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Reviewed: 07/30/01 | Updated: 07/30/01

An excellent sequel to the original


Remember the classic beatemup, the one the came into the arcades in 87, and came to the Nintendo Entertainment System? Well, remember that game had a sequel on that same system? That you beat up people and save your girlfriend? Heh Heh, Duh! If you don't know what i'm talking about, then you must have been under a rock for the last 15 years. If you do know the series i'm talking about, then you should say Double Dragon! Double dragon had a few sequels on different systems. I'm reviewing the second one in the trilogy. Double Dragon 2 for NES. Enuff blabing, your saying, so i'm going to the review.

STORY 8/10

Its your normal story. Though this time, Marion isn't kidnapped. The Shadow Warriors gunned down her, and you must revenge on them! I gave it a 8, not a 5, because in Super Mario Brothers, Peach is kidnapped, not murdered. And in Legend of Zelda, Zelda is captured, not gunned down. So, I gave it an 8!


For its time, the mid years of the NES, i'd consider the graphics awsome, compared to other games made at that time. The graphics were clear, and you could see everything. It was a big step from Double Dragon 1. Jimmy had a new look, and Billy wasn't the baddie. I personally liked the Will's look. Though almost everyone had a new look, it was hard to see their faces. Though their weapons you could see clearly.


Not a big deal. I think its one of Acclaims better sounds and music. Though kicks didn't sound like kicks, and punches didn't sound like punches, the music was very nice. After playing at alot, I hum the Mission 1,4,and 7 themes alot. Like I said, I liked the music, which is very scary, considering that Acclaim had the worst music and sound. But the sound aint that good...


Now this is where it stopped me from giving this review a 10. I wonder how other people say that the controll was the bomb, the greatest. I think they were on crack. It sucks! I mean, to kick right, you must face left. To punch left, you have to look right. After you kicked, you'd look the other way. I hate it. This is where Acclaim really messed it up. I'm not saying the game is bad. I love the game! The controlls suck.

Buy or Borrow

Notice I didn't say rent? Heh, you can barely find NES games anymore, so said Borrow. Borrow it from a fiend who has it. Any Who, Buy it once you see it. Either on Ebay, Funcoland,or a flew market. You can pick on up for about 2 or 3 bucks. Great game for any collecter's library. BUY IT BUY IT!

Final Line: Ever see it for sale, buy it right away. Its Boarderline Rare.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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