Review by ATadeo

"I say let's beat 'em up!"

You have a NES and you're wondering if there are any good beat 'em up game around, well, pick this one right away. This game has got a nice punching and kicking you'll feel like you're the ones who is actually fighting in the game. Here are the criteria that I used for my review for this game.

Gameplay/Controls (8 pts): Just when you thought beat 'em up games on the NES were so bad that you'd want to throw them. This game will surely remove that idea from you. It's neat action is enjoyable and fun. Also, it's entire gameplay is way improved that the first Double Dragon. New bosses await you as well as some previous enemies. For the controls, it's somewhat hard to go from a certain place to another place. Most of the time, your punches and kicks will miss the enemy even at close range. It's hard because everything should be exact. On the contrary, the use of the buttons are easy and they respond quickly and correctly.

Storyline (6): The story is kind of a bore as it is very very common. I'm sure you've heard the story of a lady being kidnapped and then the hero will rescue her. Although the theme of the story is old, you'll still enjoy the story.

Graphics/Sounds (8 pts): As a NES game, this game's graphics is very good. The characters are nicely presented and the moves are nice to see. The background and the environment is also a plus as it's neatly shown even on an old console. For the sounds, it has a nice background music. It will really entice you while fighting the bad guys. This goes the same for the sound effects. Every punch and kick sound like the real thing.

Replay Value (7 pts): You might want to replay the game to try out the different difficulty settings. But, you'll just go through everything again as with your previous game. It's nice to beat up the bad guys though as it doesn't get you bored early.

I must say that this game is one of the best classic games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. But I do suggest that you try it first before buying it. And also, if you're a fan of the Double Dragon Series, this one will surely add spice to your collection. I'll bet that you'll enjoy your game and you'll want more and more action.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/30/00, Updated 12/30/00

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