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"Good game that gets a bad rap..."

Well I got this game the other day just because my fellow reviewers here at GameFaqs said it was bad. Well in my opinion on this one they couldn't be anymore wrong, but remember folks it's just my little opinion.

Graphics 7/10

Remember people when you [lay this game it's a 8-Bit system so don't say the graphics stink, because for the graphics system the 8-Bit NES ran on these graphics are pretty good.

GamePlay 8/10

Gameplay in this game is pretty good, but not as simple as the classic gameplay for the first two Donkey Kong games. But in the first few levels it's easy as pie, but when you hit level three or four, then it becomes a little harder than the average game.

Sound 8/10

There aren't many sounds in this game, so there isn't much to grade. But the sounds od the spray and losing a life aren't too bad.

Fun Factor 7/10

This game is hard at times, but that's what has always made the Donkey Kong series great. So yes this game is very fun, but can get on your nerves when you die a lot in one

Rent or Buy?

Well I made a trade for this game so I really didn't buy it, but I think this game is a must have for classic arcade fans and Donkey Kong fans alike. Or maybe for a little one who is learning the art of 8-Bit gaming. But if you aren't any of the above then I recomend a rent and not a buy. But like I said if you are on the above list buy this game if you can find it!!!!!

Over All 8/10

This game is the port of the third part of the classic Donkey Kong arcade game series to hit the NES and this is one of the better arcade ports the NES had, so if you love the Donkey Kong series or just love ports of classic arcade games then buy this game, if not get it from a friend or rent it, but at the very least give this classic game a chance.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/01/00, Updated 09/01/00

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