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Reviewed: 12/09/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Here it is... yet another game I seem to be the only one to enjoy!

The stigma seems to have struck yet another game. First it was Kung Fu Heroes. Now it is Disney Adventure in Magic Kingdom. It appears that I have found a game that I enjoyed playing, that everyone else seems to hate. I cannot see why so many people hate this game. It is a very fun game to play and features all of the elements needed to make a fun, well developed game. So why do more people not like this game? It simply boggles my mind.

The game is simply so much fun to play and features a lot of the elements needed in a fun game. The thing that I liked most about this game was the fact that there was a variety of mini games you could play. So, there was not actually just one kind of stage to this game. The game featured a variety of well developed and well thought out stages, ranging from a stage which had you side scroll across a haunted house, to a racing stage whihc had you go down death mountain in a buggy car. It was definitely this variety of stages that just added to the overall fun of this game.

The game does have its fair share of flaws, as it is pretty short, and some of the trivia questions that are asked can be rather stupid. However, the game is pretty fun, and just because it has its flaws does not make it a bad game or anything, because this is definitely not a bad game. It is actually a highly enjoyable game that the whole family can enjoy. And I definitely enjoyed playing this game, because of the variety of stages, and the overall fun factor that the game provided. The game is definitely worth a purchase if you can find it at a reasonable enough price.

The story line to the game is not going to win any awards for originality, but what do you expect? It is a Disney game, after all. The basic story line to the game is this: You want to go to the Magic Kingdom, and you have the 6 keys needed to enter. Well, Goofy had the key. But Goofy lived up to his name by losing the 6 keys needed to enter the Magic Kingdom. So it is your job to regain the keys needed to enter. How do you this? By completing a series of tasks that enable you to gain the key at the end of each task.

Like I said, the story line is not going to blow you away in terms of originality, but I actually felt it was a decent enough story line, especially for a Disney game. I was not expecting a Square Soft like story line here, but I got a story line that is decent enough to carry the game into a reason for actually playing it. You will want to collect the keys needed to enter tha Magic Kingdom, it is definitely better than just saving another stupid princess or whatever.

Now, let me talk about the graphics in the game. This is a NES game, so do not go into it thinking to see Playstation-style graphics, because you will be disappointed. However, these graphics are perfectly acceptable for a NES game. The character designs are solid, and the backgrounds look decent enough. These are not the greatest graphics to ever be featured in a video game, but they are definitely decent enough to warrant a good opinion from me.

The character designs in the game were pretty good, in my opinion, despite the fact that people have certain differing opinions about them. The main character, I admit, did not look all that good. He was basically this dude with an orange hat and orange suit that did not look too appealing. But the other character designs in the game are just great. All of the Disney characters are here, including my all time favorite of them all, Donald Duck. And they all look fantastic, and look just like they do in the cartoons and comic books. So, I was definitely impressed with the character designs in the game, even if the main character did look a little weird.

The rest of the graphics in the game were definitely solid, as well. I liked the backgrounds in the game a lot, and I also liked the fact there was no slowdown or other graphical problems at all present throughout the game. Usually I would be disappointed to see some sort of graphical problems plague a game, but not this one, so it is definitely a good thing. The backgrounds in the game were actually highly above average, as I really enjoyed some of the backgrounds in the game, especially the haunted house scene. The variety of backgrounds were definitely nice, and the designs of them were pretty impressive, to say the least. Capcom really did a great job with the graphics in the game, at least in my opinion they did.

The music in this game is not going to win any awards for soundtrack of the year, but the music was definitely solid enough and easy to listen to. It was certainly not one of those games which had you wanting to put the television on mute every few seconds, and that is a good thing. I liked the variety of music in this game, as all of it sounded pretty nicely done. I especially liked the theme of the haunted house, it sounded spooky and mysterious and really fit in quite well with the overall theme of the stage. Overall, I was really impressed with the music in this game.

The sound effects in the game could have been improved, but overall were pretty solid nevertheless. I really liked the variety of sound effects in the game, but some of them got really annoying to listen to after a while. It could have been done better had the sound effects been more suited for a Disney game, how cool could it have been to hear Donald Duck do a famous quack or whatever? Regardless, the sound effects are still pretty good, they just tended to be annoying and they could have been done a little bit better.

Disney games have always been blessed with great control, and this game is no different. While some of the precision jumping is less than perfect (to say the least), the control ois actually quite good and is a prefect fit for the younger kids in the family. The play control is not as tight as in, say, the Mario series, but that is because the main character in the game sometimes slides when you don't want him to slide, and other times he doesn't slide when you want him to slide. It gets really annoying after a while because you are wasting your time trying to get the guy to slide and then he chickens out on you. Otherwise, the play control in the game is pretty solid.

Like I mentioned earlier, the game has you play in six different mini games. The object of the game is to find the key to the Magic kingdom, as Goofy lived up to his name by misplacing it. You get several cool mini games instead of stage after stage of play. One stage involves you riding a car down a hill, which is awesome because there are lots of potholes and other nasty traps to avoid. Most of the stages are cool and fun to play, making it a great family game. I will now describe each of the six mini games in the actual game itself.

Haunted Mansion: This is a pretty fun mode, as it has you in this side scrolling game, ala Mega Man or Super Mario Brothers. You have to collect candles or something along the way, and you have to kill enemies using these candles. It is pretty fun, as I have always enjoyed the side scrolling type games, and this stage is of the side scrolling variety. It isn't the only stage of side scrolling fun, however, because there is always...

Pirates of the Caribbean: This is another fun side scrolling stage. The object of this stage is to find six captive tourists who probably came to the Magic Kingdom to have a good time and free them, and then light a signal fire so you can escape from the place yourself. That is definitely a neat idea that was executed very well. I really enjoyed this stage.

Space Mountain: The stages just keep on getting more and more fun. This stage has you in the cockpit of a spaceship (although you can't really see that, it just has that view to it), and you have to get from point A to point F. To do this, you have to aim your ship in the correct direction while avoiding asteroids. it is pretty fun, and it gets pretty tough in the end because it starts to go really fast. I really liked the music in this mini game, by the way.

Autopia: This is a car racing game that is pretty fun to play. You are a car, and you have to drive across the track while avoiding obstacles. Your main objective is to stay on the road while avoiding these obstacles, you do not want to fall into the water or drive off the course, because once you do that you have to start over from the beginning. This is perhaps the mini game I enjoyed least, but I still found it to be pretty fun.

Big Thunder Mountain: Woah, this is another fun stage. You are basically in this train and you have to drive down Thunder Mountain, while avoiding stuff like crossing guards, boulders, and other various objects that you might see while going down a mountain. It is very fun and somewhat challenging, and I liked how you could take different paths while going down the mountain. This is definitely another fun mini game.

Disney Trivia: While walking around the park, you will sometimes walk up to a guy and he will ask you a trivia question, dealing with Disney. You have a certain time limit in order to answer the questions.After a while, the final person will give you the key after you answer two of his questions correctly. You have to answer about six questions in total before getting the key.

Those are the six modes of the game. I really enjoyed playing a majority of them, especially the side scrolling stages. And Space Mountain was definitely my favorite of all of the mini games, because it was simply a blast to play, and the music was so cool. The rest of the mini games were at least enjoyable to play, despite the fact some of the trivia questions asked were really retarded, to say the least. Well, there's one bas mini game out of six.. so sue me. And sure Capcom too, while you're at it. They made up the damn questions.

The replay value in this game is solid, but not totally incredible. I liked how there was a variety of mini games, and that would usually be enough for me to say ''OK the game has variety, so you will want to play through it a lot''. But as much as I would like to say that about this game, I don't really know if it was true or not. Sure, the game does have variety, and sure, it is pretty fun to play. But how much can you play the same old mini games before you get bored of them? And that is why I consider this game to have only decent replay value.

The challenge level of this game is about equivalent to the challenge level of finding a non-airbrushed female on the cover of Playboy magazine. Some of the stages in the game are dman hard, I can assure you. Ever try that Space Mountain game? Sure, it is easy at first, but soon they jack the speed up and you are barely being able to keep up with how fast it is going. It gets annoying after a while, and it is definitely very challenging. The rest of the stages are just not as challenging, but some of the stages still have a decent challenge level to them.

Overall, this is not a great game like I thought it was back when I was a young child, but I still enjoy playing it a lot. It may not have the same feeling that it once held for me, but I still find myself enjoying playing this game, even with its many faults. Simply put, I had a blast playing through this game, as it is one of the most fun games I have found on the old NES, even though it is a Disney game. Hell, I have alwways loved to play the Disney games, so the fact that this is a Disney game kind of adds to the mystique of playing it, in my opinion. This is definitely an all time great Disney game.

Final Fantasy
-The variety of mini games in the actual game is definitely top notch.
-I really enjoyed the Space Mountain and Haunted House mini games.
-I liked the character designs in the game a lot.
-The music in some of the mini games was simply great.
-I really liked the story line in the game, as I felt it was really original.

Breath of Fire
-The Trivia Question and Pirates of the Caribbean mini games could have been done better.
-The graphics in the game could use some improvement.
-The music and sound effects were not that wonderful.
-The game may be a little too challenging for young children.

I Run Down the Ratings... DaLadiesMan Style!
Story Line - 8.3/10
Graphics - 9.1/10
Music - 8.7/10
Sound Effects - 7.9/10
Control - 8.2/10
Game Play - 8.1/10
Replay Value - Above Average
Challenge - Way Above Average
Is this game worth a purchase? - Definitely.
Overall - 8.2/10

The Last Line
I really enjoyed playing this game, despite its flaws, and I am sure you will enjoy playing this game, as well. Even with the stupid trivia questions mini game thrown in.

And that's a Ladies Man guarantee!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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