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Reviewed: 05/02/01 | Updated: 05/02/01


Let me start off by saying that I am 19 years of age and I play this game still today. I am personally going to go ahead and say that this is the best game ever made for any system.
There is a certain ''sweet spot'' in the top corner that you can make three pointers EVERY TIME. This makes the game very addicting when both human players can play it well.
My friends and I can play this game for hours. You reach a certain point in your skill level where there is a max. Every game is up for grabs between my friends and I because no one persona can be too much better with the same amount of practice.

I have also noticed many a flaw in the game. I have pondered writing KONAMI a letter asking them why there are so many ''bugs''. First off: The sweet spot in the corner. Why is that I can make it EVERY TIME. I mean is this realistic game play?? Secondly I have personally ''packed'' my friends in the middle of the air. No where in the manual does it mention blocking???? Was this meant to be in the game. It is very hard to do and also triggers a certain ''bug'' in the game. Whenever I ''pack'' someone it seems to cause the ball to be held over my player's head when he tries to pass. It looks on the screen like the player just has a basketball two feet above his head, I mean C'MON! Another thing about the gameplay is the shooting of shots from the bottom of the court. Did Konami purposely make this part of the court useless b/c you can not make a three pointer EVER. Also if i shoot the ball from the bottom corner it seems to always hit the backboard and go directly out of bounds. From the bottom of the court you can also jump from the three point line and dunk. Also from the top of the court when you fade too far out of bounds near the ''sweet spot'' the ball will go ''straight up'' if you try to shoot it????? Half court press is also a big part of the multiplayer game. I have found my thumb to be almost broken after a couple of hours of tapping ''A'' for the steal in the half court trap. Level 3 on this game also can ''pluck'' the ball out of the air if they are close to you. Is this fair? They also have the right to throw the ball the full length of the court and you don't. Another flaw is when you try to pass the ball too fast between players who are too close the ball will just fly out of bounds with no one catching it.

The players in this game who have the ball also seem to be of a different race. The game is truly racist because when you have the ball you CAN NOT be black at the same time. The manual describes the white player as flashing, yet there are other white players out there who are not flashing. Why can't the black men flash? Also on inbound plays there is always a player who has a direct path to the basket for a two pointer. Is this fair? there is truly ''nothing you can do''.

My last question for Konami is why player 2 has such a decided advantage over player 1. Player 2 gets EVERY rebound and has a much easier ''sweet spot'' at the top of their basket. They also, when fouled, can make the first free throw and get the rebound for a three. This is a four point swing. AMAZING! The only thing that player 2 can not do as well as player 1 is ''packing'' but if you try to shoot from the bottom for three sometimes player 2 can pack you from across the court and the ball will be in his hands. You have to see it to believe it.

Anyway, these flaws make the game a little better I think b/c packing is a big play in the game and the half court trap can be deadly. I highly recommend that everyone go purchase this game for a few bucks and get hours of fun out of it. I am off to play it right now actually. Post to me if you have any questions about the game or wanna talk about some of the flaws you have encountered.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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