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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rick L

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 05/31/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Déjà Vu Walkthrough
    By: Rick L
    Date: 3/12/01
    Version: 1.01
    E-Mail: lickichu@yahoo.com
    This FAQ is ONLY allowed at www.gamefaqs.com,
    www.angelfire.com/mb2/ggco, and www.dlh.net. So, this
    FAQ is © 2002 by me!
    Version 1.0: First version. Everything is new.
    Version 1.1: Another site is allowed to use this, and
    a few fun things have been added!
    Table of Contents:
    1. Opening
    2. Walkthrough
    3. Fun Stuff
    4. Closing
       1. Opening
    This FAQ is designed to take you from the beginning of
    the game to the end of the game. I've also added some
    fun things to do as well, so you'll have something to
    do after beating the game.
       2. Walkthrough
    You wake up in a bathroom stall with a puncture wound
    on one arm, and blood all over the other. Not a cool
    way to wake up. To start, take your coat and your gun.
    Open the coat pocket and take the seven coins out.
    Open the wallet and take the card, $20, and Key 1.
    Finally, exit the stall and look in the mirror. After
    still wondering who the hell you are, leave the
    bathroom, and go into the main room. Go up the stairs.
    You'll have a nice and painful wave of awfulness. Look
    at the posters, and find the one with "Ace Harding".
    After this, open the door, and head into the
    Secretary's office.
    Inside the office, open the desk and take the Bill.
    You'll get the address to Sherman, and see a nice list
    of medicines. Looks like someone needed a fix. Use Key
    1 on the door to the right, and head on in.
    Hmmm....a dead body. Not something you see every day.
    The dead dude is holding a phone with the cord cut
    off. Talk about being disconnected! Open the pocket on
    the corpse, and take the Key 2. Look in the desk, and
    grab Key 3 and the Pencil. Open the window, and head
    up the fire escape. Open the window at the top, and
    head on in.
    Something should tell you that this chair wasn't for
    relaxing in. Open the garbage can and take the
    capsules. Go down the elevator instead of going down
    the fire escape. Sometimes at the bottom of the alley,
    there's an unarmed mugger you can't really get away
    from without losing some cash. Press the button for
    What's a casino doing here? Never mind that, though.
    Start putting your coins in the rightmost slot
    machine. Get about 30-40 coins. You'll need them.
    Afterwards, head down to the sewer, and take the exit
    that goes in front of the car. If the mugger with a
    gun is there, just punch him.
    Go into the car, but don't start it up! Instead, open
    the glove compartment. Take the map, and look at
    everything else. You'll find a picture of a woman who
    looks as if she's been eating too many cookies out of
    the jar (not to mention the jar itself), and an
    address to Joey Siegel's apartment on the West End.
    Well, nothing else to do except go somewhere. Go to
    the far left to one of the cabs. If you run into the
    bum on the way, give him the fifty cents he wants.
    He'll tell you there's a hit man in your office. Since
    it's not Bret Hart, it must be someone hired to kill
    you. (You'll automatically get the address to Peoria)
    Tell the cabby to go to West End. Pay him three coins,
    and go on out, and into the rich and fancy apartment.
    Use your card on the elevator, and you'll go to Joey's
    apartement. Take a look at the note on the fireplace
    to get the address to Kedzie. There's nothing else of
    interest here, so head on out.
    Go back in the cab, and tell him to go to the Kedzie
    place. Pay him and leave. Notice how the door has a
    cheap lock on it. Well, use the Gun 1 to shoot the
    lock off! Go into the bungalow, and take the Note 3
    and the Diary. Take a look at the diary. Well, well!
    Somebody sure doesn't like Joey. Head back in the cab.
    Tell the cab guy to take you to the Sherman address.
    Go in, and take the hallway to the left. Open the
    door, and go into the doctor's office. Open the filing
    cabinet....what? Another cheap lock? Just shoot the
    damn thing off! Look through all the files, and you
    should find the description to Bismoditimus that says
    it's an antidote to another medicine. Now, look
    through the medicine bottles, and find the Meds 6. 
    Use the capsules you found on yourself. You'll
    remember something! Hey, it's Father O' Malley from
    the Demille Boarding School! The guy who believed you
    could be somebody! Again, take another dose of the
    antidote. Hey! You remember Taco! Your favorite
    vicious dog! He let you go on a field trip to the
    hospital for stitches! Take one last dose of the
    antidote, and you'll remember Suzy Q.! Ooh! Looks like
    someone was in love! Hey! You did it! You remembered
    your name! Now, use your new found memory to remember
    to grab the Sodium Penthotal bottles.
    Go up the stairs, and you'll notice a shadow. Hey,
    it's Bret Hart...err...the hit man! Use the gun on the
    shadow and blow his brains out. Go ahead into your
    office, and open your file cabinet. Take File 5 with
    you and look at it. Hey! You didn't do this! Keep it
    with you for now, and go to the cab.
    Tell the cab guy to go back to Peoria. Go back to
    Joe's Bar, and go on in the front door using Key 3. Go
    back to that "oh-so-pleasant" dead body in the office.
    Use the Note 3 combonation on the safe, and it'll
    open! Yay! Take the Key 4, and Note 1. Look at the
    Note 1. Well, looks like you owed Siegel one
    grand...or did you? 
    Head back outside via the front, and go to the trunk.
    Open it up and....ugh....maybe that wasn't such a good
    idea. Take the gag off the large woman, and give her a
    dose of Penthotal. She'll give you the address to
    Go back to the cab, and go to the Sherman address.
    Open the mailbox and take the letter. Open it
    and....what the?! A ransom note?! Well, let's just
    hide that fake thing for now. Go up to the door, and
    use the knocker. He tells you to go away. Introduce
    him to Mr. Fist, and head upstairs.
    Go into the room on the left, to see a woman sleeping.
    Hey, isn't that Martha Vickers? If you want, use a
    dose of Penthotal on her, and watch as she unknowingly
    spills the beans. Open the dresser and take the memo.
    Use the pencil on the memo and....what's this? A time
    table?! Well, aren't things just adding up!
    Go into the next bedroom. Hey, isn't that John
    Sternwood? If you want, give him a dose of Penthotal,
    and listen as he talks in his sleep. Nothing to do
    here, so go back to the cab, and to Peoria. Go down
    the sewer, and go to the lowest part.
    Time to drop all that "frame"work! Throw the File 5,
    Gun 1, Note 1, Map, and Letter 1. Now, head to the
    police station. If you encounter a woman, give her a
    good "Christmas Socking", even if it's not even
    Christmas time. Don't hang around, though. Go right
    into the police station, and clear yourself of your
    crime! Good job, Ace! You've outdone yourself this
       3. Fun Stuff
    Here's an assortment of stuff to do when you've beaten
    the game.
    1. Use the gun on every person you meet.
    2. Give a nice, hard punch to the bum.
    3. Shoot yourself.
    4. Use the other medicines on yourself.
    5. Shoot everyone you see!
    Sent in by: markman
    1.  Turn on the winetaps in the cellar.
    2.  Find the street mugger that you punch several
    times and his face starts to look severly beaten
    before he actually uses the gun on you.
    3.  Shoot practically everything.
    4.  Use the gag on the woman you meet coming to the
    police station after you knock her out.(worked for
    5.  Try using obsence combinations with items;
    sometimes it works and is really funny!
    6.  Run out of coins and get on I think the first cab,
    and tell him to take you somewhere.  When he asks for
    payment, try to leave.  He'll say, "Down on your luck?
    Well, just pay me next time."
       4. Closing
    I want to thank gamefaqs.com for hosting this FAQ,
    myself, and Kemco for making great games like this,
    Shadowgate, and Uninvited. Many thanks to all you
    readers and people that send me stuff!
    That's all for now, now go play!

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