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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EPoetker

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    Double Dragon 3 FAQ/Moves List v. 2.1
    By Ezra Poetker(Epoetker.)
    Send all questions, comments, etc. to epoetker@hotmail.com.  All 
    information in this FAQ is, of course, copyrighted.  If you reproduce 
    the information here without ASKING me nicely 
    first(epoetker@hotmail.com) I may be forced to take legal action 
    against you (about the only way I can make money on these things....)
    Version History...
    9/14/2000 v.2.1  Fixed a few oddities.
    3/14/2000 v.2.0: Added Luis G. Paiva's endboss strategy, thanks again!  
    Added my "thanks" section.  Cleaned up a few spelling and grammar 
    errors.  And altered a few oddities.  
    1/17/2000 v.1.0: Original version.
    Welcome to my very first FAQ!  I thought that I needed a break from 
    just writing reviews and posting messages all the time, plus a chance 
    to REALLY help people on their games.  I am also the only person to 
    have given this game a 10 on my review.  PLEASE IGNORE THE OTHER 
    REVIEWERS.  They are simply too lazy to master the battle system and 
    fight intelligent enemies, preferring instead enemies that, lemming-
    like, walk right into their too-powerful fist.  This is also the reason 
    why many people hated Final Fantasy Tactics.  A good AI is too much for 
    them.  So, I propose to help them out, with a (hopefully) complete list 
    of all the moves in the game, plus a short walkthrough.  So, without 
    further ado, I present to you...
    Billy & Jimmy Lee:
    A button: Punch.
    B button: Kick.
    Punch 3 times, or kick once, then move forward into enemy: Submission 
    While in Submission Hold: press A or B to inflict a variety of painful 
    blows to the head.
    A & B button: Jump.
    Jump, then pressing A or B AS YOU FALL: Jump Kick.
    Jump, then pressing A or B at the HEIGHT of your Jump: Cyclone Spin 
    Kick(master as soon as possible, this will get you out of MANY sticky 
    Jump forward, then press A or B BEFORE the height of your jump: Head 
    Grab.  Not strictly necessary, but a VERY cool move to watch.  
    Wall Jump: Simply Jump Kick a wall of some sort.  You will richochet 
    off and (hopefully) hit the enemy for BIG damage.  
    Double Attacks(obviously only used when playing in 2 player A mode, 
    because in B mode trying to do this would result in your seriously 
    hurting each other.)
    Team Jump Kick: You should easily get the idea on how to do this move; 
    you'll see the enemies using it on you as soon as two or more of them 
    fight you at once!  Jump Kick your compadre Lee Brother, and he'll 
    throw you back at the enemy for greater damage.
    Super Cyclone Spin Kick: Requires great timing, but awesome when you 
    pull it off.  Both players must jump and do Cyclone Spin Kicks AT THE 
    SAME TIME.  Billy and Jimmy will link arms and spin together, killing 
    most enemies with one hit.  VERY useful if you're playing in two player 
    I'll get to the other characters as they're introduced...
    Level 1: USA: You start out in a dojo.  Beat up the first guy, then 
    walk to the guy holding his arm out.  After he gives you some more of 
    the story, he'll die and more enemies will come through the door.  
    Now's the time to practice taking on two enemies at once, since you'll 
    be doing that for most of the game.  As soon as the rest of the enemies 
    are accounted for, exit through the door.  Yay! More enemies!  These 
    ones have weapons, either a broken bottle from the dudes with long 
    hair, or a throwing knife from the baldies.  The dudes(dudettes?) in 
    pink may decide to throw mini-knives at you, but you can't pick these 
    up.  The only way to make sure they don't throw them is to immediately 
    get in close and use the Submission hold to make a quick end of them. 
    (By the way, when you use the submission hold, the other enemies, for 
    some odd reason, stop attacking.  This has held true in Double Dragon 
    1-4 and should not be ignored.  Maybe the enemies just like to watch 
    violence:)  As soon as you've mashed this wave, go up the elevator.  BE 
    CAREFUL! If you fall off the edge the game is OVER! However, if the 
    enemies are thrown off the edge...heh heh...As soon as you're finished 
    with the enemies go into the big door.  After a small goon squad, you 
    fight the first boss.  If you haven't used your nunchuks yet, now is 
    the time to bust them out.  Five hits(incidentally, the maximum number 
    you have) will do the boss in.  That old lady Hiruko will come in after 
    the battle and gripe about the sacred stones. 
    Level 2: China(oh, wait, I meant the People's Republic of China.  And 
    my definition of "China" did not in any way include Taiwan.  Now that 
    I've got the political stuff done with...) Oooh, nice music.  Now you 
    have to deal with the dreaded Chinese Kung Fu Fighters™.  Actually, 
    apart from being able to slide(watch out for that) these dudes in green 
    really aren't that tough.  Be warned, some of them carry sai.  Knock 
    'em out of their hands and pick 'em up.  By the way, a word about those 
    weapons...any weapon you pick up will stay with you until you kill the 
    enemy who was originally carrying it.  Hence, once you have a weapon, 
    you can keep killing all the enemies BUT the guy who was holding it in 
    the first place.  It's a useful little bit of knowledge.  After you 
    dispatch the baddies, run to the end of the level and enter the little 
    log cabin.  Sigh...more enemies...and those pink guys are back.  After 
    they disappear, in comes Chin Seimei!  He's short, he's fat, he's old, 
    he's slow, and he's one of the best darn fighters to come from China.  
    You, of course, will beat him easily.  He's pretty strong, so your 
    nunchucks won't finish him off.  Use the Cyclone Spin kick to make 
    short work of him.  Now...he joins you?  I love this game!  Trust me, 
    you'll make MUCH better use of him than the computer did.  
    Chin Seimei(a.k.a. "Lean, mean, ninja-killin' machine!")
    A: Punch
    B: Kick
    A & B: Jump
    Sequence normally used to do Cyclone Spin Kick: Double Jump Kick.
    Jump and B: Jump Kick 
    Jump and A: Headbutt
    (I will go over how you can use Chin in Level 3.)
    Level 3: Japan: Here's where most people are intimidated into quitting.  
    All of a sudden, you have ninjas coming at you fast and furious, 
    strutting around with their shuriken, their katanas, and their spiffy 
    purple and yellow outfits.  Do not lose heart; these guys can be beaten 
    easily with a little practice.  When you see them coming at you, just 
    move down as they draw near.  If you're lucky, they'll either jump and 
    miss, or stop and start WALKING toward you.  Now they're doomed.  
    Either use the Cyclone Spin Kick if you're Billy, OR, if you're Chin, 
    just punch!  I'm not kidding, four punches from Chin will take out ANY 
    enemy on this level.  Suddenly one gains a new respect for the little 
    fat guy.  You may not even laugh when you see him "running." Okay, you 
    probably will.  After beating Ninja platoon #1, go in the door and 
    IMMEDIATELY start running.  The floor will be sticking spikes out at 
    you.  Now defeat Ninja & Baldy platoon #2. Go up the ladder that 
    suddenly appears(convenient, ain't it?) and finish off Ninja/Baldy 
    platoon #3.  Now you have to fight Yagyu Ranzou, the "master" Ninja.  
    Actually, he's more annoying than hard.  Get out the Nunchuks, use 
    Chin's Iron Claw if you want, and he should hit the floor. Now you have 
    a Ninja on your team.  What follows you can easily forecast.  
    Yagyu Ranzou("Swip.  Slice.  KIAAAHH!")
    A button: swing sword
    B button: Spin kick
    A & B: Jump(he jumps REALLY high.)
    Sequence used to do Cyclone Spin Kick: Drop Kick(his best move by far.)
    Seq. used to do Jump kick: Jumping Sword Slash
    Seq. used to do Head grab(I think): Claw attack
    Level 4: Italy: Now you have to fight the Mafia(just kidding.) 
    Actually, you're in Rome, so supposedly you're fighting the gladiators.  
    They just look like overmuscled Italians to me.  They also throw 
    knives, which makes them doubly annoying.  This is also the place where 
    you can continue if all of your guys die(Yay!) Unfortunately, you only 
    get one continue.  Do not START fighting with Ranzou.  Beat up all the 
    guys, then use the lull in the battle to practice all of Ranzou's 
    moves.  He only has 72 HP, so if you don't know what you're about he 
    WILL get slaughtered.  Once you've got his moves down, enter the door, 
    and proceed to lay waste to the enemy forces.  It's beautiful, really, 
    when you see how effectively Ranzou tears those guys apart.  
    Unfortunately, Ranzou is nowhere near as effective on the boss.  Use 
    Billy or Chin on this steroided character.  No, you don't get this guy 
    on your team.  
    Level 5: Egypt: I HATE THIS LEVEL!  Full of deadfalls, enemies put in 
    positions where they can easily kill you, and those ninjas are back.  
    Oh well, it's the last level anyway.  IMMEDIATELY, when you enter the 
    level, you will see two Baldies rushing straight at you.  Use the 
    Cyclone, Double, or Drop Kick to kill them, because if you don't, they 
    may trap you in a corner and beat the life out of you.  (Can we say, 
    CHEAP GLITCH!) Jump carefully and make your way down to the bottom of 
    the pyramid.  Kill the bad guys there.  Now go in the pyramid and TRY 
    to knock the gladiators down.  I recommend Yagyu in case one of them 
    starts throwing knives.  He can actually jump OVER them, plus his 
    shuriken will help immensely.  Now the screen scrolls automatically 
    until you come to a spike pit.  WAIT for the platform to come and take 
    you up, then beat the baddie at the top of the elevator.  Now you fight 
    one room filled with normal bad guys, and another filled with ninjas.  
    After that, you find that Hiruko was evil all along(I knew that.  Old 
    ladies don't go around helping freelance martial artists just out of 
    altruism.) Fortunately for you, she dies(Ha!) After an explanation of 
    why she died,(old people always forget to read the fine print on 
    prophecies) you go into a room with three mummies.  These guys are 
    frikkin' tough.  You'll have to time your hits EXACTLY right, otherwise 
    they'll literally choke the life out of you.  Just be cautious and use 
    Yagyu's Drop Kick (seems to hit the most.) After you beat the third 
    mummy, you fight the last boss...the evil Egyptian Goddess Miriam.  
    Much harder than the Shadow boss in Double Dragon II, and much more 
    This wonderfully verbose endboss strategy was submitted by Luis G. 
    Paiva <lpaiva@freewwweb.com> E-mail him if you want him to explain a 
    little more!
           Beating Miriam is simple, if everything goes right. Walking a V 
    pattern on the ground will prevent you from getting hit most of the 
    time. If you walk correctly with the pattern you can attempt to 
    approach her like this. If all goes well and she's in reach you can 
    then give her a few hits but she might break out of it, if I recall, 
    and give you a few hits back in return. 
            The key is to never go after her relentlessly. You lose your 
    pattern and fighting groove. It may seem euphoric finally giving the 
    beatdown on her but like anyone who becomes overconfident, you'll slip 
    up and she'll come after you and you'll end up losing your health 
    badly, if you do not recover in time and get back to the pattern.
           Basically fight with the V pattern, when you reach her throw 
    punches or spin kicks. Chin is good here with those kicks of his when
    he's in reach. He's too slow for the V pattern however. Just do that
    jumping bellyflop move of his to move around the room quickly. Yagyu is
    only good for speed here, as he usually only gets one hit in at a time,
    and for manevering in the V pattern and avoid getting hit, and I'd save
    him if all other characters have died. Shurikens are ahrd to time here
    but can be done if you can predict when Miriam will attempt to land on
    the ground. The Lee Brothers Nunchuks are too slow for any real use
    except to hit her when she's getting up or if you time it right when 
    approach her. Fighting cheap here is a must. When you knock her down
    keep attempting to keep her down, by knocking her back down everytime
    she tries to get back up. She'll eventually break out of it. Then you 
    back to V pattern and repeat the process all over again.
    Ah, the inevitable "thanks" section...
    Luis G. Paiva, thanks again!
    CJayC, for having the bright idea to create a FAQ site supported 
    entirely by its users...
    J-Dog, for being relentlessly supportive, as always.
    Dingo Jellybean, for being a great inspiration, and whose untimely loss 
    of his father brought grief upon us all.  
    Al Amaloo(who doesn't have to E-mail me if he wants my update.)You ask 
    nicely, and your site might as well be a mirror Gamefaqs site(without 
    the duplicate FAQs, of course...)
    All those people who thank me profusely through E-mail for making these 
    FAQs.  Your gratitude REALLY means a lot to me.
    Jesus: C'mon, he gives the gift of salvation to ANYONE who askes for 
    it, and that's a pretty good reason to at least honor him in my 
    FAQs!(and more and more in my life...)
     This Faq copyright 2000 by Ezra Poetker.  Any reproduction in whole or 
    in part is prohibited without the consent of the author.  Currently, 
    only Gamefaqs and about.com have the rights to reproduce this FAQ.  If 
    you find it on another site, please E-mail me at epoetker@hotmail.com.

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