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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Pegboy

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           ________    _____   __    ________    ____   ___
          |     _  \  |     | |  |  /    _   \  |    | |   |
          |    | |  | |     | |  | |    | |___| |    |_/  /
          |    |_|  | |     |_|  | |    |_|   | |     _   \
          |         | |          | |          | |    | \   |
          |         | |          | |          | |    | |   |
          |________/   \________/   \________/  |____| |___|
                       _____   __   _____   __   ____   ___   ___________
                      |     |_|  | |     | |  | |    | |   | |__       __|
                      |          | |     | |  | |     \|   |    |     |
                      |      _   | |     |_|  | |     _    |    |     |
                      |     | |  | |          | |    | \   |    |     |
                      |     | |  | |          | |    | |   |    |     |
                      |_____| |__|  \________/  |____| |___|    |_____|
    Duck Hunt FAQ
    v. 2.0
    (c) Pegboy 2003
    All rights reserved
    Welcome to my Duck Hunt FAQ! This document is copyright Pegboy (Derek Kader) 
    2003 and should not be copied, in whole or in part, changed in any way, shape 
    or form, stolen from, or any other illegal crap that you might try to pull. If 
    you'd like to use part of it or post it on your website, e-mail me at 
    kader3@msn.com. Also, if you see it on any other site besides GameFAQs, e-mail 
    me so I can take care of the problem.
    If you have anything to add, be it strategies, tips, tricks, e-mail me at 
    kader3@msn.com. I will credit you with the info in the next update. If you 
    want to use any of the ASCII art you see in the guide, feel free to ask me to 
    use it. That being said, sit back, have a coke and enjoy the guide!
    I dedicate this guide to my four brothers Ian, Chad, Kip and Pete.
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
    I.     Intro and Notes
    II.    Version History
    III.   Story
    IV.    Controls
    V.     Game Basics
    VI.    Characters
    VII.   Types of Ducks
    VIII.  Field of Play
    IX.    Modes of Play
    X.     How to Play
    XI.    Tips
    XII.   Game Genie Codes
    XIII.  Credits and Legal Stuff
    Duck Hunt is almost as recognized as Super Mario Bros. mainly because it was 
    sold as a two-pack game that came along with the Nintendo. The first ever home 
    console game hunting simulation, Duck Hunt as also earned it's place in 
    history as being an entertainment masterpiece. Also, it has earned an award 
    for having one of the most annoying characters in video game history, so I 
    A FAQ for Duck Hunt? Why? Well, simply because there wasn't one, and I could 
    not believe it at first. The only guide covering this game was the Zapper Gun 
    game FAQ, and I figured that there ought to be a guide dedicated to this game 
    alone. So, here it is, GameFAQs first Duck Hunt FAQ!
    v. 1.0 - April 2, 2003
    The first version of this guide, started on March 31, 2003, should be up soon. 
    That is, if CJayC approves... Anyways, this is the most basic version of the 
    If you have anything at all to add, corrections, questions, or just want to 
    say what's up, e-mail me at kader3@msn.com. If you have something to add that 
    I feel is worthy of this guide, then I shall post it here. Chances are I'll 
    post it, too.  ;) Of course, proper credit will be given in the next update.
    v. 2.0 - April 3, 2003
    Jeez, I had to bump the version up a whole number because I forgot to 
    implement a section I had originally intended to do. Also, a few spelling 
    errors corrected here and there.
    This is taken directly from the instruction manuel, and I give full credit to 
    Nintendo for writing it.
    This fast action target game takes you into the marshes with your trusted 
    hunting dog at your side. He'll flush out your prey, then it's split second 
    timing and sharp shooting accuracy to bag these ducks. Take on one duck or two 
    at a time, and then as a true test of marksmanship, try clay shooting - the 
    ultimate challenge!
    Most people don't really consider Duck Hunt to have a story, but the book 
    provides one, so I added it in here.
    There are two control devices used to play Duck Hunt. Neither of them are 
    considerably hard to use, but what FAQ would be complete without a controls 
    NES Controller
     - Plugs into the first slot.
    Up    - Controls ducks in Game A
    Down  - Controls ducks in Game A
    Left  - Controls ducks in Game A
    Right - Controls ducks in Game A
    A button
    B button
    Pause game
    Makes selections at menu menu
    Moves cursor on main menu
    Zapper Gun
     - Plugs into the second slot.
    When pointed off screen
    Moves icon down on main menu
    When aimed towards screen
    Makes selection at main menu
    Shoots at targets
    This section is devised to allow you to get a feel for the game and get 
    comfortable with how it plays.
    Objective of the game
    The objective in Duck Hunt is simple. There are ten ducks in a round, and you 
    want to blast as many ducks as possible in order to move on to the next round. 
    You can either try for the Hi-Score or simply see how many rounds you can 
    sucessfully go through. Same for Mode B, where two ducks come on the screen at 
    Clay shooting is a bit different. Your goal is still to see how many rounds 
    you can get through/Hi-Score, but it is played differently. Two clay pigeons 
    will be shot out into the field ahead of you and you must shoot them before 
    they land. A certain number of clay pigeons must be hit in order to move on to 
    the next round.
    You have three shots per duck/pair of ducks/pair of clay pigeons, and once you 
    run out, the duck(s) will fly away. This is found in the bottom left-hand 
    corner of the screen.
    Hit meter
    This meter tells you how many ducks you have shot, and how many you still need 
    to advance to the next round. This is found at the bottom of the screen.
    R = ?
    Tells you what round you are in. Found above your ammunition/shots remaining 
    A box in the bottom right-hand corner that tells you what your score is. Each 
    time you start a new game, the score is reset to 000000. The top score each 
    time the game is reset is 12000.
    This occurs when you hit all ten ducks in a round. You will receive a bonus 
    10000 points.
    Fly Away
    Happens when you run out of ammo or when you simply waste too much time. The 
    screen turns an apricot color and the duck(s) currently on the screen will fly 
    away, and you can't shoot them.
    VI.  Characters
    There's not a huge list of characters in Duck Hunt. In fact, remind me why 
    this section is here again...
    The character you play as. Although you never see him, he is basically the 
    main character. Not really a hero, just a regular joe out lookin' to bag some 
    wild fowl.
    Perhaps one of the most annoying characters in video game history, your trusty 
    hunting dog flushes out your prey so you can take your shot. Although, 
    whenever you miss a shot, he appears from behind the dense grass and starts 
    giggling and laughing at you. It makes you want to shove the Zapper up his...
    The innocent creatures that you kill in the game are both characters and yet 
    are the only "enemies" in the game. There is quite a variety of them, each 
    worth a different point value.
    There is a total of three different types of ducks in the game. They are all 
    listed here, in addition to each of their point values. Also, I have listed 
    the clay pigeon and it's point value.
                                 | DUCK | POINTS |
                                 |Black |  500   |
                                 | Blue |  1000  |
                                 | Red  |  1500  |
                                 |OTHER | POINTS |
                                 | Clay |  1000  |
    Not much to 'aim' for, but I have....he he he....I crack myself up.
    ASCII art, courtesy of yours truly, of the duck hunting field that you will 
    play in. Note, however, this is not the clay shooting field.
      /        \
     |          |
          |      ______
         -\     /      \
           \    \______/
      ____ |_____|
     /    \ | | / ______
     \____/ | |/ /      \
         \  |   |\______/
          \ |   | / /
           \|   |/ /-
            |    _/                                                ___
            |   |                                                _/|\|\
            |   |                                               ||/\\|/|
      |  |                |                | |     ||  |        /      |  |   |
      |      \       \\      |    \                       \         /         |
            |R = 1|
             -----         ------------------------         -----------
            || | ||       |HIT  O O O O O O O O O O|       |0 0 0 0 0 0|
            |SHOT |       |     ///////////        |       |     SCORE |
             -----         ------------------------         -----------
    There are three different modes you can play in Duck Hunt. Each one differs 
    slightly from the other, but not in any major way.
    1. GAME A
    This is the basic Duck Hunt game that is probably played the most or 
    remembered better overall. It involves one duck on the screen at a time, and 
    you have a certain amount of time/ammo to shoot down the duck and move on to 
    your next bird of prey. There are ten ducks in each round, and they also get 
    faster every round, too.
    This is the only mode in the game in which two people could play at once. The 
    person with the Light Gun is the hunter, while the other person with the 
    controller is the ducks. Using the D-pad, the second player could move the 
    ducks around the screen, providing a much greater challenge to the hunter. 
    Whenever the hunter does not pass the Pass Line on the meter, the game is over 
    and the two players switch characters.
    2. GAME B
    Game B is a one player game that is identical to Game A except that there are 
    two ducks flying around the screen at once, instead of the usual one. Like I 
    said before, this is a one player only game; player two could not get 
    involved. A bigger challenge than Game A by yourself with nobody controlling 
    the ducks, Game B is the ideal mode for a person looking to kill a few hours.
    3. GAME C
    Clay Shooting. Clay pigeons are shot out into the air and you have a limited 
    amount of time to shoot them. As with the previous two games, there is a Pass 
    Line that must be met in order to advance into the next round. The clay 
    pigeons get harder to hit as they fly farther and farther away, as they get 
    This is how you play the three different modes in the game.
    GAME A
    In this game, only one duck will appear at a time. It can be a one player or a 
    two player game. For two players, the person with the NES controller controls 
    the ducks, and the person with the Zapper is the hunter. Every time the hunter 
    gets a GAME OVER, the two players switch positions.
    Your dog will find a duck in the thicket, jump into it, and a duck will come 
    flying out from a random position. The duck will fly around the screen for a 
    limited time, so aim carefully and shoot away! Well, hold back a little on the 
    trigger as you only have three shots to hit him.
    You have about 5 seconds or so to hit the duck before he flys away. The screen 
    will turn a peachy color and a message will pop up that says FLY AWAY. The 
    same thing will happen if you take three shots and are unsucessful. If you hit 
    the duck, one of the duck-shaped figures at the bottom of the screen on your 
    Hit Meter will fill in red, marking that you hit that duck.
    Each round consists of ten ducks, each one a random color out of the three 
    (black being more prominant). With each advancing round, the ducks will fly 
    faster and faster. Your only goal is to make it as far as you can.
    GAME B
    Game B is basically the same as Game A, with a few modifications. First of 
    all, there are two ducks instead of one. Secondly, there is no multiplayer 
    option here. 
    To note, whenever you miss a duck(s), the color of the sky won't change like 
    it does during Game A. You just miss the duck and move on. The amount of time 
    to hit the ducks and required accuracy is the same as before, but this mode is 
    more of a challenge as you now have two ducks on your hands to take down. Ten 
    ducks per round as before.
    GAME C
    C is for Clay, that's good enough for me...Sesame Street totally rocks, no? 
    Anyways, Game C is Clay Shooting, where two clay pigeons will shoot out from 
    where your hunter is obviously positioned. As fast as you can, you must shoot 
    the clay pigeons.
    There are ten clay pigeons per round, and they are shot out two at a time. The 
    passing system is generally the same as Duck Hunt, where a meter at the bottom 
    tells you what clay pigeons you have hit, how many you need to hit in order to 
    advance to the next round, and how many you've missed.
    Although the clay shooting part is not avidly remembered as a part of the Duck 
    Hunt game, it can be entertaining from time to time. It takes more accuracy 
    to master than the duck hunting modes. Hey, that's why it's called the 
    ultimate challenge, right?
    XI.  TIPS
    There are several ways to increase your odds of winning at the game. Many are 
    cheap, but if you feel the need, by all means, do.
     ** For a very easy way to hit the ducks (or clay pigeons), put the Zapper up 
        very close to the TV. You should have no pwoblem hitting those pesky 
        wabbits now...
     ** You can control the ducks with the other controller, even if your by 
        yourself, if you're really desperate.
     ** Watch out when the ducks fly behind the tree or bush on the screen. It can 
        be harder to see them, wasting precious seconds.
    If you have anything else that you think should be added here, or have 
    anything at all to add, e-mail me at kader3@msn.com.
    A few codes for use with the Game Genie that can help you even further than 
    the tips listed above. Consider yourself truly desperate...
    SZNIPPVG - This code gives you infinite bullets.
    ELXSLZEI - Always hit the duck in Game A.
    ZEUIYZAE + XXUSPXUU - Using this code you will always advance to the next 
    round, no matter how many ducks you miss.
    This document is copyright Pegboy (Derek Kader) 2003 and should not be copied, 
    in whole or in part, changed in any way, shape or form, stolen from, or any 
    other illegal crap that you might try to pull. If you'd like to use part of it 
    or post it on your website, e-mail me at kader3@msn.com. Also, if you see it 
    on any other site besides GameFAQs, e-mail me so I can take care of the 
    problem. Don't try and sell this or any of my other guides for any kind of 
    profit. If I find out you have, I'll...well, I'll do something. Who would pay 
    for this anyway?
    If you have anything to add, be it strategies, tips, tricks, e-mail me at 
    kader3@msn.com. I will credit you with the info in the next update. If you 
    want to use any of the ASCII art you see in the guide, feel free to ASK ME to 
    use it.
    I'd like to thank the following people/sites/corporations:
    GameFAQs - They host this and all of my other FAQs.
    CJayC - He posts all of my stuff on his great site.
    Gamewinners - I got my Game Genie codes from their site. But, I found that the 
    same GG codes FAQ was submitted on this site by JChamberlin, so I must give 
    him credit for the codes. Thanks a bunch!
    Nintendo - Without them, Duck Hunt wouldn't exist. I also used some things for 
    this FAQ from their Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt instruction manuel, so of 
    course, a big thanks to them.
    Stolen property? If you find this FAQ on any site other than www.gamefaqs.com, 
    e-mail me immediately so action can be taken.
    In closing, who'd uh thunk it? There was no other FAQ for Duck Hunt, one of 
    the most timeless games ever! So, that's my motivating reason for writing this 
    short but sweet guide.
    The newest version of this guide can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com.
    Have fun with this game and enjoy the guide. Use it to your full advangtage, 
    and have a great day!
    (c) Pegboy 2003

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