Review by CrazyCarl92

Reviewed: 11/13/09

What to do with the Sequel of Two Successful Games? Change the Entire Genre of the Game and Remove a Main Character, of Course!

I really did not have any fun playing this game. The only enjoyment in this game came from watching Donkey Kong get irritated from having pesticide sprayed in his bum, but even doing that, as funny as it was, got old after a short while.

Gameplay: 5/10.

The gameplay was not terrible, but at the same time, there was not anything about this game that made you want to play it. They should of stuck to platform rather than going to this boring piece of crap shooter game. There is just stupid bugs trying to steal your flowers that do not matter anyways, because you always spray enough pesticide in Donkey Kong's bum far before they even get to your second flower thing, so it is just kind of pointless. You can go around shooting them for the score or to clear the path to Donkey Kong's bum, but really, it is not all that fun. This franchise was doing very well as a platformer, so they should have stuck with it. There is no excuse for this. Not only are shooter games worse, but this is a bad shooter game. It is simply not very fun.

Story: 4/10.

I didn't bother reading the instruction manual story, so you may be saying, "Carl, you can you possibly rate a game's story when you have not even looked at the story in the instruction manual?" The answer is simple.. I don't need to read the story, because there is NO EXCUSE not to have Mario in this game. What were they THINKING? Mario made himself into the most famous virtual character of all time starting in the first two games of this franchise, and then they take him out and instead give you some idiot kid with a pesticide bottle that shoots at Donkey Kong's bum? I don't give a crap what the story is.. it sucks. They needed to have Mario in this game.

Sound: 6.5/10.

The sound in this was bad. It's the same as the previous two, and you'd expect improvements after awhile. I think they even re-use the same sounds in some situations, but I could be completely making that up. In any case, the sound is still bad. They should have improved something, but nothing was improved.

Graphics: 6/10.

Same goes for the graphics. They look even a little bit worse than the originals, in my opinion. Why? Because it is hard to see anything if you let too many bugs go to the bottom of the screen (where you are standing). You, the main character, do not stick out in any way and have similar coloring as everything else in the game, and they are all flying around randomly, so it is hard to see exactly what you need to avoid to survive. And, in the later levels, it is quite common to be surrounded by bugs at the bottom of the screen, because it is a much better strategy to just clear out the ones in the middle and shoot pesticide at Donkey Kong's bum as fast as you can. So, yeah these were bad.

Overall: 5.4/10.

Rounded: 5/10.

This game was not very fun, strayed from the path of success and changed the entire genre of the franchise, failed to improve on anything from the previous two successful games, and failed to include the most famous virtual character of all time when they had every reason to use him. I have no idea what Nintendo was thinking when they made this game, but they should have thought again. They pumped out two wildly successful games in the arcades prior to this, and they were both pretty good, but this game is a piece of dog poo. Stay away from it, unless if you want to see Donkey Kong's reaction to pesticide in the bum.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Donkey Kong 3 (US, 06/30/86)

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