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"Kick, punch, and whack your way to victory!"

Double Dragon 2 will always live on in my mind, because it is actually the second Nintendo Entertainment System game I ever owned. Thankfully, I also enjoyed the game a lot. I have never really played the arcade version, but I can tell you that if it is any good as the NES version, then the Arcade version is almost a must play game! I had lots of fun playing Double Dragon 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the ''good old days'', and I still find time to play it every once in a while. Anyways, enough talk, on with my review to Double Dragon 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System!

I have always been a relatively big fan of this game, ever since I first bought the game several years back. It just had a certain feeling to it that I enjoyed greatly. I think it was because the game was simply so much fun to play. I really enjoyed playing the game, and while the type of gameplay featured in it has been done to death, the game is still very much fun to play. I especially like how there was a lot of special moves in the game, it made the game even more fun to play.

I really liked the storyline in this game, as it closely follows the storyline featured in the original Double Dragon. Remember the Shadow Warriors from the original game? Well, they were the members of the gang that Billy defeated. The Shadow Warriors decide to get revenge on this defeat by kidnapping Billy's girlfriend, Marian. Billy goes to his brother, Jimmy, for help, and they swear to defeat the Shadow Warriors. The storyline with the actual kidnapping may be a little stale, but I still like it.

The graphics in Double Dragon 2 were actually pretty good, considering this is a pretty old Nintendo Entertainment System (and I believe that this game is straight from the arcade, which makes the game even older). The backgrounds were very well designed and had more variety to them than the background graphics featured in the original Double Dragon. I especially liked how in one of the stages you will see a building and a city-like atmosphere, and in the next stage you will suddendly be in a forest like setting. The variety of backgrounds featured in the game was really appreciated.

The character designs were well done, as Jimmy and Billy had their own unique look to them. Enemy and boss design wise, Double Dragon 2 was also well done. The enemies had their own unique look to them, and the bosses were each designed differently (even though they did repeat the same boss a few times). I did like the enemy designs in the game, and I also like how there was barely any slowdown or other graphical problems in the game, it was really a good sign of how good the graphics really were.

Overall, Double Dragon 2 for the NES has great graphics!

The music and sound effects featured in Double Dragon 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System were also very well done! The music had its own unique feel to it, and every stage seemed to have different music that fit the feel of the stage perfectly. I especially like the music featured in some of the later stages of the game. It had this spooky feeling to it that really portrayed the feeling that the stage was trying to provide very well. Heck, I liked a lot of the music in the game, as I felt most of it was really well done.

Sound effect wise, Double Dragon 2 for the NES is top notch. All of the sounds you've come to expect are in the game and recaptured perfectly! Some of it may sound a little lackluster, as all you will usually hear for a little while is the sound of kicks and punches registering onto your opponent. But after a while you will realize that there are even more sound effects than that, and that is when you will start to like the sound effects in this game.

Overall, the sound effects and music in Double Dragon 2 for the NES is great!

The control in Double Dragon II has been grilled by some, but I do not see why. It is very easy to pull off your special moves in the game, and doing everything in the game is really simple, like punching, kicking, etc. One button does an attack to the left, and one button does an attack to the right. It does take some time to get used to, I admit, but once you get used to the rather unique control scheme of the game you will not find any problems with it.

I have always been a fan of the Double Dragon series, and Double Dragon 2 is definitely my favorite of the bunch. It is simply so much fun to play, and I have always enjoyed playing it. Double Dragon 2 may appear to be a lot like the original Double Dragon at first, and yes, they do have a lot in common. But there are also new innovations and improvements added to Double Dragon 2 to make it a viable sequel.

First off, there are more special moves and weapons then ever before. You also have a life meter, which I believe was featured in the original Double Dragon as well. I really liked the special moves and techniques in the game, like the Hyper Cyclone. The moves do take some practice in order to get right, because some of them are rather difficult to pull off at first. Unlike the original, you know all of your special techniques in the beginning of the game, and you cannot learn any more throughout the game.

Also, the game features a two player mode, which is different than the original. I will say that I enjoyed the two player mode in the game, and I also liked how you could choose to have damage count or not count. What I mean is that you can actually do a two player cooperative mode in which if you hit each other the damage actually registers. I would reccomend not having a bitter feud with your friend before partaking in this mode.

Overall, Double Dragon II provides the game player with excellent control and fun gameplay.

This is one of the most fun games I have played in the genre, so of course I am going to say it has pretty good replay value. You are not going to want to play it all the time, but you will want to dust of your old NES from time to time just to play the game. Do I play this game much nowadays? Not reall, but that is only because I have so many other games to play. But, four or five years ago, I played this game a lot, and I am sure you will too when you play it for the first time.

When you consider the limited amount of continues, and no save feature, you will realize that this is one challenging game. The game is challenging because of these lack of saves and continues, plus the fact that the stages are so complicated. Well, they are not really that complicated, but they are still rather challenging. They are full of traps and other tough jumps, and you will die a lot. This is one of the more challenging games on the NES, right up there with Deadly Towers, if you can believe that.

This is definitely a great game, and it is definitely much better than the original. The game does have some flaws to it, like the new control, and some people will not like the changes as much as other people will. So, there is definitely room to worry about this game. Regardless, I can guarantee that you will at least find something to like about this game. And that is a Ladies Man guarantee!

''Get back here, you bald headed freak of a boss!''

Good Points
-The graphics suffer from no breakup and look nice.
-The music and sound effects are pretty good.
-The control scheme is solid despite its problems.
-You will probably want to play this game a few times.
-The two player cooperative mode is very fun.

Not So Good Points
-A lot of people will not like the new control scheme.
-This is one of the most challenging games because of no continues or save feature.
-Some people will not like this game. I warned you.
-The one player mode can get kind of tedious after a while.

I Run Down the Ratings: DaLadiesMan style!
Storyline - 8.2/10
Graphics - 9.1/10
Music - 9.2/10
Sound Effects - 9.3/10
Control - 8.6/10
Gameplay - 9.1/10
Replay Value - A Little Above Average
Challenge - Way Above Average
Worth a Purchase? - Depends on whether you like the genre or not.
Overall - 9.1/10

The Last Line: This is a pretty good game in my opinion, but some will not like it. It all comes down to whether you like the genre or not, I guess.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/09/00, Updated 07/16/01

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