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"Saawish! this ones in the bucket"

Double Dribble is one of the great early basketball games. Although compared to today, the gameplay, graphis… well, the works would be considered inferior to today’s games. It was an awesome game back in the late 80’s. It combined a fun mode of gameplay, combined with some stunning graphics and awesome control. In that day and age, I would like to see another game compete with it.


The start menu serves you up with a stunning voice bit that says “Double Dribble”. That’s quite a thing, considering about 2% of the games back then had voices in them. The next scene shows hoards of people entering a stadium as the American national anthem plays in the background. Very well done I would say. You can play either One player mode or 2 player mode. The one player mode consists of game selection that lets you choose your settings. Whether you want to play 5, 10, 15, 20, or even 30 minute quarters. Which team you want, and which difficulty setting. If you are new to the game, I would recommend one, because 2 and 3 are considerably harder than the first. Once you get out onto the court, you can pass, or shoot the ball. One good thing about this game is the little sequence when you go for a slam dunk. The camera zooms in on the player and almost does a time-lapse frame of him slamming it into the net. 2 player mode is almost exactly like the first, but you get to play against your friends. Which is actually quite fun. This game is full of fun and excitement so what are you waiting for?!


Graphics are top notch. The menus use animations, which is practically unheard of in the age of NES. The players are visible and the basketball bouncing actually looks real. And one thing I think this game has that just absolutely steals the award for best graphics is the time-lapse slam dunk animations. I absolutely love them! As you soar through the sky, you can see the crowd behind you, the hoop in front of you, and the expression of world domination and determination on the players face. The whole thing just makes you excited while you play, adding to the sporty feel. Good job Konami at another great looking game.


I already made a few comments about the sound earlier. The “Double Dribble!” at the start of the game still just puts me back right in my chair. The American anthem sounds pretty accurate too(sorry if im not correct, I am Canadian afterall). While you play, you are greeted by… what I would call “college music” or something you would hear at a college basketball game. And they didn’t forget the cheering of the crowd either. I think that the sound in this game could have used a few touch ups, but it was pretty solid overall.


Its up to pace with the rest of the game. You may think there isn’t much to do because all you can do is pass and shoot. But you cant blame the developers! Theres only 2 buttons on the controllers as it is. One thing I like about the controls is its tight feel. So you can run up and down the court with precision. Most sports games didn’t have the precision this one does so that’s a BIG plus when it comes to control.

Replay Value

Well, there really isn’t any MODES for you to replay. I mean you can really only play one game at a time. No season modes, nothing like that. So I guess there really isn’t anything in the way of replay value.


You should like this game. It’s a rare gem in a world of sports duds. I hope you buy this game if you see it anywhere. Because I’m glad I picked it up when the opportunity arose.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/14/02, Updated 06/14/02

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