Review by EPoetker

Reviewed: 01/14/00 | Updated: 01/14/00

The BEST and most-overlooked of the Double Dragons

This, I believe, is the second game I gave a 10 to, the first being Battletoads/Double Dragon. Ya wanna know how good this game is? I brought it into where my friends had an N64 out, playing GOLDENEYE, and they would rather have stayed with the 8-bit Lee brothers than the 64-bit James Bond. That, my friends, is a cool multiplayer game. Billy and Jimmy Lee fight again, to do...what? Find three sacred stones? Been there, done that, on to the most important part of any action game: GAMEPLAY. And what myriad ways have our heroes to punch, kick, chop, slice, and dice the enemies. Unfortunately, in this installment of Double Dragon, the enemies are...intelligent? I was completely taken aback. In Double Dragon 1 & 2, one could just keep punching and easily knock his way out of any situation(mainly because the idiot enemies would just walk right into your fist) but this time, enemies not only anticipate attacks you've done before and AVOID them, but they(gasp of gasps) perform moves off of EACH OTHER! Finally, the goon squad has half a brain! But wait...I didn't mention the moves which our heroes had...good old Billy and Jimmy and Chin and Yagyu...wait! Where did those other two come from? You mean that we actually get to vary our strategies with different characters? On an 8-bit NES game? (I'm about to hyperventilate.) Oh, and remember how I mentioned the enemies having team up attacks? BILLY AND JIMMY CAN DO IT TOO! Not only can they throw each other on their jump kicks, but if both players are good enough, they can execute a Double Cyclone Spin Kick which virtually destroys anything on two legs! I won't even mention how each character also has their OWN weapons(besides those taken from unsuspecting enemies) which, while limited, do massive amounts of damage with each use. An extremely deep, intuitive, and SMART battle system. But I'll sacrifice a few more lines on a couple of things. First, even though you may have mastered the Lee brothers, you haven't yet seen what Chin Seimei the kung fu artist and Yagyu Ranzou the ninja are capable of. Yagyu, in particular, is practically unbeatable in an experienced player's hands, even though he has the lowest strength of any of the fighters. His moves are absolutely amazing. The fact that you can do all of them on a two button control pad is a testament to the veracity of the game's designers. It is well worth the effort to beat up on an army of ninjas to get him in your party. Whew...oh yeah, and the graphics, while nothing extremely special, get the job done. Sounds are pretty cool too. Music is RAD for an NES game, in fact, you may find that tune going through your head again and again and...anyway, it's a sad thing that, with the rapidly disappearing NES system, one can't play the game as it was meant to be played, with the ever-faithful two-button control pad. A pc pad helps, just isn't the same. Oh well...get it emulated AT THE VERY LEAST. I am not kidding, this is one of the best single or multiplayer games out there. (Much better than Street Fighter 2, in my opinion.)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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