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"Many people say this game's worse than its prequels. But, I think not!"

Donkey Kong 3 is the ''uncommon and unpopular'' of the Donkey Kong series. Many people asked questions like, ''Where's Mario?'' ''What do bugs and a greenhouse have to do with Donkey Kong?'' and ''Where's the kidnapped maiden?'' As you can see, Donkey Kong 3 is entirely different from the first two DK games.

In this game, you play the role of Stanley, an exterminator whose task is to protect five flowers in each part of a giant greenhouse (either that or each level is a different greenhouse). When a level begins, you'll see DK hanging on two ropes as he bangs on two beehives. As he climbs down, bees will start coming out of their hives, and you have to protect the flowers while keeping DK from reaching the bottom of the ropes. If a bee grabs one of the flowers, the music will change to a looping ''warning'' tone; and it won't stop playing until you save the flower! As for DK, the main idea of each stage is to push DK to the top of the screen. If you push him high enough, a super bug spray will fall down (but not always) and you must grab it. If you do, you'll be sailing smoothly for a level or two. But, the super spray won't last for long (though I don't know if either there's a time limit or a certain number of times it can be used).

Once a stage is complete, DK will either climb all the way to the top or end up sticking his head up a beehive. Then comes the typical arcade ''stage clear'' routine: time darts to zero as points are collected. And, for each flower that remains in one stage, you will get a 500-point bonus.

And, of course, there's the death sequence, which I shouldn't forget to mention. When a bee touches you (or hits you with a stinger on the way back to its hive), or if DK reaches the floor, you lose a life. I always pause when I get killed; that's because the ''death'' sound could really wake the dead! The composer was probably going deaf, and I doubt it was Koji Kondo!

So, to recap, here are my summarized critiques for each of this game's attributes.

Graphics 9/10

The graphics are pretty good for a mid-80s NES port from the arcade game. DK looked better in the prequels, though. But, Stanley was looking good, and so where the bugs and the backgrounds.

Sound 4/10

You don't hear much music. Plus, the sound effects aren't all that great. And yet, they can set your dogs barking and howling! So, I'd recommend that you hit the mute button before you start playing this game.

Play Control 8/10

The play control is pretty responsive. You don't get much trouble moving around or jumping or shooting. Only problem is, you can't shoot rapidly or repeatedly.

Fun Factor 7/10

Donkey Kong 3 is fun in many ways. But, getting tagged constantly can really take the fun out of your playtime. So, don't let yourself get steamed if that's really starting to bug you.

And so, as I conclude my point-of-view on Donkey Kong 3, all I have to say from here is, if you're looking for uncommon games that are worth more than many of the easier-to-find ones, or if you want to check it out so badly for any reason, pick the game up and make it your own. But, I can tell you, you won't find this game too enjoyable.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/04/02, Updated 09/26/03

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