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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Popo Nana

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        M I L T O N  B R A D L E Y  P R E S E N T S
                        / ()  '
                       (---.   |
                        /o o'\_|
                       (  [    )
                     __.-        / /===
                    (   .       / /       _   _
                    |__|       /_/       \_\,//
                    '| '|=== //\         ยท.__  )
                     |  |  // __)       /    \/
                      | |//---  \
                    ,---//!  \___\
                   |#### /    |  |
                   \ ## /     /__\
                    \.,/      |__;
          /-----.  __ ___  ___  ___ -----'\
         /   _   )/ // __)/  _)/  _\\   o  \
        /   //  // // /_  | |_ |   _\\   _/__
       /   //  // /|  | | | | \|  |__ \   __ \
      /   //  // / (  | | | \ ||     \ \  \ \ \
     /   //  //_/  '____' '___'\_____'  \__\|'_\
    /\./\..\._-)_0-)_/___________\__.-,.-__/ \___
               STARRING DIGGER T. ROCK
    (c)1990 RARE LTD.                   P R E S S
    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED                 S T A R T
    Digger T. Rock - Legend of the Lost City (NES)
    a.k.a. Digger T. Rock
    Author: Popo2002 - FAQ + Walkthrough
    Copyright 1990 Nintendo
    FAQ Copyright 2003
    13th Feb - Well, the Ascii art seems to be done for now. If you've been a loyal Digger
    fan for a long time, then you might notice it's from the Title Screen. Was pretty proud
    of that, so if you've got anything to add to the Ascii art, or to this FAQ/Walkthrough,
    feel free to email me and tell me how to improve it if you want.
    This FAQ is dedicated to: Random NES Request #270something. If the person who requested
    this FAQ reads this, give me an email at Popo_Nana@hotmail.com and I'll put your name
    in this bit (if ya want, it's always optional ;) )
    If you want to use my guide on your site, please email me first. I've only given
    permission to 3 sites so far to use this FAQ/Walkthrough. I really don't mind that much
    (to be honest, I'd prefer to see the world more involved in NES games).
    *This bit is copied from my Ice Climber FAQ, but it applies now no less than it did
    Of course, no FAQ writer should make an FAQ without making his or
    her ownership of the FAQ clear. This may be not be reproduced under any
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any
    web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Basically, if you plagarize my work, sell or give it away, reprint without
    getting my permission first, host it on any site other than GameFAQS.com, or
    try to rip me off in any other way and I find out, what you are doing is BAD.
    You may not use any part of this FAQ in your own guide, unless you get my
    permission first.
    Here comes teh FAQ!
    19th February, 2003 - Sent in my FAQ to GameFAQs.com. Since the only help there so
    far is for Game Genie codes, I'm fairly certain this'll go up within the day.
    13th February, 2003 - Saw Digger T Rock was in the FAQ request column. Gave me
    the feeling of nostalgia, so I decided to help people out the old-fashioned way -
    write them an FAQ!
    Hey, even my contents are in the same format as my Ice Climber FAQ!
    For those of you who don't know how to use this function, look at the
    number/letter combination (For example, if you want to look at Enemies that
    you'll come across, note the combination 2a.) Then, at the top of your screen,
    select 'Edit', then 'Find (on this page)', or press Ctrl+F. Enter in your
    desired section (2a in our example), and click until it takes you to the
    section you want (twice should do it).
    1a. What is Digger - Legend of the Lost City?
    2a. Good things that you'll come across
    3a. Enemies that you'll come across
    4a. Full Guide
    5a. Known cheats
    6a. Credits
    1a. What is Digger - Legend of the Lost City?
    Digger - Legend of the Lost City, Digger T. Rock - Legend of the Lost City, or just
    plain Digger T. Rock (as my friends and I called it) was one of the hardest NES games we
    owned to date. Sure, we had Super Mario Bros., but we knew about the warps, and it wasn't
    impossible to finish. We even had Battletoads (and we were stuck on the third level for
    about 8 years), but despite these, and other classic games, it's the truth that Digger T.
    Rock was the hardest game that we had for our NES. This game was released in 1990, 1 year
    before the epic "Zelda: Link to the Past" (see how much the graphics can change in just 1
    year? I'm not a graphics person though - if I was, I wouldn't have wrote an FAQ for this
    game), and Digger T. Rock was one of the last NES games made. Note it's Rare-ship, a sign
    of wealth and prosperity in the years to come.
    Through this game, you'll come across millions of respawning enemies, a couple that look
    like they DO belong in SMB, a couple that look like the little things you shoot in
    Smash TV, and several other spooky dudes. To pass through each level, you'll need to
    stand on an extremely flexible piece of pipe as it turns from it's normal colour to pink,
    or sometimes even red, as it lets you down to a lower part of the level. You then have
    60 seconds to find the exit.
    2a. Good things that you'll come across
    Digger T. Rock - You. The dude in the baby jumpsuit. Reviews refer to him as Calvin from
    the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons. Yes, he's you, he has a shovel, and he's got more bite
    than Lara Croft. And hey, let's face it - this G was around YEARS before Lara even hit
    the scene!
    Pipe - This handy pipe works on some pressure-system so that once you, and only you,
    stand on it, it compresses and waits for you to step off it. Once you do so, the Door
    Clock becomes activated, giving you 60 seconds to reach the Exit Door. If you miss the
    time window, you can go back up and step on it again anytime to reset the 60 second
    Door Clock - Simple; activated by the pipe, get 60 seconds, race for teh door.
    Shovel - Your standard weapon. You can never run out of 'shovel power'. My personal
    favourite weapon, it's useful for smacking small enemies, and to a slightly lesser
    effect, large dinosaurs.
    Yo leg! - Yes, sometimes you'll kick enemies or boulders, if they're especially close
    (and not flying). Deals the same amonut of damage as the shovel and rocks.
    Rocks - Deals the same amount of damage as the shovel and kick, only it's got a very
    long range and comes in packs of 9. You can't picked up a thrown rock, but can carry
    as many as you like. Once you get 10 or more, you can't tell how many you have; it will
    just write "+", and once you get about 360 rocks (or 40 rock blocks, or 5 diamonds), you
    will be shown a tick. Since you get 72 rocks for every diamond you sell, it's probably
    worth getting 3 or more blocks of rocks. It will come in handy towards the end when lots
    of things are firing at you. In the early levels especially, it's best to save these for
    a dinosaur boss if at all possible, to prevent having to get close.
    Ladder - A small ladder used for climbing safely up and down long columns. It's very
    difficult, if at all possible, to link ladders together. Can hold as many as you want,
    but these are almost always in demand, so you'll find yourself using them up faster
    than you can find them. Once you have more than 9, it will write "+". Once you get more
    than enough (I think it's around 40), it will display a tick instead of a +. If you ever
    get a tick, you've got way more than you'll need to complete this game - don't bother
    buying any more. These are second in your inventory, next to shovel/rocks. Select it by
    pressing 'Select' once in game, assuming that shovel/rocks were originally chosen.
    Dynamite - Used for breaking stone walls, taking out large numbers of mini-enemies and
    seriously hurting dinosaurs. These are the third items in your inventory; use them
    sparingly in most caverns except 7 & 8. Once you have more than 9, it will display "+".
    Once you have more than enough (Once again, I think it's around 40), it will display a
    tick instead of +. Select your dynamite by pressing 'Select' twice in game, assuming
    that shovel/rocks were originally chosen.
    Diamonds - Possibly the most useful things you can possibly find. Stock up on these,
    as they'll give you both a 5000 point bonus and can be used as coinage. You can pick
    these up and drop them if you so desire, although there's no benefit to be found from
    picking them up again. Seriously, get as many as you can! Up until Cavern 4, they'll
    seem entirely useless, but these gems are worth more than their weight in gold if you
    plan on going far. These are the fourth items in your inventory, and you can select your
    diamonds by pressing 'Select' thrice in game, assuming that shovel/rocks were originally
    Goblets - You'll find these in the bonus stages between levels. Point bonuses only, so
    don't worry if you die too soon.
    Mushroom - Ah, memories from a time when fungus was tEH FuUNKEI. Very well hidden, these
    members of the grocery aisle give a short invincible burst, turning you pink. Must be
    kicked to be activated. When you're no longer pink, the effects have worn off. Note that
    even though you might find one, once you kick it to activate it, you must grab the white
    ball that goes flying off, otherwise it's a waste of time and a mushroom.
    3a. Enemies that you'll come across
    Guys, I've lost the manual for a few years now, and thus I have no idea what their names
    are. Please email me to tell me their names. Popo_Nana@hotmail.com, s'il vous plait.
    Goombas? - Small dudes who look like the mushroom-ed Goombas from SMB, only faster and
    with arms. Easy to kill, regenerate quickly.
    Mosquitoes - Very common, very annoying. Will often approach during a dinosaur fight to
    distract you and throw you off guard.
    Dinosaurs - Change colours depending on how badly they're hurt. Start off purple or green.
    Move from green (strongest), to grey, to purple, to yellow/red, then crumble. These do
    regenerate, so you must take them out quickly. They'll also reappear if you go away and
    come back later. *NOTE: ALL DINOSAURS, in Caverns 2-8, LOVE DIAMONDS*. (Caverns 8 is a
    special case - only one really likes them). Drop one in front and they will
    seemingly forget all about you. (Much thanks to Max P for this information)
    Ghosts - Seemingly invincible enemies. If you use a standard attack on it, it will merely
    turn green, pause, and shrug off all damage done to it after a second. Note that you *can*
    kill them, by hitting them when they're both green AND facing you, but most of the time
    should be avoided.
    Purple Ghost - The scourge of level 5. This ghost will follow you wherever you go below
    a certain point. If he catches up to you, he will pick you up. Not good. Use a diamond
    to distract him, if you feel pressured by it. (Thanks again go to Max P)
    Boulders - Both tools for good and evil. You'll need these in level 5, but they are very
    good at killing you too. You'll find this out early in the game, in both the bonus levels
    and in level 3.
    Cavemen - aka Red-bearded freaks. Simple. Just whack them twice, then they should be on
    the ground. Hit them with your shovel to send them flying.
    Skeletons - Little annoyances. These guys throw bones at you which do a minimal 1 damage,
    but are annoying, especially when they block your way to the door.
    Spiky rotating walls - Throw rocks at these to push them down. Require many, many rocks.
    Hope you've got a tick in the rock box by the time you come up to them. Another way
    around them is to jump through them, although the timing is difficult to get right.
    Dragon eggs - Silly me, I keep calling them Dragon eggs, but they're actually dinosaur
    eggs. Anyway, the dinosaurs in Cavern 8 spit these out, then they hatch. They charge you,
    smack you, breathe fire at you, and curl up into their egg again before disintegrating.
    Muchos damage dealt. Stay away from them and throw rocks like a little girl.
    4a. Full Guide
    Well, here we finally are. The title screen is up, you're fired up and ready to play, and
    you suddenly appear in Cavern 1. Before you is a long and tough game - can you handle it?
    We'll soon see. Good luck, Digger!
    *NOTE* Throughout this game, you may, and most likely will, realise that there are often
    diamonds where I say there is dynamite, ladders where I say there are diamonds, nothing
    where I say there are dynamite, etc, in every level except Cavern 1. A clever invention
    by RARE was to randomly choose which items go where each time you play. This makes it
    difficult for me to tell you where to go all the time, but remember this: if the item is
    by itself (eg. rocks are often by themselves, and the ladder in the beginning of Cavern 2
    is always a ladder) it will always be where I say it is - if it is in a group of items,
    or is situated somewhere near other items, they will switch around each game. Learn to
    explore in each game to get every item needed.
    **********  Starting depth - 0-16 (Falls at beginning)
    *Cavern 1*  Door depth     - 82
    **********  Lowest depth   - 82
    If you need help with racing through this level, then you probably shouldn't even be
    playing video games. Still, I promised, and I deliver. Here's how to do it.
    Press down 8 times, and right 3 times. You'll find yourself in an area with the pipe.
    Stand on it, let it take you down, and run to your right. Jump over the diagonal floor,
    unless you want to finish the level early. Keep running to the right and dig through the
    diggable paths, but don't touch the boulders! Get the diamond, and run into the wall.
    Welcome to your first teleportation wall! Hope you enjoy your time. It will take you up
    a bit.
    Now, go up. Dig through the ground to go up more. Jump over the wall which you can slide
    down (for half a second) and run to your left. You should see the pipe again. Go on top
    of it, and this time, run down the sliding floor. Turn left and crawl through the tunnel.
    Eventually you'll see a diamond. Once in the far left area of the cavern, turn right
    to find another teleportation wall. You'll find yourself near the pipe again. Go down,
    and run right down the sliding floor.
    You'll soon come across the exit. You should be able to do this level with at LEAST 50
    seconds to spare on the Door Clock (my usual is 55). If you don't slowpoke around, you
    shouldn't see any enemies in this Cavern, although if this is your first run through
    this game (not that it would be, since it's been released for 13 years), I suggest you
    muck around in this level to get the feel of the game. Oh, and also, you should have 3
    diamonds if you followed this guide correctly.
    *Bonus stage*
    From the second the stage starts, hold onto right. You will collect the goblets and
    crawl over the boulder. Once you've got the last goblet on the ground floor, jump up
    and to your LEFT. Crawl up onto the next step, let him stand up, and crawl up again.
    Make your way to the far left, then come back. You should be able to stay ahead of all
    boulders falling. Once you fall back to the boulder which you had to crawl over
    originally, stay on it until two boulder in front of you fall. Jump up, crawl up the
    right section, grab the goblet (and diamond if in Super Bonus). Wait for the two
    boulders behind you to fall, then jump out the top, and grab the last goblet. You
    should be able to complete it just as the very last boulder falls.
    By the way, the only difference between normal Bonus and Super Bonus is that there are
    two extra diamonds in Super Bonus mode. Super Bonus is only activated if you complete
    a level with the timer reading above 40.
    **********  Starting depth - 82
    *Cavern 2*  Door depth     - 190
    **********  Lowest depth   - 190
    Here comes the fun! Run to your right and jump over the small hole with the
    walkable-thru ground. If you were to go into this area, you'd fall straight through it
    and hit the ground below hard (an important lesson to learn for later levels). Crawl
    through the small space to the right of you, and keep crawling over the breakable-ground,
    as it won't break if you're crawling over it. Get the ladder in the open area, kill any
    mosquitoes and move into the crawlspace which goes to the right. Here you'll find a
    ladder, dynamite and a diamond. Go back out, and try to avoid the mosquitoes rather than
    fighting them, as you're likely to throw rocks.
    Drop a ladder down the hole and get the dynamite that sits waiting below. Fall to the
    bottom of the hole and there's usually a dynamite or ladder there. Go back up the ladder,
    and move next to the boulders. Kick the boulder to the left of you, and then press B to
    smack the boulder above the one you just kicked. Move as far left as you can without
    going up or down, then go straight down. You will go past the pipe. Don't worry, we need
    to come back later, as it's hard to complete the rest of the level in just 60 seconds.
    Once you reach the very bottom, walk around under the right roof and press UP a lot -
    if there's an item here, press up. Otherwise, walk under the third block along, press up,
    and a mushroom will fall down. Doesn't do much, but it's worth finding. Walk into the
    right wall to access a transporting tunnel. It takes you a screen to the right, where a
    couple of items sit. Pick these up, jump up to the ledge and follow the diggable path.
    You should arriveat an area with one ledge and a pink boulder on the next ledge, acting
    as stairs. Run off this ledge and jump up to the platform on the left. Go down the hole,
    and once you arrive at the bottom, you might see a diamond behind a stone wall. Save
    your dynamite for now (unless you have 4) - drop a ladder and climb down to the bottom.
    Move to your right, kick/hit the two boulders and go through the little path. There
    might be a diamond here. If there's not, then don't worry - go back to where you dropped
    the ladder down.
    To your left is a stone wall - blow it up with dynamite (be sure to run once you set it!)
    and move to your left again. Blow up the next stone wall, plus the third one (be sure to
    pick up the items behind it) and move to the left. Move to the far left open space
    and walk to your right. You should go through a transporting wall, taking you just to the
    left of the pipe. Now, step on the pipe and walk to your right. Dig down and jump to the
    ledge on the right. This should all be familiar. Go down the hole again, down your
    ladder, and to the left. Now, go down the hole to where the dinosaur paces back and
    This is your first boss fight so far! If you want to make it quick and simple, place
    dynamite in front of him so he walks into it as it detonates. Either throw two rocks at
    him, or hit him once with your shovel, get back, wait for him to finish flashing, and
    hit him quickly again. Either way should kill him - now race to the finish! If you have
    no dynamite, fear not. Just throw rocks/smash with the shovel until he collapses. In this
    boss fight, you'll probably learn how annoying the mosquitoes can be, and how frustrating
    the pumping music is.
    **********  Starting depth - 190
    *Cavern 3*  Door depth     - 382
    **********  Lowest depth   - 400
    Race to your right! The ghostly figure will follow you - don't even bother
    trying to hurt it. If you use a standard attack on it, it will merely turn green, pause,
    and shrug off all damage done to it. Note that you *can* kill them, by hitting them when
    they're both green AND facing you, but most of the time should be avoided.
    You should now come to two diggable paths; take the one on the left. Pick up any items
    along the way. Also, in the first "break" section (usually dynamite or ladder here),
    you'll find a mushroom in the roof. Once again, practically useless, but worth picking
    up. Soon you'll arrive in a section that looks like this:
          __| |
       | /    |
     __|/     |
           /  |
     _____/ | |
    Don't go down this yet - there will most likely be an item down there, but don't be
    tempted! Soon enough we'll get that item. Keep going down and you'll come to a 2-block
    high staircase. Drop down one step, but no more! Drop down a ladder, and if there's an
    item (usually a ladder), walk across to get it, killing any ghosts that come your way.
    Now, go down the bottom. There should be some items down here. Walk into the left wall
    and you should appear in the mushroom area. Go back down to the sloped area which I drew
    a poor diagram of, and slide down the slope. If you're going to dig up, I suggest very
    strongly that you dig on the left side ONLY, in case you need to come back down (which
    you will). Get any diamonds up above, and then go back down. Any further up, and you'll
    come across the dinosaur + pipe, and while it seems like a good objective to go for, the
    dinosaur re-appears after he's been killed, and the Door Clock runs out too quickly for
    the time being.
    Go down a little bit and move to your far left - you should see two pink boulders below
    you. Smack them and drop down on top of them without a ladder. Proceed to your left (I
    don't see any purpose in going to the dead-end - there might occasionally be a diamond
    or something there), down the slope and jump over the 1-block wide hole. Drop a ladder
    down the hole to your far left, and dig down the RIGHT lane, as you'll do this bit once
    more. Go as far down as possible, to 400m, and to the right. I hope you have plenty of
    lives and quick reflexes...
    As soon as you enter this little area with 24 boulders, they should start falling. Your
    exit will be blocked - you gotta see this bit through now. I have a feeling that the
    boulders fall randomly each game, but here's my most recent recording.
    22 19 24 18 23 21
    16 17 12 15 13 20
    14 11 10  9  5  8
     1  7  2  6  3  4
    *!Update!* - 19th Feb 2003- It is random. It changes each game. Just going to have to
    finish those bonus stages to get the extra lives, I'm afraid. That chart above means
    bogus. Bummer ay?
    No chart is going to help you as much as playing it yourself (save states can help), so
    give it a whirl. Once you're done, go to your right. Door is here - knock the boulders
    and go up your ladder. Keep going up, then slide down the place I drew *again*. Go up,
    and follow the path which leads up until you come to the green dinosaur. A bit of work
    involved here, but you should be able to kill it. Just remember to move when he's at
    least halfway off the screen before you climb up to the level he's on. 8 consecutive hits
    should do him in.
    After you've been pipelining, go to your LEFT. Dig down (preferably the left lane at
    first), but don't go down the left tunnel! It's a dead end. So, dig down the right tunnel
    and don't stop until you get to a 2x2 section which has already been tunneled out. I
    normally have 3 ladders - you'll use 2 of them here. Drop one down quickly, before ghosts
    appear in hordes, and once you reach the end of your ladder, select the ladder again and
    drop another one. Move off the ladder onto the ground on your left, and ignore the 3
    items above you. Race to the left, go down the already tunneled-out path, turn right at
    the small crawlspace, kill any ghosts in the way, and get to the door!
    **********  Starting depth - 382-427 (Falls/Slides)
    *Cavern 4*  Door depth     - 460
    **********  Lowest depth   - 463
    Teh bset. LVEL. EVARR. Actually, it's a bit boring. However, this level will be your
    main stocking point for the game. Step on the pipe (things that are normally pink
    are now red - odd, huh?) I noramlly have 10 jewels on this level, if you have more,
    good for you, otherwise, it's no biggie. You should be able to afford everything you
    need for the next few levels to come anyway.
    So, once you've started off, you land on the pipe. Don't worry about the Door Clock for
    now, as there are more important things to worry about than racing to the finish. Go to
    your right, as you jump over the red-bearded cavemen, and you should come to a little
    castle-type area. See the black window up there? Climb up to it and move into it from
    either the left or the right side.
    Didja teleport? Cool. Now, you should see a whole lot of hill thingoes that look like
    they belong on Yoshi's Island. Can you see the sparkling area? Move into that from the
    left side (takes a while to work out; jump up to the area while holding UP, then align
    yourself with the sparkling dot and move right). Did 8 ladders appear? Good stuff! It's
    not a glitch, it's what you've been looking for this whole time! Welcome to the shop of
    300m-below-ground-level! Once you're in the area, your diamonds should be flashing. Are
    they? Great! Select your diamonds, and press B. Did you lose 1 diamond? Awesome! Did you
    get 8 ladders? WoWWEE! If you want 8 more ladders, walk out of the room and back in at
    the exact same spot. This should make 8 more ladders appear, and send the picture of
    your diamonds berko. Sick of my stupid, obvious questions? Ok, will stop now. I normally
    stock up on 3 lots of ladders, but if you have more or less diamonds, fit to proportion.
    Once you've got enough ladders, walk to the right of the ladder room into the teleporting
    wall. You'll appear underneath the black window, in front of a white door. As you make
    your way to your right, jump over both the bearded dudes and the thin floors. Soon,
    you'll find yourself in front of a castle-type area which looks exactly the same as the
    last one. Guess what that means? Yep, another shop. Do the exact same thing as before
    (enter the black window, find sparkly dot, and so on) to get 8 more dynamites. I normally
    get 2 of these, as you can get more later.
    'So the adventurer kept on going, and he found himself at a third shop. This time, the
    shop sold rocks! Throughout the whole ROCK cavern, the adventurer couldn't find any
    rocks, so he thought to himself, "Sodding Hell! I know what I'll do! I'll BUY some
    rocks!" And so he did. Usually 3-4 lots of rocks, since they get used up easily, he
    thought to himself. He had a smirk on his face, as the cavewoman whispered in his ear,
    "OOooOOOGIE CHUUUUU!" The adventurer was indeed suprised, and recoiled at the sound of
    her shrill, 8-bit voice.'
    If you keep going, you'll come to the door, but you most likely have run out of time.
    Start heading back now, dodging the red guys, and fall down one of the thin, breaking
    floors, preferably the one closest to the pipe. Keep heading left and jump up the left
    side of the Cavern, and you'll find yourself on top of the pipe. Now, race to the end.
    I can usually do this bit in 12 seconds, time yourself if you really want.
    I hope you've got all the ladders and rocks you need for the rest of the game - the
    next stocking level is Cavern 7, but you can only get dynamite there.
    **********  Starting depth - 460
    *Cavern 5*  Door depth     - 706
    **********  Lowest depth   - 718
    Let the music be a warning to you. The colours of Death and Bone blend with the yellow,
    rotting flesh which is the earth, and portray this message with a suprising amount of
    ease, despite the limited palette at the time.
    Firstly, move to your right without dropping the boulder. Use a ladder to get the
    dynamite (fair enough exchange). Go back up your ladder and to your right. Take out the
    little skeletons (1 rock usually does it, but if you went overboard with buying them, you
    might want to throw until they all die!) Dig down now, and get the items that lie on the
    ledge. Wait here for the pink thing to arrive, and fend off as many skeletons that as you
    have to to survive.
    Once you've jumped onto the pink thing (henceforth known as the "tour guide), wait until
    you get to the pipe which will appear on the right side of you. Be careful not to get too
    close to the purple ghost - it will just about always be fatal. Jump onto the pipe, and
    then jump up and knock the pink boulder down which was about 4 blocks to the right of the
    pipe. Not much time to waste here, as the purple ghost might want to catch you, so
    quickly go back onto the pipe so that the door clock stays at 60 seconds. Next, wait for
    the tour guide to come back down. Make sure that when you go on it, it's heading down,
    and not up - otherwise, it's a huge waste of time.
    On your way down, if you see an item, don't worry about it (unless it's a diamond which
    is easy to grab). Once you get to a large section of dug-out dirt, jump off the tour
    guide, who will be moving extremely fast now, and head left. Stop when you get to the two
    boulders, one a few blocks higher than the other.
    THIS UP!
    That's right, if you do something wrong here, it can, and will, become impossible to
    finish, so follow my instructions carefully. See the two boulders? Push the lower one
    down, so that it falls. Then, move up and push the one above it. Be certain to move out
    of the way quickly, as you'll die if it squashes you, like every boulder can do.
    There, that wasn't so hard now, was it? Yeah, that simple bit could screw up your whole
    game. Aren't you glad you have an FAQ writer here on your side? If you're curious as to
    how it would be impossible to finish, if you accidently hit the top one first, it would
    fall on top of the lower one, and thus you could never get in the correct position to
    make it fall again.
    Make your way to your left, and dig down. Purple ghostie fella will still be hungry, so
    move quickly. Door Clock is counting down too - don't be slow! Move to your right and
    slide down the slopes. Hey, look at this! You've just landed on 3 pink boulders, all
    somehow magically in the same column! By the way, wou will lose 5 blocks of health, but
    the finish of the level is just up a bit!
    **********  Starting depth - 706-712 (Falls at beginning)
    *Cavern 6*  Door depth     - 826
    **********  Lowest depth   - 826
    Think Battletoads - Arctic Cavern (lvl 4). Almost exactly the same music too.
    Even has the same sliding animations, similar spikey walls and death traps.
    Think Snake Rattle 'n' Roll - Arctic Heights (lvl 9). Almost exactly the same feel
    minus the 3D aspect. Gotta love Rare. They really re-used ideas, even in 1990.
    From the starting position, head left. Slide down the slopes, then jump over the holes
    and dig out the crawlspace. Keep moving right. Once you get to a dig-out area seperated
    by a pipe (which isn't even the real pipe), go down the left section. Slide on top of
    the pipe, and dig through that which needs digging. Follow the path until you come to
    a spiky wall which lifts once you come underneath it. Slide along the icy floor to your
    left, and then jump up to the higher path. Before you attempt to slide into the
    crawlspace, make sure you jump so that you slow down. You don't want to have to crash
    into the wall, as health is extremely important if you're having problems with this
    next section.
    Go through the crawlspace on your left, slide down the path, run underneath the flying
    dragon and slide up to the spiky rotating walls. The first one you can jump over, but the
    second one you need to jump through. You can do this in any way, so long as his head does
    NOT hit the roof. If it does, you'll slow down immensely and get hit on your way through.
    If you're fast enough, a third one won't show up. Otherwise, good luck again.
    **********  Starting depth - 826
    *Cavern 7*  Door depth     - 916
    **********  Lowest depth   - 916
    Stocking level, much like Cavern 4, except there are many places to fall and you can only
    obtain dynamite in this level. Seriously, use all your diamonds on the dynamite when you
    come to it - you won't use them anywhere else, and you'll need close to a couple of
    hundred dynamite in Cavern 8.
    Ok, so starting from 826m down, go left and run into the wall. No, it's not a teleporting
    wall, it's a...disappearing wall? Go into the new space, and follow it all the way down.
    Walk into a wall on the right at the very bottom to reveal the pipe, and walk into another
    wall to find a stone wall. Don't bother about blowing it up.
    Activate the Door Clock, and head back up. Avoid or smack the cavemen to death and then
    continue your descent. *Hint* Do not go down the hole on the right, it's a big shortcut
    to the door at an extremely high cost of health. Instead, go to your left, and follow the
    path down. Jump over holes, and you will soon find another "castle" like from level 4.
    Use every last diamond you have, and run for the door at the far right of the cavern.
    If you're lucky like I am, you'll have maxed out both your rock supply and your dynamite
    supply. Don't worry about ladders - you'll need next to none in the next level.
    **********  Starting depth - 916
    *Cavern 8*  Door depth     - 982
    **********  Lowest depth   - 982
    Cavern 7 only sells dynamite for a reason - you're going to need it. See the flying
    loogies? Those are dragon eggs. They remove only 1 bar of health if they hit you, but
    once they hatch, they deal an INSANE amount of damage. I'm talking about damage similar
    to that of the ghost's punch and dragon bite. So, jump over them, and make sure you don't
    land in between pipes.
    Which pipe is the real pipe? None of these. If you could, I would tell you to drop
    ladders all over the place here so you don't fall, but unfortunately you can't drop
    ladders off pipes. Poopies. Head to your right, where the first green dinosaur of the
    level lives. Drop a load of dynamite in his face and retreat onto the small pipe in
    front of him. Once he turns purple, he should start to retreat. Now's your chance! Jump
    over him, Super Mario Bros. style, and climb onto the little hiding spot above him.
    Once you feel ready, drop down onto the left pipe. Yes, here is the one and only true
    pipe of this level! Regain your nerves, because here we go!
    Jump onto the pipe to the right of you, and drop down. After you land, let a ladder fall.
    Go down the ladder, and leave some dynamite. Quickly scale the ladder. The small pipe
    will crumble after the explosion. Race to your right and destroy any other pipes in your
    way. Once you're on the icy surface, prepare to jump over any flying dragon eggs. Drop
    a chunk of dynamite in his face too, and get out of there. Once he gets knocked back,
    jump over him and keep heading right. Get the diamond! Once again, it's the most
    important thing to have, despite there being no more stocking levels. Slide along this
    surface and let yourself fall down the 2x2 dug-out space - don't keep sliding. Move
    right to gain access to a small crawlspace and follow it down. Drop dynamite in front
    of the small pipe which is blocking your way.
    Get down the ladder ASAP. As you slide over the icy surface heading left, shoot as many
    rocks as you can. This should reflect all dragon eggs coming your way. Prepare to meet
    the hardest boss this game has to offer - or the easiest.
    I really don't want to give away how to beat this dinosaur, as it's an incredibly easy
    boss to overcome, if you know what you're doing. I found out by accident one day how to
    get past him when I was pushing select and B for all it was worth. Here's one last hint:
    I said before that something was extremely important. Put something important near him,
    and he'll come out to get it. If you're really stumped, read the "Enemies" section on
    Dinosaurs. Then, when you're ready, run past and into the door.
    Well folks, that's it for the walkthrough.
                             CONGRATULATIONS YOU'VE FOUND
                                   - THE LOST CITY -
                                    TO BE CONTINUED
    Of course, it was never really continued...Or *WAS* it? If you know anything about that,
    please email me at Popo_Nana@hotmail.com
    5a. Known Cheats
    There is only one known cheat so far, and it was submitted by Max P on Feb 7th 2003,
    almost a year after first writing this! Anywho, here it is:
    "2nd level to the 3rd level: At the start of the 2nd level you jump over a gap and
    crawl through a gap. Then jump onto the stones and then without going anywhere else
    jump onto the rope ladder directly and then you warp to the 3rd cavern."
    Of course, Cavern 2 isn't that tough - if you NEED to use this, then perhaps you
    should pick a different game that doesn't involve as much skill...say, a FPS?
    *OPINION ALERT*. It's just nice to have the option to skip a level there, and
    certainly exciting to try out.
    By the way, if you have any other Cheats to add, please email me!
    6a. Credits
    Thanks to the following people/companies:
    - Notepad+, for providing a program where there is no limit to the size
      of notepad files.
    - Nintendo, Rare, and even Milton Bradly for this hugely underrated game.
    - John D, for owning this game for many long years.
    - Alf B, who reads my guides and walkthroughs.
    - Adam L, for his feedback and assistance in verification of this guide.
    - Max P, provided the Cavern 2 --> Cavern 3 level warp trick, and information about using
    diamonds on the other dinosaurs and the ghost in Cavern 5.

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