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    Game Genie Codes by Paulygon

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/13/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  Dragon Warrior III - NES
                      Game Genie codes
                        by Paulygon
                       Version 1.1
                      April 13, 2001
    See the end of this document for copyright information,
    version history, and credits.
      Hi, all.  Welcome to my Dragon Warrior III Game Genie codes document.  I
    have personally found all of these codes and they represent many hours of
    digging around in the game.  To the best of my knowledge, they have not been
    available before.  That's the main reason I set about to discover them! :-)
    I will continue to update this document if I find any more useful codes.
    One other thing:  These are all 8-letter codes, so there should be few
    side-effects, if any.  Known side effects are always listed along with the
    code descriptions or in additional notes near the end of the document.
      A few of you may recognize some of these codes.  That's because a few years
    ago, I submitted those to the Game Patch Server which at the time was one of
    the first code sites to my knowledge, at "http://game-genie.nvc.cc.ca.us/".
    If anyone can still get into that site, you'll see the e-mail address matches.
    This document seems to be the best and most convenient format for releasing a
    collection of codes.  For the sake of completeness, I've included those old
    ones here, as well as some new ones found since that time.  Besides, I
    wouldn't want you to miss out on some good codes. ;-)
      An important note for those using emulators:  For some reason, some of
    these codes seem to have quirky side-effects when used under JNES (I tried
    versions 0.40b1 and b2).  They seem to work fine under other emulators,
    though.  My guess is that it's just some differences between how Game
    Genie support was implemented under different emulators.
      These codes are used at your own risk and I assume no responsibility
    whatsoever for their effects.  I do not guarantee that they will work for
    you or that any set of codes will work in combination with any other ones.
    This includes any codes found by others.  There are far too many combinations
    for testing of this kind to be practical.
      I would like to know, though, if any of these codes don't work for you,
    exhibit any side-effects, or if you find any combinations of them that cause
    problems.  In that event, please give as much detail as you can.
      I have organized these codes in the following way:
      * Field Codes : (UPDATED) Codes for use while wandering on the field.
      * Battle Codes : Codes for use while in battle.
        * Battle/Item : (NEW) Codes that affect the spells cast by using items.
      * Item Codes : (NEW) Codes that change the behavior of items both inside and
          outside of battle.
      * Money Codes : Codes that help you get gold more easily.
      * Magic Codes : (NEW) Codes that affect magic spells.
      * Stats Codes : Codes to affect character stats.
      * Experimental Codes : These codes have not been tested much, if at all, so
          consider carefully before using.
    >>>>>>>> Field Codes <<<<<<<<
    EISETLEY :  Never get attacked while walking on the field (or in dungeons).
    NNOEGUAX :  "Golden Claw" code.  Get attacked very often!
    GVVUGAPA :  Shoes of Happiness increase experience points by 100 (instead of
      by 1) for each step taken on the field.  See note [1] below.
    NNVUGAPE :  Shoes of Happiness increase experience points by 255.  See [1]
    AAUPOVPA :  All characters benefit from the special effects of the following
      items outside of battle without having to have any of them equipped:  Armor
      of Radiance, Sacred Robe, Water Flying Cloth, Shoes of Happiness, and the
      Ring of Life.  (1 HP per step, 1 Exp. point per step on the field, etc.)
      NOTE:  To active this, you must be outside of battle.  Then, just go to any
      character's item screen and try to use their weapon (or other item that
      will produce no effect). *NEW*
    Also, see the infinite HP and MP codes below.  They also work while travelling
      on the field.  The infinite HP code protects against swamp/barrier damage.
    >>>>>>>> Battle Codes <<<<<<<<
    ATEPZLSZ :  Infinite HP!  Take no physical damage in battle or while crossing
      swamps or barriers.  Note that Beat and Defeat can still wipe out your
    AVEOPUVG :  Infinite MP!  None of your party's MP is used in battle or while
      on the move.  In fact, casting spells increases the caster's current MP!
      Note that to cast a spell, you must have enough MP. [2 codes]
    AEVOAIYP :  "Falcon Sword" code.  All party members that choose to fight will
      strike twice per turn!
    AEXUTTXI :  Defeat an enemy with 1 hit.
    EKEAYZEA :  The party always starts a battle "BeDragon"ed.  Most normal
      battles will be won easily in one round with this, due to the high damage
      of the dragon breath.  Note:  You will be a spectator of battles when using
      this code, as each character will automatically breathe at the enemy until
      they win or are defeated.  Experienced players will recognize this loss of
      control as a natural consequence of the dragon state.  This lasts only as
      long as the battle does.  At all other times, the player has normal control.
      *See note [2].
    EEEAYZEE :  Everyone in the party always starts a battle "Bikill"ed and will
      do approximately double the normal damage.  Great for boss battles!
      *See note [2].
    AANLXAPA :  Always get a treasure chest at the end of a battle.  The item
      awarded will be from the last enemy defeated.  Note that some enemies either
      drop items rarely or not at all.  In such cases, nothing is likely to be
      awarded with this code.  This code is compatible with AASUUEIP.
    AASUUEIP :  Get treasure chests from enemies that rarely drop them.  For
      example, the BlueBeak.  It might even cause enemies that normally drop
      nothing to drop an item (usually, it's something worthless like the Cypress
      Stick, though).  This code is compatible with AANLXAPA.
    >>>>>>>> Battle/Item Codes <<<<<<<< (*NEW*)
    ZANLAZAA :  Wizard's Wand casts Blazemost instead of Blaze.
    PPNLPZIA :  Thor's Sword casts Lightning instead of Firevolt.
    LANLZXZE :  Snowblast Sword casts SnowStorm instead of SnowBlast.
    AANLTZYE :  Thunder Sword casts Explodet instead of Boom.
    IANLYZGA :  Staff of Thunder casts Firevolt instead of Firebane.
    PPNUAXYA :  Sword of Kings casts Lightning instead of Infermost.
    YANUZXIE :  Staff of Judgement casts Infermost instead of Infernos.
    GPNULXLO :  Shield of Strength casts Healall instead of Healmore.
    YOELLXTO :  Sage's Stone casts Healusall instead of Healus.
    >>>>>>>> Item Codes <<<<<<<<
    EGOPLZKG :  Medical Herbs don't disappear after being used.
    EGOPGZKG :  Antidote Herbs don't disappear after being used.
    OTOPIZST :  Fairy Water doesn't disappear after being used.
    EAOPTZKA :  Wings of Wyvern don't disappear after being used.
    EGOPYZKG :  Leaf of World Tree doesn't disappear after being used.
    OGOOZZSG :  Full Moon Herbs don't disappear after being used.
    ZAEPGZTA :  Invisibility Herbs don't disappear after being used.
    OAEOIZSA :  Strength Seeds don't disappear after being used.
    OAEOTZSA :  Agility Seeds don't disappear after being used.
    OAEOYZSA :  Vitality Seeds don't disappear after being used.
    OAOPPZSA :  Intelligence Seeds don't disappear after being used.
    OAOPAZSA :  Luck Seeds don't disappear after being used.
    XAOPZZVA :  Acorns of Life don't disappear after being used.
    >>>>>>>> Money Codes <<<<<<<<
    ATUOIVSZ :  Items in shops are free if you have enough money.  Also works
      in the vault:  deposit money and it won't decrease, yet you will still have
      deposited that amount!  Use this code to quickly increase your supply of
    >>>>>>>> Magic Codes <<<<<<<<
      Note: These no-MP spell codes also benefit enemies that cast the spells!
    EGSLZGXG :  The Blaze spell uses no MP instead of 2.
    EGSLLGVG :  The Blazemore spell uses no MP instead of 6.
    EGSLGKKG :  The Blazemost spell uses no MP instead of 12.
    EGSLIGKG :  The Firebal spell uses no MP instead of 4.
    EGSLTGVG :  The Firebane spell uses no MP instead of 6.
    EGSLYKKG :  The Firevolt spell uses no MP instead of 12.
    AGSUAGIG :  The Bang spell uses no MP instead of 5.
    AGSUPKPG :  The Boom spell uses no MP instead of 9.
    AGSUZGZI :  The Explodet spell uses no MP instead of 18.
    AGVLLKTI :  The Lightning spell uses no MP instead of 30.
    EAVUGGUA :  The Heal spell uses no MP instead of 3.
    EAVUIGSA :  The Healmore spell uses no MP instead of 5.  ** Side-effect:
      Changes how the music notes are played. :) **
    EAVUTGNA :  The Healall spell uses no MP instead of 7.
    AANLAGZP :  The Healus spell uses no MP instead of 18.
    AANLPKTL :  The Healusall spell uses no MP instead of 62.
    AEEUIKAA :  The Outside spell uses no MP instead of 8.
    AANUAKAA :  The Return spell uses no MP instead of 8.
    EEELTGXA :  The Antidote spell uses no MP instead of 2.
    EEELYGVA :  The NumbOff spell uses no MP instead of 6.
    AEEUPGGA :  The Repel spell uses no MP instead of 4.
    AEEUYGZA :  The Stepguard spell uses no MP instead of 2.
    AEEUGGLA :  The X-Ray spell uses no MP instead of 3.
    >>>>>>>> Stats Codes <<<<<<<<
    ZZNAVIGA :  When a character changes classes, their statistics (HP, MP,
      strength, agility, vitality, intelligence, and luck) remain the same and
      are not reduced by 1/2, as would normally happen. [2 codes]
      *See Note [3] below.
    >>>>>>>> Experimental Codes <<<<<<<< (You've been warned..)
    PENLAAAA :  Get 65,793 Exp. per step on the field with the Shoes of Happiness.
      Doesn't work for the 1st person in the party lineup.  Shuffle the party
      order to make sure that everyone gets some.
    Notes about specific codes:
    [1] Shoes of Happiness code:
      It's possible that this code may have been made available by someone else.
      I am listing this here only because I discovered it independantly.  In fact,
      one of the codes I submitted originally to the Game Patch Server mentioned
      in the introduction was the 100 exp. version.  If anyone else found this
      code, this is just my way of saying "I found it too." :-)
    [2] "Bikill"ed / "BeDragon"ed party codes:
      Speaking from experience, the dragon code is not desirable in battles against
      big bosses like Baramos and Zoma, unless you have high HP.  Since the
      dragon state removes your ability to control the character for the rest of
      the battle, you will not be able to heal the probably heavy damage inflicted
      by those bosses.  Most likely is that your party will not be able to outlast
      the boss, unless your characters have high or infinite HP.
    [3] Class change code:
      If you use this code, one thing you're sure to notice is that characters
      of high level that change classes probably don't get very good increases of
      stats when their level goes up.  Maybe they won't get any.  This is because
      of how the game works.  There's something of an upper limit for character
      stats, which depends on the class.  So, for characters with abilities that
      are near this limit, very few increases (if any) will be given.  If you
      play normally, this will be noticeable for any high-level character.
    Enix, for making this great game.  Can't wait for the GBC version.  Here's
    hoping they'll keep that trend going by porting Dragon Warrior IV to the
    GBC/GBA.  I have reason to believe they may indeed be doing just that...
    Tony Hedstrom (http://www.angelfire.com/games2/codehut/) for his input.
    Version History
    1.1:  April 13, 2001.  Big update (40+ codes).
            New categories: "Battle/Item", "Item", and "Magic".
            Updated categories: "Field"
            Renamed categories: "Item/Money" is now "Money" (no change in codes).
            Updated the Credit text for Enix.
    1.0:  April 08, 2001.  First version.
    Copyright notice
    This document is Copyright 2001 by Paul D. Shoener III (Paulygon).  It may not
    be published or otherwise made available in whole or in part in any way
    without my express permission.  I can be contacted at the e-mail address
    specified at the top of this document.  Please drop me a line if you wish to
    post this document on your website.  That is all. =)

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