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"What Mario's medicine for everything should be? BEER"

Dr. Mario is a rip-off of Tetris, and a really good one that almost outshines Tetris, but falls in the audio department

Game Play-

Community College has taught Mario well

In the game, you are Mario and you are a doctor. Mario blindly throws pills into a bottle and it is your job to place them on the virus' inside. There are three colors of virus' and three colors of pills. You must place 1.5 pills onto the virus of the same color to eliminate them. The game is pretty addictive and time-wasting.


Dr. Kevorkian, you're needed in room 3

It's been a long time since I played the Arcade version, I cannot remember the controller. The control is good, but like all puzzle games of this nature, the virus' can sometimes shift directions and you can screw up the landing. You also need to shift the direction to place the virus' where you want them.


These 200,000 pills aught to cover you for a week. Come back next week so we can upgrade your does to two truckloads a month

The graphics could've used a little more detail, but they'll do fine in my opinion. The bottle is just a little too big. The game is from a 2D angle, like most puzzle games from that time. It may not be a masterpiece picture, but it'll work enough for now.


The music is aking me sick. Wait a minute, I shouldn't have eaten the cartridge

The music can, may, might, maybe, could, has a possibility, and 50/50 chance of getting on your nerves. Two songs? Even Tetris on the GB had three. Sound Effects are okay, as they usually are in games.


Mario, hundreds of Koopas are accusing you of malpractice. Is that true?

The game is an enjoyable Puzzle game. It's fun and it will keep you busy for a while. But, there are better versions of this game available for the Super Nintendo and the N64.

Score Rundown
Game Play-9/10 - Addictive puzzle game
Control-8/10 - Control can be slippery, like all puzzle games.
Graphics-7/10 - A little more detail could've been used
Audio-5/10 - Two freakin' songs?
Enjoyability-8/10 - It's pretty fun



Buy it if you like puzzle games. While there may be better versions of this game, this version's the cheapest of them all. You should buy this because it's a fun, addictive puzzle game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/06/01, Updated 05/20/02

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