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Double Dragon 2.I remember playing this game as a young one. In fact, it was the third game I ever played, right after Archrivals and Duck Hunt. Unlike the previous games, this game has yet to be topped by any game in it's genre, even the superb final fight games, or the incredibly fun Battle toads games. ''But how?'' you say, ''The graphics suck, the sound is obnoxious, and the game play repetitive.'' This may be true, but it's still globs of fun! Now, I'm going to start the actual review, so bear with me, ok?

The graphics are awful by today's standards, but back in the day, these were actually pretty decent. The graphics always make it seem like your fighting in the actual level your in. Night is Night and Day is Day. It never looks like your fighting in a bar when in reality it's supposed to be a forest like some games so successfully do, even games made these days.

Sound: 1/10
Repetitive to the max. The tunes are annoying and never seem to fit the environment you're fighting in, unlike the graphics. It’s not to much of a gripe with me, however, because I always have something else on when I play any game that isn't music based or an Rigid I would have left it on, I probably would have gouged my eyes out with a fork, but I didn’t, so I'm still here.

Controls: 3/10
God, if there is one problem to this game that can't be remedied except through trial-and-error, it’s this. I hate the punch forward, kick backwards, switch controls depending on which way you're facing scheme. Someone needs to be hurt. Jumping is a pain in the ass, too, and you die because of some stupid ass gaps in this game, believe you me! After awhile you kind of get used to it, but it never fits like a glove.

Gameplay: 6/10
Repetitive beat-em-up style, but I love it! Beating people with chains, knives, explosives, heck, even dynamite, it’s always something different, yet strangely repetitive. For some reason, though, I strangely love it!

It sucks, but it doesn't matter in a beat-em-up.

Relay value: 10/10
If I play this game regularly to this day, what do you think I'm going to rate it?

Overall: 10/10
''But how?!'' you still say, ''The only thing you rated as half-way decent was the game play!'' Yes, this is true, but the replay value counts for something too, doesn’t it? Especially in a beat-em-up. Sure, it's pretty bland by any standards, but they're is something irresistibly cool about beating up ''Ah-nuld!'' a Mexican porn-star, and a wife-beater wearing a mask. And the regular enemies never lose their charm, either. See how cool it is to kill three punks, only to be assaulted by 3 hookers, only to be assaulted by Jackie-Chan wanna-be's, only to be assaulted by the Siegfried and Roy of Ninja’s! So yes, it’s stale and repetitive, but it's still insanely fun!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/02/02, Updated 02/02/02

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