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"One of the better light gun games out there"

Duck Hunt was one of the games I played a lot as a kid. However, it was one of only two light gun games I had (along with another great game, Shooting Range). Duck Hunt is definetly one of the most fun games I have ever played. It is very simple, yet its simplicity may be its selling point. Basically, all you do is shoot ducks (there is also a seperate mission that allows you to shoot clay frisbees). If you miss the duck, the dog laughs at you. At this point, I want to shoot the dog for laughing at me. Hell, Im the one helping him out, right? Oh well, i guess thats just plain old irony. Anyways, on with my review for Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Entertainment System!

Graphics (8.2/10)
This game, along with Super Mario Brothers, was the first game to ever appear on the Nintendo Entertainment System. So dont expect amazing, world class graphics here. Expect instead to see perfectly acceptable graphics. First off, the backgrounds are simple yet effective. Basically, its a blue screen (sky) with green bushes. There isn't anything wrong with that. The ducks animate very nicely when they fly across the screen, and the dog has a nice design to him. Overall, the graphics in Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Entertainment System are simple yet very well done.

Music/Sound (8.3/10)
There really isn't much music in the game, but the few pieces of music that are in the game (like the title screen music and the game over music) sound very good and are overall very well done. Sound effect wise, Duck Hunt is great. From the wailing of the birds as they fly around the screen to the barking of the dog, it is all recreated perfectly. You'll actually think that you are at a real shooting range after hearing the sound effects in this game. Overall, the music and sound effects in Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Entertainment System are good.

Gameplay/Control (9.4/10)
Duck Hunt could possibly be my favorite light gun game of all time (yes, even better than Point Blank or Time Crisis). The game is so much fun to play. First off, the accuracy of the light gun is dead on. You aim, you fire, it hits directly. It is very accurate in that regard. There are actually two modes to this game: one has you shooting ducks (helping the dog out in the process.), and the other one has you shooting clay frisbees. It is a very fun game to play and I have always had a blast playing the game every time I go to play it. Overall, the gameplay and light gun accuracy in Duck Hunt for the Nintendo Entertainment System are wonderful and very fun to play.

Replay Value


Overall (9.2/10)
I love this game!

And that's the bottom line, because SMcFadden said so!
''Why is that dog laughing at me? If it wasn't for me, he'd be dead. He's lucky I am not able to kill him, or he'd be dead right now!''

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/22/00, Updated 07/16/01

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