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Reviewed: 09/28/02 | Updated: 09/28/02

Ahahahaha!! I just shot the giant ape in the butt!!!

The third installment in the NES Donkey Kong series (the previous 2 being Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong, Jr.) pits exterminator Stanley inside of a greenhouse to get rid of a giant ape. Donkey Kong is climbing around overhead... and although he really isn't messing with anyone you still have to kinda hit him and stuff... for some reason. Anyway, you're below him, and he's swinging around on vines hanging from the ceiling, so guess where you have to spray the bug spray stuff to get rid of him? You guessed it. The big monkey behind. As Stanley, you run back and forth on the bottom of the stage, and jump up while spraying to try to push Donkey Kong all the way up and out or into a beehive. You have some plants on the bottom that you have to protect as well, and bugs that you can shoot and kill come and try to take these plants. At first it may seem like that these bugs offer some decent variation in the stages, but more than anything they're just a proverbial paradox, like your mother-in-law driving your brand new Mercedes right into the Grand Canyon. You get variation, but you also get something very frustrating. It's just one more thing to get in your way. Also, there are caterpillars that run around on vines below Donkey Kong. When you shoot them, they freeze. If you wait to shoot them when they get directly under him, they freeze below him and cover the big butt so you can't complete your mission. You do get a small power-up on some stages that gives your spray a bit more of a kick.

The main problem in this game comes in with the fact that there just isn't enough variation in the stages. You keep doing the same thing over and over again in seemingly the exact same environment. It's fun the first two or three times, but eventually you just kind of want to throw the game against the wall or something so that you have something more enjoyable to do. There's hardly no music and mediocre sound effects at best. The controls are simple enough... run around with the control pad, jump up with up on the directional pad, and both A and B spray.

Overall: 5
Unless you're overly curious, just steer clear. In the case of being overly curious, put out about $2 or something for the game, but no more! It's mildly fun to pop in every now and again when you're totally bored and plug a few shots up Donkey Kong's butt, but for that reason and that reason only this game gets a five.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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