ball is struck first. Failing to sink a
       ball on your turn means the other player takes over.
       Kelly Pool
       You start out with all fifteen balls, then you sink one for selecting your
       color. The other play (or nobody) takes the other color. Your aim is to
       simple sink your color and get 1 point per ball. If you do not sink a ball
       on your turn you get a 1 point penalty, and sinking the white is a 2 point
       penalty. In the end you have a target to reach and the first person to reach
       it wins. If you play with more than 1 player the first person get a score
       they need to reach instead.
       Watch Basic Shots
       This is basically a tutorial but you cannot interact with it.
    All game types have a 'Called Shots' option. This means if you have to call
    your shot before attempting and avoids fluke shots that some amateurs tend to
    pull off in real life too (and piss you off in bars!).
    Straight Pool and Eight Ball have indiciators for championships, with 20 wins
    netting you the State, 40 winning you the National and 60 winning the World
    championship. If you play with a partner then you get points for each match
    Nine Ball and Kelly Pool require to win a certain amount of matchines, either
    1, 3, 5 or 7.
    Aiming is very simple as there is a small cursor on the table you can move
    around, with a line pointing out your shot. Simple, really.
    Once you have your shot lined up, press A once to get the power bar going. You
    can select anything from 0 to 100 with the A button, and the bar will keep
    going up and down until you make your selection. There seems to be no way to
    retract your shot if you changed your mind.
    While positiong your shot, do not set it down yet. Instead, press and hold
    SELECT and move the D-pad around to put a spin on either side of the ball. Once
    you have selected your spin you can continue with the power shot. By the way,
    follow means the white will follow on the ball you hit after they connect,
    whereas draw means it will return your way. The more you put spin the more it
    will behave that way.
    This guide is available for and to anyone who wishes to use the information on
    their site or in their own guide. Remember this was posted on GameFAQs first if
    you want to copy and credit anything.

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