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"Classic, in every sense of the word"

First, let me get this out of the way: I am totally biased in favor of this game (hence the score i gave it). Something about this game gets me (in a good way) every time I play it. I'm not an old school fanatic or anything (although i DO enjoy many old games) I just never get tired of this game. OK, onto the breakdown.

( GRAPHICS: 7/10 ) This score isn't done by today's standards (obviously) but back in the day, when i first fired this game up, I was pretty impressed. The characters were decently sized and had enough animations to keep me amused (the best of which, being when the macho man clone throws you over his shoulder). The colours were limited, (but who really cared about that?) the backgrounds looked alright (who can forget that floating water) and overall, the graphics don't disappoint.

( SOUND: 9/10 ) The music in this game is so grand (maybe I'm just biased). I've played this game enough times that the music is just burned into my brain and i can't see this game with any other music. The sound effects were almost on par with the music (if only every sound effect was as good as the super knee effect)

( CONTROL: 7/10 ) The play control in this game is decent, and easy to master after a few playthroughs, but when you're just starting out, it may be confusing at times (like changing directions but not switching the attack buttons). For an 8-bit beat-em-up, there actually is a decent move list, including holds, throws and the often-used, always-abused SUPER KNEE.

( GAMEPLAY: 8/10 ) Here's what really makes this game so great. Aside from the aforementioned movelist, the pace of this game is just right, and the placement of bosses and mini-bosses is on par too. The one gripe though, is the lack of variety with the enemies. I mean, sure, there are a decent number of little thugs and such, but there's only so many times you can beat up a pink pants clad, mohawked lesbian before you start to wonder what it would be like to beat up other kinds of lesbians. The same goes for the mini-bosses/bosses. Maybe I'm OK with the repetition of mini-bosses, but when those same mini-bosses are end level bosses as well, I draw the line. Another small nitpick, is with the BEST and at the same time WORST aspect of this game: the super knee. While I DO realize how earth-shatteringly, laws-of-physics-defyingly great this move is, it also makes this game WAY too easy. Anybody who masters how to consistently super knee (and its quite an easy thing to master) can beat this game without losing a life (and when i say beat this game, i mean beat it on Supreme Master). These are just minor things that are easily and quickly swept aside once you start realizing everything else this game has to offer. The 2 player co-op action is, of course, everything to write home about. On a similar note, playing 2p co-op with friendly hits on, adds a whole new facet to this game. You can try to play through the game normally, but eventually, you will end up getting into a game of cat-and-mouse with your friend to see who can super knee the other to death faster.

With endless replayability (maybe its just me, but i never tire of this game) and the SUPER KNEE move, this game has everything going for it, and more!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/05/04

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